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Quests: Orrian Excavation, Report to the White Mantle, The Weaver of Nebo, The Villany of Galrath, Merchant's Plea, Duties of a Lionguard, The Ascalon Settlement, Bandit Trouble, Graven Images, The Last Hog, Blankets for the Settlers, Reversing the Skales, The Hot Springs Murders, The Undead Hordes
Skills: Inferno (Graven Images, ele), Mantra of Lightning (Graven Images, mesmer), Dwayna's Kiss (Graven Images, monk), Dark Aura (Graven Images, necro), Determined Shot (Graven Images, ranger), Axe Twist (Graven Images, war); Gale (The Last Hog, ele), Leech Signet (The Last Hog, mesmer), Life Attunement (The Last Hog, monk), Blood Ritual (The Last Hog, necro), Otyugh's Cry (The Last Hog, ranger), Staggering Blow (The Last Hog, war); Lightning Orb (The Ascalon Settlement, ele), Wastrel's Worry (The Ascalon Settlement, mesmer), Heal Other (The Ascalon Settlement, monk), Enfeeble (The Ascalon Settlement, necro), Throw Dirt (The Ascalon Settlement, ranger), Final Thrust (The Ascalon Settlement, war); Grasping Earth (The Hot Springs Murders, ele), Illusion of Weakness (The Hot Springs Murders, mesmer), Mend Ailment (The Hot Springs Murders, monk), Blood of the Master (The Hot Springs Murders, necro), Bestial Pounce (The Hot Springs Murders, ranger), Counter Blow (The Hot Springs Murders, war); Water Attunement (The Undead Hordes, ele), Inspired Enchantment (The Undead Hordes, mesmer), Holy Veil (The Undead Hordes, monk), Plague Touch (The Undead Hordes, necro), Symbiosis (The Undead Hordes, ranger), Griffon's Sweep (The Undead Hordes, war)
Extra Services: Merkin (guild registrar), Liran (guild emblemer), Shad (material trader), Argus (rare mats trader), Angel (rune trader), Haddon (dye trader), Ludor (festival hats), Khrysten (costume maker), Samuka (armour), Canthan Ambassador (guild halls), Gordon Ecker (Tyrian Loremaster)

So! All non-Prophecies-born characters, this is where you start the Prophecies storyline! (for the rest of you, the cinematic screenies above are from the cinematic you watch when you come to Prophecies from another campaign) Good of you to join us! From here on out, everything is the same for Prophecies-born and non-Proph-born characters, except the two 15-attribute-points quests in the desert. Sorry, you can only do the attribute points quests from your native campaign. Also, the profession-changing quests in the desert are also kind of buggy, so if those don't work for you and you're a non-Prophecies character, blame Anet, not me. ^>__<^;; Anyway! Oh, and one more note for you immigrants from other campaigns: There is no quest or anything to go back to the beginning (or, near-beginning since you can never go to pre-searing anyway) of Prophecies, and there's really no point in going to the Northern Shiverpeaks or Old Ascalon unless you're trying to get the Protector of Tyria or Guardian of Tyria titles. You won't be able to get any quests in the Prophecies storyline that occur before Lion's Arch (i.e., before this page). Well, there is a Wintersday quest that requires having Ascalon City, and some holiday collectors appear in that city, but besides that... yeah. Now, I know some of you have heard of this item called "the -50HP grim cesta" that some people buy for oodles of cash, but you get that as a quest reward from an Old Ascalon quest and again if you are not Prophecies-born (i.e., come from a different campaign) you CANNOT do the quest and get this item. Sorry. But if you do want to get to Old Ascalon (or somewhere along the way) I'm not gonna walk you through that cause it's not part of the storyline. However, there's a handy-dandy maps section linked at the top of this and every other walkthrough page which you should check out. Specifically, you'll want to do this: From Lion's Arch exit into North Kryta Province (use Kryta Region Map), head into Scoundrel's Rise, (switch to Northern Shiverpeaks Region Map), enter Griffon's Mouth, then go into Deldrimor Bowl, head north into Anvil Rock, go east into Iron Horse Mine, east again into Traveler's Vale, (switch to Ascalon Region Map), go southeast into the Ascalon Foothills, continue southeast into the Diessa Lowlands, southeast again into The Breach, southeast yet again into Old Ascalon, then make your way to Ascalon City. If you want to do the missions from Ascalon City to Lion's Arch, in Asc head up the stairs in the back (past the fountain) then make a right and follow the path through the portal into The Great Northern Wall. Hit your Enter Mission button and have fun. Anyway, moving on with the actual storyline...

