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Yeah, I know. Pooh Book. Cept... you have the last page, but you still need an ability for some of the items in the other areas, so we'll do that after this area. Into yer gummi ship, and go to the last world! Part of the way there, you get hijacked by Captain Hook's pirate ship. ... fun. ^-__-^;; Lalala, walkin around... what, you again? Oh look, Kairi. And Riku's on crack. *kix him* err? Aaaah, shadow Soraaaa... ^>__<^ Friggin Riku... uai he talk so... blandly? Beh. He sux. *snorts* Sora fall down da hooooooole... and squashes Goofy and Donald. Heh, bakaaaa. Boo! It's Peter Pan! ... maaan, does he look weird in this game... ^>__>^;; Ha, Donald getting beat up by a pixie. ^~__~^;; Yes, there's an SP in here. Leave through the door, beat up the Heartless (and Shadow Sora), then climb up the ladder and head through the door on the right. Yes, Shadow Sora keeps showing up... jump down into the lower area and beat up more bad guys, then climb up the other ladder in this area. The Pirates are a lot like the Bandits from Agrabah, so it's really nothing new... Peter now attempts to teach yer party how to fly... cept... even though Donald's a duck, he doesn't do too well... ^>__>^;; (and yes, Tinkerbell's laughing, not just trying to show off her ass... ^-__-^;; ) Blah blah blah, more Riku being a moron and Hook whining. And look, it's Wendy! ... who's always gotten on my nerves. Ah well. Hey look, Kairi twitches like as if she's been on Lithium! ... don't ask how I know what Lithium does to people... ANYWAY! Open the chest in the corner for a Dispel-G, then jump onto the shelf on the other side of the room. There are two holes in the grates above your head. Jump into the one on the right first to find an SP, then use the Green Trinity to lower a ladder. Go up the ladder. ... waugh!

Boss: AntiSora
HP: 750
EXP: 2,000
My current level: Sora: 40, Donald: 38, Goofy: 32, Peter: 31

No, this isn't like the Shadow Soras from before. This is AntiSora. And has a lot more HP, and actually attacks you instead of just floating around! He fights like you do, making this probably the most difficult battle in the game (aside from the optional bosses). EXCEPT! He doesn't have any techs or magic (cept Fire). Sooo... just whomp him, and watch yer HP. He moves like a faster version of a Shadow, which sucks, and you can't stay locked-on, either. Eventually, he splits into three. If you hit one and it disappears, then it wasn't the real AntiSora. When you find one that you can actually hit, attack! By this time, he's pretty low on HP anyway.

You get a Raven's Claw for kicking its butt. Open the green chest for some dalmations, then go to the floor hatch on the opposite side of the room and inspect it to jump down into the room the pirates are keeping Wendy in. Peter now abandons yer party, so ifya liked having him withya... too bad. :op Open the chest for a Protega Chain, then go ahead and leave the room. Enter the door on your right, climb up the ladder, then go through the door. ... so... Riku's gone off to Hollow Bastion? Fun... I hate that place. ^-__-^;; Oh, look, pixie in a cage. How'd he catch her, anyway? ^O__o^;; What, Keyblade? Screw you, biznatch! Ahhh, ticking crocodiiiile... uai Sora edge to end of plank? He want get eaten by time-bomb croc? Monkie... Peter sounds so cheesy... wheeeeeeee! *CHOMP* Haha, ya miiiissed! *kix stoopid croc in the head* Peter yoinks Tinkerbell, Cure gets upgraded to Cura, and now you can put Peter back in ifya want... And you also gain the ability to fly. Wheee+! Beat up the Heartless! Use O to fly, ifya want (might as well practice). You can chase after the Air Pirates like this, and fight them in midair! ^~__~^! After awhile, Peter knocks on Hook's door, and pretends to be Smee. Ha! He fell for it! Beat 'im up for wanting yer Keyblade!

Boss: Captain Hook, Battleship
HP: 900
EXP: 3,400
Attacks: attacking with his sword
My current level: Sora: 41, Donald: 39, Goofy: 42

Ignore the friggin Battleships. Stay on the ground and whomp Hook. Ifya cast Fira on him, he catches on fire for a short time, haha. :op And sometimes he runs around on fire! Ha! Watch it, though, he's a really good swordsman... not the quickest fight ever, but not the hardest, either.

Afterwards, Peter kicks Hook into the ocean! Right next to the croc! Haha! Swim, Hook, swim! Or don't! *snickers* You learn Ars Arcanum (tech), and receive Ansem's Report 9. Fun stuff. And Sora's all happy and schtuff. Blah blah, clock tower, and more of Tinkerbell's butt... ^>__>^;; *gives her some underwear*

... and now we're in London? Weird. Talk to Wendy four times, then go right for some dalmations. Jump off, and fly back to where Wendy was, then go up for an SP. Go down and find the clock face that reads 2100 (9:00) instead of 1200 like all the other clocks. Lock onto the hand pointing at nine and whomp away (three times)! Helloooooooo Keyhole! After locking it, you get the other Navi-G piece.

Flashback. ... Riku was so cute as a kid. ... I wonder what happened to him... :op Woah. Keyhole! ^O__o^;;; What's with Riku. Weirdo... ^-__-^;; ... I think he ate some sulfur... ^>__>^;;

Back with Sora, Peter, and co... awww, ain't that cute... Tinkerbell goes nuts, and then you get her as a summon. Yay? She heals the party in battle and other stuff (no attacks though). It's described in the Tech Skills section *points up* You also get the Fairy Harp keychainbladeblahblahblahthing and the shared ability Glide. Board your ship, and Donald says to go back to town. Also, a new Coliseum tournament is open, which is the next link in the list. Back to Traverse Town with you first though!

