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Return to Traverse Town, and choose Magician's Study. *poke* Yes, a new page is available in the "Pooh Book," as I like to call it. Click on the appropriate link at the bottom of this page for what to do.

Anyway. Teleport to Cid's Shop and use the Green Trinity to open up the Moogles' Workshop. Here's where you can synthesize cool/rare items (including Sora's most powerful weapon, the Ultima Weapon!). Open the chests to get a Mythril Shard and some dalmations. Talk to the moogle near the fireplace to start synthesizing stuff (the more things you synthesize, the more options become availabe. Also, to be able to synthesize Sora's Ultima Weapon, you need to have synthesized at least one of everything on the menu). For a list of what enemies drop what synthesis items, click on "Items" in the menu above. I got all six of the items in the first menu on my first visit. After synthesizing all the items in one menu, you have to leave the menu and talk to the moogle again to see the items you've unlocked. Also, on the wall behind the moogle near the hole to get back downstairs is a Postcard. Mail it for a Defense Up.

Stock up on anything you might need, and now we're off to find those other Green Trinities! Buy new equipment for Donald and Goofy while yer at it (again, link at the top). Now, head for yer gummi ship! First stop: Wonderland.

Choose "Rabbit Hole" and there's one right behind you that gets you an Elixir. Now, head for the Bizarre Room, shrink, fight, and enter the fireplace. Use the Trinity to get a Mythril Shard. Now leave. ... er... after fighting some enemies near the SP, you might hear that "you did something" sound, and find a chest with a Mega-Potion in it. ... don't know, don't ask, that's just what happens. ^O__o^;; *flips pages* ... and the official walkthrough doesn't explain it, either. Go fig. Ah well, you know what they say, never look a gift horse in the mouth. Or, in this case, a gift Mega-Potion. ^O__o^

Go to Deep Jungle and choose Jungle: Tunnel. You'll probably get a notice about a sliding game. Ignore that for now. Jump up onto the mound behind you, then jump to the platform and go through the door to Treetop. Wander around the middle to find the Green Trinity (which is REALLY hard to see...) to get a Mythril Shard and a bunch of HP balls. Back in the Tunnel, jump down into the treebranch to play the sliding game (you get items for doing well). Pick up the pinkish-purple fruits along the way to get points (they have spiky green tops). You get an AP Up for getting the 10/10 fruit on this course. You can teleport back to Tunnel from the tent to do the rest of the courses.

In the second course, you start off like the first one (ten fruit), then take the left branch and you enter a cave. Dodge the stalagmites so you don't die, and find the ten other fruit. Veer right for the last piece, and you end up in the Hippo's Lagoon afterwards (you get an Orichalcum). The next courses just keep adding onto the previous ones, and ten pieces each. Hang a left at the end of course 2 to get to course 3. You get a Megalixir for course 3. Take the right branch at the end of course 3 for course 4. You get a Defense Up for this one. Hang another left for course 5. You get a Power Up if you can do this one.

Now, go to the Coliseum. There's a Green Trinity on your left when you come in. You get a Mythril! Now, cast Blizzara on all of those fire thingies to make a chest with a Firaga-G in it appear on the left side of the courtyard. Head back to Agrabah, then go to the Battle Lv. 5 world... ack! Big whale floating in deep... er... space? ^O__o^;; ... *CHOMP* ^._____.^

Aww... cute lil Riku... ^~__~^ ... OK, wakey-wakey time. *BONG*! Ahahaha! And... the hell is Pinocchio doin in there? Weird kid... Whelp, jump into that water (and whale-spit) and swim across. And no, I don't know where those treasure chests that Pinocchio threw at you went... ^-__-^;; ... hrm... was that Riku running off? Hmm hmm... and there goes Pinocchio following whomever it was. Stupid... wood-kid. ^>__<^;; There's an SP behind Gepetto ifya haven't spotted it. Now's the time to mention that this world is optional (yep, you heard me right: Optional World). Ifya wanna skip all of the treasure, Trinities, and dalmations (cause, lemme warnya, this world is damn annoying and more like a maze than anything but Treant's Forest in Tales of Phantasia), then go ahead and teleport out of here, and click on the next link below. If not, then onwards we go!

