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GuildWars: Factions

[Click here to watch the GuildWars: Factions trailer] Released in April 2006, GuildWars: Factions is the second campaign released in the GuildWars line. GuildWars is an MMORPG (Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game) that allows you to play a great game with your friends and people all over the world. Factions technically occurs at the same time as the original GuildWars (Prophecies), but on a whole different continent. The continent of Cantha (an Asian-type setting) is beseiged by a horrible plague that turns its victims into grotesque monsters bent on murder, causing others to join their ranks of Afflicted. Where are the Afflicted coming from, and how can they be stopped? Join the struggle to return Cantha to order!

First Day of School!

Looking For Trouble in All the Wrong Places

To the City We Shall Go

Celestial Shenanigans

Nobility and Free-For-Alls

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