Talk to Cid, and Sora gets depressed. ... I'm starting to think he's bipolar... aaah, nooooooo! Sora!! Don't go into the liiiiiiiiiight! :op Aw, chibi Kairi... and this music sounds like Chrono Cross music... man, I don't remember this part at all. Ah well. Much talk of light and darkness... err? ... that's the Hollow Bastion library........ ^O_________o^;;;;;;;;!!! Well, Cid comes back, and the gummi has been installed. Fun. You get a Transform-G. Alright! Well, there are new weapons available in the Item Shop, but I'm sticking with the ones that I already have. You can probably synthesize more things now at the Moogle's Workshop. Visit Pongo and Perdita for some more items, then it's off to Merlin's place for you (yes, even ifya don't wanna do the Pooh Book). If you teleport there, Donald and Goofy do some talking. And yes, we'll revisit places in a minute... just hold yer horses! Go around to the back of Merlin's house, find the chest near the back of the cave, then glide over to it (you need to have the Shared Ability Glide equipped...) and open it for some dalmations. Now, teleport to your ship, and head back to Neverland. Yes, I said Neverland.

Choose Clock Tower, fly out, and find the doorway with a light above it. Open the door for an item. Now, every game hour a new light will appear over a new door, and you can get twelve different items. The clock that's off (i.e., not currently reading 12) will keep track of what doors you've opened. Here's a list of what you can get.

1300 (1:00) Orichalcum
1400 (2:00) Power Up
1500 (3:00) Mythril Shard
1600 (4:00) Power Up
1700 (5:00) AP Up
1800 (6:00) Mythril
1900 (7:00) AP Up
2000 (8:00) Defense Up
2100 (9:00) Orichalcum
2200 (10:00) Defense Up
2300 (11:00) Mythril Shard
2400 (12:00) Megalixir

Now, teleport to Ship: Hold, go out the door, beat up the Heartless, then fly up into the rafters in the middle of the room. Land on the topmost one and open the chests to find some more dalmations and a Shell-G. Now, go onto the deck of the ship (teleport to Ship: Cabin, go out the door, enter the door to your right, climb up the ladder, and go through the door). After fighting off the Heartless, fly up and find the Dispel-G in a chest in one of the crow's nests up there (a crow's nest is the round thing on top of masts that look-outs, well, look out from to search for land or enemy ships and such). ... and that's yer nautical lesson for today. See? My walkthroughs are useful and teachya stuff! ^O__o^;;;; Anyway, teleport back to yer ship, and head for Wonderland (remember to keep track ofyer game time so you can get the Clock Tower items).

Enter the Lotus Forest, then go into that lil niche area (forwards, and it's onyer right), jump up the two toadstools, then make your way across the lilypads to the corner of this area (to the left of where you came in, when facing the back of the area). Jump and glide across the area to get to a chest on the other side with an Orichalcum inside it. Now, enter the door nearby. The chest onyer left has more dalmations in it, and the other one has an Aeroga-G. From there, look to the back of the area, find the chest, and glide over to it for a Mythril. Now, to the Deep Jungle!

Choose Jungle: Tunnel, then jump up and go through the doorway. Hang a right into the Climbing Trees area, then jump and fly across to the doorway on the other side of the area, ignoring the never-ending waves of Heartless. More than likely, the battle theme will start playing, but you won't see any enemies. Hurry and enter the Tree House! There'll probably be White Mushrooms there and you can get more Arts! Woo! Alright, now locate the staircase in the back of the house on the left-hand side. Jump up (you needed high jump to be able to reach this), then go out onto the balcony. Go all the way around (left) the Tree House, then when you get to the edge, jump left and glide your way to a platform belooooow (on the side of the house that doesn't have a balcony up here). Climb the ladder to the roof of the house and open the chest for a Protera Chain. Next, turn around and go to the end of the roof. Look across and locate the circular wooden platform. Below that is a boat with a chest in it. Glide to that to get a Mythril. Now... on to Agrabah! ^O____o^;;;;!

Choose Storage, then go to Main Street and jump to the platform with the doorway that is on the other side of the area from Aladdin's house. From there, jump up and grab onto the platform above and open the chest for a Mythril. Back down onto the previous platform, go through the doorway to the Palace Gates area. Look left and glide across to the small platform. Try not to get knocked off by the Pot Spider, then jump up to the platform above it, defeat another Pot Spider, then open the chest for an Aeroga-G. Look right and glide to the other platform to find some more dalmations. Now, go to the Desert, then enter the Cave of Wonders. After defeating the enemies in the area, jump up onto the platform nearest the door on the other side of the room, turn to face the chest, and glide to it for some more dalmations. ... on to Halloween Town! (yes, this is the express tour of Kingdom Hearts :op )

Enter Guillotine Square, then go left to where the two big jack-o-lanterns are. There's a wall on your right. Go around the corner of that, then High Jump onto a little ledge. Jump into the "teeth" and open the chest for a Power Up. Now, go to the edge of the teeth and look right. See more teeth? Glide into the mouth for two chests (more dalmations and an Elixir). Alright, head to the Moonlight Hill via the platform that you can cast Fira on (it's on the left side of the Cemetary). ... stupid Black Fungus... ^-__-^;; Alright, check out the door that's right next to where the platform you came in on is. The chests in here contain a Thunder-G, Dispel-G, Esuna-G, and some dalmations. Use the door in the middle of the area to get back to Moonlight Hill, then either do the Pooh Book or head for the Coliseum. Also, be sure to visit Pongo and Perdita to receive your items.

Coliseum: Hercules Cup

Sidequest: 100 Acre Woods

Dive to the Heart

Destiny Islands

Traverse Town


The Coliseum

Deep Jungle

Locking Traverse Town

The Coliseum: Phil Cup



Coliseum: Pegasus Cup


Halloween Town