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Quests: Isle of the Dead, Rising Suns, A Perplexing Plague, Moa'vu'Kaal Awakened, A Troubling Theory, A Delayed Delivery, Flamingo-ing... going... gone, First Born, Second Born, Third Born, Mutu the Oldest Child OR Misela the Middle Child OR Jedur the Youngest Child

Yeah, OK, who the heck is Abaddon, and why is this chick spying on Varesh? SECURITY! Maybe Dehvad can be security. Let's go see what he wants. Um. OK, so apparently the undead from that last mission are now EVERYWHERE. And also nowhere at all cause apparently nobody can find them and yet know they are out there. No wonder they can't even catch a girl spying on Varesh. Well, there are various new quests strewn about the places we've already been to, so let's go get our heroes some EXP. Pumbaa in the Great Hall has a quest that appears to be named after one of my favourite songs, which involves you recruiting new Sunspears. While you're here, talk to Churrlan by storage. She doesn't have a quest for you but talking to her does make a quest in a different area available to you. Scholar Chago in the Astralarium (up the giant staircase near storage) wants to know about that Scarab Plague Kormir mentioned during the cutscene before Jokanur mission and claims that you "shouldn't have any trouble" finding information on it since it's in Fahranur, which is abandoned (you mean, besides all of the undead we just saw in there, right Chago?). Go out into Zehlon Reach and banzai your way up the canals til you reach the pier. Morik, your first recruit, says he'll only go if his "sort of" girlfriend comes with him, so go talk to this questionably-attached girl. Well, she's much less indecisive than Morik is and tells you to tell him she's joined up and has already left without him and that he'd better catch up soon. Talk to Morik again and he decides to join up too. Well, hurray for that. Go to that village we were running around in forever before (it's to the west) and talk to Dungrud near the Elder (he's one of the dudes who had his voice stolen by that evil mime we murdered). Seems like he has another keyboard-smash monster problem. Talk to the Elder to... not get any new information on the keyboard-smash monster. Well fine, don't be any help, see if we care. South from them at the edge of the village is Ando. He tells you he can't leave until he knows his family will be safe. Apparently they are being threatened by some sort of creature of indeterminate origin. Ando's house is just a tad south, so let's go get a look at this mystery creature. ... or, mystery creatures. Who are not so mysterious. It's just a couple of irontooth drakes. ^=__=^;; Whatever, Ando. Once they're dead, return to Ando who's really impressed with your mad murdering skillz. ^<__<^;; Map back to the Great Hall to get your reward and another quest. This time, Pumbaa wants you to find a retired Sunspear who got mad at Kormir for some reason. Well, we have a few other things to take care of first, so map to Jokanur, go out onto the Cliffs, and keep going south forever til you find the portal to Blacktide Den. Once inside, ignore all the quests cause we'll be back here soon enough. We're only here to get some higher-lv armour cause we're going to need it. Talk to Sulee and buy whatever you need. Once you're done, return to Jokanur and use the west portal (at the back of the outpost) to enter Fahranur, The First City (which isn't a city at all~ Seriously, what the hell Anet, sooooo many people that I've had to explain to that Fahranur is not an actual map dot despite its name. Plus, the portal is practically hidden away. Good job, Anet ^=__=^;; ).

Well, we were literally just here for the mission, so go to the entrance of the building (across the bridge, take a right, then a left, all the way to the back). Right before you get there, just past Paljab the collector, there are some weathered bones on the floor. Each time you approach a pile of bones, some insects will spawn. Check the bones, then continue onwards (don't worry about the huge mob, they are all like lv 2) and just past the giant mob is another pile of bones. Enter the building (and yeah, the stone traps are still active) and open the old chest that's on the other side of the giant mob of undead. Continue south and open the rusty chest. ... this Scarab Plague thing is starting to remind me of what happens to people who come into contact with those scarabs in The Mummy. Go north back up the steps, hang a right, and follow the path to the loose rock. ... dear Mr. Letter Guy: I'm not sure how your friend was supposed to find this note under some random rock in the middle of a plague-infested city but OK whatevs~ Either way, we're done here, so map back to the Astralarium so that Chago can... send you back to Fahranur. ^=__=^;; What, you couldn't've asked us for samples last time? You did say that you had suspicions that this bugs-inside-pplz theory was true... ugh fine whatever. BACK WE GO. Go left this time and you'll eventually come across a metric crapton of bugs. Don't aggro them all at once cause that really hurts ^T__T^ This one mob should give you the 10 spore samples you need, so map back to Chago to get your reward and another quest.

