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Quests: Rally the Troops, Into Chahbek Village
Skills: Resurrection Signet (all), Vital Boon (derv), Pious Assault (derv), Aura of Restoration (ele), Flare (ele), Ether Feast (mes), Empathy (mes), Orison of Healing (monk), Bane Signet (monk), Deathly Swarm (necro), Vampiric Gaze (necro), Leader's Comfort (para), Spear of Lightning (para), Power Shot (ran), Troll Unguent (ran), Healing Signet (war), Power Attack (war)

After the cinematic, you find yourself in a clearing with some Sunspear Recruits, some dude with terrible hair named Koss, and some really needy chick named Kormir who will not stop harrasing you for attention every five seconds until you click on her. So click on her already. ^>__<^;; She tells you that some corsairs are headed to the village and gives you two options. I always do the tutorials cause I like loot, plus this is meant to be a walkthrough for people who've never played before so we're not skipping the tutorial here. Click on Rally the Troops and accept the quest. Jeeze, I'd forgotten how obsessively n00b-oriented the Nightfall tutorial is... anyway, just go ahead and click on her again. You don't actually need to move the camera around first. Now, press X (default) to turn around and hold down the left Alt key to find the weapons locker Kormir tells you about. Open it and equip your new weapon, and wait for Kormir's babbling to catch up to you. click on her again for her to explain how quests work. Hey Koss, stop interrupting, you are making this longer than necessary. Kormir then opens the gate, so head on through. The enemies up ahead are super-easy, but if this is your first time playing don't get too ahead of your mob of NPC friends. Just follow the path, killing corsairs along the way, as Kormir continues to explain things that don't really need explaining. Once you reach the deserted watchpost, Kormir wants you to follow her to the res shrine (big glowing statue thing), then proceeds to MURDER YOU. Thanks, Kormir, I hate you too. She now explains about DP (death penalty), which is probably the only part of her babbling you'll actually want to listen to, as most people don't really understand DP without an explanation. After that, she removes your DP and gives you two spells to make up for her psychopathic tendencies and opens the next gate. Take a sec to read up on what your skills do, then head through the gate when you're ready. Somewhere along the way Kormir explains how the aggro bubble works (or the "DANGER ZONE" as she calls it). Keep following the path and cutting down the corsair forces until you reach First Spear Jaguar. Er, Jagubar. Er... Captain Cheesecake. Yeah, him. Talk to Kormir again, who stayed behind on the path for some reason, to get your quest reward: a big huge chunk of EXP, which also levels you up. Your K menu (skills and attributes) opens automatically the first time you level. Kormir's explanation is stupid and rambly, so I'll give you the short, concise version. Mouse over one of your skills (doesn't matter which). You'll notice two things: some green numbers in the description, and at the end of the description something that says "(Attrib: [whatever attribute])". Basically, each of your skills is linked to a certain attribute, and increasing or decreasing the number of points in that linked attribute will change the green numbers in the skill description, which means less points means skills linked to that attribute become weaker, and more points in that attribute make those skills become stronger. During the first eight or ten levels or so it won't matter as much, but later on you will want to specialise in only 2-3 attributes, otherwise your skills won't be as powerful and trust me, the enemies do get really hard later on. Anyway. Assign your attributes as you see fit, then talk to Kormir again, who's spamming as usual. Now go talk to Captain Cheesecake to enter Chahbek village.

Quests: Quiz the Recruits, Never Fight Alone
Required hero: Super Math Genius Koss

