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Hercules Cup
9 - Dusk Vanguard Gargoyle (5), Shadow (3)
8 - Minions of Horror Wight Knight (4), Air Pirate, Barrel Spider (2)
7 - Buccaneers Battleship, Pirate (4)
6 - Stray Phantom Gargoyle (4), Wight Knight (3)
5 - Mad Truffle Rare Truffle
4 - Cloud Cloudie-kuns! (Don't call me that) .. but but but I WANNAAAA!!! ^>__<^
3 - Dark Squadron Wight Knight, Gargoyle (2), Pirate (2), Air Pirate (2)
2 - Flying Pirates Battleship (2), Pirate (2), Air Pirate
1 - Hercules ... like you need to ask... ^9__9^

Seed 9: Gargoyle, gargoyle, gargoyle, shadowmonkey

Seed 8: Just smack things. The occasional Thundara might help things out a bit...

Seed 7: Take out the Battleshiiiiiip!

Seed 6: Ehhhhhh... smack. ^~__~^

Seed 5: Remember, no enemies drop any items in the Coliseum, so just smack it once to make it go way.

Seed 4: Aww... you must smack my Cloudie-kuuuuuuns... *pout* (... stop that -_-) This is exactly like your first encounter with Cloud. You get the Metal Chocobo keychain-thingy for beating him (ohhh yeahhhh...)

Seed 3: I say take the Pirates out first, but then again, they're all pretty equal.

Seed 2: You sunk my battleship! ... or somethin... ^>__>^;;;

Seed 1: Alright, this... is annoying. VERY! Neither Donald or Goofy are ever present for this match. Bah! Why you have to go and open yer big mouth and say you wanna go one-on-one?? ^>__<^! Anyway. When he's glowing, he's invincible. This is where those stupid barrels come in. Pick one up, and toss it at his head! Sometimes, he'll just be posing, the vain moron. When you hit him with a barrel, his invincibility shield thing temporarily goes bye-bye. SMACK! WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT! Use Arcanum or any of your other techs to make this go faster. If you knock him away, run back to the barrels, cause he'll take this time to become invincible again, while letting out a burst of energy too. Dodge Roll out of the radius of his attack. He does a similar attack after he leaps into the air. When you see him jump, DODGE ROLL! At some point, he'll start spinning around in a circle. Just keep hitting him with barrels, and remember to HEAL! YOUR! SELF! Like I said, Donald and Goofy aren't there to do it for you.

Haha, Phil's so weird. For winning the Hercules Cup, Goofy gets Herc's Shield, and Herc's all impressed. Deep philosophical ramblings, Phil being all, dhur?, and Herc gives you life-affirming lessons. After his long-winded speech, you get the Olympia keychain-thingy and the ability to use Yellow Trinities! w00t. Use the Yellow Trinity in front of that block of stone Phil tried to have you push around all those ages and ages ago. ... hellooo Coliseum Keyhole!

Winning with Sora alone gets you an Orichalcum. During the time trial, watch out for the Wight Knights that hide in corners, cause you'll have to go find em. You get a Power Up for defeating the time trial. Woo, defeated Hercules with 15 seconds left! (*whew*)

Hollow Bastion

Dive to the Heart

Destiny Islands

Traverse Town


The Coliseum

Deep Jungle

Locking Traverse Town

The Coliseum: Phil Cup



The Coliseum: Pegasus Cup


Halloween Town