Once you load into town, you should be facing a giant fountain (unless you're playing during a holiday event). You know what? There seems to be a rather high demand for a city map, so... here ya go. Now you can find the NPC's on your own in case my text descriptions suck! Anyway, from the fountain do a 180 (press X), hold down the left Alt key, and you should be able to see the henchies' names pop up through the hill in front of you. Now that we're all in the same area, let's establish some landmarks. There's the fountain behind you (during Halloween it's a giant cauldron, and during Wintersday (Christmas) there's a bunch of presents and Christmas trees about), the storage in front of you, the henchies a bit north of storage, a dude named Firstwatch Sergio to the left of storage (whom we'll get to in a minute), and "the beach/docks" at the south end of town. All of the traders you'll need will be just beyond the fountain. Alright, now that you know these landmarks, let's go collect some quests. The travel quests (to other campaigns) will be listed in this same red-on-black font in the next paragraph. How to complete these quests are listed in the FAQ linked at the top of this and every other walkthrough page.

Alright, while at the fountain, look around and you'll see a guy named Len Caldoron. He has the quest to travel to the Eye of the North expansion (What Lies Beneath), if you've got an access key for the expansion added to your account. If you don't have GW:EN, don't bother with him. OK, to the west of the fountain is a short flight of steps, but just right of that is a small hill. Go onto the hill to find some weird dude named Magi Malaquire, who's got a quest for you (Orrian Excavation). This quest is kinda important, so don't skip it! Go down the previously-mentioned steps to find Armen the Guide just to your left in a little niche next to the steps. He's got your primary, and some random info if you say you have some questions. Right next to Armen is an NPC named Gordon Ecker. Ask him about "written evidence" and grab a non-Hard Mode copy of his book. Basically, if you do all of the missions in Prophecies from here on out with this book in your inventory, you can later hand it in to him for EXP and gold. If you forget to put it in your inventory for a mission, he can fill that specific mission's page in your book for something like 100g as long as you ask him to do so within about 30 days of doing the mission (so might as well keep it in your inventory). Anyway, enough about him. Do a 180 and you'll see a dude named Firstwatch Sergio up another flight of steps in front of a building. He's got a rather annoying/difficult quest (Villany of Galrath) that we're not going to get to for awhile, but grab it now anyway. He's also got the travel quest to the Factions campaign (Mhenlo's Request), if you've got a Factions access key linked to your account, and if you came here from Factions or NF, he's also got your Chaos in Kryta/Terror in Tyria quest reward. Head south (just so you know, you're passing the armourer NPC on your left, in case you need to upgrade your armour) and you'll soon see a huge castle-thing in the distance. Go down onto the beach, and on the docks just ahead of you is a soldier named Lionguard Figo. This NPC has the travel quest to the Nightfall (Sunspears in Kryta), if you have a NF campaign access key added to your account. Head left along the beach and you'll come across a Xunlai Agent-looking chick named Jiaju Tai. She's kinda snarky if all you want to do is ask her questions, but she's got a quest for you (The Weaver of Nebo). Further south from her, on another dock, is a rather large ship with an NPC on it. He's the Canthan Ambassador. These guys will allow you to buy a guildhall for your guild. He'll also allow you to tour the different guildhalls available for purchase ("What islands can you show me?"). Note that he won't sell you a guildhall for mere gold. He requires a Celestial Sigil, which can generally only be acquired by winning in the final map of the PvP mission Heroes' Ascent or buying them from people who have won in HA. However, if you ask to tour any of his islands, there will be a Sigil Trader NPC there who will sell you a Celestial Sigil for varying amounts of gold (the cost depends on supply and demand, just like the rune trader and mats/rare mats traders). Continue left from Jiaju Tai then a bit east and go up the steps you see ahead of you. Here are the merchants and whatnot (and another set of storage on the hill on your right, but when people say "meet at storage" in this city, they mean the ones near Firstwatch Sergio, not the ones here on this hill). Mr. Bodrus the Outfitter Merchant Dude has yet another quest for you (Merchant's Plea). And just north of him is... the fountain we started out at. Yay, speed tour of Lion's Arch is finished! Let's go do some quests!

