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Required Hero: Dunkoro, the Drunk Monk

Mission map here. OK guys, here's the deal with this stupid mission. The bonus is a goddamn pain in the arse. Dunkoro will give you five suggestions during the course of the mission and if you follow them you will get the bonus. HOWEVER. Since he's always drunk (at least, I can't fathom what other reason he'd have for this...) sometimes he doesn't actually give you the suggestion til after you've already done the suggestion. So either you have to be psychic, have done the mission before, or be following a walkthrough. ALSO one of his suggestions involves killing two corsair scouts before they can get back to their groups and warn the other corsairs. They are fast, run through mobs of other enemies (who conveniently for the corsairs ignore them but fight us), and also run off in opposite directions. You NEED snaring skills for that part specifically if you are doing the bonus. The best one to use is Deep Freeze (water magic) as it will hit both corsairs in one go. In fact, just putting this build on an ele would be a good idea (just copy-paste this code into your K menu -> blue button next to Profession -> Template Code: OgBCsMziYDNIz0UNqz1kyA), with skills 4, 5, and 6 being the most important (there's also the elite Mind Freeze if you don't have Shatterstone or if you're missing one of the skills 4, 5, and 6). I'll give you more info on the bonus when we get there. I just wanted to give y'all a heads up before going in, as this part is near the end of the mission and is the easiest of his suggestions to fail.

When you're ready, put Dunkoro in your party and talk to Unlucky Simon to enter the mission. Just in front of you are some non-hostile corsairs. When you walk past him a bit he claims that a "mutual friend" asked him to escort your party to Vabbi. Dunkoro doesn't trust this guy, but the corsair claims he's already been paid and if you don't want to get lost and die down here you'll need a guide. WELL, WHAT AM I HERE FOR. :op No but seriously, don't trust this guy. If you are doing the bonus, this is Dunkoro's first suggestion. However, even if you are NOT doing the bonus, you should kill these guys anyway because they're going to turn on you later in the mission anyway and I'd rather fight them now than later. Back up behind the guy, then talk to him and tell him you don't trust him, at which point he and his mob turn hostile. Continue forward, but when the path turns slow down. There's a torch of sorts coming up on your left. You'll want to turn left at this torch, but stay as close to the torch as possible. There are 2-3 groups of mandragors (not popups) that wander around close to your current location (feel free to ignore the mob of mandragors at the east-most end of your compass). Get someone in your party to pull each mob of nearby mandragors back to this torch so we can clear the way. Next, park your party at the waterfall on your left without aggroing the mob up top. There's another torch just past the waterfall, and if you look to the right of that you'll see there's a path on the other side of the area that goes up to the right. Head towards where that path meets the water, then immediately turn around once you reach the edge of the water and run back to your party. Dunkoro should give his next suggestion at this point. Here's the deal though. Whether you're doing bonus or not we need to take this patrol out. Apparently since Dunkoro is always drunk he doesn't realise what a patrol is. In other words, even though he wants you to sneak past them, they do come back (duh, it's a PATROL) so if you do sneak past they're gonna hit you from behind when you're attacking the next mob. All you need to do to follow his suggestion is have parked your party by the waterfall and gotten Dunkoro to suggest the waterfall thing (yes, the quest log says he's only got four suggestions but they're not counting the corsairs at the beginning, which initiates the bonus). Wait by the shrine near where the path meets the water and take them out, then go up the path. Take out the first mob of insects, then continue forward. Dunkoro soon gives you his next suggestion. Who wants to fight a bunch of corsairs anyway? From here, hug the wall on your right and follow it around. You'll want to pull the next mob of insects right to the wall. The path soon begins to slope downwards and you'll see another torch up ahead. Stop at the torch and look to the NE (hold down your left Ctrl key). You'll see the infamous Corsair Runners just ahead. These are the two scouts I mentioned in the first paragraph. If they do make it to their checkpoints (which are really close by) a bunch of corsairs will spawn, which you'll then have to deal with, just fyi. If you're doing bonus, make sure your water ele's energy is full, then continue hugging the wall on your right until you see a triangle shape on your compass where one of the sides of the triangle is the wall you're hugging. Stop when you reach the point of the triangle closest to the torch. Make sure your water ele is prepared, then send him out first to cast Deep Freeze on the closest corsair, then immediately whatever other snares he's got. Follow pretty close on his heels but make sure he is the first to aggro (with his spell) so that they don't start moving til after they've been hit with Deep Freeze. Even then it's very likely that one of them is gonna bugger off if you can't kill them fast enough, which is probably why out of every single mission in this entire game, including all the campaigns and the expansion, I hate this mission the most, only outhated by Aurora Glade in Prophecies. Blaaaaaaargh. Aurora Glade only beats it out because at least this is just the bonus so you can get through the mission without dealing with it. Aurora Glade mission is just ugh. Meh. Anyway, moving on. From where the runners were waiting go directly west and follow the path. After the path opens up, go left and down to the NW. You'll see a stone bridge up ahead. When you get close enough to it, Dunkoro stops you. He doesn't think we should be "fleeing" to Vabbi and instead thinks we should stick around Kourna and try to organise a rebellion. A rebellion from what? All the villages who have no people left cause Varesh already conscripted them all? The corsairs who keep trying to stab us in the back? The only reliable allies we have in Kourna are the centaurs and somehow I don't think one pride is going to help much but OK Drunky, whatever you say. ^<__<^;;