So apparently the corsairs have already invaded the village. Koss demonstrates that he is the best at math evAr, and Kormir informs you that you need to lead the assault to retake the village. Talk to Captain Cheesecake once you load to acquire your first hero. Yeah, the Math Wizard over there just joined your arsenal of heroes, which means you're stuck with him FOREVER. Joy. Captain Cheesecake also gives you another quest, but first I'm going to explain heroes really quick. Whether you've played the other GWs campaigns or not, most people have heard of henchmen. If not, you can see a couple in this outpost (Khim and Sogolon). Henchmen are AI-controlled NPCs that you can put in your party for missions and quests and whatnot, and they'll follow you around and help you kill stuff. However, their skills, gear, and attributes are pre-determined by the game. Also, some towns have different henchmen (especially if you travel to another campaign, which you can do later in the game), and some towns don't have henchmen at all. Heroes, on the other hand, are basically customiseable henchmen that you can take with you anywhere, even to other campaigns or places where henchmen are not allowed. Plus, you can give them whatever weapons you want, put whatever runes or insignias you want on their armour, and change their skills/attributes to whatever you want, whenever you want. You can also disable certain skills in their bars or manually make them cast things or walk to certain places or whatever using the hero skill bars and the flag system (a quest coming up shortly will go over the flag system so I'll skip that for now). Also, you can give them whatever secondary profession you want, change their secondary whenever you want, and they have access to all of the skills you have unlocked on your account. Oh, one Nightfall-specific thing about heroes: some missions require you to have certain heroes in your party, which kinda defeats the purpose of having heroes in the first place but that's Anet for you. Moving on.

Anyway, go ahead and talk to the recruits, which is just them telling you more stuff about how the game works, as opposed to you quizzing them about stuff. Whatever, game~ After three recruits return to Captain Cheesecake for your reward. Don't talk to him again yet though, cause there's a new quest behind you now. Jibehr wants you to make nice with the henches, so add one to your party real quick and talk to him again for some cash and EXP. Now for the actual mission. Well, first lemme explain something real quick. Quests are short thingies that give you minor rewards and a small amount of EXP. Missions are like longer quests that occur in an instanced area and serve to advance the storyline. Also, you can get a lot more EXP from completing the mission (especially if you complete the bonus objectives) than you can from quests. Anyway. If you can't find anyone to party with, this mission is super-easy so just go ahead and add the two henchies. Also, you must have Koss in your party for this, so don't forget him or Captain Cheesecake won't let you enter the mission. Speak to CC again to get started.

So as soon as you load, the game tells you all of the mission objectives, including the bonus. The game usually doesn't tell you the bonus objective though, so don't get used to this. In this case, the bonus is to keep the recruits alive. Nightfall and Factions have three levels of mission completion, whereas Prophecies only had two. In Prophecies, one level was just completing the mission and the second was also doing the single bonus. In Factions and Nightfall the first level is still just completing the mission, but you also have expert and masters level. In all campaigns, completing all of the objectives gets you more EXP than just completing the mission. Also, doing masters is the only way for the mission to count as complete for the Protector of Elona title (although standard level counts for story progression). In this case, the masters level is only achieved if you keep ALL of the people listed in your party menu alive til the end of the mission.