This primary is the easiest quest in this entire game that actually involves Going Outside. Because of that, I'll save it for last. :op Anyway. Head out into North Kryta Province. Hey look, more quests! As soon as you spawn, some people off to your right start talking... hey! It's Mhenlo and company! First, grab the quest from Lionguard Riddik on your left (unless you wanna watch the kinda amusing conversation between Mhenlo's gang and Damaris, in which case grab Duties of a Lionguard after she's done talking) then talk to Damaris and then Devona. Mhenlo's merry band now starts following you, which can be rather useful. Head north (not the path behind Damaris, the one directly north of the entrance to Lion's Arch) and watch out for Fire Imps along the way, as they can spam pretty decent fire magic (but with Mhenlo and his buddies in tow, it's a lot easier). Just north of the first group of fire imps is a farm. You'll see some NPC's on your compass, but first take care of the imp group headed your way across the bridge to your left. The NPC you want is behind the farm (Miraba). Talk to her to complete Duties of a Lionguard and to get a new quest. Go across the bridge the fire imps were on and then head north. We're taking the back road to the Ascalon Settlement, mostly because it's easier and because we can get another quest done on the way. After you kill the boss here, go right onto a sort of hidden path. Follow it until it splits, at which point you should head north instead of northwest. The bog scales are a pain in the arse, but with Mhenlo's group in tow they won't be all that difficult. Enter the bog (don't worry, the water here isn't poisonous) and head east to eventually find an NPC named Archivist Ithimar. He's got a difficult quest for you, but Mhenlo's group will make it easy. Once you accept his quest, some highish-level enemies will spawn, so be ready. After about four waves of Nightmares, the quest will be complete, so talk to the Archivist to acquire your new skills. Go back to where the path split before entering the bog and head northwest this time. When the path splits again, head left to enter a large open area.

Continue heading north and keep to the path until you see beach on your compass. Go down onto the beach and head right along the coast. Remember, mergoyles have Spirit Shackles, so don't attack physically if you have this hex on you. Keep following the coast, past a small dock (there's usually a boss to the right of this dock if you need the morale boost) all the way to the end of the coast. On the right side of this coast dead end is a small path down into the water. Enter the water and head right to find a path going up a steep hill. Now, generally I'd say be careful here, but with Mhenlo's group still in tow, no problem. BANZAIIII! Go kill those Enchanted Clay thingies! There's a huge mob of them, but you only need five tablet shards. Once you're done with that, head back along the coast to where you first went on to the beach, but continue west up onto the grass. Just a little farther west of your current position is the Ascalon Settlement, but be careful of the ettin around here, as they hit even harder than the ones you've encountered before. Yeah, I know, Mhenlo's party is like God Mode around here, but I'm putting in these notes about the enemies for when you no longer have them with you. Enter the Settlement, but don't talk to Captain Greywind yet. We've got one more quest that Mhenlo's mob will be helpful for. Follow the path through the settlement til you find the res point, and a familiar face near it. Farmer Dirk! You remember, the guy with the pigs in pre-searing! Well... you have to chase pigs again, but this time you get EXP and skills as a reward instead of just 25g. And it's only one pig anyway. Follow the path south towards your quest goal, but park your henches by the tree in the middle of this path that has a circular wall of stone around it. You'll see why in a minute. Go chase that pig! Remember, it will run directly away from you, so use that to herd the pig back towards Farmer Dirk. Once you get near the tree I mentioned earlier, four waves of ettin advance on your position. Wait here and let them come to you (I guess they're achin' for some bacon?), then go back to chasing the pig once the ettin are dead. Once the pig reaches Farmer Dirk, talk to Dirk to get your new skills. Now, head back to where we entered the Settlement and go up the hill on your right. Once you get close to Captain Greywind, Mhenlo's group thanks you and will no longer follow you. Talk to the Captain (of the farm!) for your reward for the quests The Ascalon Settlement and Merchant's Plea. The monk skill you get from The Ascalon Settlement quest is very very good, just so you know. Greywind not only has two new quests for you, but he's also a skill trainer. Elementalists! Buy Meteor Shower! Rawr! Other recommended skills are: Hex Breaker (dom, you'll get it soon enough though), Shame (dom), and Mantra of Concentration (inspiration), Mend Ailment (protection, you will be getting this for free in about two seconds), and Holy Wrath (smite), Plague Sending (curses), and Taste of Death (death), Apply Poison (wilderness).