After the cinematic, run back up the hill you were on before, out of range of the Kournan rangers above the stone bridge. Go right this time. You can't get down from here but you have a clear view of the stone bridge from here (be aware there are bugs nearby that might aggro while you're sightseeing up here). If you hold down your left Ctrl key you'll see the Kournan rangers I was talking about, on an archway just above the stone bridge. Here's the deal: We want to park our party on the stone bridge right under the arch. You will take fire from the rangers on your way there but standing under it will shield you from their arrows once you get there. From here you can use non-line of sight spells to kill off the rangers. You can be under the stone arch and out of aggro range of Bayel, but he's a monk so even if you have minions who will 100% surely aggro him he's not that big a deal. He doesn't particularly like his rangers though so if you don't have minions with you he won't aggro from trying to heal him (cause he doesn't care if they die~). There are also rangers ahead of you on either side but you won't even have to deal with those guys at all. Once the rangers are dead, pull Bayel to your position (or continue to kill him if he's already aggro'd). The Hunger is also not part of anyone's mob so he will stay where he is unless he gets aggro'd by something. Once Bayel and the stone arch rangers are dead, pull The Hunger to the stone arch, away from the other rangers, and kill him. He is really not that difficult at all if you do it this way. After The Hunger is dead, your other heroes back you up and Dunkoro decides he'll follow you. Tahlkora mentioned that there's some sort of festival or something coming up that all of the princes will be attending, so we can seek help from them there. Meanwhile, Varesh seems to... now be psychic? Or maybe it's just the same as when The Hunger knew The Drought was dead (well, if you did Rilohn Refuge anyway). Regardless, Morgahn worries about the viability of their Vabbian invasion plan, but Varesh has learned another new trick: summoning Margonites. I'll let you know now that these things are demons and you'll soon be sick of dealing with these guys. Regardless, Varesh now seems to have enough forces to take over all of Elona by force.

