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Return to Monstro, then teleport out and head to the Battle Lv. 5 world to the right of him. ... hahaha, Goofy's a turtle. ^~__~^ And yes, they're quite... weird. ^~__~^;; And now, you get a swimming lesson. Pay attention to the screen now. O to go up, and square to go down. Fun fun. Chase Flounder around (man, do I suck at this... ^>__<^ ) and, after about a mizillion tries, you get to stop. Finally. ^9__9^ Oh look, new Heartless. Blech. Getting munny around here is a pain in the ass, cause they float! Waugh. Whack the clam shell that Sebastian and Flounder hid in to reveal an SP. Yay. OK, now to mention something: You technically don't need to do this world. If you've done Monstro, you can just do Halloween Town instead, then go onwards to Hollow Bastion. If you wish to do so, then just click on the next link in the list below.

Swim forwards (your back facing the clam shell) into the Undersea Valley. Kill everything in the area, then locate the red clam shell. Lock-On and cast Fira on it to make it give you a Mythril Shard. From there (and facing the back wall) go left into a hole in the wall to find a white clam shell. Give it a whack to get a Mega-Ether. Sink down to the very bottom to find another white clam shell on a raised area. Smack it to get a Mega-Potion. Locate the red clam shell again, and behind it is rock going sideways, and under that is a long cave, at the end of which is yet another white clam shell. This one gives you a Mythril. Back at the red shell, find a rise that's got water coming out of it. On the other side of that is another white clam shell that gives you an Elixir. Further back and closer to the ground is another white clam shell with a Cottage inside it.

Head right, and go down when you see the trident pointing downwards. Find the other trident pointing forwards, and follow it into the Calm Depths. Enter the flowing stream and keep to the right to reach a cave of sorts. ... and apparently ghosts can breathe underwater. ^9__9^ Defeat the Heartless, but avoid the stream of water in the middle (it'll take you back to the Undersea Valley). Find an urchin floating around and cast Fira on it a couple of times to make it explode (watch it, that can hurt you) and open a shortcut into the Undersea Valley. ... don't poke it, it's bad for your health (literally). You'd think I woulda learned by now that urchins do not make good playmates. First, there were the urchins in Super Mario World that would float towards you while you swam along, minding your own business. Then there were the Tales of Phantasia urchins, you know, the ones that inch at you menacingly. INCH, I SAY! IIIIIIINCH! And if they touch you, you DIE! DIE, I TELL YOU! DEATH!

: *inch* ... boo


: ... loser

Enter the cave at the other side of the room from which you entered to reach the Undersea Cave. In one of the holes is another white clam shell with a Cottage in it. Swim upwards to enter the Undersea Gorge.

Sink down to the bottom and look left. Cast Blizzara on the blue shell to get a Mythril Shard. Turn around, swim forwards, and get the Mega-Ether out of the clam. Hang a left and go to the end of this area to reach the Undersea Garden. Grab the Mega-Potion out of the clam and go back the way you came. On your left is another cave. This is where you have to go, but first... more treasure. Keep going forwards, then go left. There's a huge-ass chest buried in the sand. Ignore that for now, and go a tad left of that to where there's a pillar of stone and a flat, circular rock in front of it. This is Ariel's Grotto, and we're here to raid it. :oD There's a Mega-Potion, a Cottage, and a Torn Page in here. Alright, back to that cave I mentioned earlier. Enter it to get to Triton's Palace.

More Heartless to fight, and more treasure to obtain, huzzah? OK, well, starting at the bridge-type-pathway-deal... on either side of this bridge-thing is a white clam. Grab the Cottage and the Mega-Ether. Now, on the left side is another white clam with an Elixir in it, and on the right is a yellow clam (cast Thunder) with a Mythril Shard in it. Head to the end of this area to reach Triton's Throne.

... woah buddy. ^.__.^ And... I don't think King Triton likes Keyholes... ^>__>^ Hahahaaa, Sebastian's getting it good. :op OK, well, back into the throne room with you. Talk to Sebastian and King Triton ifya want, then whomp the large white clam to find another SP. Return to Ariel's Grotto. Locate the dolphin, chase him around, and choose Grab On. Wheeeee... well, now that yer friendly with him (or whatever), he can help you out later. Enter Ariel's thingamajiggy... heyyy... what's that? (Ariel: *angst angst angst*) Blah! Talk to Flounder, then leave. Flotsam and Jetsam, Ursula's stupid eels, show up and sneer. Boo, you stink. And look, it's Ursula, fat octopus lady. YOU STINK MOOOORE! ^>__<^! Ack, huge mouth. Return to Triton's Throne, teleport to the Tranquil Grotto, then go forward into the Undersea Valley. You'll probably have to kill things, but afterwards find the dolphin swimming about again. Grab On (chase after him with the cursor until the Grab On option will appear to make things easier), and go along for the ride. He drops you off in a cave that you couldn't reach before. Go forth, into the great unknoooooooown! ... ooooor just to the Sunken Ship, whatever. Sink down to the floor and find the upside-down smaller boat. Go around it til you find a hole in it, and get the Elixir out of the chest in there. To the left of that (when facing the big boat) is a slab of wood, and behind that is a chest with a Mythril Shard in it. Go around to the other side of the sunken ship and enter through the huge hole in its side. Ack, shark! Go right. ... ACK, SHAAAAAAARK!! ^O____O^!!!! ... and now there's another huge hole in the ship's side. Stoopid shark... ^-__-^;; Open the chest near you to get the Crystal Trident (nope, not a weapon), there's an Ether in the barrel near that chest, and in the barrel near the stairs (destroy the boxes to get to it). Destroy the box in the corner to get to a chest with a Mythril Shard, then go down into the huge hole near the stairs. Whomp the white clam for a Mythril, then leave the boat. Ack, sh... ehhhh... he sucks. Just beat him up, and the stupid thing runs away. Bah. Find the mast (cross-shaped thing) sticking up out of the sandy bottom and go through the exit near it to get to the Undersea Gorge. Whomp the thing you can Lock-On to (hahaha, it pushed Goofy up up and awaaaaaay!! HAHAHAAAA!! *falls over laughing*), then use the current to go up (or, in my case, follow Goofy's example, ha!). The current knocks that buried treasure chest out of the sand. Open it for an Orichalcum, then re-enter Ariel's Grotto. Swim up to that stupid trident-shaped thingy in here, and boo. *ZAP*! (ow, my teeth... never gnaw onyer controller when you have vibration on and are around a grouchy old king who likes to destroy things with lightning... ^>__<^ ). And... Triton apparently knows more than we thought... (Sora: .......uhhhhhhhh....?) haha, dork. Rawr, PMS-ing Triton...