Map to Champ's Dawn and enter the Cliffs. Head directly west from the scout, past the building with the Master quest guy that we're still ignoring, and you'll soon come across some NPCs fighting a mob of Ancient Undead. Dun dun dun~ Here we come~ to the rescueeeeee~~~ Once the undead are double-dead, talk to... uhh... Rojis? Aren't we looking for you? Why are you here ^O__o^;; Well, whatever, he won't talk to you about your quest cause he's still angry about whatever Kormir did I guess. Talk to Nerashi, who thanks you and sends you off to hunt down some more undead. Go down to the beach and go left along the coast. Soon you'll come across a giant bridge leading to a portal to Beknur Harbour. ... uh oh. You know when your max party size increases from four to eight that things are about to get worse. Well, get some more party members and go out into Issnur Isles. OK guys, I know I haven't mentioned it in awhile but check your SS pts for me real quick. You should be at least r5 (SS Captain) by now. There's a quest coming up in a page or two that requires you to be r7 so make sure to get as many points as possible, k? We should make it to r7 by the time that quest comes along but I just wanted to give you a heads up so you're aware of your current rank. OK, just east of your current position is the first group of undead. Go southeast of the portal you came in through, past a group of irontooth drakes, and you'll soon see Kanyama on your left. He tells you that some flamingoes nearby have suddenly developed rabies or something and are attacking everyone who gets close to them. Go SW past the shrine and clear out some of the skales around here. Now, here's a little secret to the Nightfall campaign: look south from here and hold down your left Alt key and you'll see something labelled Buried Treasure. There are several of these in the Nightfall campaign, and I'll point them out whenever we're near one. You can open these once a month per character and get some free loot and cash. The catch is that the more of these (location-wise, not opening the same one each month) the same character has opened, the less valuable the loot that your character gets will be (this "scaling down" of loot seems to start after three different locations have been opened on the same character). You still get loot regardless, just usually less valuable loot. Anyway, back to the rabid birds. They don't actually attack you. Just go near them and type /shoo (yeah, it's an emote), then start chasing them out the east exit of this area. You might have to retype the emote a couple of times while chasing these stupid things (there are nine of them, and yeah there are some near Kanyama but he only cares about the ones in his field). Once all of them are gone, return to Kanyama for your reward. Kanyama wonders what got the birds so spooked. Well, considering our next group of undead are pretty close (and he literally lives next door to a fort full of corsairs)... I can't imagine why either, Kanyama... ^<____<^;; Anyway, go left around the corsair fort to the east side of it and go up the ramp on the southeast side to enter the fort. There should only be one group of corsairs between you and the undead you need to kill. Once you're done, go back out the way you came and continue east.

You'll soon come across a little town of sorts in the middle of this area. A short way into the town is the third group of undead. Continue east along this strip of land to find Rojis on your right. He tries to pretend he has no idea who the Sunspears are. Look, Rojis, we get it. Like, we were supposed to not kill these Sunspear ghost guys and Kormir was so murder-happy she kept attacking them all. One time, she even killed like two of them. I was like, OMFG WOMAN WHAT THE HELL. So we totally get where you're coming from. Really. But we also really want our EXP, so what do we have to do to convince you to come with us? What? Reed... sharks. What. ... do we really want this guy on our team? Fine, fine, EXP, fine. Let's go find these reed sharks or whatever. But first, go north to find... a funeral and some guy screaming for help. Oh crap, don't die! Seriously, a mob of corsairs run in from your right and try to murder this guy. Save him! Talk to him afterwards to find out that he's the one who has Chago's grain. Healer Zenwa nearby has a quest for you, as well. Apparently, he thinks we are lawyers well-versed in wills and inheritance. Great. Well, apparently Mutu wants to be a Sunspear, and spends his days protecting the villagers from corsairs, albeit for a price. He's almost right next to Zenwa, and asks that you join him in his mercenary contract to murder some corsairs. Well, you know me and how much I like to use NPCs to my benefit no matter what. We have one more group of undead nearby to kill, and Rojis' reed sharks, AND the keyboard-smash monster, so let's just make Mutu help us out first, hmm? :op Almost directly north of Mutu is the last group of undead in this area. West of here you'll find a bunch of skale lashers circled around... of course, when are the keyboard-smash monsters NOT skale? Well whatever. He's a necro boss with a blood magic elite so watch your health. At least the lashers are only lv 2 so they won't be much of a problem. Directly south of here on the other side of this area are Rojis' reed sharks, which are just mandragors. Return to Crazyface Rojis to discover that it was all just a test to make sure we weren't a bunch of n00bs. He says he'll rejoin as long as he doesn't have to deal with Kormir. Yeah, you know what, I'm not making any promises, Reed Shark Boy. SE of Rojis are Mutu's targets. The corsairs are mixed in with a group of skale so try to pull either the skales first or the corsairs, otherwise you might get overwhelmed. Once the corsairs are dead, pick up the chest and return to the village and give Horat back his money. Talk to Zenwa, who gives you your reward and asks you to get to know the dead guy's second child, Misela. Apparently, she's a kind-hearted soul who doesn't really care about the inheritance at all. Instead, she's worried about this outbreak of swamp fever and asks that you protect her while she picks some reeds to make the cure for the fever. Well, the reeds are NW of Rojis. Kill all the skale around it, then lead Misela to the reeds for her to pick them, then return to Zenwa. He now wishes that you get to know Nehbawa's youngest kid, whom he refers to as the black sheep of the family. I... would describe him as a self-important, greedy little dick, but that's just my opinion~ He says he won't care about the inheritance if you help him retrieve some corsair treasure, but if you do choose him he'll make it worth your while. This is a load of crap cause no matter which of the siblings you choose as the heir, the reward for their subsequent retrieve-my-dad's-fortune quest is exactly the same. Just fyi. Anyway. The supposed corsair treasure is near where the last group of undead were. ... hey, I have an idea, let's just set Jedur on fire and take the corsair treasure for ourselves and choose one of the less douchebag siblings as the heir ^<__<^ Unfortunately, murder of NPCs isn't allowed. Head over to where the treasure is, and a group of corsairs spawn once Jedur gets close enough to it. Please note how he's the only one of the siblings who does absolutely nothing to help you fight enemies (Misela's a monk so she healed you). Ungrateful little shit. Return to Zenwa again for more EXP, and to give him your decision on who should be their father's heir. Like I said before, the reward for all three of these quests is exactly the same so choose whichever you want. Personally, Jedur is a little shit and Mutu seems to be doing well enough for himself with his mercenary business, so I'm going with Misela (cause obviously the motives of NPCs has such an impact on real-world issues, amirite?). OK look, this quest is a Master quest and we are quite busy at the moment, so accept the quest but don't start the search. We'll come back for it later. East of the village is a portal to Kodlonu Hamlet, which is where you should go next.

