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Mission map is here. A smiting monk is also a good idea here as about 98% of the enemies you'll be fighting are undead. You start out on an incline, and there's a White Mantle ranger in front of you, who basically tells you that the undead are invading the surrounding areas. He almost immediately aggros some nearby enemies, so be prepared for that. Right before the bridge, he stops helping you and charges you with saving the Temple of Tolerance from the invading army while he goes and finds more White Mantle to come help (which he never does bring, so don't get your hopes up). Follow the path and at the top of a very steep hill you'll be on the verge of entering the beseiged village of Hakewood. Pause here and get ready for this next part, because if you want the bonus you're gonna need to be coordinated and move quickly.

When you've regained all of your HP and energy, start down into the village. There will be a group of grasping ghouls on your left, but ignore them. Around the time you spot this group an NPC will be added to your party list. Click on his name immediately and press spacebar. This will cause you to automatically take the straightest route to his position, as you'll need to save his dumb butt in order to access the bonus. I call him dumb because he's lv 10 and currently taking on a big bad lv 16 boss (of random profession) by himself. Just hope that it's not the warrior boss or he may or may not be dead before you even get there. ^-__-^;; Don't bother talking to him yet because he'll basically just scream "AAAHHH HELP ME!" and not initiate the bonus. Kill the boss, then follow this kid around while he goes and aggros everything in the vincinity (if you're lucky, he won't aggro them all at once). If he dies, you can't get the bonus, which is why you're following him about. And anyway, you can't continue the mission until you clear out all of the undead in this small area, so might as well. After everything is dead, talk to Benji (suicidal NPC-boy) to start the bonus. If he died, just talk to the gate guard near the shrine here to continue the mission, follow the path, and skip down to the section that starts with "If you didn't do the bonus." If you kept him alive, don't talk to this guard. Instead, go right (north) up a steep incline and between some houses to find another gate and another guard, who happens to be Benji's brother. He thanks you for saving Benji (how'd he see that all the way up here??), then lets you through.

Follow the cyan path in the map to almost the end, where you'll find two interactive objects if you hold down the left Alt key. One is a lever, and further back is the Melandru's Offering. DO NOT TAKE THE OFFERING YET. Carrying objects makes you run slower (as you should know from the Northern Shiverpeaks missions from earlier), and time is of the essence for the next part. Just use the lever; you can come back for the pot offering thingy in a minute.

If you didn't do the bonus, you'll be pretty much right on top of Confessor Dorian when you come out into the open. If you did the bonus, turn right and go forward a few steps. When you see a group of ghouls heading left, stop and let them keep going (make sure Confessor Dorian hasn't appeared in your party menu yet. If he has, don't wait, run to him). As soon as the ghouls go left, they'll eventually aggro a White Mantle warrior-type, so you can safely run by them and over to the Confessor. Basically, as soon as he appears in your party menu, he'll start being attacked by undead, and if he dies, it's game over. So, RUN TO THE CONFESSOR. Stay practically next to him, because you're about to be under seige.

Do not stray too far from the Shrine here (you'll know you're within its radius when you hear a bunch of weird sounds. This sound means an ally has got within its range). You don't have to be right inside its radius, but it can be helpful as it gives you some HP regen while you stay near it. The reason I'm having you stay near it, if not in it, is because you will be attacked from all sides here and Dorian doesn't really move much, so you'll need to protect him. Wave after wave after wave of undead now attack you. This is where a smiting monk would really come in handy. Undead also seem to be weaker vs fire than other elements, from what I've seen. After a very very very long time, the game will prompt you to "discuss the undead menace with Confessor Dorian." Don't talk to him yet. First, check the map again and follow the yellow dots, destroying any undead you come across. Once you get to a wooden gate frame, you can just take out the one group beyond that and then go back to the shrine. The reason I have you do this is because a lot of times when you go off to finish the mission or bonus, another group of undead comes along and pwns Dorian, at which point it is, again, game over. I'm not 100% sure that that group comes from here, but it does reduce the chances.

