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OK, the Winnie the Pooh/100 Acre Woods sidequest. The book is next to Merlin's bed, on a table. To enter the world, choose "Examine" from the menu. Each time you find a Torn Page, a new area in the world/book will open up, with new things to do. The compass at the top- right lets you return to Merlin's study.

Page 1

The first time you have access to the book, there are a lot of blank spaces on the page. Go to the right side of the book (near the bottom) to find what looks like a house of sticks. This is the meadow. Choose "Sure" to enter. It's Pooh bear! Approach him for him to tell you what's up. Afterwards, check inside the hollow log Pooh'd been sitting on to find a chest with a Mythril Shard in it, then leave the area in any direction.

While you can't do Dodge Roll in the areas, you can do them while on the page of the book (who knows why). There is also now an SP north of your present location but, no, you can't teleport into or out of this book. OK, head left and a new place has appeared. This is Pooh's house. Answer Sure. Now, go forwards, and left before you get to the door. Go around the house and jump onto the roof, then lock onto the chimney and smack it til that now-familiar sound that you've done something special sounds. OK, enter the house, listen to Pooh, then grab the Mega-Ether you knocked out of the chimney. Now, open the closet behind where the chest fell to find an Elixir. There's some other stuff you can do that doesn't affect anything, like ringing the bell outside, lighting the fire outside, opening the window inside, examining the clock inside, and smacking the bell outside. Leave the house, and Owl will tell you you need more pages. ... well, duh.

Page 2

Oh, so you've found the next page, have you? Alright then. Head to the compass near the top of the page (the one that sends you back to Merlin's study), and inspect the tree to the left of it. ... awwwwwww, so smaaaaaaaaaall... ^<__<^;; ... *snicker* I guess Sora's rather intimidating when yer less than a foot high (and that's also the only time he is...) (Sora: ... HEY!). Piglet runs off into a bush... ack, come back 'ere! Follow that pig! ... who darts back into the bush. ^>__<^ Fine! Go around the other side of the tree and sneak up on him from behind, then choose Talk. ... stealing honey with a balloon, go fig. Talk to Pooh, and answer "Sure!" Owl arrives on the scene. Alright, well, basically you have to follow Pooh up the tree by jumping from branch to branch. When you see bees, Lock-On and SMACK! Try not to fall off the branch, though... The Rush option lets you get back up, but 1) like Owl says, it's not 100% a sure thing, and 2) it takes off points from your final score each time you use it. Bah, stupid branches of DOOM. But it's funny when he gets +100 licks. Yay. You get Naturespark afterwards! Talk to the Fairy Godmother to get the Bambi summon from Naturespark.

Page 3

Ah... yer back again. Whee. The newly-opened area is in the upper-left corner of the book. Run down the lane and through the field to Rabbit's house. Examine the mailbox to find a letter from Pooh. Pull up all of the vegetables in Rabbit's garden to find some items (man... I got more stuff last time... ^-__-^;;). No, I don't know why you can target Rabbit's clothes... anyway. Go behind his house to find Pooh and Piglet. Piglet says that the house says that nobody's home. Talk to Pooh to find out that it's true. ... well, Nobody or not, I'd like to get a look at Mr. Nobody, wouldn't you? Go back around to the front and enter the house. Pooh, meanwhile, has the same idea, and resorts to crawling through Rabbit's rear entrance. Try Locking On to something, and locate the blut pot in the rafters. Examine it, and Rabbit seems to not know how it got there... ^>__>^

Leave the house, then try leaving the area. Piglet chases after you and asks you to help Pooh. ... aw, he fell down. ... and I just whacked Piglet. Oops. Anyway. Talk to Pooh... or, rather, his butt. Well, there's nothing for it but to go around to the back and talk to Pooh there. And yes, his front half this time. Rabbit comes by and says that carrot top juice will do the trick, but then who should come along but Tigger. *POUNCE*!! ^@___@^;;;;!!!! waugh. Mega-pounce, more like it... or bounce... Anyway. Owl comes along and tells you how to keep Tigger from ruining Rabbit's carrots. ... way to ruin one already, Owl. ^9__9^ Apparently this time around you can use Rush without it killing your score. Well, you don't really need Rush, but OK. Just follow him around and attempt to crash into him before he lands. This causes Sora to bump Tigger like a volleyball. You don't have to save all of the carrots, so don't freak.

After finishing the game, go inside Rabbit's house. Talk to Pooh to whomp him out of the hole. GYAHAHA, he got his head stuck in a pooot! *snickers, falls over* Whelp, you get a Mythril Shard, and you're done.

Page 4

Hello again! This one's pretty short, so... mrr. Go to the area south and left of the SP (it's a tree). Pooh and Piglet are staring into a river, when they spot Eeyore floating down it. Of course, donkeys don't usually swim, so... time to save Eeyore. Jump in and swim up to him. Aww, poor Eeyore's lost his tail. Again. And... Owl's back. *eyes him suspiciously* Last time Eeyore's tail went missing, Owl was using it as a bell-pull. ^-__-^;; Anyway. Lead Pooh up to the swing a lá those stupid monsters in Shadow Forest (Chrono Cross) or that stupid gnome in the Cave of Spirits (Tales of Phantasia). Lock-On to Pooh so that he follows you. Take him around the left side of the tree, or else Pooh gets distracted by a honey jar. If Pooh stops walking, un-lock, go up to him, and Lock-On again.

