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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!

Hades Cup
49 - Shadow Brothers Soldier (3), Shadow (7)
48 - Wild Dance Wight Knight (3), Powerwild (4)
47 - Terrible Feet Hammerlegs, Pirate (4), Shadow (2)
46 - Dirty Claws Powerwild, Pot Spider (6)
45 - Mad Truffle Rare Truffle
44 - Yuffie er... Yuffie. ^>__>^;;
43 - Outlaws Bandit (3), Pirate (4)
42 - Dark Garrison Defender, Wight Knight (3), Soldier (2)
41 - Bad Union Bandit, Powerwild (2), Large Body, Fat Bandit, Soldier
40 - Behemoth ... yes
39 - Red Legion Search Ghost, Red Nocturne (8)
38 - Blue Legion Blue Rhapsody (7), Gargoyle (2)
37 - Sorcerous Armor Guard Armor, Blue Rhapsody (2), Red Nocturne (2)
36 - Mad Fungus Black Fungus, Green Requiem (4)
35 - Spiders and Magic Red Nocturne (3), Yellow Opera (3), Pot Spider (2)
34 - Optical Trick Stealth Sneak, Blue Rhapsody (2), Green Requiem (4)
33 - Magic Force Wizard, Red Nocturne (2), Yellow Opera (4), Blue Rhapsody (2)
32 - Shadow Summoners Wizard (3), Shadow (6)
31 - Mystic Mages Angel Star, Wizard
30 - Cerberus ... take a wild guess
29 - Sky Raiders Air Soldier (4), Air Pirate (3)
28 - Spookies Search Ghost (6)
27 - Terrible Fists Gauntlets, Gargoyle (5)
26 - Shadow Storm Shadow (various)
25 - Avengers Bandit, Wight Knight, Pirate, Soldier, Powerwild
24 - Dark Knights Opposite Armor, Darkball (6)
23 - Black Flap Gargoyle (2), Air Soldier (3), Air Pirate (2)
22 - Night Scarers Wyvern (3), Search Ghost (2), Wight Knight (2)
21 - Air Corsairs Battleship, Wyvern (2), Darkball (4)
20 - Cloud & Leon cheese and crackers (Cloud says: ... I hate you. Leon says: ... that's not my real name either... -_- )
19 - The Large Trio Large Body (3), Wight Knight (2)
18 - Blaze Bandits Fat Bandit (3), Red Nocturne (4)
17 - False Angels Angel Star (2), Wyvern (2), Large Body (2)
16 - Dark Storm Darkball (various)
15 - Air Brigade Wyvern, Air Pirate, Air Soldier, Gargoyle, Search Ghost
14 - Violent Bunch Fat Bandit (2), Invisible, Wizard (2)
13 - Heavy Warriors Fat Bandit (2), Defender, Large Body (2)
12 - Interceptors Defender (3)
11 - Elder Force Invisible (3), Angel Star (2)
10 - Hades Lord of the Underworld. And quite possibly Underwear (well, at least thongs).
9 - Night Rave Shadow (5), Darkball (3), Invisible
8 - The Requiem Red Nocturne (2), Blue Rhapsody (2), Yellow Opera (2), Wizard (2), Angel Star
7 - Invisible Fear Stealth Sneak, Invisible (3)
6 - Mad Mushroom White Mushroom (3)
5 - Black Storm Shadow (various), Darkball (various)
4 - Twin Mirage Stealth Sneak (2)
3 - Shadow Troopers Wyvern (various), Wizard (various), Defender (various)
2 - Final Battalion Darkball (various), Angel Star (various), Invisible (various)
1 - Rock Titan Stony Dude of DOOM

Recommended level: 60+
My current level: 54

Official walkthrough says "around 60." I tend to agree, but this time I made it through at 54. Last time, I tried it once and got keelhauled by Hades, cause I was still in that "I'm gonna forget to heal myself" phase, then just never tried it again til now. ^>__<^ The good news is, if you beat a boss, and then lose later on, you don't have to start over from the beginning. w00tage!

Seed 49: ehhh...

Seed 48: They're all equally annoying, so ehhh+

Seed 47: Hammerlegs first, then the Pirates.

Seed 46: Just destroy everything in sight.

Seed 45: Do the bop.

Seed 44: Leon's not around to do colossal damage to you, so this is incredibly easy. Remember, knocking her shuriken back at her causes her damage, and they're not hard to dodge, even though she throws three at a time this time around. Firaga also works well. You get a Genji Shield for Goofy for beating her.

Seed 43: blah.

Seed 42: Defender goes down first. Remember, they're succeptible to attacks from behind and to their sides.

Seed 41: Whatever.