Quests: Rally the Princes (primary), The Hanging Gardener

After you load in the next town, cross the bridge in front of you and talk to Kuwame for your next primary. He says some random chick has been waiting for you and is out in Yatendi Canyons. Well, let's go see who she is and what she wants. Head west out into Yatendi Canyons, and go left down into the river. Oh, one thing I want to mention: at this point you should be r8 SS, which is the max rank you can get in NM. If you want to max out the Sunspear title you're gonna have to beat the Nightfall campaign to unlock Hard Mode and go from there, cause at r8 SS bounty people will no longer give you bounties. Continue straight south and you'll soon come across Kehanni just sort of... sitting... out here... in the middle of nowhere... with harpies close by. YeahOK, what you want crazy lady? Ohhhhhh, I see. You're a priestess of Lyssa. Well, that explains why j00 so crazy. She says her goddess has granted her visions that have shown her Varesh's true nature, and that some other random guy is waiting for us in the Chantry of Secrets. Well OK then. Head straight west to find some beetles. Rock Beetles are earth eles, so kill them first in any beetle mob. Continue further west and in the Kournan mob before the bridge you'll find the first Margonite you'll ever fight. Despite being purple and shiney, these guys aren't particularly threatening. The only ones you need to watch out for are the Margonite Sorcerers, who cast air magic and if there are more than one of them you might not be very happy for much longer, and Margonite Clerics, who are healers so they need to die. :op Margos do all have two unique skills: Abaddon's Chosen (target cannot lose HP for 10sec) and Abaddon's Favour (if target is enchanted with Abaddon's Chosen, all foes in the area lose 70 HP and target gains 70 HP). However, the first is not immune to life-steal skills (like Blood Magic skills such as Vampiric Gaze) and is an enchantment so enchantment removal skills work on it, and the second takes SIX SECONDS to cast, which is forever, so is easily interrupted. Also, these guys are mostly cake so you probably won't even notice them using these skills. Be very careful when engaging the mob on the other side of the bridge, as there's a beetle patrol with a very powerful ele boss in it that wanders around nearby and you don't want to aggro both them and the Kournans at the same time. Alright, from here you can see a blue-rimmed archway coming up on your left. There's a Margo boss and some Kournans in front of it, however a bit SW through the arch is a Whispers guy offering an LB bounty for Margos. However x2, he lives at the foot of a fort full of Margos and Kournans. You can probably grab it and run back without aggroing anything inside the fort but again you have to go through the boss mob to get to it, and we are actually going in the opposite direction for this quest. We will need LB points for later though, so it's up to you whether you want to grab the bounty or not. Head NE across the next bridge, then go left and down into the river, then head right through the water and up onto the left bank to find the portal into the Chantry of Secrets. Once inside, you'll find a guy named Seeker of Whispers just ahead. You can ask him as many questions as you want but the important one is about Rally the Princes. He tells you that Kehanni will get you an invitation to the festival that Tahl mentioned at the end of the Moddok mission, and that it's your job to go to the festival and convince the princes that Varesh is bad news. Alright, one thing I want to mention about this guy: Once you reach rank 1 and r3 of the LB title you can come back to this guy and get some skills that will come in handy against Margos. Once back outside (you'd think there'd be an LB bounty right outside the Chantry of Secrets but nooooooo, that would make too much sense) follow the river NE til you reach the bank, then continue NE across this area. At the res shrine head east through the portal into Vehtendi Valley. Follow the path around the top of this area, but keep your eye out for a path going down on your right. Follow that down into the valley then go NE across a field. Hang a left after the field to find Kehanni and some priest guy. The priest guy wishes to help us in our quest against Varesh and the coming darkness, but as he is too old to be useful in a fight he decides to give you his invitation to the festival. Now, I don't care what your quest arrow says, we're going my way. Continue NE past Kehanni up a ramp to the res shrine then go west. Follow the path, then go right as soon as you can and continue along another path going NE. Eventually there will be a Whispers Informant on your right down below. Grab the bounty and the quest from Gardener Pohsin just past the bounty. Make your way NE down into the valley and continue north through a city of sorts. Take the path on your left continuing NE and turn right when you hit the wall to find another path also continuing NE. There's a bridge just ahead of you on your right; cross it and turn east at the res shrine to find a stone bridge. Cross that one too and take out the plants on your left. Once they are dead, lead the gardener to the starburst and then talk to her to get your reward. Backtrack to the "city of sorts" and follow the path going west through the city. Go through the gate next to the res shrine and cross the extreme blueness to find a portal into The Kodash Bazaar.