Quests: The Lone Raider, Trade Relations, A Message Home, Assault on Beknur Harbour, A Stolen Spore, One Good Turn Deserves Another, A Mysterious Missive, A Leap of Faith, To See the Sights, Money on the Side OR Loyal 'til the End, A Ghostly Request, Corsair Invasion, Bad Tide Rising

On the east side of town is the Elder, who has two quests for you: one to go save some idiot that decided to take the corsairs on by himself, and one to collect seashells by the sea shore~ On the SW side of town you'll find a guy named Jatoro Musagi. Factions characters, you may recognise this guy as a huge pain in the ass... ^<__<^;; Well, despite the name of the quest, apparently this quest has nothing to do with delivering another message to his mum and is just him needing some papers in order to legally wander about Istan. First, map to Beknur to tell the Elder about the death of Keyboard-Smash the Great, and to aquire yet another Master quest that we're not doing right now. Map to the Astralarium to give Chago his grain... er... what? Ugh, really? Gods, I hate kids... they always screw everything up. Fiiiiiiiiiiiine. But first head to Kam to talk to Clerk Arlon (near storage) about Jatoro. Of course. He wants us to do something for him first. Map to the Great Hall and hand in your quest for Pumbaa, then go outside and left to find Captain Gudur just around the corner. He says he'll just make some misbehaving soldiers play bodyguard. That sounds like the best idea ever. Really. Map to Jokanur and go out into Zehlon Reach and north to the village there to talk to the Elder. From here, head towards the Astralarium. You'll find the little brats where you fought General Morgahn's lame-o guards. Now here's why I had you walk here from the village instead of just walking out the door of the Astralarium: as soon as the kids finish their idiotic little convo they all run off in different directions and you have to catch them. Stand next to Adina while they're talking as she runs the furthest and talk to her as soon as they start running. Talk to Nehduvad second, as the third kid runs off in the direction you came from so that way should be pretty clear of enemies, making it easier to catch him even if he gets a head start on you. If you have run skills feel free to use them. Once you catch all three return to Chago for your reward and another quest. I guess it's time to find Mr. Letter Guy's farm. Enter Zehlon from Jokanur and go back to the village (hey, can we just buy a house here, since we are always here anyway...). Talk to Farmer Muenda on the north side of the village, who directs you to the warped chest nearby. Yeah, that's right! Kick it til it opens! Well, I guess I was right on what a terrible hiding place that loose rock was. Good job, Mr. Letter Guy. Map to Kam and go right once you're out on the Plains. Just past Adhitok the collector is a mound of dirt. Inspect it to find it's yet another of Mr. Letter Guy's terrible hiding places. I'm starting to think these hiding places are so terrible cause he just wanted his friend's wife for himself. ^<__<^;; Whelp, back to Chago we go. Hopefully no flamingoes came by and stole his tables or whatever while we were gone. ^9__9^;; Well, that was the last of Chago's quests. Say goodbye to him forever and map back to Jokanur and go out onto the Cliffs. Directly SE of you is a way down into the Quarry, at the top of which is Behron, whose chosen profession of stonecutting seems to have earned him the wrath of his girlfriend's dad. Cause stonecutting is like one step away from being a corsair, right. Continue down into the Quarry to find Stonecutter Ged to finish off Arlon's list of tasks, so map back to him to get Jatoro's papers and another quest. ... oh yeah, what a handsome reward. Half of the EXP we've been getting from most quests, and 50g. ^9__9^;; Well, we've got better things to do right now, so we'll get to this quest later.