Now, back at the shrine. If you didn't save Benji, just talk to Dorian and follow the red dots on the map to find Dinas and the Sceptre. You might want to leave a healer behind with Dorian if you can spare one, or the smiting monk, just in case that rogue group of undead I mentioned in the last paragraph spawns. If you did save Benji, don't talk to Dorian. Have everyone wait here while one person goes back up the path and grabs the offering pot thing. Don't drop this thing, or you'll have to go back and get another one at the same place (used to be, if you dropped it, it broke forever and you were screwed). Run back to your group and talk to Dorian, then follow the rest of the cyan lines to the Bonus End marking. Basically, when you leave Dorian there will be a sharp left-hand turn in the path, and then you'll see the path keep going southeast-ish. Don't go that way. To your right is a steep hill. That's where you need to go. Fight the ettin and giant evil trees to get to the shrine, which is literally right next to where you got the pot in the first place, if you don't count the, like, 200-foot drop between them. If you paid attention to your surroundings while grabbing the pot, you'd have noticed that there's a bridge that would have made this bonus a whole lot easier if it wasn't broken. ^-__-^;; Now, haul ass back down the hill and continue along the red path to the end of the mission (the party member who stayed behind can come join you now), where a very confused Dinas awaits. After lots of convincing that the undead are, in fact, now completely dead he agrees to come back to the Temple with you, where you are knighted and inducted into the White Mantle.

Mission map. For this first part, all you have to do is follow the path til you reach a fort-type place. On the way, watch out for Bog Scales as they have a skill called Price of Failure, which has a chance of hurting you whenever you attack physically (even if you're using a wand or staff) for as long as the hex lasts. So don't attack physically if you have this hex on you. Also, the Mergoyle Wavebreakers make a comeback in this mission, with the same perils as you dealt with in the Gates of Kryta mission (if you're joining us from another campaign, just watch out for these guys as they have some semi-powerful AoE water magic). After you cross a bridge and start down a hill, there will be a mob with a boss on your left, which you can easily avoid if you want. Enter the fort and run towards the back to talk to Justiciar Hablion. He greets you, and instructs you to take the Eye of Janthir to help you find the Chosen that will go to study at the Temple of the Unseen. But first you must take a bath in some fountain. Apparently you stink from fighting enemies.

Backtrack a bit and you'll see an entrance on your left (to the east). Enter there, and watch out for more wavebreakers. You can either go up the stairs or up the hill to reach the top, but either way you need to get up there. There's another group of wavebreakers near the top. Once at the top, bathe in the fountain. Note: Your entire party doesn't need to bathe in the fountain. Actually, I recommend that only one of you does, because the Eye follows whomever bathed in the fountain, and if all of you have it'll randomly switch who it follows, which is not only terribly distracting but also makes the bonus slightly more aggravating if you're gonna try getting that done. Anyway. Once one or all of you have taken your bath, talk to Hablion again to receive the Eye. If you're not interested in the bonus, skip to the next paragraph. If you're trying for the bonus, you have to find five Chosen villagers and take them to the end of the mission, without getting any of them killed. Yes, they can die. Anyway. The first Chosen is here inside the fort. This bonus is a whole lot easier now that the Chosen appear in your party list when you get close enough to them. So... click on the Villager name in your party list to run to the first Chosen. Now, whomever the Eye is following has to walk up to the Chosen to get them to start following you. This applies to ALL of the Chosen in this mission, which is why if all six party members decided to play in the fountain and even one of you is running about elsewhere, you're gonna have issues getting this bonus done, because they won't follow you til the Eye has knocked them over. Why it knocks NPC's over, I don't know, but at least it does so with nearby enemies as well. Anyway.