Quests: Old Friends

Go forward, then turn west and go down the stairs to find a fountain. We'll be coming back to this city a lot so it's time to take a short tour of the Kodash. SW of the fountain is the portal to the Forum Highlands. NW of the fountain is storage, then north past that are a bunch of traders. Beyond them, up some steps, is the portal to the Mirror of Lyss. SE of that are a bunch of Vabbian Trade Officials. These guys will trade you various things for Trade Contracts. Trade Contracts are Vabbi's version of Kournan Coins/Battle Commendations/etc, and you just got one of these contracts from the gardener quest. One of these guys is of particular interest: the chick opposite the Whispers guy will trade you one gemstone of your choice (ruby, sapphire, or diamond) in exchange for 7 contracts. As gemstones are pretty rare, you'll want to save your contracts for this. These gemstones are used in order to craft Vabbian armour, which is the second most expensive armour in the game and counts as "elite" armour (as mentioned previously, elite armour doesn't mean better stats, these sets are just more expensive and tend to look better). Speaking of this armour, the armourer for it is just SE of the fountain. And this concludes our tour of The Kodash. Return to the fountain and talk to Sergeant Bolrob for a new quest involving scouting for information about an imminent heket attack. Well, we're saving that quest for later so just head out the portal just past this guy into the Forum Highlands. Head up the ramp to the right of the res shrine then down the stairs on your right. Turn left, go down some more stairs, then even more stairs, and you'll find Kehanni just ahead past... an undulating carpet-bridge? What. Insanity carpets aside, talk to Priestess Haila (next to Kehanni), who scolds you for being filthy. Inspect the Font of Lyss right behind her, then talk to her again to get a sneak peek of the festival. Once you load into town, talk to Event Planner Kazsha to get your quest reward.

ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY WALK INTO MORDOR. Or Tihark Orchard, apparently. Also, seems Shorty's been keeping some secrets from us. Bet Melonni regrets suggesting letting something just eat Tahlkora now, huh. ^<__<^;; Regardless, the old priest guy only gave you one invite, so this is a solo mission. That means you will not have any allies with you. No other players, no heroes, and no henches. If you try to start the mission with others in your party Kazsha will either tell you you can't bring them, or the game will automatically kick them from your party prior to loading. And yes, you will be fighting things in this mission. That being said, unless you're doing the bonus all of the fighting you will be doing will be done with a mob of guards assisting you. And even if you do the bonus, you only have to fight two NPCs, one at a time, and only one of them has any skills. The one with skills has Life Siphon (HP degen), Blood of the Agressor (life steal, and inflicts weakness on you if you were attacking), and Dark Pact (damage). One skill I recommend you bring, regardless of what your primary profession is, is Protective Spirit. It's a monk Protection spell and you really only need r3 in Prot to make it effective, which is about as many attribute points as you'd have left over if you have all your points already and have maxed out two attributes. Pain Inverter, an Asura skill you can acquire in the GW:EN expansion, can be helpful here, as can the Asura summons you can get from polymock (also in GW:EN). If you have summon stones those can help too. OK, one thing that works 100% all the time no matter what your primary is (unless you have terrible energy like warriors I suppose, but even then it should still work somewhat) is spirit spamming. This means taking a bunch of Ritualist spirits (so just change your secondary to rit (unless you don't have the Factions campaign linked to your account, in which case you're screwed for this method ^<__<^;; ). What follows is a list of builds that I've used in HM for this mission, so they will work in NM too. Make sure to read through all of them cause some of them work for other professions other than the primary profession colour they are written in.

This one is for a rit primary or secondary. If you don't have much energy (like wars), the first 4-5 skills should be enough for NM. The last skill in the list can also help a lot with the energy issue.

Attributes (rit primary): 12 Communing, 12 Channeling Magic, 10 Spawning Power
Attributes (rit secondary): 12 Communing, 12 Channeling Magic, 10 Energy Storage/10 Fast Casting/10 Expertise (also affects binding rituals (spirits))/10 Soul Reaping/

Pain (Communing)
Vampirism (Sunspear Title Track)
Bloodsong (Channeling)
Signet of Spirits (Channeling Magic Elite) Capped from Wagg Spiritspeak in Ferndale (Echovald Forest, Kurzick territory)
Agony (Channeling)
Shadowsong (Communing)
Dissonance (Communing)

Mighty Was Vorizun (Communing) For those of you who have energy issues you should replace one of the higher cost spirits with this instead

This one is for a Me/Mo or Mo/Me.