Return to Beknur and step just outside into Issnur Isles. Talk to Dalz who's like five feet away who says that the only way Behron will ever be good enough for his daughter is if Behron defeats him in battle. ... wait, so you're saying he'll only be good enough for your daughter if you're dead?? That's... a bit extreme and also all sorts of stupid. Well, go out into the Cliffs again and follow the coast to the quarry, then go up to where Behron is waiting. Apparently Sahreh agrees with me. Behron doesn't cause he's also an idiot. I guess it's not just men who marry their mothers (figuratively speaking). Dalz and Behron decide to fight eachother and Sahreh says that if Behron fights her father she will help him cause he's her dad. So basically it will be Dalz and Sahreh vs Behron, and Sahreh is a monk. It doesn't really matter who you choose, but if Sahreh dies at any point you fail the quest, so send your heroes/henches away (preferrably down into the path you came up) so they don't attack anyone. If you go with them you can come back up once all three have turned hostile and use single-target skills to attack whoever you want to lose. And yes, one of them will die. Who you choose doesn't really affect anything so after your dude of choice wins talk to him to get your reward. Personally, I think Sahreh and Behron made their choices so I just let them duke it out and watch Behron die. Return to Kodlonu Hamlet and give Jatoro his papers, then go out into Mehtani Keys. Talk to Captain Dumbass over there to acquire your latest army of NPCs. OK, now go back to the portal (not through) and head northeast, hugging the wall on your left. The first undead group in this area patrols back and forth, so let them come to you. Once they are dead, hug the wall back to the portal again and hug the wall and go as far SW as you can go. Continue hugging the "wall" going south, picking up shells as you go as long as they are within your aggro bubble. Continue on your journey along the edge of the universe until you reach land, where there's some weirdo cultists worshipping a skale. Yeah look, cults aren't exactly known for being logical, OK? Go along the left side of the beach here until you get to the incline going up to your right. Go left instead, across the water, to that pillar you can see on the other beach. Pull the patrolling group of skale to you (be careful not to run too far from the pillar as your NPC army likes to follow you around and if Rahlon dies you fail your Lone Raider quest. Also, there's a hidden group of mandragors by the water's edge on the opposite side of this island). After the skale are dead go ahead and aggro the mandragors (they are down below by the C-shaped cliff edge), then kill the group of plants close to you for good measure. Once they are dead, go northeast towards the other group of plants and attack them from as far away as possible. Now, continue NW and the corsair will start running towards you. You need to hit him hard and fast. If you have any snares (Ice Spikes, Crippling Sweep, or other skills that slow enemies down) they are helpful but since you've cleared a lot of the enemies along the first part of his route and he's only lv 17 you should be able to kill him before he gets too far. If we had come directly at him from the portal he would've run through a ton of enemies that ignore him but attack us and we would've never caught up to him ^=__=^;; so annoying. Talk to Rahlon to get your reward, then go back towards where the mandragors were and cross the bridge nearby. The next group of undead are just ahead. From here go through the village just beyond where the undead were and go directly east. You'll eventually come across a small island with a hut on it and some non-hostile corsairs. Talk to Dzaga (he doesn't have a quest marker and is only here if you spoke to Churrlan in the SS Great Hall earlier like I told you to) and tell him Kehtmah sent you. Now you get a choice of quests. *Note: You can only do one of these quests, not both. Money on the Side gets you 500 EXP and 200g, whereas the other quest gets you 1.5k EXP, 25g, and 15 SS pts. Personally, I think EXP is more valuable than gold, but it's your choice. Whichever you choose, follow Dzaga and his merry little band of murderers to the rendezvous point to meet up with Sakku. If you chose the cash, Sakku will turn hostile and summon some backup. Kill him and his cronies and make surre Dzaga stays alive, then talk to Dzaga for your reward. If you chose the EXP, make sure you are only within aggro range of Dzaga's group and not Sakku (his friends spawn behind him), since as soon as they start talking you decide to immediately announce your intentions to kill them all and they all immediately become hostile and being in the middle of both groups when you do this can be kinda painful. Kill them all to complete the quest, then continue south around the east side of the island Sakku was on. Past some groups of corsairs you'll see your undead friends and a group of corsairs patrolling around the same area. Pull the corsairs away and kill them first, then finish off the last group of undead. Return to the island where the crazy cultists were and go to the SE-most tip. You'll see some corsairs next to a wrecked ship and some blocks of jade (hmm, could this be the ship Jatoro mentioned?). Next to the ship is a Treasure Chest, which is another one of those hidden treasure things I mentioned when we were in Issnur Isles. One more thing, sometimes a ghost will spawn on this same island (sometimes, but this island is her only location) and she has a Master quest for you. We'll get around to it further down this page.

