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Quests: Defend Droknar's Forge, The Last Day Dawns, Defend North Kryta Province, Defend Denravi

The only rewards for these quests are completionism and a crap-ton of EXP which, at this point, isn't useful at all unless you really want to acquire a lot of skills or cap a bunch of elite skills. OK, from the storage near Vanyi/the Talus Chute exit go southwest and you'll see some weird spider-looking thing. Head there and kneel in front of it. A Vision of Glint appears and gives you the first quest: Defend Droknar's Forge. The closest town to where you need to go for this quest is The Granite Citadel. Use the Southern Shiverpeaks region map to get there. Easiest way is go northwest from Droks to Camp Rankor (and if you got run to Droks at some point you can just map to Rankor), then north through Snake Dance til you find the portal to Grenth's Footprint. While you're here go ahead and grab the map dot for the Deldrimor War Camp cause we'll be going there later for the Sorrow's Furnace quests, but don't worry about grabbing quests yet. One note about Grenth's Footprint since you'll be fighting your way through here to get to Granite Citadel: this is one of the few places in Prophecies where green/unique weapons drop, specifically from bosses. Some of these happen to be pretty good so keep an eye out and murder any bosses you see. Plus, you might as well get used to killing these guys since we'll be back relatively soon. The enemies are Stone Summit but they're not all the ones that you are used to. Dolyak Masters are still priority targets for being healers but there are non-mounted dwarves called Priests of Sorrows who are also healers, and even more annoying they have hard res in their skill bars. Summit Wardens are the next priority targets, as they're elementalists (I know right, since when do the Stone Summit have eles?). The other new names aren't too much to worry about. Anyway, make your way east across Grenth's Footprint to the Spearhead Peak portal. Once you cross over the easiest thing to do is just commit suicide (not via /resign) cause the closest res shrine is actually right in front of town. Unless Anet after all these years randomly decided to add a shrine next to the portal, I don't know. But this is how it's always been done. The enemies out here are a pain in the arse anyway so unless Anet changed its mind and you see a res shrine near you when you zone, just go kill yourself and then go through the portal into town. Welcome to The Granite Citadel! This is one of the two towns in Prophecies that sells 15k elite armour, so go ahead and check out the armour merchants while you're here if you're interested in that sort of thing. On the other side of town is the portal to Tasca's Demise, which we have to fight our way through to get to Mineral Springs where the quest is, so get your party ready and head out the door (by the way, if you're interested in elites, Mineral Springs is pretty out of the way and annoying so you might want to bring a few cap sigs since we're going there anyway. The boss spawns are random and therefore the skill you want might not be there but the elites available are: Glyph of Energy (ele), Ineptitude (mes), Shield of Judgement (monk), Well of Power (necro), Practised Stance (ranger), and Flourish (war). These are from tengu bosses. There's also an ice beast/eidolon boss with Mist Form (ele) but he doesn't spawn with this quest active, a wurm boss that sometimes spawns randomly that has Feast of Corruption (necro), and then a titan boss that we'll be killing which has Wither (necro)). I'm only going to be pointing out boss spawns that are near our path though.