Oh, so you decided to stay? Alrighty then. Follow that wood child! You are now in Chamber 1. Note that there are three holes in this area. Walk across the room, and... hey, Pinocchio! ^>__<^! ... Riku? ^>__<^!+ After him! We need to arrest him for contributing to the delinquency of a minor! Or something! ... well, that is, after beating up these new Heartless. Take out the ones on the platform to your left while yer at it. No, the Search Ghosts don't drop munny, just huge HP/MP balls. They also like to pull a disappearing act, but don't worry, they'll be back. You'll want to clear out as many Heartless as you can, cause it'll make things a lot easier later on... Drop back down to the floor and follow Riku into Chamber 3.

Defeat all the Heartless, then get the Mega-Ether out of the chest in the back of the room. The way forward is boarded up (apparently by Riku), so, back to Chamber 1 it is. Jump up onto the platform and go through the door into Chamber 2. You fall to the floor, and get attacked. Afterwards, get the Cottage out of the chest on the other side of the room. The crate behind you refuses to move, so don't bother. Just continue through the portal into Chamber 3. (what, again?) Yes, again.

Don't fall off please! If you do, go back to Chamber 1, then 2, then get back here. OK, go towards the barrels, then turn around and look up. See the green platform whose underside looks kinda like a seashell? That's where you need to go. Grab a barrel and put it near the other portal to Chamber 2. Jump onto the barrel, then onto the platform to free some more dalmations. Jump back down and enter the portal to Chamber 2 (the one I told you to put the barrel near).

Again, avoid falling off, or else you'll have to go through Chamber 3 to get back up here. Watch out for Barrel Spiders, as they tend to explode on impact... ^@__@^;; Alright, look across the room to see two "seashell" platforms. Jump+ to the one with no barrels on it, then jump+ to the next platform and get the Megalixir out of the chest. Now, you can either reverse that to get back to the platform you landed on when you came in here (hard way), or jump to the floor and take a right into Chamber 3 and a left into Chamber 2. Either way, go through the portal into Chamber 5.

Kill off the Heartless, ignore the crates that don't do anything, and continue forwards into Chamber 6. This place is like mini step-ville or some such. Alright, fight off everything, and work your way down the "steps" to get a Dispel-G out of the chest. Now, back up to the top and jump doooooooown. Fight some more, then continue onwards to another area of Chamber 3. ... and you didn't believe me when I toldCHA this place was a maze...

Again with the please to not be falling down (if you do, go Chamber 1, 2, 3, 2, 5, 6, 3). On your left is a chest with more dalmations in it. Again with the moving of the barrel to the edge of the "seashell" platform above your head, and again with the using it to get to said platform. Get the Tornado-G out of the chest. Well... we have to go back to Chamber 6 anyway, and I don't mean the part we just came from. *sigh*

Jump to the floor and hang a left into Chamber 1, death to the Heartless and platform to Chamber 2, more death and onwards to Chamber 3, left to Chamber 2, much with the attempting not to fall off or risk having to start over again, and through the portal into Chamber 5, then keep rollin, rollin, rollin into Chamber 6 (of course, after even more death). ... Goofy needs to stop fucking getting in the way of my goddamn barrel-throwing or I'm going to turn him into processed meat. ^-__-^;; Anyway. Grab a barrel and toss it onto the top step (not over it please). If Goofy's being a jackass, or you miss, go through the portal to Chamber 5 and come back so that the barrels can respawn. Use said barrel to jump up to the seashell platform to get a Torn Page. Now, jump down and go to the lowest step and go right through the portal to Chamber 5.

