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By the by, *poke* about the Pooh Book. Link is below. Anyway. Head to the world on the other side of Agrabah (dodge the wormhole). There's an SP right behind you. Go forwards into Guillotine Square. Ack, Search Ghosts. ^>__<^ Erm... hrm... wonder why they're not attacking? Ah well. Go forwards, then a tad right and up some stairs, then continue right (you should have a fence-type deal on your left). Yay Jack! Hey hey hey! I thought that in Halloween Town every day was Halloween?? ^>__<^ weirdos... Talk to the Mayor (twice) to find out that Jack apparently found a book on the Heartless. Apparently, he now knows how to control them. Go fig. Turn around, dodge the green slime/ectoplasm/whatever fountain, and go up the steps. Hey, look, it's a guillotine! ... ^.__.^ Go around it and hang a left (this is where you were right before the Mayor started speaking). Enter the door labelled "Lab Entryway," then go up the stairs into the Research Lab. ... more weirdness ensues. ... Heartless... dancing? More weirdness! Aww, poor Jack. No evil Heartless dancing partners for him. Ack, zombie Seach Ghost! *flails at it* And now, to find Sally. By the by, Jack is pretty decent. I sometimes put him in my party, but it's really up to you. Talk to Dr. Finkelstein to find out that Sally's probably in her favourite place. Of course, he means a cemetary. Anyway. Examine the bookshelf to find another Torn Page, then leave and discover that Jack's no longer controlling the Heartless. *sigh* It was getting to be a tad too good to be true, wasn't it? Ha, Donald looks pissed.

Alright, after destroying things, go through the gate to the right of the Lab and climb up the stairs (after killing things, of course). Ring (or in this case, scream) the doorbell three times to get an Elixir. Under the stairs is a chest with some dalmations in it. Back into the main area, go next door (not to the Lab) and enter the Graveyard. After you kill off all the Heartless, Zero comes out of his grave and finds Sally for you. Sally gives you the Forget-Me-Not. ... kids? Heh. (Donald: ... *quack*? O_o ) And apparently Zero doesn't like you. :op Leave the area, and Lock, Shock, and Barrel, the annoying brats of DOOM, make an appearance. Blah to them. Return to the good... er... mad... er... doctor and talk to him. Oh look, annoying kids again. WHOMP EM! (well, not right now...) ^>__>^

Well, you heard the freaky doctor. Time to find the Mayor. ... ya know... the sucky thing is... sometimes I confuse Jack for a Heartless... and a Heartless for Jack. ^>__<^ This is especially true for the Wight Knights. Alright, back to where you found Sally, and examine the coffin Shock, Lock, and Barrel opened. Again, if you find White Mushrooms, click on "Mushroom Guide" above for what to do. Find the Mayor on the other side of this area and talk to him. Turn right asap and watch where the ghosts come out of, then examine the tombstones in the order that the ghosts appeared (there should be only about three ghosts). Turn around, and the huge pumpkin you passed by just a second ago has exploded. Grab the Jack-in-the-Box out of the chest and head back to the lab. Talk to Dr. Finkelstein, and he finishes the heart. ... augh, freakin kids! *shakes fist at* ^>__<^ After them! ... yay Zero! ^~__~^ Follow that ghost dog! (i.e., back to where the Mayor was). Oh look, new Heartless. Weird, I thought these guys were only in Hollow Bastion... ah well! ... those kids and that stupid walking tub... ^-__-^;; Alright, in the area where the Mayor was, go around the pumpkin to where you found the chest earlier. To the right of that is an entrance to another area.

Try not to move around a lot, unless you like being attacked by a mizillion enemies at once. Kill off everything. If you hit a pumpkin... RUN AWAY! It'll explode when the fuse runs out. You can also pick them up and toss em at things, but eh. (Note: I said pumpkin, not jack-o'-lantern) Whenyer done, wander up the hill and when you find something to examine, do so. In this area, kill more things, then when yer done, jump into the moat-type-deal and kill more things. A hole off to the side of the grate on the left side leads you back to Guillotine Gate, ifya need to go back, that is. On the right side of the moat is a chest with a Dispel-G in it. Behind that is another ledge. Jump to that, then to the bridge. From there, turn left and jump to the ledge on the land-side of the moat, then jump to the ledge the chest is on to release more dalmations. When yer done, go through the gate to Oogie Boogie's manor.

Run across the bridge, and try not to fall off. Ifya do, then find the stupid tub those stupid kids were riding on earlier (after fighting off the Heartless, of course). Ifya can't find the tub (it's wandering around and all), then go to where the water is and the right tunnel takes you back to the moat under the bridge. There's a chest near the door with an Ether inside it. Through the door is another chest with another Ether inside it. There's also a Red Trinity in here, but you don't have to go all the way back to Guillotine Gate to switch Goofy out. Just be patient. Lock-On to the platform thingy, cast Fira, then when it rises up jump to the next floor. Follow the path around and climb up the blue steps. Hang a left and jump up onto the house with teeth. ^.__.^ Jump from the very edge of the roof into the cage to get a Mega-Ether. Go back, and go forwards past the blue steps and around, up some more steps, and enter the Evil Playroom.