Approach Kormir, who tells you you need to retake the catapults, and then allows you to lead. She will continue to tell you how the game works as this mission continues, but this is pretty much the last one she'll do that in so you won't have to deal with her game manual impersonations for much longer. Take out the corsair mage just ahead and Kormir tries to tell you where to go from here (and also lectures Koss). But look, remember the cinematic where there were a bunch of corsairs in boats on either side of the village? Yeah, they're still there and they can attack you from the boats (and you can't get on the boats), so ignore Kormir and listen to me instead~ If you look at the compass you'll see water in a V-shape west of you, and west of that some land. And now, a short crash course on flagging (I'll go more in-depth with this later). On your compass you'll see two flags under the mini-map part. One is dark green and says "Order heroes and henchmen," and the second says "Order Koss." Use the first flag to park your entire party on the point of the land just west of the V of water so they don't move from that spot. Do this by clicking on the first flag and then clicking the place where you want them to go (you can click anywhere on the screen where you can see or you can click on the compass or even the U-minimap if you so desire). They will immediately move to that spot so follow them. A corsair spotter and healer tend to run back and forth near there so take the healer out first (wait for them to run close to you). We are doing this to avoid aggroing the corsairs up the stairs to the north. Unflag your party (click the same flag once to dismiss it) and head up the stairs and take out the healer first. Kormir now tells you you need to arm the catapults. Go ahead and take out the corsairs by the fire oil to the west, then pick up one of the barrels. You need two, so if you have another real human in your party have them pick up another one (pick one up by clicking them. If you can't find the barrels, hold down the left Alt key). Either way, head directly back to the catapults with the barrels cause you can't phsycially attack anything while carrying them (you can cast spells though). Click on the catapult firing lever (again, hold down left Alt key if you can't see it) when carrying a barrel to load it, then click the lever again to fire it. Do this for the other catapult as well (you'll need another barrel) and you'll have taken out both boats of corsairs. You may also have noticed that you now have an up blue arrow and a +4% in the same place where the down red DP arrow was during the tutorial. Kormir sucks at splainz so I will explain it now. This is like the opposite of DP and is called a morale boost. She'll explain it herself in a minute but why she doesn't explain it now is beyond me. You usually only get a morale boost when you defeat a boss but hey, who's complaining. I like having extra HP and energy. DP caps at -60% and morale boost caps at +10%. Alright, from here head back down the steps to the east back to where the first enemy was, then head south across the bridge (target the mage first). We went around so we wouldn't aggro the other mob running around nearby. I know these enemies are super-easy but we want to keep the NPCs alive, remember. Head west and take out the healer first. Just west of there you'll see a really shiney guy with an actual name. These shiney named guys are bosses, as Kormir will explain when you get close enough. This "glowing aura of power," as Kormir calls it, tells you what profession the boss is based on the colour. This guy is sort of a light beige and is therefore a paragon boss. And yeah, killing bosses gives a morale boost and instantly recharges all of your skills, so go ahead and murder his face. He may be level four but he doesn't do much damage. He just might take a bit longer to kill. He also gets a lot easier to kill if you first aggro him yourself by attacking him, and then get closer to him so your NPC Brigade helps kill him. From here, head north back to where the fire oil was. Flag your party by the bridge you passed on the way to the fire oil and start heading NE along the path. As soon as Kormir starts talking press X to do an about-face and run back to your party. Her speech triggers the breaking up of that huge mob ahead and some of them will head your way. The NPC Brigade will follow you even if your party isn't, hence the running straight back. Let the enemy run to you and kill it, then continue with your entire party (don't forget to unflag them) down that NE path. Take out the mage in the first group of two, then the healer first in the next group. Try not to aggro the group across the bridge to the east until you've killed the others. The group across the bridge is the last one in this mission. Take out the mage first and after they're both dead, you're done!

Quests: Primary Training, Honing Your Skills
Skills: Chilling Victory (derv), Crippling Sweep (derv), Whirling Charge (derv), Heart of Holy Flame (derv), Grenth's Fingers (derv), Imbue Health (derv), Fire Storm (ele), Ice Spear (ele), Lightning Strike (ele), Stone Daggers (ele), Ward Against Melee (ele), Glyph of Elemental Power (ele), Conjure Phantasm (mes), Shatter Hex (mes), Imagined Burden (mes), Energy Tap (mes), Drain Enchantment (mes), Backfire (mes), Banish (monk), Remove Hex (monk), Mend Ailment (monk), Healing Touch (monk), Reversal of Fortune (monk), Resurrect (monk), Life Siphon (necro), Faintheartedness (necro), Strip Enchantment (necro), Plague Touch (necro), Animate Bone Minions (necro), Well of Blood (necro), Wild Throw (para), Barbed Spear (para), Signet of Synergy (para), Mending Refrain (para), Anthem of Flame (para), Signet of Aggression (para), Storm Chaser (ran), Flame Trap (ran), Kindle Arrows (ran), Charm Animal (ran), Comfort Animal (ran), Pin Down (ran), Sprint (war), "Watch Yourself!" (war), "For Great Justice!" (war), Executioner's Strike (war), Mighty Blow (war), Sever Artery (war)