Return to Kodlonu to hand in your quest to the Elder and to acquire another corsair-related quest. We'll come back to that later though. If you did Loyal 'til the End, return to the Great Hall to get your reward from Churrlan. Map to Kam and tell Dehvad the undead are re-dead, and he tells you that even stranger things are happening. Apparently the Zaishen have come to Elona. Now, if you've ever done any PvP in GuildWars (not including Alliance Battles) you will probably have heard the name Zaishen before. They are acolytes of Balthazar, the God of War, and therefore run the Battle Isles (where most PvP takes place, and where your guild hall is, so GvG takes place there, Random Arenas, Heroes' Ascent, etc.). But they never leave the Battle Isles cause, helloooo, dedicated to the God of War here? So...... WHY ARE THEY HERE?? (Dehvad: "They'll either help us or kill us all.") Yes, that is why I am worried ^o__o^;; The portal to the Sun Docks is right next to storage, so go on through and we'll see what they want. Talk to General Yurukaro... OK look, the Tomb of Primeval Kings he refers to has changed functions so many times by now I don't even know what he's referring to anymore. Lore-wise, it was originally where the Kings of Elona were buried (even though physically it is in Prophecies, the Crystal Desert exists in both Proph and Nightfall). At one point, it was just a curious outpost that could be reached from Dragon's Lair in Proph. Later it was turned into a portal to the Hall of Heroes and where people would go for that PvP, before HA existed. Then HA was created, along with RA and TA (and by "turned into" and "created" I don't mean by the gods or anything. I mean Anet themselves kept changing things) and Tombs became a heavily-farmed area that I'm not even sure what it was supposed to be anymore but the area physically resembled one of the starter HA maps. So with all of these changes Anet kept making I really have no idea what in the name of cheesecakes and misery this guy is referring to. I do know that when it was farmed Torment creatures existed there, amoung others, but there were other things there too. So whatever, I have no answers, sorry. I know it's my job to clarify things but blame Anet for being screwballs ^>__<^;; Well anyway, Yurukaro tells you that the tormented creatures are entering our reality and we have to speak to Kormir. And then all hell breaks loose.

Quests: Special Delivery, Zaishen Elite, Student Jin OR Student Sousuke, To Ask For More

As soon as you load, some weird creatures start attacking Lonai, whom you sort of met at the beginning of Isle of the Dead (she was with Nerashi). Kill them along with these two Zaishen Acolytes who come to your aid. As soon as this group is dead that weird purple ball hanging in the air disappears. And apparently Kormir doesn't feel like fighting cause she just watched these things run by her and nearly kill Lonai... ^<__<^ No wonder Rojis doesn't like her. Go west and up the stairs to your left to help Ahtok and Rojis, who are being attacked by two groups (one is already up there and another comes in from the south after a bit). Once both groups are dead, the NPCs have a conversation about these creatures. Kormir says that they have probably already invaded Cantha and Tyria as well and that she has to leave Elona to search for allies. If you make a character in Proph or Factions and then do the travel quest to Elona you will see torment creatures in those quests and you are the allies Kormir is searching for~ Anyway. Kormir explains that Nightfall is basically the end of the world, so basically all-around bad news. Report to Dehvad, who tells you that Kormir left orders for you while she's away. Apparently she's promoting some guy we've never heard of before to be Spearmarshal while she's away. Yeah, that sounds like the best idea ever, having us work with someone we don't even know.

Back to the Sun Docks we go to tell Field General Hayao to send his forces in. He seems quite impressed with our tactical locations for his troops (I have no idea what he's talking about~ it wasn't our idea~) and says we'd make good Zaishen. In fact, he thinks some of them could learn a thing or two from us. To that end, he proposes an alliance, which consists of training one of the two Acolytes that fought with you against the torment creatures just now. Look, I don't know about you but even thought I did the quest while writing all of this stuff you are reading it still only took me like 20 seconds to do that mini-mini-mini-mission so that wasn't much time at all to observe their skills. First they're going to test us in combat, after which he'll ask us to choose one of the Acolytes. This fight also doesn't give you much to go on so I'll give you the low-down on each of these. Sousuke is an elementalist, and is kinda hyperactive and a little annoying, sort of like my little brother. Jin is a ranger, and also a super-obnoxious bitch. Seriously. Whoever you choose joins your party as a lv 11 hero (11?? WHY ELEVEN WE ARE LV 15 ARGH!). Although Jin is a ranger she doesn't have a pet of her own so you'll have to find her one if you want her to use one. Also, remember heroes only have access to skills that you've already unlocked on your account, so if you made a ranger or elementalist character then you will have a larger variety of skills for them to use. Personally, I don't see much use in physical attackers, to the point where if I were to compose my perfect party it would probably consist of a spirit spammer ritualist, like five necros, and two eles. Sometimes rangers make themselves useful as interrupters, but mesmers have more interrupt skills so... ^<__<^;; So long story short I always choose Sousuke but really it's up to you and your personal preference/lack of skills for them to use. Well, time to make a new friend! Go out onto the Plains and go a short way to the west to find the Acolytes and Hayao. As soon as you get into aggro range both Acolytes bow and then turn hostile. Take out Sousuke first cause again, he's an ele and they tend to hurt. After he gives up turn your attention to Jin.