Attributes (Me/Mo): Fast Casting 10, Domination Magic 10, Healing Prayers 10, Protection Prayers 5
Attributes (Mo/Me): Divine Favour 10, Domination Magic 10, Healing Prayers 10, Protection Prayers 5

Empathy (Domination)
Protective Spirit (Protection)
Heal Area (Healing, self-heal and/or nearby NPC allies)
Ether Nightmare (Luxon/Kurzick Title Track)
Cry of Pain (Sunspear Title Track)
Cry of Frustration (Domination Magic)
Energy Surge (Domination Elite)

For the last skill you have two choices. One really only helps versus the necro guy I mentioned earlier and isn't really useful vs the harpies. The other helps keep the guard NPCs alive longer so they can help you kill stuff.

Aneurysm (Domination)
Heal Other (Healing Prayers)

This is really just a variant of the rit build, but my paragon did this while working on r3 Survivor so it works~

Attributes: Leadership 9, Command 9, Channeling 9, Communing 9

Pain (Communing)
Vampirism (Sunspear Title Track)
Bloodsong (Channeling)
Leader's Comfort (Leadership)
"There's Nothing to Fear!" (Sunspear Title Track)
Mighty Was Vorizun (Communing)
Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support (Ebon Vanguard Title Track (GW:EN))
Union (Communing)

This build also works for assassins who are using a bow. There's also an alternative build further down the page specifically for you A/R people. This one's self-heal is kinda crappy but since you'll be using a bow and therefore will almost surely be out of the line of fire for the harpies bit, you should only need to heal during/after the necro fight during the bonus.

Attributes: Expertise 12, Markmanship 12, Wilderness Survival 3

Apply Poison (Wilderness Survival) Remember that Barrage removes preparations, so make sure to poison all targets first, then use Barrage
Barrage (Marksmanship Elite)
Penetrating Attack/Sundering Attack (Marksmanship)
Power Shot (Marksmanship)
Screaming Shot (Marksmanship)
Distracting Shot (Expertise) OR Savage Shot (Marksmanship) Use this on the necro during bonus
Troll Unguent (Wilderness Survival)
Favourable Winds (Marksmanship)

This build is specifically for assassins using ranger as a secondary profession.

Attributes (A/R): Critical Strikes 12, Marksmanship 12, Wilderness Survival 3

Barrage (Marksmanship Elite)
Penetrating Attack/Sundering Attack (Marksmanship)
Savage Shot (Marksmanship) Use this on the necro during the bonus
Power Shot (Marksmanship)
Favourable Winds (Marksmanship)
Critical Agility (Sunspear Title Track)
Way of the Master (Critical Strikes)
Critical Eye (Critical Strikes)

This is basically a war tank build. You'll probably want to let the guard NPCs die first so the first two skills actually get triggered.

Attributes (W/Me): Strength 12, Illusion Magic 9, Axe Mastery/Hammer Mastery/Swordsmanship (whatever weapon you're using) 9

Sympathetic Visage (Illusion)
Ancestor's Visage (Illusion)
Warrior's Endurance (Strength Elite)
Dolyak Signet (Strength)
Power Attack (Strength)
Counterattack (Strength)
Lion's Comfort (Strength)
Sprint (Strength)

Attributes (D/W): Scythe Mastery 12, Mysticism 12, Earth Prayers 3

Vital Boon (Earth Prayers)
Whirlwind Attack (Sunspear Title Track)
Chilling Victory (Scythe Mastery)
"You Move Like a Dwarf!" (Norn Title Track)
"For Great Justice!" (no attribute)
Heart of Holy Flame (Mysticism)
Avatar of Balthazar (Mysticism)
Faithful Intervention (Mysticism)