After the mission, you load in Churrhir Fields, which is basically where you just were during the mission, but is now (mostly) devoid of corsairs. First Spear Dehvad says you need more training and tells you to go speak to an expert in your profession. There are 2-3 experts in your profession here in the fields and if you talk to all of them you'll get a bunch of free new skills. Dehvad only requires you to speak to one of them but hey, would you rather spend a little more time now for some free skills or spend ingame money on them later? Each trainer will also explain a few aspects of your chosen profession. Also, while most of the red dots on your compass are just practise targets, there are some enemies in this area that will attack you, just fyi. Also I'm gonna take this chance and mention another couple of things about heroes. Heroes will gain experience in the same way you do (killing monsters, completing your quests) as long as they are in your party. You only have one right now but you'll get more later, so remember that some missions require specific heroes and if you never put that hero in your party since you got him/her they will stay that same level forever. You can also set their skills the same way as you set your own, and their equipment too. Just click on their picture in the appropriate window to change those things. You can also click on the number next to their name to open a small version of their skill bar which has a few icons on it. On the bottom left is a target button which you can use to make that hero attack a specific target (especially useful if you want them attacking a target that is not the same target as what you and the rest of the party are attacking). At the top right of the mini skill bar are three icons that set the combat style of that specific hero. I recommend having all heroes on the middle icon (guard) except for monks, who I have on the last icon (avoid combat). The first icon (fight) makes them super-aggressive, so they will attack any red dot that enters their aggro bubble, whether that enemy is aggressive or not. This can be really annoying but it's up to you. Guard makes them attack whatever you attack, and avoid combat makes them not attack anything (they will still use support spells like heals and whatnot when in avoid combat though). Once you've spoken to at least one expert trainer, return to Dehvad for your reward, and for him to tell you to come back in a few levels so you can get a secondary profession. Yep, GuildWars lets you have two professions. It's pretty useful. You can also change your secondary at will later on in the game. For now, head on in to Kamadan (talk to Second Spear Binah), the main city in Istan and the port town of Nightfall.

Quests: Need More Stuff, Quality Steel, Material Girl, Armoured Transport, Identity Theft, Feast of Bokka, Map-Travel Inventor, Hog Hunt

Welcome to Kamadan, Jewel of Istan! Every campaign has a port town, which has a boat labelled "Travel" near that town when you look at the map. Basically a "port town" is the town that allows you to travel between the different campaigns. In the other campaigns you could travel to another campaign as soon as you reached the port town but in the case of Nightfall you pretty much start out here, so campaign travel from Nightfall is level-dependent. Don't worry though, I'll let you know when you can travel from here to another campaign. So let's get started on those levels! When you zoned into town, you should see a chick named Nenah on your left offering a quest. She wants... termite legs? OK, someone's a hoarder ^<__<^;; Well whatever, she'll give you a belt pouch if you bring her some dismembered insect bits and those increase your inventory space by five slots so hey, why not. Continue west past Nenah to find a whole bunch of quests. Chorben is too lazy to make his own deliveries and wants you to deliver a sword to Pumbaa from the Lion King~ Kahlim is too busy being a terrible father to keep tabs on his kid so he wants you to go find her, and Mehinu's delivery boy is too full of phail to do his job properly so she's hiring you to protect him during his delivery. Head back towards Insect Bits Lady and hang a left down some stairs to find Xunlai Agent Jueh. She wants you to open an account with the Xunlai. Not only does this quest give you 500 EXP but who doesn't want a storage box? Plus, any char on your account can access the same storage box as long as they too have opened an account with the Xunlai. So continue north up the stairs and turn right to find a Xunlai Agent (she won't have a green arrow over her head for whatever reason). It costs 50g to open an account with the Xunlai and another 50g if you also want access to the materials storage (just click "Review available upgrades" after you open the account to buy the crafting materials storage tab). You should have at least 50g on you by now if you did the tutorial as well as the first mission. If not, you will soon enough. Once you have the storage account head back to Jueh to get your EXP. Back by storage go left and you'll find Shatam, whose shipments of ID kits seem to have gone missing. Well, north from Shatam you'll see a swirly white thing on your compass. This indicates a portal to another area. There are actually several in this town but we're gonna go through the one closest to us, nex to the Plains of Jarin sign (don't forget to add henchies if you need them).