Go right and wait inside the canyon. Lay whatever traps or spirits you want and wait, as a mob of Stone Summit is headed your way. After they're dead, continue forward and take out the large-ish group to your right. Head north to find a small group of titans. The titans for the Droks quests are different than the ones you got used to in Hell's. Dark Titans are necros and Titan's Hearts are monks, so kill the Hearts first. Turn right and you'll soon find another group. Titan's Malice are mesmers who spawn Hearts when they die, and Icy Brutes are warriors who spawn the Dark Titans when they die. Continue north after this mob to find three more mobs. Two of them move out on patrol (the ones on your left), so take those out first so you don't get hit from behind. After all the mobs are dead continue east into Mineral Springs. Be prepared cause when you load there's usually a mob within aggro range. This is tengu territory and these guys can be a pain if you're not prepared. Fortunately, for the most part either they've already been taken out by the titans or are busy fighting them when you find them. Take out the group of tengu fighting the group of titans on your left and continue past the res shrine (sup, random dead mursaat on our left?). Continue down the path and you'll soon see a mob of tengu on your left and a mob of titans on your right. Wait for a bit and they will move towards eachother and aggro. Once they're distracted with eachother feel free to hit them both. Once they're dead head east and be aware of the titan patrol coming at you from the south. Follow the path north and you'll soon come across a rather large mob of titans, including a Frost Titan. Frost Titans spawn Icy Brutes which spawn Dark Titans, but they are also eles with Maelstrom so make sure you kill them first, even if there are Hearts in the mob. Once the Frost Titan is down hit Hearts if there are any. Keep heading east and take a right after the bridge (unless you want to hit the tengu boss on your left). A quick rundown of the tengu: Ardents are monks, Wise are mesmers, and everything else is irrelevant. Follow the river east and cross the next bridge (although there's another tengu boss spawn left of the bridge if you're interested). Soon after the bridge the path splits. Take the left road (although the right road has a very close tengu boss spawn for those of you who are skill-hunting) and start climbing this mountain. Be careful when you get close to another group of dead mursaat (you can see them as dark grey dots on your compass) cause not only is this a pretty big mob but there's another large mob patrolling the area, so try to pull one mob down the mountain and kill them there unless the titans haven't been giving you any problems at all so far. The path splits right here so take another left. You'll soon find the entrance to the ice cave. Usually (i.e., when the titan quest isn't active), this cave is inhabited solely by special ice imps that are the only enemies anywhere in any Guild Wars game that can drop icy dragon swords (i.e., fiery dragon swords like Rurik's sword, cept with a blue flame). Currently however it's just got titans in it but I'm letting you know in case you want to come back later and try for some IDS. If you've been having trouble with the titans, and your server has favour (type /favor in chat to check), you'll want to go into the cave and find the Statue of Lyssa just on your right. Kneel in front of it to summon the avatar and grab a few buffs from it. Just up the path past the statue from here would be where the Ice Beast ele boss would spawn if we didn't have this quest active. Go back outside from the cave. Backtrack a short ways back to the last split (where the mursaat corpses were) and take the other path. The path soon narrows. Look I know we went the long way around but this long narrow path is a lot better for running away if you get into trouble than the other way, trust me. Although honestly this quest is like 500 times easier than I remember from the first couple of times I did this... ^O__o^;; Anyway, soon you'll find the boss wandering towards you (yeah, he's not stationary on the starburst; he's actually part of a patrol). Ignore the boss and kill his little friends first. The boss is a pushover and will probably die from AoE while you're not even paying attention. He doesn't spawn anything when he dies either. However you have to kill his entire mob for the quest to update so once they are dead map back to Droks. Talk to spider-Glint to get your 20k EXP and a slew of new quests. Grab all three (Defend Denravi, Defend North Kryta Province, and The Last Day Dawns) then map to Denravi.

Your party has been reduced to six so this can be a bit more difficult than the last one. Look, you might be thinking "So what? The last quest was cake. I don't need two healers for this nonsense," but you'd be WRONG. Almost all of the titans in the next two quests are eles. It's doable with only one healer but my party wiped on the last mob. Sure, wiping doesn't mean mission failed cause it's just a quest and you can res at the shrine but still, who really wants DP anyway? Talk to Shadow, then go out into Tangle Root to find Evennia. Yeah no, I'm not playing with you lady. If she dies you get mission failed so just ignore her. Just past her some titans will spawn out of the ground so be aware of that. They are all eles and their type is determined by their name (i.e., wind for air eles). Soon after they're dead, a bunch of usually-hostile monsters runs past you and heads for the Henge. I guess something out here is terrifying them. Head right and you'll soon find some Shining Blade at a 3-way intersection. Basically titans are gonna come from all three sides in waves. This is why I had you leave Evennia behind. She will be fine where she is, but this is going to be deadly. Kill any Water Born Titans first cause ow Maelstrom. The only things that spawn other things here are Rotting Titans and Wild Growths (Rotting Titans spawn Wild Growths, which spawn one of each of the "Born" titans). Once the boss shows up this is the last wave. Yaaaaay... oh yeah, sometimes mobs still spawn after the chat log tells you the quest is done so you might want to leave once it tells you it's done. And yeah you don't actually have to talk to Evennia at all. Woo.