Seed 40: Remember: climb onto his back and smack his horn. This is just like that pseudo-boss fight back in Hollow Bastion. For beating him, Blizzara gets upgraded to Blizzaga. Yeah!

Seed 39: Doesn't really matter...

Seed 38: Ditto.

Seed 37: Take out the Guard Armor!

Seed 36: ... you need to ask? Take out that damn fungus! ^>__<^! Remember, use techs.

Seed 35: blah+

Seed 34: Sssttteeeaaalllttthhh sssnnneeeaaakkk...

Seed 33: We're off to kill the Wizard... the wonderful Wizard of cheese...

Seed 32: Again with the slaying of the Wizards.

Seed 31: Kill the Angel Star! Mrr...

Seed 30: Climb onto his back, smack his heads, Dodge Roll away from the power surges. It's the same as the first time you battled him. Ragnarok is niiiice... :oD You get a Thundara upgrade to Thundaga for beating him. Mmm, spells...

Seed 29: Eh. Smack.

Seed 28: mhmmm...

Seed 27: Gauntlets goin dooown...

Seed 26: Make them stoooooooop! So... many... Shadows... ^X__x^;;

Seed 25: errrrm... they're all pretty DOOM-y. Cept the Soldiers. Beh, do whatCHA want.

Seed 24: Death to the Opposite Armor!

Seed 23: ... I hate things that fly...

Seed 22: Wyverns, please, with a side-order of death.

Seed 21: You sunk my Battleship! ... didn't I say that last time? ^<__<^;;

Seed 20: Ahaaaaaaa... death. And DOOM. And even more death. I say take out Cloud first, since Leon tends to just stand around lots and talk, while Cloud likes to go in for the kill. Both of them fight just like all the previous encounters you've had with them. If you've been doing this the whole way through, and haven't stopped yet, watch your HP meter VERY CAREFULLY, since by now Donald and Goofy are all out of items. Ahaaa... poor Cloudiekuns, with stars around his head... (Cloud says: ... mummy, is dat j00? *_*) ... errrr... *pets Cloud* ^<__<^;; For defeating them, you get the Lionheart key-thingythingthing. Yayness.

Seed 19: behhhhhhh... after those two? Man, whatEVer. Just kill things. ... and what's with the trees around the bloc? ^O__o^

Seed 18: beh+

Seed 17: Angel Stars first, then Wyverns.

Seed 16: ... goooooo awaaaaaaaay... ^T__T^ *bats at interminable wave of Darkballs*

Seed 15: ... what a motley sort of crew, eh? Have I mentioned that I hate things that fly?

Seed 14: Ah jeeze... I hate Invisibles. Keel heem plix?

Seed 13: Defeeenderrrrrrr...

Seed 12: ... reminds me a lot of the Gizmo Shop lately... ^>__>^;;

Seed 11: Invisibles! DEATH TO INVISIBLES! Cause, well, they hit hard... and stuff.

Seed 10: ... ah hell's cheesecake. Not only is he REALLY hard to beat, but... if he kills you... it's Game Over buddy. Yeah. So much doom. Alright, screw Donald and Goofy, if you've been healing them all this time. Just worry about keepin yerself alive, alright? Attack him, and dodge when he starts spitting fire. Now he's just like a Defender, in that his side and back are vulnerable. If he turns towards you, Dodge Roll around him. When he says "Feel the heat," prepare to Dodge Roll! Roll around and avoid his flamethrower attack. Don't bother attacking him while he's doing this, cause he's invincible at the moment. When he stops spinning around, attack! Here's a tip for the rolling business: roll in a straight line behind Hades, towards the wall of flame moving away from you. Hit him with any techs you've got! And right when he starts to turn red is a great time to use Curaga, since he's not attacking you while he's preparing to do the flamethrower thing.

Ahahaha! (Hades: AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!) Take that, ya monkey! Ehhhh... I don't think I want to know what he's getting attacked by... ^._____.^;;; For defeating the Lord of the Underworld, you get a Gravira upgrade to Graviga! ... man, that's a lot of spells being upgraded in one sitting... You also get Ansemīs Report 8.

Seed 9: Invisible first, of course.

Seed 8: Go for either the Wizards or the Angel Star, then whatever.

Seed 7: ... what, another Stealth Sneak? Man... basically, just keep hitting X and hope you hit something...

Seed 6: ... *sigh* no items are dropped in the Coliseum...

Seed 5: aaaahhh, the never-ending Heartlessssss...

Seed 4: ... two Stealth Sneaks. You have got to be kidding me. They're not hard to beat... I just like to be able to see what I'm smacking...