OK, first very giant obvious thing first: if you have all three campaigns (Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall) installed, you will see a big huge giant robot thing just in front of you when you load. He won't talk to you until you're lv 10 though, and if you don't have all three campaigns he's not there at all so we're all going to ignore him for now (and if you're in a party with someone who has all three even if you don't you'll still see him). On your right you'll see a Sunspear Scout. Most of the scouts will offer different bounties, which will give you Sunspear points when you kill whatever monster they are offering the bounty on while you have the bounty active. And you can have multiple bounties active at one time. You need a certain number of Sunspear points for several quests in Nightfall so keep an eye out for Sunspear scouts, as only this first one will have an exclamation mark over his head. Head a little SW from the scout to find Royal Chef Hatundo to get another quest, Feast of Bokka. I know Dengo from your Armoured Transport quest is out here but ignore him for now and head left into the path right after the chef guy. After the path opens up, go right around the rocks and you'll soon find Pelei, Kahlim's missing daughter. She'll go back home if you kill 10 killer ibogas for her. You should have passed a few on your way to finding her, and there are more south of her position. Fortunately they count for the bounty you just got, so hurray for that. By the way, you can check on the number of Sunspear points you have (and your other titles) by pressing H and clicking on Titles. You might want to continue killing ibogas (killer or otherwise) even after you got the 10 you needed for Pelei's quest cause you need some Iboga Petals (only dropped by ibogas) for the chef's quest. However, when you hit the water don't go too far west up the coast cause there's a boss up there that might give you some trouble at your current level (he's where the rock wall is). If you want to give it a go, it's up to you, but he can hit pretty hard. *Note: Factions characters will already know this, but all bosses in Nightfall (and Factions) have a chance to drop a green weapon. Green weapons are called "unique" and are usually named after the boss that drops them. In Prophecies, only special bosses drop these and they have max stats and are pretty good. In Factions and Nightfall even low-level bosses like this one can drop a green, therefore greens in this game aren't always good. So don't think that just cause a greenie drops that you've gotten something fantastic. Just an fyi. Also, if you see any juvenile bladed termites running about kill them cause you need their legs for the crazy hoarder lady back in Kam. When you're done with your murder spree, head back to Pelei (be careful though, there's an ele boss very close to her and if you aggro him you aggro most of the mob around him, who are also eles. Ow). Head northeast-ish and you'll eventually find Dengo again. Talk to him to initiate the quest and then just follow him. He'll stop repeatedly to catch his breath, but you won't get attacked until you get out onto the sand and Dengo says they are coming. You'll see red dots approaching you on your compass from the north. This is the only group of them for the entire quest so once they are dead it's clear sailing from here (unless you aggro the lv 6 ibogas near the Sunspear Great Hall). You'll also pass a group of NPCs on the way who start talking when you approach them. Once Dengo goes inside, wait around for the NPCs to finish their conversation and grab the quest from Mauban near the res shrine. One of the NPCs from the talking group starts making his way towards you, and after he stops walking he has a quest for you. He starts babbling about the same black moa story he was just talking about and then decides he requires a pet warthog to impress his friends. I don't know what's so impressive about walking dinner but OK. (btw, if any of you have played Factions, the "other hunter" Nehdukah talks about is actually Zho, the ranger trainer. And yes, she is in fact missing an eye. Fun fact!) Nehdukah now starts following you, but first head inside the same place Dengo just entered.

Quests: Suwash the Pirate, Proof of Courage, Rising in the Ranks: Master Sergeant, A Hidden Threat

Turn left to see Castellan Puuba. Talk to him to give him his sword, and he's super-eager to try it out. Well, we're busy right now Pumbaa! Give us a second! Senti is nearby and she's got a quest for you. Apparently nobody in Nightfall knows how to be a proper parent. Fiiiiiiiine, we'll find your idiot son. North of her is Poturi, who seems to have lost his sword somehow. Seriously, I don't know how this would ever actually happen, but OK. Go up the stairs behind Poturi to find Runduk. If you've reached r1 SS (rank 1 Sunspear) he'll give you a res sig which is slightly better than the one you got during the tutorial (cept heroes can't equip it). He's also got a quest for you. This is the first of those quests I mentioned earlier that requires you to have a certain number of SS pts (specifically r2 in this case) in order to complete. Right now my new char has about 60 pts so she's pretty close to r2, but it's different for each person. Some quests will also give you points towards the title. Head down the stairs on the other side of Runduk and go right to find Shaurom, who seems to suspect one of his own men is in league with the corsairs. Map back to Kam really quick to hand in your quests to Mehinu, Kahlim, and the map travel quest to Alekaya, who is near those other two I just mentioned. After she explains that her son is a nutcase, talk to her again to get your quest reward. Now, map back to SS Great Hall and head outside into the Plains again so we can continue to solve everybody else's problems.

