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  • Why can I no longer get to the Neverland Clock Tower from the World Map?

    You've already locked Hollow Bastion, haven'tCHA? Once you lock Hollow Bastion, a very nasty and tough boss takes up residence in the Clock Tower, and you can only get to the Clock Tower by talking to Tinkerbell with Peter in your party in Ship: Hold. This also means that you can no longer get the Clock Tower items until after you defeat him, if you didn't get them before locking Hollow Bastion.

  • Why can't I fight this Ice Titan guy? WHY WHY WHY? *WHIIIIIIIIIIINE*

    You need to have completed (i.e., beaten) the Hades Cup once to unlock the Gold Match, which is the Ice Titan fight.

  • Why can't I take Aladdin/Peter Pan/Beast/whatever other random playable character with me to Atlantica/Halloween Town/whatever other random world?

    Because that would disrupt the world border, although Sora, Donald, and Goofy apparently can go to as many worlds as they want with no consequences. *shrugs* The non-in-game reason? Probably that Disney wanted to get in as many cameos as they could.

  • d0 u have KH ROMz lololz?!!1!1

    ... *sigh* For the last time... NO, I DO NOT HAVE PSX/PS2/GAMECUBE ROMS! I own every single game that I write walkthroughs for, yes including the SFC/SNES ones (which means that I can legally own the ROMs to those games). But no, I have no PSX/PS2/GameCube ROMs. And no, I don't know where you can get any. Try Google or something ifyer so desperate. Or get a job and buy the friggin game.