Alright, you're going to get slightly annoyed at all the running about you're going to do for the rest of this paragraph, but don't blame me! Alright... run back across the coast! Yes, the one we were just on! All the way to the Enchanted Clay area! Again! Whee! ^-__-^;; Hey, at least we killed everything on the way already... But. I must tell you that if you've not got an mm with you, you might not want to attempt this quest until you're around lv 16 or so. Maybe 17. If you're not doing it now, stay here at the Settlement, as we'll be right back here in a minute. Lalala, I wish this char had a run skill, lalala... Once you reach the end of the coast head south (not up the enchanted clay path, the beachy path right before that). Take a left at the res pt and follow the path through the portal. Kill off the group of mergoyles just in front of you, then turn around and talk to the NPC right next to the portal (if he dies, rezone and make sure he stays alive). Drew tells you that there's some zombie thing causing the scale problem. Follow the path down onto the beach and kill the mergoyles (attack them from the left side). Once they are all dead, have your mm make as many minions as possible, then head south towards the small path where the Bog Skale Blighters are. DO NOT ENTER THE AREA YET. Pull the blighters out towards you. Once the blighters are dead, make more minions, then enter. Once you enter, some Executioners (what in the name of cheese...?) head slowly towards you. Stay where you are and let them come to you. Your target also starts approaching slowly. Basically, he can and probably will run away if you don't kill him fast enough, so the point of staying at the entrance of this area is that your party should be able to body block him even if you haven't killed the executioners before Timot reaches you. And yes, Timot is lv 21. Once your target is dead, head back the way you came, through the portal (yes, the enchanted clay have respawned, and will continue to do so every time you re-enter the area before handing in the quest, so beat them up again if you really want to), and back to the Settlement to get your reward from Captain Greywind. And say hi to the other guys who didn't come on the quest with us. See? Toldya we'd be back. Quest do-ers: talk to Captain Greywind for your quest reward. All of you: Go through the Settlement to where Farmer Dirk is. Southwest of him is a portal, which you should go through now.

Run past the group of tengu. Trust me, even at max level they are a pain in the ass, so avoid them whenever possible. Run up the hill past the Dwayna shrine and continue northwest to a village (there's another village to the north but it's not the one you want, just pass that one). Talk to Etham the Artisan to complete Jiaju Tai's quest (yay, gold! Which he's giving to us instead of Jiaju! :oD! ) and also to get the blankets for Captain Greywind quest. To the right of Etham is a guy named Inspector Caleb, who has a quest for you. Go back through the portal to the Ascalon Settlement, talk to Greywind to complete the blankets quest, then go back through the same portal. ^@__@^;; This time, head left. Yes. Through the ten thousand mobs of tengu. ^-__-^;; Caromi Tengu Wilds are your top priority here, cause their spells can really hurt. Also keep in mind that ettin and tengu hate eachother, so if you're having a tough time, try to aggro some ettin into a group of tengu, then run away. :op Just keep going south and you'll hit a portal into a town (once you reach a large open area, watch out for the mob of skeleton rangers on a hill to your left, as they have poison and cripple skills). There's an armourer here as well. Talk to the four witnesses here in town for your Hot Springs Murders quest. Everyone seems to either not want to talk to you or point the finger at this mysterious Shining Blade we randomly keep hearing about. Cept Penelope, who's apparently an Ascalonian. She claims the White Mantle murdered the two Lionguard. Blasphemy! The White Mantle are good guys! They let us live here, amoung the tengu and the ettin and the... uh... undead. Um. Yeah, they're great! Totally! ^<__<^;; Why are you looking at me like that? Go on and head back to Nebo and talk to Inspector Caleb who... uh... hum. Apparently he's been replaced by some White Mantle Inquisitor. That... kinda sounds fishy to me. Well, Gilead gives you your reward and new skills. Well, we've got one more town to hit, and then we can get on with missions and whatnot. Head north and you'll see a path going west. Beat your way through the mobs upon mobs of ettin and tengu (apparently these tengu like ettin? ^O__o^ ) and mergoyles (oh my?). At the very end of the path is another town. The armourer here sells higher AL armour than the one in Lion's, by the way. There's also a skill trainer here (the only skill he's got that I recommend that we've not seen yet is the Signet of Capture, which I'll explain in the next paragraph) and a quest from Elder Hezron. I highly recommend waiting to do this quest until you are at least lv 17, if not 18, and have a smiter and a fire ele in your party (and maybe an mm who also has non-minion skills on his bar). The quest occurs right outside this town, in Watchtower Coast, and you don't have to go anywhere for it. All you have to do is stay in one place and beat back an entire ARMY of undead. I know that the Gates of Kryta mission said that there was an army of undead in it, but that was nothing compared to this. Since there is really nothing I can tell you besides the recommended party members and party level I just mentioned, I'm not gonna mention anything more about it, cept that the mob with the bone dragon in it is the last mob of the quest.