OK, let's get this party started! Like, literally. Oh, one thing: this mission is super-super short, but the bonus doesn't really make it much longer so you might want to give it a go even if you usually don't bother with bonuses. Plus, doing the bonus makes you have to do less things in order to talk to the Princes, which is our main goal anyway. You can safely ignore the Master of Ceremonies, even with his shiney exclamation mark. Go forward then right and down some stairs to find Kehanni talking to... General Morgahn!? As in, Varesh's murder-buddy Morgahn?? What. He's not too happy that Kehanni is hanging out with us. She reminds him that she's a priestess of Lyssa and that the goddess guides her in all she does, so maybe he should shut his stupid face. ... OK, so she's a bit more diplomatic than I am but whatever~ Morgahn reluctantly agrees to "spare" us as long as the festival is on. Hey, bring it Crankypants! I could kick your arse blindfolded with one hand behind my back! /fistshake. Anyway, continue past Grumpy McGrumperson and Kehanni and go down the stairs coming up on your left. As you move through the party, NPCs will start talking about the conflict between us and Varesh. Seems not everyone is on Varesh's side. At the bottom of the stairs go left. Stick to the left wall and you'll soon find two kids with exclamation marks over their heads. If your character's a dude, talk to Mina. If your char's a chick, talk to Dende. They want to learn how to dance, so tell them you'll teach them how to dance, then use the /dance or /dancenew emote (/dancenew only works for those of you who have a rit or sin with the Factions Collector's Edition installed, or a derv or para with the Nightfall Collector's Edition installed). From here go down the stairs to the NW. If you're going to do the bonus, take note of all the NPCs around here named "Vabbi Noble," as you'll need to remember where they are in a minute. You'll also see a familiar face on your right by the fountain. Seems The Great Zehtuka is here. I'm mentioning him cause you'll want to AVOID him later during the drinking part of the bonus (which is what the Vabbi Nobles are also for), because if you accidentally involve him in the drinking thing he will try to MURDER YOUR FACE. NE of him is another dude with an exclamation mark above his head, Duel Master Lumbo (and another large-ish mob of Nobles). Go talk to Lumbo and tell him you wish to reenact the battle of Jahai. *Note: You are about to fight the necro I mentioned earlier. He will not become hostile until he says his line, so make any preparations you need to before he says his line. If you're using ritualist spirits don't drop them until Lumbo says his line that starts with the word "Witness." If you have any interrupts, try to interrupt Blood of the Aggressor or Life Siphon. He's not that difficult, but just make sure you heal cause his degen can kill you even after he stops attacking you. Next, go straight west to find Zilo the Drunkard. *Note: Read this before speaking to Zilo. He will challenge you to a drinking contest. While he's got his own keg right next to him, you can't use it. You have to steal drinks from the party guests. And since you are in fact stealing these drinks, this is why Zehtuka attacks you if you accidentally grab one from him, so just avoid him. Also, only Vabbi Nobles have drinks. Any other NPCs will not have them. There's also a time limit on this part of the bonus so you'll need to be quick about it. So. Oh yeah, while "drinking" during this doesn't count towards Drunkard title, it will still give you the drunk blurry screen effect, making it difficult to see what you're doing. You can disable this though, by pressing F11 and going to the Graphics tab and unchecking the box next to "Enable post-process effects." Alternatively, just keep the left Alt key held down and you can see the Vabbi Nobles names easier. The fastest way to get all the drinks you need is after you talk to him and accept his challenge, return to where you just fought the duel and get a drink from each Noble here (5), then make your way SW and grab some drinks from the Nobles here (2), then go straight SW to the mob of Nobles I mentioned on our way down to this floor to get the last drinks you need. And yes, the drunk effect ends after you beat him (or if you lose to him, whichever). You can also stop avoiding Zehtuka now. From the mob of Nobles head right around the fountain to find Lumo the Mime. OK, here's the deal with this guy. He challenges you to another duel, but it's not a fighting duel. It's a duel of emotes. You have to copy all the emotes he does flawlessly, right after he does them. If you get them all you win. HOWEVER. He doesn't tell you what the emote is, and he specifically uses male ranger emotes, so you have to ID the emotes by sight. Oh yeah, you might want to angle the camera above you a bit so