Map to Lion's Arch and talk to Firstwatch Sergio. Head outside and talk to Gabrian who is right in front of you, who tells you to talk to Captain Greywind. Fine fine... Be aware that a group of our new "friends" are headed towards you from the northeast. Yeah, these are the same titans as the previous quest. Head directly north and you'll soon come across another mob. Cross the bridge to the left of the farmhouse then head north. I suggest you take out all the groups along this path here starting from the ones on the left side cause it's really easy to overaggro, especially if you have minions with you. There's a Wild Growth at the back of this area, so remember that they spawn one of each of the "Born" titans when they die. Sometimes it's a Rotting Titan though. These things have the Rotting Flesh skill, which sucks cause it can quickly disease your entire party. They also spawn a Wild Growth when they die. Go right from the Wild Growth/Rotting Titan to find a path leading down and to the northeast. Those of you who've followed this walkthrough since Lion's Arch will recognise this as my back path to the Ascalon Settlement, which is where we need to go. Follow the path, and at one point it sort of splits. One part goes down into the swamp and the other goes up. Take the one that goes up. If you hug the right side of this up path you should be able to avoid all of the visible titans on this part, however be aware that there's a hidden spawn on the tree on the right at the top of the hill (if you're lucky this spawn doesn't happen though). The path splits again after the hill, so take a left and go straight north from the sign that says "To Lion's Arch." You shouldn't run into any trouble until you can see the ocean. Usually if you didn't get the hidden spawn earlier you'll get one now just on your left. From here, keep a lookout for a path leading left and down onto the beach. Proceed very carefully across the beach heading west, as there's a lone Wild Growth popup about halfway across, but also a rather large mob of Borns near the path leading up to the grass on the other side and you don't want to aggro both groups at once. If you got the hidden spawn right before the beach the beach is usually free of spawns though. Once you're up on the grass you'll see the Ascalon Settlement straight ahead. You may have noticed that your starburst is telling you that Captain Greywind is to the south of the Settlement. Well we have one very important thing to do here first. Run through the settlement and activate the res shrine at the other end of the Settlement. Trust me, this quest can get super-sketch near the end and the last thing you want is to die without activating this shrine, cause you'll end up waaaaaay back near the "To Lion's Arch" sign. ^=__=^;; Go back to the main gate and go towards the starburst. We'll be sprinting back to the Settlement in a minute and there's a Wild Growth popup between the Settlement and Captain Greywind which we want to kill before talking to the Captain (sometimes it's a spawn of Borns though). Thing is, like the previous quest if Captain Greywind dies you get mission failed. UNLIKE the previous quest, however, you HAVE to talk to him. So you can't just leave him all happy and safe all by his lonesome and finish the quest without him. Boo. So yeah, head south, kill the Wild Growth which is about halfway between the Settlement and Greywind's current position, then get ready. Once you get close enough to him, even before you talk to him, he starts a dialogue with you which triggers the mobs of titans. They will come at you from the south and east, and it can get a little overwhelming, but sadly this is the easy part. Keep an eye on your compass so you can see when the next waves show up, and to keep an eye on the NPCs. As soon as the last wave dies, Greywind and his band of idiots takes off for the Settlement. I'm serious, he doesn't even give you time to pick up your loot. And this is why we went the long way around cause him doing that would get himself killed by that Wild Growth if we hadn't taken it out first. Also his merry band of morons starts running when he does so you might want to start heading towards the settlement when they do since we already cleared the path between here and there and it will give you a little more time to drop whatever traps/sprits/whatever you may want to have up before the nonsense begins again. Once he reaches the settlement you have very little time before the titans show up. Yeah, there's that back entrance to the settlement but don't worry about that side; they don't come from there. They will come from the direction you just came from and also from the east. Make sure you stay outside of the gate, like, the gate isn't even in your aggro bubble, to avoid getting Greywind involved in the fight. This also comes in handy if you die so you have more time to get back to the front gate before the titans get inside. The boss shows up pretty early on (usually the very first group), but he's not the end of the quest. Things get pretty hairy from here. Lots of Rotting Titans show up and remember that they spawn a whole mess of other crap so do like you did during the Hell's Precipice mission and concentrate on one thing and then immediately on whatever they spawn before moving on to another enemy or you will quickly become overwhelmed by enemies. If your party wipes you will res at the shrine we activated at the other end of the village. It's still kinda a long way back but soooooo much closer than the other shrines. When you res, immediately run to the right and follow the path back to the front gate. If you kept the gate out of your aggro bubble the titans should just be entering the Settlement when you get there, as opposed to already murdering Greywind. I highly suggest you keep an eye on your chatlog, as the quest will often update as completed before all of the mobs are dead and before Captain Greywind gives his delivery speech. Once the quest log tells you you're done you really should just get the hell out of there instead of waiting around unless you really really want to go back for your loot. If you're gonna stick around for your loot you're gonna have to make sure everything near the Settlement is dead. Bleh.