Return to Lion's Arch and grab your reward from Magi Malaquire (please note that he'll take all Orrian Tablet Shards in your inventory, even if you have more than five, so keep that in mind if you want to save some for another character). He's got a new quest for you. I highly suggest reading the quest description because this is very important. I'll summarise it anyway though. First off, there are a lot of pretty good regular skills that cannot be bought from a skill trainer until almost near the end of this campaign. Also, there are skills called elite skills that are generally more powerful than regular skills. You can only equip one elite skill on your bar at any given time, and each profession has elite skills. Elite skills can only be acquired by capturing them from bosses. And the only way you can capture these elite skills is by having a Signet of Capture on your skill bar and using it on a boss that has the skill you want (this also works with regular skills that boss has). The Signet is then replaced by the skill you captured, and you'll need to acquire more of them if you want to capture more skills. Not every boss has an elite skill (in fact, in normal mode bosses only start having elite skills in the Crystal Desert), and you can only capture elite skills from one of your two current professions (I say "current" because later on you can change your secondary profession. This is how people acquire the Legendary Skill Hunter title). Magi Malaquire gives you one free cap sig (Signet of Capture) for the purpose of this quest (which is to capture an elite skill), and he'll give you another free cap sig once you complete this quest. After you use those two free ones up you will have to buy more at certain skill trainers, just like any other skill. They are listed under No Attribute, and not every skill trainer offers them. I believe the first trainer in the game (when following the storyline) that offers them is the one in Beetletun (where we just were).

There's another town around here that you'll want for various reasons. The town is called The Temple of Ages (or ToA), and not only is it the launching point for parties wanting to go into FoW or UW from Prophecies (what FoW and UW are is explained in the FAQ linked at the top of this and every other walkthrough page, as it's not part of the Prophecies storyline), but it also has some quests and is the closest town to where the quest The Villany of Galrath takes you. And it also allows you to have eight party members, thus making the Galrath quest a lot easier. Use this map to get to the Temple of the Ages (or have someone run you there from Lion's, as there's usually a couple of runners hanging about). However, I'll post the walkthrough for that quest at the bottom of the next page, since you'll definately need to be higher level for it. Now, to do our primary! And the last of the Lion's Arch quests that don't involve Galrath! Head out into North Kryta Province and go left. After a very short bit, you'll hit the end of the path (again, be careful of the fire imps), at which point head left to enter The D'Alessio Seaboard. Follow the winding, pillar-strewn path to find Mantle Knight Karriya to complete the shortest, easiest quest ever (your primary), and to tell him about Miraba's troubles. Map back to Lion's Arch, make the short trip back to Miraba's farm to the north for her to grumble about the "help" she got from Karriya and your quest reward, then map back to the Seaboard so we can do the next mission.

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