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Turn right around, cause the Ambassador guy is right behind you (whyyyyyy??). Talk to him, then continue onwards to the Gates of Kryta.

Recommended level: 13 (15 for bonus)
My current level: me: 14, Olias (hero): 15, Dunkoro (hero): 13, Zenmai (hero): 15, Alesia: 10, Claude: 10 (bonus completed)

Get your reward from the chick here. Now, for this mission, you might want two monks: one healing and one smiting. Smiting is very useful in this mission because there are a LOT of undead in this mission, and they take double damage from holy skills (which smiting monks have). A dervish that does holy damage is also rather useful, if you can find one. Minion masters are almost completely and utterly useless here, so if you're a necro, you might want to switch to blood or curses or use your secondary profession. Also, the bonus here is pretty hard, so you might want to wait to do that until your party is around lv 15 or so (hence the difference in recommended level). Yeah, it's that hard. Mostly, I'm suggesting lv 15 cause then you'll have enough HP to survive the multiple Chain Lightnings you'll get hit by in the bonus. Anyway, moving on...

(Mission map is here). The start of the bonus is at the very beginning. Have most of your group attack the first wave of enemies, while one non-vital person (i.e., not your healer) runs left into the courtyard on the left there to say hi to Oink the pig. Yes, talk to Oink. You could also move your entire party into Oink's courtyard, as the first undead mob stops right inside where you loaded after they kill the NPC's (whom aren't vital to the mission). Oink now follows you, attacks enemies, and neeeeeever dieeeees... yes, he's that special. (Historical note: In the beta testing of Prophecies, Oink was a special sidequest that got you a lot of EXP if you found him and brought him back to town, much like this bonus) Watch out for any green water you see, as it will poison you (with a lot more degen than the poison water you encountered in the Catacombs in pre-searing). Right before you reach the village, the path will open up into a wider area, at the other side of which are some White Mantle dudes getting attacked by the undead in front of a gate. You do NOT have to save the White Mantle NPC's in this area; the door to the village will still open even if they die. However, the door won't open until you clear this immediate area of undead (about three small groups of them). Continue on into the village. Talk to the dude with the green exclamation mark over his head (Justiciar Torimo) to trigger the opening of a nearby gate, then hang a left and talk to the kid (Cheswick) there (it might take Oink a little while to catch up to you, just be patient). Once he says "Thank you for finding my pig!" his father activates the bonus. Go out the door that opened when you spoke to Torimo (just south of Cheswick). OK, if you don't want the bonus, skip the next paragraph.

Go IMMEDIATELY left up the bank (stay off the beach). Kill off the mergoyles and stick to the bank. As soon as you can, go down to the north (yes, this is another hidden path that you can't really see, but it's there, trust me). Go forward all the way, kill off the drakes, and continue on into the large lake area. Go around the left side to find a chest at the other end, but DO NOT open it until your entire party is there and has full HP/energy, because as soon as you pick up what's inside the chest, you get attacked by some big bad Smoke Phantoms. And their attacks are why I said wait until around lv 15. If your healers are absolutely awesome, you can still do this around lv 14, but I can't guarantee the awesomeness of your healers. :op There are two to three more groups of smoke phantoms on your way back to Cheswick's dad, depending on how lucky you are and where you step. One group generally spawns right before the bend in the path on the way back, and another spawns about halfway towards the next turn here on this water path. If you go up the wrong hill (i.e., the one on your left (to the east) instead of the one on your right), or even go too far towards that hill, you will more than likely spawn yet another group of smoke phantoms. Once you give McClain the book, the bonus is complete! Go back outside the gate.

Head out onto the beach. Be careful here, as mergoyles (not the wavebreakers) cast a spell called Spirit Shackles, which drains your energy every time you physically attack (so just use spells when fighting them). Also, the wavebreakers have some powerful water magic as well, so be aware of this. Go left (east) across the two bridges, kill the boss and his mob, and walk towards Justiciar Hablion. OK, if he dies it's mission failed, so you might want to wait a bit before talking to him. There are pros and cons to both choices. If you talk to him now, you get the help of his White Mantle friends, and he's not a suicidal n00b like Rurik so therefore he doesn't tend to run off on his own, but this does put him at risk. If you don't talk to him, you can clear out this area and go back and talk to him. He does follow you into the next area, but he's lazy and doesn't really fight here, and after this second area is clear you don't have to worry about him dying at all anymore, because he runs off in a safe direction. If you do talk to him, make sure that your healers know to make him a priority. He ain't Oink, ya know... ^-__-^;; Either way, go north from Hablion onto the grassy area and destroy the large mob of undead here. If you didn't talk to him yet, you can now, because his non-vital-to-mission-and-thus-are-allowed-to-die White Mantle friends will follow you further than Hablion does, and you might appreciate the help. After destroying the boss, enter the swamp. This is the last area in this mission. Go up the right hill, kill the two groups there, but DO NOT STEP INTO THE WATER or you'll get poisoned (warriors will inevitably get poisoned, as they are frontliners). Note that it is possible to not get poisoned at all in this part if you're a caster and don't have to run into the poison water when running away from aggro. Go back towards the entrance of this area, then up the left hill, kill the groups there, then step down into the swamp, keeping on dry land. Pick your way through the swamp, killing things as you go. Please note that this entire area (the swamp) has to be cleared out before the game will give you credit for having completed the mission. Once you reach a drier enclosed area you don't have to worry about the water in there, as it's not poisonous. The White Mantle have stayed up on the hills (if there are any of them left alive), so this next part's up to you. Kill off the sorcerer dude(s?) first, then concentrate on the last boss and the necrid horseman. And now, movie time! Hablion mourns the loss of the dead, but lets you and your Ascalonian refugees into Lion's Arch as thanks for helping to clear out the undead. The scene switches to a party of White Mantle wandering about the wilderness. Deep inside a tomb, they find a rather large scepter... which seems to trigger an attack of undead. The lone White Mantle caster girl runs off as her male compatriots use themselves as a distraction. According to the new Big Bad Guy that appears, their sacrifice was all in vain.

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There's Something Looming on the Horizon

Everything Went [BOOM]

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