Walk near Castellan Puuba and Poturi and they'll start following you. Grab the nearby bounty cause we're gonna be squishing some bugs, then go towards Nehdukah for him to start following you as well. Hurray, an army of NPCs! Yeah, Nehdukah will start telling his story again but you don't need to listen to it this time. Head east and north around the building, and continue north towards the res shrine you'll see in the distance. Kill some termites along the way but if they run off don't worry about it, we'll find some more soon. Near the shrine are a bunch of ibogas, so kill them if you still need iboga petals (you need two). Go west from the res shrine and you'll soon see a red dot approaching you on your compass from the NW. Wait for it to stop and attack it first, as it's a lv 8 hostile monster. Take out the termites to the west until you have enough legs for the hoarder lady (she wants two). After you've killed ten enemies Castellan Puuba will stop following you, as that quest is complete. Continue going around the building until you're on the west side of it, then head directly west towards the water. You should see an Impressive Warthog somewhere along the water's edge (although he's the same size, shape, and colour as regular warthogs but whatever~). You'll need to protect Nehdukah while he tames this hog (after he screams like a girl). One group of mandragors will spawn SE of you and attack you during the taming but they shouldn't be too much trouble. There are also more termites close by NW of where you currently are if you still need legs. Just make sure you take out the Irontooth Drake first as he is lv 10 and the only aggressive thing in that mob (you also need a chunk of drake flesh, which is only dropped by these drakes). Go back to the wall of the Great Hall and then continue going around the building to get back to the front. Go to Nehdukah's so-called friends so he can show off his new snack, I mean, pet, then get your quest reward from him. At least he seems happier now and no longer cares what his so-called friends think of him. Almost directly south of the portal to the Great Hall is a giant mob of corsairs. Try to pull some of them up the hill towards you so as to not aggro too many of them at once cause these guys can really hurt a low-level party. When you've healed up, go after the next few corsairs, ignoring the Wounded Corsair as he's a non-combatant. Kill the third group of corsairs, then go kill the wounded one to update the Suwash quest. Open the Corsair Chest near the wounded corsair to get Poturi's sword back and give it back to him to get your quest reward. Go into the water and go west-ish to find some more corsairs. The next group is just a bit south from there (and some more termites and a drake again). West some more is the final corsair group and Senti's wayward child. He pretty much tells you that it's pretty much a tossup between remaining a corsair and getting homecooked meals from his mother. Eh. Kids, amirite? Well, there's a portal to a town just a bit behind you, so head on inside.

Quests: Scholarly Affairs, Rising in the Ranks: First Spear, Secondary Training, Command Training, Choose Your Secondary Profession, Leaving a Legacy

Directly to the right of the portal is another Chef guy, who will trade you a plate of Pahnai Salad for two iboga petals, so go ahead and trade them cause you need this salad for the Feast of Bokka quest (if you can afford more than one get more cause they give you an HP boost if you use them outside). South of the chef is Mofuun, who wants you to escort some scholar guy, which we won't get around to doing for awhile but grab the quest anyway. East of him is the merchant, who has some news about Shatam's missing ID kits. Apparently the corsairs are just making EVERYONE'S life a big huge mess, not just ours. Well, map back to the Great Hall and let Sehti know her son's off being an idiot, and your 15 attribute points from Runduk since you should have enough SS pts by now for r2. He's got another SS pts quest for you now with the same reward, but First Spear is r4 so this is going to take awhile... Go back out into Plains of Jarin and go west until you hit the water (be careful of mandragor spawns along the way, and a patrolling mandragor boss) to find Elonbel, the possible traitor. He's apparently also blind cause you can run right next to him for the entire quest and he won't notice you're there at all. ^O__o^;; Anyway, as soon as you get near enough he starts running. Make sure he stays alive til the end though, otherwise you can't finish this quest. Once he gets back on land you can stop healing him. Soon afterwards he meets up with a corsair, where it's made obvious that he is, in fact, a traitor. Well, time to KILL THEM ALL!! AHAHAHAHAHA! *ahem* No, seriously, kill them. You might want to kill the corsairs first as Elonbel is lv 15 and dealing with him plus annoying trash mobs might outdamage your healer's healing. After they're dead you should kill some nearby skales, and probably the ones you passed on the way here, as you'll need two of their fins (not their teeth) for the Feast of Bokka quest. Once you're done with that, go into the city near where we killed Elonbel (The Astralarium). This place doesn't get its own section cause the only thing you need here right now is the Chef in the back, who will trade you a Bowl of Skalefin Soup for your Feast quest for two skale fins. Again, if you have enough fins you might want to invest in more than one bowl but it's up to you.