... see, I told you she's a big huge bitch. Don't expect her attitude to get any better no matter how many missions you do with her if you choose her. Also, Sousuke seems to actually care about what's going on here in Elona, whereas Jin's attitude seems to be "I don't care as long as being around these people benefits me personally." ^<__<^;; Well whatever, grab your reward and choose your Acolyte. REMEMBER! You can only choose one of them! The actual followup quest is the same for both so the walkthrough will continue as usual~ First, map to the Great Hall and talk to Pumbaa... oh great, we get to recruit another guy who hates Kormir and, by association, us. KOOOOORRRRRRRRMIIIIIIIIRRRRRRR!! STOP BEING A BITCH TO PEOPLE, IT IS AFFECTING US PERSONALLYYYYYYYY!! ^=__________=^ Map to the Astralarium and go out into Zehlon Reach. You'll see the Vabbian nobles off to your left but we'll get to them in a minute. Go past them to the south and you'll find your acolyte of choice just around the corner. The griffons and the Eternal become hostile as soon as you get within aggro range so be prepared, as the griffons are lv 16 and the Eternal is lv 20. They are all melee attackers, just fyi. Attack the griffons first, then make the Eternal taste the floor. Now that you and your new friend are "bonded by blood" (since when do ghosts bleed? Or did Hayao mean our blood bleeding onto the floor, even though these guys didn't even use bleed skills...) we can go play travel guide for the nobles. Talk to Emrah and... they take off running. Hey! Come back here! I thought this was a sight-seeing tour, not a marathon! Yeah, they will run through groups of enemies, but fortunately nothing attacks them. You, however, are a different story entirely. Fortunately this little jog ends near the portal to the Cliffs so you don't have to go very far. Back to Kam we go to hand in our quest to Arlon, who gives us yet another quest. We haven't even been to that place yet so guess what~ Another quest we'll be coming back to later! I am full of those. Yes I am. They taste delicious. Return to Hayao at the Docks to make your newfound friendship permanent. ... aaaaaaand now we're all lv 16 and Sousuke is eleven. ELEVEN. WHY. ^=___________=^;; Well, you know what that means. We get to do some of those quests I've been saying we'll do later!

Quests: Defender's Choice, Down on the Bayou, Crypt-ology, Wandered Off Again, Ghosts in the Graveyard, Fury of a Grieving Heart, The Cyclone Palace, Big News Small Package, Following the Trail, Corsair Vengeance, Double Dog Dare

Map back to Blacktide Den and pick up those quests I didn't even let you get last time cause I'm full of meanz. Guard Kovu wants you to get rid of some corsairs. Of course. He also wants you to escort another crazy Vabbian through the bog of doom. NW of him is Necromancer Musseh (and also a portal to Fahranur, just fyi) who also has a quest for you in this crazy bog. Speaking of the bog, there's another quest for you near the portal to it (south side of town). Rohtu's mum is refusing to accept that her husband is dead and has gone looking for him in the bog. Bog, bog, livin in the bog~ Well, make sure you've got your new Acolyte friend with you so we can level them, and go on into the bog. Just outside you'll find the crazy Vabbian noble and the old necro lady. Talk to both of them and... oh great... I forgot about these guys. Just ahead are those marathon-running nobles from before. Can we not banzai through things this time? That'd be awesome. Go up to them (to the SW) and... oh my god they're actually following us this time. Unfortunately, a group of mandragors pops up right under them. Stoneflesh and Imps are your priority targets in these groups just so you know. Continue south-ish along this path, but don't rush too much cause there are mandragor pops all around here. As soon as you can, go left past some destroyed wagons and take the first right along this path. If you're going the right way you'll see Gundok the collector just ahead, who will now be a signpost~ Take a left at Mr. Signpost, then take a right and go straight ahead to update your quest for Vidaj. Straight south is another point for him but you'll need to go around from the right. Fight off the corsairs so Vidaj can continue his studies. Go back to the first spot and go directly east to find the third spot. What do you mean still living... oh. The corsairs that just spawned behind you. Well, whatever, they're super-weak so just beat em up and let's keep moving. The next spot is just to your right, where Vadaj raves about the statue in the middle. Again, the next spot is just right of your current position. ... hey, we just came through here. ^=__=^;; Well, lead him back to the entrance but don't go through cause we're still doing stuff. Yes I know you just lost an NPC monk but if he dies we have to re-do his quest so, small sacrifice to make. And he's very squishy. Return to the circular area Vidaj had us run around in, go out the SE exit, and fight your way south through the corsair camp. We're doing that ghost lady's quest. Hey, we might as well kill Captain Dickface's friends while we're at it, right? He's further to the south on a hill. Captain Dickface is a mesmer with Spirit Shackles, so casters be aware if it gets cast on you as it can get you down to 0 energy pretty quick. Hurray for death to him! Go back to the entrance to this area. Go SW again and continue along this path until you hit a wall, then go right. Take the second left and continue straight south to find... Rohtu's mum's corpse. Um. ^<__<^;; Well, keep going straight south from here and go left, then right once you're out of the water. Turn right at the Sunspear scout to reach the crypt. Go immediately left towards Spearmarshal Kojolin to finish Lahse's quest. Talk to her for your reward and a new quest. Seems it wasn't just Rohtu's mum that wandered away from home. First we're gonna finish up with these Vabbians we've been dragging around. Lead them just west of your current position aaaaaaand... we're done! Yay! The first ghost is literally like two feet away. Talk to it for it to start following you. Continue directly south and you'll soon find the second ghost. Go back to the crypt and go left through the hallway thing, then left (I know it says go right but these ghosts are closer) and around the building to find another ghost. Just south of that one is yet another one, in the water. Head north to the one we skipped, then return to the end of the hallway to finish the quest. Return to Blacktide Den to hand in your three quests. Rohtu gives you another quest to help him seek vengeance against the corsairs. Back into the bog we go, for great justice! Rohtu is just outside. Lead him back to where his mum's corpse was (basically straight SW from here). Just south of there is your target corsair group. Once they are dead Rohtu runs to his mother's body. Talk to him to get your reward, then map to Beknur Harbour.