... is it just me, or do Flotsam and Jetsam not sound like they did in the movie? Ah well... Follow the in-need-of-Midol King! (after Ursula attempts to corrupt Ariel, of course...) Back at Triton's Throne, Ursula's gotten hold of his trident of DOOM. Awww... no Keyhole for Ursula. Too bad, so sad. ... heyyyyyyy... they totally ripped that line from the movie! (voice and everything, too. Weird) ... what's with Sebastian? Heh, weird crab dude. OK... strike Ursula's cauldron with magic... right.

Use the hole that the big chest was knocked out of to get back to the Sunken Ship. Beat up the stupid shark again, then go left from where you just came in and inspect whatever the heck you just auto-Locked-On to. Huzzah, Sebastian actually did something productive! Enter the new area, then hang a right when the tunnel splits. There's a Mega-Ether and an SP in here. Save ifya need to, then go back to where the path split, and take the other tunnel. Ew... yeah, those things down there at the bottom of the tunnel, ya know, the things with eyes? Those are all of the people Ursula's tricked. Fun, no? ^>__<^ ... and what's with the happy music? Ah... music change... ROFL, nice face, Donald. ^@__@^;;

Boss: Ursula, Flotsam, and Jetsam
HP: Ursula: 450; Flotsam: 60; Jetsam: 60
EXP: Ursula: 1,000; Flotsam: 150; Jetsam: 150
Attacks: Spinning around and knocking into you, pot exploding at you, eels smashing into you
My current level: Sora 34, Donald 31, Goofy 37, Ariel 36

OK, well, there are two ways to defeat the sea witch. One is the way you're supposed to defeat her (which I tried the first time around, but got annoyed with it), and the second way is the way I ended up defeating her the first time I played this game.

The way I beat her the first time around was to just keep smacking the evil octopus lady silly. Sure, it took forever, but it worked.

Now, the way you're supposed to do this is, lock onto the cauldron and cast: Fira when it's red, Blizzara when blue, and Thunder when yellow (but only when the damn thing's open. If it's closed, no go).

Either way, just ignore the stupid eels, unless you really want the EXP. She revives them after awhile anyway. Also, when you run out of MP, you have to smack Ursula around anyway. Blah. Use the eels to regain MP though. Also, after you successfully attack the cauldron with magic, Ursula gets momentarily stunned. ATTACK!!

Whelp... that's the end of Flotsam and Jetsam. Now we just need to finally turn Ursula into sushi. You learn Mermaid Kick (equip iiiiiit). Leave, then come right back in and find another explodeable urchin. Cast Fira on it, and when it explodes, the large clam it was near opens up and drops a chest with a Mythril in it onto the floor. Save your game, then head back to the Sunken Ship. ... man, does Mermaid Kick make it even harder to navigate, or what. ^>__<^ Anyway. Get to the Calm Depths and use Mermaid Kick to reach an area labeled as "???" (it's right across the stream of water from you). Blah blah blah, Ursula's butt grows ever huge-er.

Boss: Giant Ursula
HP: 900
EXP: 1,500
Attacks: Lightning, bubble attack, biting
My current level: Sora 35, Donald 32, Goofy 38

Attack her head! Cast Fira lots, then smack away to regain MP. Try to get around to the back of her head, where you'll sustain less damage. This is really not too hard of a fight.

... looks like something she ate didn't agree with her. It was probably that Fira ball you sent down her throat. :oD ... OK... if the Crystal Trident had the power to reveal the Keyhole... and Triton destroyed it... how are we supposed to seal it? Stupid King. ^-__-^;; Oh, OK. Nevermind then. ^~__~^;; You get a Thunder upgrade to Thundara, and you also get Ansem's Report 3. Return to Ariel's Grotto, and Ariel uses her father's trident to reveal the Keyhole. Woah, ghost Keyhole. ^.__.^;; Haha, Sebastian. Monkie. Ariel gives you the Crabclaw Keyblade. NEXT!

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