Map back to the Great Hall to hand in your Hidden Threat quest to Shaurom. While you're here, speak to Captain Ahkenchu (up near Runduk) and talk to him about written evidence to get a copy of Night Falls. You don't need this book right now so go ahead and put it in your storage box, but I figure acquire it now before we forget. I'll remind you about it when you need to carry it around in your inventory. Back to Kam we go~ You should be at least lv 5 by now, so your primary quest is now complete. Talk to First Spear Dehvad if this is the case to get your reward and your next primary from him. He'll also have another quest (Command Training) for you. Give hoarder lady (Nenah) to trade your legs for a belt pouch, then talk to her again for the rest of your reward. Also speak to Chorbeh to let him know that Pumbaa liked his sword. Go towards Shatam the merchant guy and you'll see another chef west of him. He has the last item for Feast of Bokka if you managed to find a chunk of drake flesh. If you have all three food items, go ahead and go back outside and give them to the Royal Chef guy to get your quest reward. North of the chef is a guy named Pikin. He's not a regular skill trainer, as he teaches hero skills. However, learning skills through him not only teaches them to your heroes but to you as well (as long as you have the professions active that those skills require). However, he won't speak to you til you get your secondary profession, which we'll do in just a second. East of Pikin is Kailona, whose shipments also seem to be missing. I wonder if this is another corsair-related issue. Well, right now I want to take a little time and explain what these Battle Commendations you've been getting are. You should have about four now. Basically they are another form of currency (if you've played Factions, they are like monastery credits, imperial commendations, etc.) and you can trade them for items from quartermasters in the Great Hall. So check those NPCs out at your leisure. Anyway, we need our secondary now, so run past Dehvad and get Binah to let you into the fields. Again, you only need to speak to one expert, any expert, but I highly suggest you talk to all of the experts of every profession out here. Here's why: Koss is not the only hero you will acquire in this game, and if this is your first character in any GuildWars game he's going to only have the, like, 2-3 skills he came with. And all your heroes will be this way, as they only have access to whatever skills you have unlocked on your account. So, the more experts you talk to, the more free skills for all the professions you're going to have, and therefore the more skills you'll have available to give to your heroes. By the way, Tactician Haj is out here for your Command Training quest, but trust me, you are going to want more heroes for this quest so we're going to come back later to do it. Once you're done socialising with the experts, return to Dehvad to choose your secondary. Like he said, you can always change your secondary profession later on in the game, so if you decide that you absolutely hate your secondary profession choice you're not stuck with it forever. He also gives you your next primary quest. Alright, we've got one more quest to do in this area, so map back to the Great Hall and go outside. The missing rune shipment is very close to where Nehdukah's warthog was, so head on over (west, then north around the building, then west towards the water). Well... for some reason the shipment is just lying there on the shore... maybe it had nothing to do with corsairs at all, and just felt like going for a swim? Who knows. Well, map back to Kam to give Kailona her stuff and get your quest reward. Pay attention to what she says cause she explains to you how to put runes onto armour and also how to remove them. Plus, runes of minor vigor can get pretty pricey, so you'll want to know how to get the rune back from your armour later. *thumbs up* Map back to Champion's Dawn to see what all this reclaiming cities nonsense is all about.

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