OK guys, this is the hardest of the titan quests (although there's still one more after this one). The reason it's hard is that not only do you have to keep King Addlebrained alive (aaaggghhh I hate escort quests) but your max party size here is four. FOUR. Yes it is doable with four people, I have done it before, but the safer strategy is to walk here from Yak's Bend without going into any towns along the way. Yes, this is obnoxious and long but that way you get to have six people in your party instead of four. But since I'm impatient I'm just going with four for this walkthrough. No matter which way you choose, first all of you have to map to Frontier Gate and talk to Warmaster Riga. Yes all of you, even the guys going the long way around. If you're copying me in my impatience, after talking to Riga skip to the next paragraph. If you're taking the long way, after talking to Riga map to Yak's, go into Traveler's Vale, go south and through the Ascalon Foothills portal (here's the Ascalon region map in case you need it), go southeast through the Diessa Lowlands portal... From here continue southeast and you'll find the portal to The Breach. Head east towards Piken but once you get close to Piken turn south and head down into the tar pits, then turn west again then south to find the portal into Old Ascalon. From here head southeast towards Sardelac Sanitarium. Pass the Sanitarium and keep going southeast through a rather large mob of grawl. After this mob there will be a path going up on your right. Go straight down that path to find the portal to Regent Valley. From here, make your way southeast some more, past Fort Ranik, to the portal to Pockmark Flats (the portal is just south of Fort Ranik. From the gate to Fort Ranik go directly south under the remains of part of the Great Wall and make a left at the bandit camp. The portal is just a bit further from there). Once in Pockmark Flats head mostly north and after lots of twists and turns you'll come into a huge open area with a giant Searing crystal in the middle. Head to the northmost side of this area to find the portal into the Eastern Frontier. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalkdsfjlsdkafja;lkd. Still not done yet. From here head NW towards Frontier Gate but don't go inside or two people are gonna get kicked out of your party (which is why I had you map here first and talk to Riga before your insanely long trek). Once near the portal to Frontier Gate continue north past a Ruins of Surmia sign and some collectors. *flops to the ground in exhaustion*

Alright, my impatient brethren. Head out into the Eastern Frontier so both we and the guys with infinitely more patience can all get this quest done together. Head left past the two collectors in front of you. I'm sure the patient ones have already noticed this already ^<__<^;; but the area is now populated by random groups of lv 24 Charr. Yeah and this isn't even Hard Mode, what the hell, game. OK, so you know how the Charr rained fire down on Ascalon during the Searing? Well, they were worshipping their "fire gods," who are the ones who gave them the power to do this. These fire gods? Are actually the titans. Yeah. So the Charr and the titans are all buddy-buddies. And that is what is up with that. And yes you get to fight lv 24 Charr now, have fun with that. ^=__=^;; Honestly, these guys are just higher-lv versions of the regular Old Ascalon Charr. Same skills (for the most part) and everything. Anything with Flame in the name is a fire ele, so kill them first, unless there's a Shaman (healer). Anyway, head NE (but take out any random patrols along the way so you don't end up getting hit from behind later) and turn right at a tall pillar between two road signs. There's two groups of Charr approaching you from this path, but most of them are lv 8. Concentrate on the lv 24s as the lv 8s will mostly take care of themselves. Continue down this path and you'll soon see the starburst on your compass. Get ready to book it cause even from like two aggro bubbles away the quest begins and Addlebrained and his fellow idiots bugger off away from you. You need to catch up to them quickly cause they quickly reach a group of Charr. This first group is low-level but right on their heels is a mob of Charr and titans. These titans are the same ones from the Hell's Precipice mission. Sparks of the Titans are fire imps and are the most dangerous things here. Kill them first in any mob and then move on to the high-level Charr. Leave any Armageddon Lords for last, even though they are also fire eles, because they spawn things when they die, and Sparks do not. Each Lord spawns a Risen Ash Hulk, which is a necro with one or more minion skills, and each Hulk spawns both a Hand and Fist, both of which are warriors. As the quest log says, there are five groups you need to kill but you won't have to move much. Keep an eye on Addlebrained, cause he tends to run back to the middle-ish of the area and each group will start moving towards him as soon as the previous group is dead. Try to aggro each group away from Addlebrained to avoid him getting into combat, then run back to him and wait there until you see the next mob appear on your compass so you can then move to intercept them. Ignore the game pinging cause you don't need to search out the groups at all, trust me. After the last group is dead (not including upon-death-spawns) the quest will update as all groups dead but you still need to kill the hulks/fists/whatever so Addlebrained doesn't die cause you need to talk to him to complete the quest and he won't talk to you if he's engaged in combat. Now that we're done with all of these, map back to Droks.