you can get a better look at what he's doing. So here's a quick rundown on what he's doing: If he looks like he's squatting like he's taking a dump in the woods with his hands raised up and then starts moving them in front of him, do /drums. If he's got one leg off the ground and bent like he's some sort of ballerina, do /flute. If he's moving his arms towards you twice, do /shoo. If he doubles over holding his stomach do /laugh. If he kinda leans to the side and nods twice, do /pickme. If he lifts his arms next to his head and sort of waves them around, do /taunt. If he looks up and has one arm bent and the other pointing to the sky, do /flex. If he starts breakdancing, do /dance. If he waves, do /wave. /point, /guitar, and /violin are pretty obvious ones too. If he sort of leans forward with both hands in the air above his head, do /cheer. If he kinda jumps and puts his hands out in front of him, do /boo. If he gets on his knees, do /beg. If he doubles over, and then puts one hand out after a little bit do /catchbreath. If he puts one hand in the air above his head, do /roar. If he puts both above his head and nods, do /cheer. That's about it for his emotes. After 10 successful bouts of copying his emotes, you win! one last thing for bonus and we can get on with this mission. Continue past Lumo to the east side of the fountain. There's some chick named Jejumba who says she knows you need to speak with Prince Bokka, and that the best way to do that is by giving him a gift. Ask her about gifts and she tells you she has a rare vase that you can give him. However, she won't just give it to you. You have three choices here. The first option will have you tracking down a guard captain further east of here, fighting him, and grabbing the item he drops and trading it to Jejumba for the vase. The second option has you buying the vase from her for 4k. Since I am a cheap bastard and this is faster, just choose the third option. See, the guard captain will actually fight you, whereas Jejumba has zero skills, no weapon, and sort of just attempts to flail you to death. She goes down pretty easily and drops the vase, so grab it when she's dead. Return to the large mob of Nobles and go up the stairs going west. On your right is Shorty and her Prince Dad. Don't even bother talking to Shorty cause she will basically tell you to go away. Talk to Mehtu, who grants you an audience for teaching his niece/nephew how to dance, however he doesn't believe your story about Varesh. Next, move past the dead res shrine and talk to Royal Finance Minister Oluda, since the game won't let you talk to Bokka until you talk to Oluda. You have two choices here: Either pay him 5k or give him "something in your possession." Since we set Jejumba on fire and got her shiney vase, choose the second option. Talk to Bokka, who says he'll ally himself with whoever wins, and since Varesh sort of decimated us in the Consulate Docks mission he's taking her side. Last but not least is Prince Ahmtur to the south, who grants you an audience for winning the reenactment of the battle of Jahai. He tells you that he's not as blind as the other Princes, but he's got more imminent problems since his lands border on The Desolation, which is pretty much a hellhole, and he and his forces are the only thing that stand between the monsters out there and the people of Vabbi. Immediately after speaking to him, he wants to talk to you again, so do so.

Ahmtur starts giving people a history lesson, but suddenly HARPIES. So, there are four groups of harpies that you need to get rid of. One usually gets taken out by the guards without your help if you take too long to get a move on (this mob is at the foot of the stairs in front of you). The other is on the way to where you fought the duel against the necro guy. The third is by the stairs going back up to the second floor, and the last mob is at the top of those same stairs. There are guards all over the place, plus a mob of them starts following you as soon as you start moving, so if you can manage to lead the enemies to some of the stationary guards they and your fanboys should be able to take care of each mob with minimal interference from you. If you are doing this you'll need to keep them alive though, so you might want to help out while letting them take aggro. Also let them regen HP before aggroing the next mob so they don't die as quick. After the mission, all of the princes are like OMG THANK THE GODS FOR VARESH. What. ^=__=^;; We're the ones who killed the harpies for you! >:( Kehanni is just like, whatever, we have better things to do than worry about them.

Stop Splitting the Party

Corsair Infestation

Those Bird-Things Aren't the Only Harpies Around Here

It's Getting Kinda Crowded In Here

And Then the Men Go Marching Out Into the Fray...

Boldly Going to Strange New Lands

On the Run


Between a Rocky Demon and a Hard Fort