Fight off the baddies, grab the Mega-Ether and the Dispel G, then use the Blue Trinity (wander around a bit to find it) to get a Cottage and about 300 munny. Jump up onto the barrel in the area and jump to the platform above. Fight things and don't fall off (don't bust up the barrels that aren't Barrel Spiders, either). Try to toss a barrel down to the other side of the platform before you get involved in killing things; that way, if you fall off, you can always climb back up. When yer done committing mass Heartless murder, go through the portal into Chamber 4.

Well then. Riku gets annoyed at Maleficent, Pinocchio runs some more, Riku gets pissy at Sora (again), and Pinocchio yells. Save, and now we're going back for two more chests before investigating what all the commotion is about. Back into Chamber 5, where yer barrel has regenerated. This time, toss it near the portal you just came through. Use it to jump to a seashell platform above and to the left of the portal to Chamber 4. ... fucking crack addicts. ^>__<^ Finally! Bah. Get the stupid Mythril out of the chest, jump to the next seashell platform, then to the platform with the barrel on it. Kill the stupid annoying Heartless, then destroy the barrel by using Fira to get some more dalmations. Now, back to Chamber 4 with ye! Save again, jump up onto the platform, then go through the portal into Bowels. Oh look, something ate Pinocchio. Stupid kid... *kix him* ^-__-^;; ... what the hell, Riku's gonna help? *snort* What is he, bipolar? ^>__<^ ... or just PMS-ing. Either way...

Boss: Parasite Cage
HP: 450
EXP: 500
Attacks: physicals
My current level: Sora 28, Donald 26, Goofy 31

Target its head and cast Fira til yer out of MP, then take whacks at him til you regain MP. Then, more Fira, smackage, repeat. He should be dead pretty soon, just watch your HP when you go down to smack him silly. And yes, Pinocchio is annoying. ^>__<^

The Parasite Cage burps up Pinocchio, who falls into a hole. Riku jumps in after him, and Goofy learns Cheer. Follow Riku into the hole, and you end up back aboard the ship you left Gepetto on. The water level in the mouth also drops. Yay? No yay, cause Riku's being all mean and kidnapping Pinocchio. Again. ^-__-^;; What is his issuuuuuueeeeeeeee... Talk to Gepetto, then open the chest to get the High Jump ability. Man... we coulda used that earlier... ^-__-^;;

Alright, time to get some treasure! Stand on the plank (as in, walk the plank?) of Gepetto's ship and jump onto the corner of the cabin's roof. Use the Green Trinity to get a chest containing a Mythril Shard out of the broken mast. Jump back down to the deck, then get to the stairs. Jump to the wooden platform and work your way up subsequent platforms to reach a chest with more dalmations in it. From there, look forward and left for another wooden platform. Jump+ to that, then turn around and face the woodpile you just came from. Directly in front of you is another platform (the lower one). Jump to that, then jump to the one above it, then the one above that to get a Cottage. Jump into the water and swim to the other side of the area (go right of the woodpile you jumped from earlier). There's a platform floating on the water, with a Blue Trinity on it. You get some munny (half of which falls underwater where you can't reach it ^>__<^ ), two Potions, and a Cottage. Turn around and jump to the wooden platforms on that woodpile. Turn around again, and jump to the platforms on the woodpile to the left of where the Blue Trinity was. Jump to the top of that woodpile to get Watergleam.

Back on the Trinity platform, face the wall, then turn right. Jump to that wooden platform there, then jump to the one directly above it. One more platform up is another Tornado-G. Go to the edge of this platform and look down. Jump to that platform, go to the edge of that, then jump to the platform above and in front of it. From the pink platform, jump to the next one, and enter Throat. Oh, look. Rare Truffles. Click on "Mushroom Guide" above to learn more. Anyway. There's a Blue Trinity on the floor near the first platform, whi

Grues keep eating parts of my pages!! Argh! I'll fix them when I can, I promise!! Sorry!

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