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Head to Traverse Town and choose "Magician's Study." Talk to Merlin, and he'll give you the Spellbinder keychain for having learned all of the basic magic spells. Talk to the Fairy Godmother to release Dumbo from Watergleam. Also, *poke* new Pooh Book page (again, the link is below). Anyway. Teleport to First District and enter the house to the left of Cid's shop (the one with the green door). Talk to Gepetto, who gives you "Gepetto," which is a gummi ship blueprint. Click on the Gummi Ship Guide link above for more info. Open the green chest left of the door to get Sora's Wishing Star keychain/blade/thingy. Re-enter the house at least 30 times, then talk to Pinocchio to get the Chocobo blueprint (if he doesn't give you anything, try a couple more re-entrances). Also, check a blue pot in the back left-hand corner of the room for another Postcard. Mail it for a Power Up.

See if you can synthesize more things in the Moogles' Workshop, then visit Pongo and Perdita to get some more items. One of them should be a Torn Page, so *poke* again. Now, head to the Coliseum.

Pegasus Cup
9 - Ghost Bandits Search Ghost (2), Bandit, Air Soldier (3)
8 - Marauders Bandit (2), Barrel Spider (3), Shadow (4)
7 - Sluggers Fat Bandit, Large Body (2), Pot Spider, Barrel Spider
6 - Pots and Bolts Pot Spider (5), Yellow Opera (3), Green Requiem (2)
5 - The Big Combo Fat Bandit (2), Search Ghost (4)
4 - Toadstool Black Fungus (3)
3 - Pots and Barrels Pot Spider (5), Barrel Spider (5)
2 - Giant Impact Fat Bandit (3), Large Body (2)
1 - Leon and Yuffie The Indecisively-Named Dude and The Number One Hyperactive Ninja

Seed 9: Get the Air Soldiers first, then the Bandit.

Seed 8: Smackity smack smack!

Seed 7: The spiders are the easiest things to get rid of. Let Donald and Goofy take care of the big guys while you take care of the arachnid infestation. Help em out if you finish before they do.

Seed 6: Remember: smackage is your frieeeeend... ^~__~^

Seed 5: Fat Bandits first.

Seed 4: Ah gaddammit. You have to use yer techs on these guys (Arcanum/Sonic Blade/Ragnarok, you get the picture). Magic apparently works too, but it takes longer. Them and their stupid poison gas. Remember, if they turn grey/white/whatever that colour other than dark gray/black is, they're invincible. And still do poison gas. ^>__<^

Seed 3: To smack, or not to smack, that is the questi-- TO SMACK!!

Seed 2: Whatever, they're all annoying. Apparently, Fat Bandits are easier to get rid of.

Seed 1: Kill Yuffie first! Donald and Goofy will distract Leon. Yuffie has less HP, but I suspect that she heals Leon (or else he heals himself, although I've never seen him heal after she's gone). Anyway, her stupid shuriken are damn annoying.

Sora learns Strike Raid after you beat the Pegasus Cup the first time around. If you do Sora alone, you definately need to use techs on the Black Fungus, and it'll take longer than it did before. Also, still go after Yuffie first if yer goin it alone. You DEFINATELY need to have Cure in your shortcut menu if you're going it alone... You get a Mythril for beating everything while alone, and a Defense Up for defeating the time trial. Also, after doing the time trial for each cup, you can then choose to just do battle against a single Seed (like Leon and Yuffie). I didn't mention it before cause the Phil Cup doesn't really have any interesting people to battle against...


Dive to the Heart

Destiny Islands

Traverse Town


The Coliseum

Deep Jungle

Locking Traverse Town

The Coliseum: Phil Cup



Sidequest: 100 Acre Woods