Fill up your party cause we're gonna need the reinforcements. I would really really recommend having an mm for this (i.e., a necro who uses minions) but this one is doable without one. Go out into the Cliffs and go NW til we get to that building with the Master quest NPC from like forever ago (it's halfway between the word "Dohjok" on the map and the portal to Zehlon Reach. You can see the building there on the map). Clear out any mobs around the building before talking to Vadben (he's on the west side of the building) so that they're not in the way while we're doing the quest, and have your mm start making corpses from those mobs. Talk to Vadben to start the quest. At this point, wave upon wave of skale will start spawning by the mini cliff wall west of Vadben. Sure, most of them are lv 4-6 but there are some lv 14 Frigid skale mixed in. However, at this point they really shouldn't pose much of a problem, especially if you have an mm with you. After all the waves are dead, talk to Vadben to get your reward. Return to Beknur and speak to the Elder about the Assault quest. You're now in an instanced version of Beknur. Park yourself between the two Shore Watchers closest to the gate and wait for the timer to count down. The three mobs right outside comprise the first of six waves that you have to defeat. You will want your minion master friend along for this one. It can be done without one (I just did it with my lv 17 ele with lv 17 Koss, Dunkoro, and Melonni, lv 13 Sousuke, and lv 12 Khim, Herta, and Odurra (henchies), but one or two of them died during this thing) but minion masters make life easier~ Do not go outside of the gate. Stay inside the town at all times and let the skale come to you. Once the two Shore Watchers that were next to you die, fall back to the hut behind you where some other NPCs are. When they die, fall back further. By this point you should only have one or two waves left, according to your quest log. When the boss shows up, his group is the last wave and you should be home free. Blighters should be your priority targets here and there will be a lot of them. Take as many condition removal skills as you can without compromising your damage output and healing. Once the boss' group is dead you'll be taken back to Beknur after a 30 second timer (aaahhh mad dash to try to pick up all the moneyyyyyy....). Talk to the Elder again to get your reward and acquire a new Master quest. He thinks the skale have a leader that is rallying them to attack people. Map to Kodlonu and go out into Issnur Isles. Head into the village and you'll find Jerek for your primary to the east. He, uh... well that's new. I guess he REALLY hates Kormir, cause he will immediately become hostile and attack you, so be ready. After you give him a sound thrashing talk to him again... wait, what? "You've heard the saying that an army marches on its stomach? Well, without me, you'd all stop marching." ... is... is he saying he's food? Or that he's a stomach? What? He also seems to think that demons running around are not as important as murdering more corsairs and that wiping out these corsairs will make the Council demote Kormir and replace her with Jerek. YeahwhateverCrazyFace. Go talk to Zenwa so we can get this Master quest done (he's moved north of his previous position). You're transported to an instanced Fahranur. Your friend of choice is just ahead, and they must survive the entire time in order to successfully finish this quest. Mutu is a warrior, Misela is a monk and will help to heal your party, and Captain Dickface is a mesmer. Oh yeah, one more thing. You remember those bell-shaped falling stone traps from the Jokanur Diggings mission? Yeaaaaaahhhhhh... they're back. Try not to squash your new friend plz. Head west and let one of the patrols come towards you so you don't aggro two groups at once. At the very back you'll find the first stone trap on your right. Head on through to find some new enemies~ a bunch of lv 15 undead caster phantom things. Ow. Once the path opens up into an area head north, but before you do that notice a giant mob walking in from the west. Don't aggro two groups at once please, I don't want to have to clean up your corpse. You can pull the non-patrolling group back the way you came and avoid the patrol altogether. Take a right at the defunct res shrine to find more caster dead. SE of there is another stone trap you have to get through. Wait for the patrol on the other side to go away so that your party doesn't stop to fight right under the rock. ^=__=^;; Go right and up the stairs, then hang a right at the first opportunity. A short ways away a right turn leads you to another mob of casters and a warrior boss in front of a closed door. Kill the casters first as they're the most dangerous. Once the boss is dead the door opens. Walk inside and Misela declares that she will use this money to help the people of Istan. Your party is sent back to Issnur Isles, so talk to Zenwa to get your reward. If you chose Misela, Zenwa tells you that he thinks she was the most deserving of the inheritance. If you chose Mutu he doesn't really say much besides agreeing that he was a good choice. If you chose Captain Dickface, Zenwa is really confused and questions your wisdom. But the reward is the same no matter what so... yay?