Mini-Boss: Lock, Shock, and Barrel
HP: Lock: 150, Shock: 120, Barrel: 180
EXP: varies, Lock: 80, Shock: 120, Barrel: 240
Attacks: physicals
My current level: Sora: 38, Donald: 36, Goofy: 40, Jack: 39

Go after annoying jumping red boy first, then go after the pointy-hatted one. Then go after Tubby. This way, you get the most EXP. They really aren't that difficult to kill off...

Tchah. After the fight, they blame everything on Barrel. Heh, aw. Talk to the kids afterwards, then use the SP to switch Goofy in. Use the Red Trinity from earlier to get a Mythril Shard, then come back up here to the Evil Playroom. Attack the lever (the thing other than the kids that you can Lock-On to), then go back to that house with teeth. Right before that is a new "area" with a treasure chest inside. Open it for a Dispel-G. Find the rope that the second cage was attached to and look down. Jump to that platform, then go to the edge and look down again. Hiya, cagey! Jump to the platform below you, then into the cage for another Dispel G. Examine the door on this platform. Go left, put items inyer slots (funny, official walkthrough says to put in Mega-Potions... while I'm still using regular Potions... ^<__<^;; ), then enter the green door. ... er... uai Oogie eat the heart? ewwwww... ^x__o^ ... Oogie's st00pid. Go kill him.

Boss: Oogie-Boogie
HP: 450
EXP: 2,500
Attacks: machines of DOOM, and bombs
My current level: Sora: 38, Donald: 36, Goofy: 40, Jack: 40

Alright, ignore the Heartless and everything else (unless yer low on HP). Keep locked on to Oogie-Boogie the whole time, and follow him. If you stick close to the edge of the area, whatever he throws atCHA will most likely miss. Magic does nothing, so blah to that. What you want to look at are the pads near the center of the area yer on. If Oogie's in the same area as you and the pad lights up, touch it and the area yer on will rise up. Now, ATTACK! If you get the wrong pad, then you can't reach Oogie. This more of an annoying fight than hard. Just watch yer HP and stuff. There's also some stupid dark vapor machine thing that heals him, so blah to that.

... ew, bugs. You get a Holy Circlet and Ansem's Report 7 for beating him. Sora and co. try to leave... but then it seems that Oogie's Manor ate and then fused with Oogie. Fun stuff, eh? No, not really, cause now you have to defeat it. ^-__-^;;

Boss: Oogie-Boogie fused with Oogie's Manor (what is this, the crappy season of Digimon?)
HP: 90
EXP: 2,500
My current level: Sora: 39, Donald: 37, Goofy: 41, Jack: 41

You have to destroy those purple blobs. Alright, jump down from where you are, then jump onto Oogie's foot that's near you (it's kinda small and looks like the tip of a burlap bag (which is exactly what it is). From there jump up to where it looks like there's a hole, then go right across and around on the platforms to find the first stupid blob. Lock-On, and destroy it. Ignore the stupid fireballs from the lanterns (yes, you can destroy the lanterns), and ignore the Gargoyles, too. Next to where that blob was is a box. Now, this part sounds kinda tricky, but it can be done. Get to the edge of the platform yer on, then jump right. You should be able to grab onto the bottom ledge of the box. Get inside, then jump and grab the top edge, then jump to the top of the box. Go right to the next platform, and find the next blob in another "box" (which is really a house) hanging on the side of Oogie. Destroy, then continue right. Jump to the roof of the house, then to the branch to the right of that. You can walk on Oogie here. Head right, and you should spot two more blobs. Destroy the one on the top first, then edge back the way you came, and look down to see the one below you. Drop down and destroy it. There is a way to get back to the "house" from here, but it's really tricky, and you'll most likely get knocked off by a Gargoyle anyway, so just drop back down to the ground and make your way back up to the roof of the house. Jump onto the branch again, then jump to the platform above it. Go left and around til you spot the next blob. Attack! Now, watch it, cause this platform moves! Hurry and jump left for the next blob. Now, back to the "house" deal, back onto the platform above it, then walk up to the top of Oogie's head. There's a platform up here, and a blob at the end of it. Destroy it to finally end this whole friggin mess.

w00t, giant Keyhole on the ground. You get a Gravity upgrade, and Jack gives you the Pumpkinhead keychainbladethingy after deciding to postpone (mrr? Hasn't he learned his lesson yet? ^O__o^;; ) the Heartless Halloween. ... haha, "What is a heart, anyway?" ^9__9^;; Aaaand... we're done. ... yes, I am well-aware that the stupid official walkthrough says to return to where Oogie's Manor was for a Dispel-G, but the thing is only the chests you missed will appear there, and we got that one. And they didn't. Cause they suck. So nya. :op


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