Head to the other gate in this area (not the one you came in through, the one you want leads west) and have the person in your party whom the Eye is following (I'm just gonna call this party member "Eye Dude" from now on) run up to the guard and knock him down with the Eye so that the guard will open the gate. From here, you'll find a lot of fire imps. You can avoid the first group by going left and around them, through the grass, but you might as well get used to fighting these guys cause there are a couple of unavoidable groups of them later on. Be very wary of them though, as they have Immolate and Incendiary Bonds, both of which can do some serious damage to a low-level or unprepared party. Give your healer time to regen energy in between imp mobs so you don't all end up dead. Keep following the red dots on the map, and be careful around the ettin you'll soon come across, as they hit pretty hard. If you're doing the bonus, stop when you get to an area with a group of three ettin wandering about some houses (on a downhill incline). Kill the ettin first, then regen or whatever else you need to do to prepare. When everyone's ready, RUN LIKE HELL across the bridge (non-bonus people have to cross this bridge anyway, hence me not saying anything about skipping this paragraph) and have your healer target the Merchant on the other side (he appears in your party list about 2/3 of the way across the bridge). Keep him alive if you want the bonus! Once the tengu attacking him are dead, have the Eye Dude talk to him to initiate the bonus. Alright, from here, if you're NOT doing the bonus, skip the next paragraph, follow the mission map's red dots, and I'll meet you in the swamp (i.e., the paragraph that starts with "Enter the swamp"). Just one note for you non-believers, er, you non-bonusers, you get paid near the end of this mission, depending on how many Chosen you rescued (200g per Chosen, divided amoungst the members of your party).

If you're doing the bonus, immediately head left and RUN LIKE HELL to the south. Click on the new Villager name in your party list as soon as it appears so you automatically run to them, as they are either already being attacked by tengu, or about to be. If you get there fast enough, you can aggro the tengu yourself so that the Chosen doesn't get attacked. Defeat the tengu and get the Eye Dude to talk to the Chosen so that he/she follows you, then turn right around and go back to where the Merchant was. Head left (west) and ignore the pinging the game does, because they're just trying to confuse you (whyyyyy do they do that??). DO NOT go south yet. Yes, I know I marked a Chosen to the south on the map, but trust me, save the one to the west first. Again, click on the new name in your party list to find the correct villager and save them from the tengu (usually they won't be under attack when you arrive, but there are two tengu groups between him/her and you when you arrive, so here you'll kinda need to abandon caution to the wind and aggro both groups so that the Chosen doesn't die while you're dealing with the first group). After Eye Dude gets this Chosen to follow you, you can go ahead and head south. Just make sure you're all regen'd before you start heading south because the Chosen down there will get attacked by a group of ettin, which hit a lot harder than tengu do. Run there and try to aggro the ettin before they start attacking the Chosen. If you don't get there fast enough, make sure your healer makes the Chosen a priority. Once Eye Dude talks to this last Chosen, head back to the main path and continue west.

Enter the swamp, and be careful here as this swamp is just like the Gates of Kryta swamp (i.e., any water you see is poisonous). If you rounded up the Chosen, be careful when walking through here as they too can be poisoned and they're only lv 10. The swamp is full of undead, so be aware of that fact. Just take them one group at a time and you should be fine. Just be careful of the Skeleton Sorcerers' earth magic, specifically Earthquake. Once you get out of the swamp, you enter into an open area full of White Mantle and random villagers. Don't forget to talk to Lionguard Minah here (he's got a green exclamation mark over his head) for him to pay you for however many Chosen you managed to rescue. If you got all five, talking to him also gives you credit for completing the bonus. Continue a couple of feet north to a white marble-type area with short pillars around it. Have Eye Dude take the Eye into the middle of these pillars to trigger the end of the mission. The White Mantle round the Chosen up into a caravan and start leading them off to their reward, when suddenly the Shining Blade attack! They kill the White Mantle guarding the Chosen, and run off with them into the jungle.

Quests: The False Gods
Skills: Deep Freeze (ele), Mind Wrack (mes), Blessed Signet (monk), Demonic Flesh (necro), Choking Gas (ranger), "To the Limit!" (war)