Quests: The Titan Source

Hand in all three quests to Spider-Glint, then grab her last quest. Map to Grendich (which you should have if you've been following this walkthrough. If not, use the Ascalon region map to get there. Talk to the Warmaster to learn the titans are in Dragon's Gullet. If you did the last quest with four people and found it difficult, you might want to join those with infinite patience and make the trek here from Yak's. Those of you who made the trek before it's up to you if you want to do it again. Either way, make sure you talk to the Warmaster before making the trek. Us impatient people will wait for you just outside Grendich. *wanders out the portal, plops down onto the ground, starts drawing random things in the dust* Oh good, you're all here now. OK, from the Courthouse head NE (btw, for those of you who've been following this walkthrough, we're going to where we acquired Althea's ashes, so if you already know the way feel free to skip down to the next paragraph. We'll meet you there). When you reach sand you'll pass what seems to be a temple full of gargoyles on your right. Just past this is a path leading down from your right. Head down to the tar and turn left. Go past the two giant skeletal corpses and turn left after the second one to enter the Flame Temple Corridor. Make your way through the canyon til the path opens up, then head right into a large open area. This is where you'll start seeing the lv 24 Charr again. Start making your way east, but beware of several patrols heading your way. The closest patrol is the one coming in from your left, and another comes in from the east. When passing the large building on your left, make your way very slowly as there are more patrols wandering the area. Turn left after the building, then stop before the stairs up ahead.

Hi, guys who already made it here! OK, the rest of us are at the foot of the stairs leading up to where Althea's ashes were. I highly suggest taking out the mobs up top where the ashes were (up the long staircase) unless you just want to dodge your way to the portal, which is very close to where you are right now but it's kinda a tight squeeze to get there. I'm gonna take them out cause hey there's a boss and who doesn't like morale boosts? The portal is just NE of our current position. Go through it into Dragon's Gullet. In this area you'll find some more of the titans from the previous quest, including Sparks. Donotwant. From the res shrine head north then right and you'll see a mural of Balthazar up ahead. A small group of Charr are approaching from your right. Take the path they just came from, then hang a right. Cross the bridge and head east, then go down into the tar. You'll see a bridge in the distance. Head through the tar towards the left side of the bridge. There's a path leading east-ish from the bridge, so follow it and then turn left. Continue north past the res shrine then take the second left (i.e., path going straight NW). Go right when the path opens up, and head towards the broken cathedral (you can see a stained glass window with light pouring through it and head down into the tar from there. There's a giant mob of titans up ahead but it splits up and several groups break away from the bosses. Take out each split-off group, and use your pulling skills to your advantage. The mobs eventually wander back towards the boss, but just wait for them to leave again before you attack the patrols. Be aware that there are random single hidden spawns of Hands or Fists in the tar, plus the tar slows you down, making it difficult to run away if you need to. Once you take care of the patrols (all of them... make your way around the bosses in a circle. And yes, the Sparks are a patrol, so get rid of those especially) target the Shaman and attack the boss mob. This can get pretty sketchy with only four but! On the bright side we don't have to protect anyone this time. Whew. After the Shaman is dead kill off whatever other Charr are in the group, then kill the mes boss. After that is the necro, then the ranger and done! Once they're all dead, return to Glint and hand this quest in so we can be done with titans forevAr!! ... well, unless you wanna give the HM versions a go, that is. I'm not helping you with those though. ^=__=^;; We have one more thing to do in Prophecies though. Specifically, the Sorrow's Furnace stuff, in case you're interested.

Sorrow's Furnace

There's Something Looming on the Horizon

Everything Went [BOOM]

Of Princes and Kings and Banishings

I've Got Snow in My Boots

Corpsicle Alert!

From Snow to Sand in 2.5 Seconds

Of Lions and Lambs

White Mantle, Coast to Coast

In the Jungle, the Deadly Jungle

The Shining Blade's Labyrinth

Fear and Loathing in Maguuma

Ascension Contention

I Don't Think Desert Makes a Very Good Dessert

Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons, For Thou Art Crunchy And Taste Good With Ketchup

I Never Thought I Would Go Back to the Shiverpeaks. You'd Think I'd Remember to Pack Cold Weather Gear

Infusions and Invasions

These Are Not Hot Springs

Still Lava Rivers Run Deep