Go drop off your primary quest with Pumbaa, who... does not have a very good opinion of Jerek. Somehow I don't think Kormir made the best decision ever here and I have a feeling this guy is gonna be trouble. Pumbaa has another quest for you, advising you that Jerek may give you orders specifically designed to get both you and Kormir into trouble with the Council. That's nice. Head out into the Plains from here and you'll find Jerek arguing with someone as soon as you step outside. Apparently, this is the girl who was spying on Varesh earlier, and claims Kahyet is making deals with the corsairs. Jerek tries threatening her and when she won't back down calls her a bitch in a not-so-roundabout way and then notices us. Ah crap we should've stayed inside. I don't like how he said the word "perfect" just then... Talk to him and he puts us on babysitting duty. Well, that was less messy than I thought it would be. Tahlkora immediately runs off to the Keys, so map to Kodlonu and go out into Mehtani Keys. Tahlkora comes running up to you saying the corsairs were totally here earlier. OK... Well, we've got a few quests here so we can get some actual work done while Shorty over here follows us about. Rahlon is back, so go talk to him (to your left). Hum... maybe these are the same corsairs that Shorty was talking about? That would be useful. Go SE towards that little island (aahhh mandragor pops) then head directly south (yes I'm avoiding that mob of blighters, I hate those things) and beat up on those crazy skale-worshipping cultists again. Rahlon's corsairs are over where the Treasure Chest is, at the other end of this island. once the corsairs are dead you'll lose your NPC monk army but we can't let them get killed so it's for the best. Continue SE and get rid of the skale patrol in the water. A bit further SE is a whooooole mess of skale and their "Lord." Park your party off to the side by the NW palm on this island and pull the nearest skale towards you. Done correctly you should only get 3-4 skale at a time. Pull the next group, then take out the second patrolling group of skale in the water, and the other group in the water nearby. There's an arch in the water nearby. Park yourself on the opposite side of the arch from the skale army, with the arch just within your aggro bubble, and pull some more skale through back to your party. Move your party a bit east, park yourselves behind the rock, and pull some more skale. Soon you should be left with only the U of skale. Keep pulling a few at a time from either side and eventually you'll be left with only a few frigid skale, a blighter, and the boss. Be careful going in from here as the boss is an ele whose Ice Spikes can eat half of your entire party's HP in one go. From here go back to where you left Rahlon and turn right at the shrine. When you hit the water go NE and you'll find two items lying around on the beach. Pick them up (careful of a mandragor pop nearby) and map back to the Great Hall.

Jerek is right where you left him on the Plains. ... what a sarcastic total douchebag. On the bright side, you now have another monk at your disposal, even if she is lv 12. ^=__=^;; He gives you another quest and tells you to gtfo. Map back to Kodlonu, add Shorty to your party and hand your quest in to the Elder and to acquire a new quest. Of course. More corsairs. When is it not corsairs? Return to Beknur to hand in your Master quest to the Elder here. Return to Jokanur and go out into Zehlon Reach and north to the village. At the north end of the village you'll find Ashigun, some stupid obnoxious brat who calls you a stupid coward and "double dog dares" you to find his "treasure" (which is probably like some stupid rock or something). But hey, Shorty needs some EXP so we might as well, even if I want to set this kid on fire. Map to Champ's Dawn and go out onto the Cliffs (remember to take Shorty with you). Just outside she theorises that someone cut the map up into a bunch of pieces and gave one piece to each corsair captain and now the captains are wandering around out here trying to find eachother. I don't know what's worse, that she came up with this stupid idea or that this stupid idea might actually be what's going on. Well, head right and the first captain is just past where you first met Dunkoro. For some reason, the corsairs with him are not part of his mob so feel free to pull them away from him and kill them before you attack him. Or maybe he just really doesn't like his crew. I don't know. Once he's dead he drops another scroll piece. Shorty says it looks like some sort of swamp or bog. ... could it be...? Well, I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. SW by the Quarry is the next captain, but Shorty doesn't have any new insights. Continue NW towards Jokanur to find the next captain, then towards Blacktide Den (of course) to find the next one. One more captain to go~ and he's directly east a short distance away. Apparently he prefers talking to fighting, and would really rather be alive than keep his map piece, so he says his first mate back in town will give it to you.

And Then the Men Go Marching Out into the Fray...

Corsair Infestation

Those Bird-Things Aren't the Only Harpies Around Here