If you didn't come here before, use this map to reach this town. Alright! As promised, the Villany of Galrath quest! Buuuuut first things first. Just to the right of the henchies is a guy named Brother Mizar. Grab his quest before we go, since we can get it done on the way to Galrath. I've made this map to guide you on your way to Galrath, but no worries, I'll still give you a play-by-play here. It's just in case you get lost or my directions aren't clear enough, orrrr if you just wanna skip my directions and give it a go by yourself. Once in The Black Curtain, head west along the rim of the swamp, which allows you to avoid both the reed stalkers on your left and the bog skale blighters on your right. Once you pass the swamp head a bit south, then west again along the path here. There will be some random spined aloe popups on this path, but not many of them. You'll see a tower a short ways off, which is where the Abbot Mizar asked you to kill is. It's highly suggested that you pull the other White Mantle to you so that the boss stays around the tower and doesn't heal the Justiciars. Just make sure you pull them far enough, otherwise them dying will trigger the Abbot's X-TREEM Monk Senses (TM) and he'll come along anyway. Once the boss is dead, grab the book he drops but don't go back to town yet. From the tower, face directly south and then take the path to the left of the res shrine. The water here is poisonous, so stay out of it. I highly suggest pulling just a few of the members of the gigantic mob of blighters at a time, or you will probably take casualties. Keep the swamp on your left and follow the path south, then east across a bridge. Turn right at the weird shrine thing where all of the reed stalkers are. When the path disappears into grass, head east. Try not to get overrun by the minos here. Turn right when you can, and go through the portal just up ahead into Kessex Peak.

Alright, there are a lot of weird popups around here, like reed stalkers and fog nightmares, which start right after you pass this random Lionguard guy just ahead. Follow the path through the swamp (also poisonous), but go slowly, because there really are a lot of pops. Once you get out of this accursed swamp, you can stop worrying about reed stalkers and nightmares. Now, I don't care what your arrow says, follow what I say very carefully. Follow the path northwest and take out the patrol of minos coming towards you from the west. Continue northwest, taking out any patrols you find on the way (even ones that pass you, cause they'll eventually come back). Once you see some hills up ahead and reach another path going west, head west-ish, but not quite on the path. You'll see another hill with some enemies on it up ahead on the left. Kill them! After that, stay on this hill for a bit and you'll notice another path at the base of this hill that heads south. There is a patrol that comes towards you every once in awhile along this path. Wait for them to show up and then kill them. It is a rather large mob, but better to kill them now than get mobbed by them later when you're fighting something else. From here, hug the right side of the area and head south. The aloe pops on this hillside are a lot better to fight than the oakhearts on the path. Follow the path south, and you'll soon see the infamous wizard's tower a short way's off. Continue south, then turn east. Once you start seeing a lot of enemies in the distance, stop moving and read this next bit. Yeah, any necros or partial necros will recognise the name Verata. Apparently he's found himself a rather large group of followers. Now, they have no allegiance to Galrath, but they will still attack you. Shepherds of Verata are healers, and they have a res skill called Light of Dwayna which will res any of their nearby allies in one go, which is bad. Eyes of Verata are rangers who like to spam traps, which is also bad if you happen to run over their traps (which don't disappear if the Eyes die). They also have a skill called Choking Gas, which can interrupt spellcasting. And Apprentices of Verata are necros that have a skill (appropriately named Verata's Gaze) that will steal your minions if you've got any, which is also also bad. So basically they're bad all around. Oh, Sages of Verata are just mesmers; you don't need to worry too much about them.

Now, there are two ways to go about this, both of which can be rather dangerous. The first way is kinda kamikaze-ish. So. As I said, Verata's dudes have nothing to do with Galrath himself, so if you can manage to run west along the northern edge of the ridge that is currently on your right you will either not even aggro Verata's dudes, or just keep alive long enough and keep running long enough to make them stop following you. Then all you've got to deal with are some lv 11 bandits and Galrath himself. The second way is to carefully pull Verata's dudes towards you, a very small few at a time, and don't be afraid to run the hell away if too many come at once, then follow the same ridge I just mentioned, cept you won't have to run this time. Pick your strategy, and go at it! Galrath himself is just a regular lv 20 White Mantle warrior guy, so he's cake. Once he's dead, you can screw around and kill the rest of Verata's dudes/get yourself killed (by the way, Verata himself is actually here if you've not got the Galrath quest active. Perhaps he goes on lunch break?), then map back to ToA (the Temple of the Ages) to give that Litanies book thing back to Brother Mizar, then map to Lion's to finally get your quest reward from Firstwatch Sergio, then map back to Druid's Overlook (in the orange part of the map, where you ended up after the Divinity Coast mission).

In the Jungle, the Deadly Jungle

There's Something Looming on the Horizon

Everything Went [BOOM]

Of Princes and Kings and Banishings

I've Got Snow in My Boots

Corpsicle Alert!

From Snow to Sand in 2.5 Seconds

Of Lions and Lambs