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Trinity List

  • Blue Trinities: Trinity Jump

    Learned as soon as Donald, Sora, and Goofy join up together.

    • Traverse Town: First District, in front of Cafe
    • Traverse Town: First District, left of World Map door
    • Traverse Town: Third District, behind wall with Lady and the Tramp on it
    • Traverse Town: Magician's Study, next to the SP
    • Wonderland: Lotus Forest, right toadstool area
    • Wonderland: Lotus Forest, enclosed area
    • Coliseum: Gates, right platform
    • Coliseum: Gates, left platform
    • Deep Jungle: Camp, near exit
    • Deep Jungle: Climbing Trees, in front of exit to Tree House
    • Agrabah: Bazaar, middle of the area
    • Agrabah: Silent Chamber, middle of platform
    • Monstro: Chamber 5, on floor
    • Monstro: Mouth, platform floating on water after the water level goes down
    • Monstro: Throat, near first platform
    • Hollow Bastion: Dungeon
    • Hollow Bastion: Great Crest

  • Red Trinities: Trinity Charge

    Learned after locking Deep Jungle.

    • Traverse Town: First District, alleyway where Pluto first finds Sora
    • Traverse Town: Alleyway, leads to Secret Waterway
    • Traverse Town: Second District, roof of Gizmo Shop
    • Agrabah: Treasure Room
    • Halloween Town: Oogie Boogie's Manor
    • Hollow Bastion: Entrance Hall, third floor

  • Green Trinities: Trinity Ladder

    Learned after locking Agrabah.

    • Agrabah: Plaza, Storage
    • Traverse Town: First District, Accessory Shop
    • Wonderland: Rabbit Hole, behind SP
    • Wonderland: Bizarre Room, in the fireplace
    • Deep Jungle: Treetop, middle of area
    • Coliseum: Front Gates, on the left side of the door
    • Monstro: Mouth, Gepetto's ship's cabin's roof
    • Neverland: Ship: Cabin
    • Hollow Bastion: Library, next to the SP and desk

  • Yellow Trinities: Trinity Push

    Learned after winning the Hercules Cup.

    • Coliseum: in front of the stone block inside the actual building
    • Traverse Town: Magician's Study, behind Merlin's house by the stack of three boxes
    • Agrabah: Cave of Wonders, middle of the Hall area
    • Neverland: Ship, Hold, in front of a closed door-type area

  • White Trinities: Trinity Detect

    Learned after defeating Riku the first time in Hollow Bastion.

    • Hollow Bastion: Rising Falls (in shallow pool near archway)
    • Neverland: Ship (ondeck, topmost level)
    • Atlantica: Triton's Palace (in big purple thing on path)
    • Coliseum: Coliseum Gates (middle of area)
    • Agrabah: Cave of Wonders, Entrance
    • Traverse Town: Secret Waterway
    • Deep Jungle: Cavern of Hearts
    • Wonderland: Lotus Forest, hidden area through painting in Bizarre Room
    • Monstro: Chamber 6
    • Halloween Town: Moonlight Hill