Seed 3: ... does it ever end? DOES IT?! AAAHHH!!!!

Seed 2: ... I guess it doesn't. STOP APPEARING OUT OF NOWHERE, GROMMIT!

Seed 1: ATTACK HIS FEET! FEET FEET FEET! Use techs and stuff, and cast Aeroga at the onset. When he falls over, jump and glide to his heads and attack! Try to get on his shoulder and attack one from the side. When he stands up again, repeat the procedure, unless you managed to stay on his chest while he's walking around (or between his two heads). If so, then just keep smacking until you get knocked off. Cast Aeroga whenever it wears off, but leave enough MP to cast Curaga when needed. When you see his foot rise up, jump! Cause that shockwave hurts.

Ahaha, Donald put Hades' hair out. *snickers* Ha! Sora's all ^_^! You learn the Trinity Limit tech for winning the Hades Cup. Now that you have Blizzaga, go put out those fires in the courtyard again to get a Holy-G. Well, if you go at the Hades Cup with Sora alone and win, you get Donald's Save the Queen (My current level: 64). And beating the Hades Cup time trial (under 20 minutes) gets you Goofy's Save the King. Fun fun.

Phil now has some mystery matches (?????) in his menu thingy (you need to win the Hades Cup to unlock the Gold Match, by the by)

Gold Match
Ice Titan
Platinum Match

Aha... well... they're not called optional bosses for nothin, ya know...

Boss: Ice Titan
HP: 1,500
EXP: 5,000
Attacks: freeze attack (type one: stationary area-affect, type two: longer reach and moves), throwing icicles atCHA (multiple times in a row), dropping large chunks of ice ontop of you, causing large icicles to sprout out of the ground in a similar fashion to Cerberus' dark pool attack thing
My current level: 64+

Huh... must be Rock Titan's meaner older brother... ah well. He's the first "?????" in Phil's menu, and you sooooooooo do not want to fight Sephiroth at this level, so PLEASE choose the right one? (ohhh the slaughterrr...) Oh, yeah, by the way? Sora's in it alone for this one. Sorry bout that.

First things first: You're gonna need Curaga inyer shortcut menu, I swear. And you also definately need Superglide, so ifya haven't beaten the Chernabog in End of World... you should go do that... Put in any MP-restoring items you have into your items slots (NOT Ethers, better things, please, cause I almost killed him and died cause I ran out of MP to cast Curaga with), cause dying is a bad thing, mmmkay? Now... some things to note: His freezing attack does a lot of damage, BUT type one can be avoided by sticking to the top row of seats. Type two, unfortunately, isn't avoided as easily. If you run around lots (along the top row of seats), then you can pretty much avoid most of his attacks. The large chunks of ice that get dropped on you can be broken if you smack them, thus reducing the damage done. Unfortunately, the stalagmites (or whatever) of ice that come afterwards are only similar to Cerberus' dark pool thingies in that they just appear out of nowhere. Unlike Cerberus' attack, though, they pretty much appear randomly, so you can't really keep "ahead" of them.

The attack you really want to watch out for (as in, it's helpful to you), are the icicles he shoots atCHA. Usually, there's a *ching*-type noise (not a chime) when they first appear, which is your signal to get ready. Another way to know if he's gonna throw the icicles is usually he moves his hands back, kinda like a Kamehameha from DBZ, cept faster. Anyway. WhatCHA need to do is knock those icicles back at him. This causes him damage, and eventually he falls down, just like the Rock Titan. Unfortunately (lots of unfortunately's in this match...), unlike the Rock Titan, the Ice Titan gets up pretty quick. This is why you need Superglide, cause Glide just doesn't cut it. When he falls down, zoom over to him and start whacking. When he gets back up again, zoom back to the top step, and repeat. Eventually, he'll be dead. Or else you'll be. Ergh.

Boss: Sephiroth
HP: 1,800
EXP: 18,000
Recommended level: 70+
My current level:

Woooooooaaaaaaaah, cool introoooooooooo... although ... (although what? ALTHOUGH apparently something has deleted the rest of this page. What that something was, I have no idea. Seriously. Even the tags that end my page are gone. There was absolutely NOTHING after "although" written here now! There obviously used to be, cause I would never just end a page like that, especially with NO TAGS AT THE END. ^-__-^;; OK, so... this is yet another page I have to rewrite, apparently... *sigh* Will my work never end? Sorry!)

End of World

Dive to the Heart

Destiny Islands

Traverse Town


The Coliseum

Deep Jungle

Locking Traverse Town

The Coliseum: Phil Cup



The Coliseum: Pegasus Cup


Halloween Town


The Coliseum: Hercules Cup

Hollow Bastion