Well, you heard him, press R1, then press it every time Owl opens his wings. You have to keep doing this til Pooh lands on Eeyore's house (which keeps falling down on its own anyway, so don't feel too bad about it). Ergh. About 22 yards will do the trick. Whee. You've found Eeyore's tail, congratulations! For completing this section, Stop gets upgraded to Stopra. Woozing monkies. Return to Pooh's house and talk to him, then target the sticks in front of him and cast Fira. Talk to Pooh again, and he'll give you a Mithril as thanks. Next?

Page 5

Yay, another page! Near the center of the book and above the bridge is where the next area is. Hi Owl! ... please don't poop on my head... ^>__>^;; Walk up to Tigger and Roo and choose "Okay!" Ha, silly Owl. Talk to Tigger, then do exactly what he did. When yer done, talk to him again. You have two more jumping rounds to do, including this one. Alright, for round two, go: forwards, then to the one next to the one you started from, then to the one you started from, forwards, same path as the first round til you get to the last tree stump, then turn right and jump+ to the tree stump right before the big pot, then back, then to where Tigger and Roo are. Now, for the last round: Jump to the seesaw thing so that Roo can bounce you onto the treetop. Look down and find the large round stump. Your target is the one before that one (it's below the branches yer on). Get to the edge of the branches and drop down and slightly forwards, then follow the same path you did in round one.

Now, talk to Roo. The object of this game is to whack the nuts or whatever that Tigger throws out of the pot back at the pot to break it. The catch is, if you fall off, you have to start over again. Lock-On to make things easier. Stand in the middle of the stump, and smack the nut when it's about Sora's height above his head. Repeat til the pot breaks. Jump into the hollow stump the pot was on to get the AP Up out of the chest. Jump out and Lock-On to a nearby log to get a Mythril.

Find Owl near the path that you came in from to learn that he wants some rare nuts. Find Tigger near Pooh at the back of this area and talk to him, then go to the seesaw and choose Roo. Jump up and grab the purple nut-thing, then give it to Owl for a Power Up (yes, there's another one up there, but you can only have 1 rare nut inyer inventory at a time). Soooo... choose Roo again and grab the other nut. You get a Defense Up for this one. There's a chest in the lower branches of that tree, but you can't get to it until you've gone to Neverland, soooo... cheese. On Tigger and Roo's side of this area in the back is a lone little tree stump. Go around to the back of it so that you're facing a log, then jump on it. Run and jump over the log and onto the piece of wood that the geyser you just activated has pushed up, then grab the rare nut. Owl gives you a Mythril Shard for this one. On the other side of the area, near the log than you broke, is another one of those stumps that turns on a geyser. Jump on it, then onto the stump near the end zone for the jumping game. From there, jump onto the platform the geyser lifted up (if you miss, just try again. This geyser lasts a lot longer than the other one). Look left and jump to that tree branch, then find the red chest near you. Jump to the hill it's on to get another Mythril Shard.

Back at the seesaw, choose Tigger, who launches you onto a tree branch. Jump to the branch that's growing out of the same tree yer on (you should be facing it). From there, turn a bit left and jump to that branch, then jump forwards and right to land on some leafy branches. Jump into the hole in the tree, and you slide down, along with a chest (Dispel-G). Back at the long geyser, use it again, then turn around and jump to the leafy branches behind you. At the end is another rare nut. You get an AP Up for this one. The other parts of this area will have to wait til after Neverland, sooo... yeah. You get a Mythril regardless.

Page 6

The last area of the book is in the lower left-hand corner, a winding muddy path. Pooh's apparently wandering around. Approach him to figure out that Pooh's... following his own footprints. ^<__<^;;; Lock-On to Pooh to make him follor you, then walk around the bush til you find a place that looks like someone took a chainsaw to the bush. Examine it to find Eeyore. Now, you have to find everybody else, and put them in the bush where Eeyore is. Alright, here we go! Well, for the first one you don't even need to have Pooh follow you. Just go around the bush (left), find the arched branch (Roo's jumping on it), smack the branch til Roo falls off it, then talk to him. Now he's in the bush. Yay! Now for Rabbit. Target Pooh, then go left of your location. There's a well-type thing spitting leaves out, and on the other side of that are three holes in the rock-face. Wait for Rabbit to come out of one of them, then talk to him. Now, for Tigger. Jump into the well-thingy I mentioned earlier, and you go hiiigh into the air. Stand at either end of the log and talk to Tigger when he bounces near you (if you Hit instead and fall off, just jump back into the well again). This one's annoying, cause Tigger keeps bouncing around... ^-__-^;; Owl's next. Back into the well (what is this, Inuyasha? ^O__o^ ), get onto the right-hand side of the log, then jump up onto the ledge in the back. Owl flies around for a bit, then find him in the corner and talk to him. Now, for the last one: Piglet. Alright, back onto the log of DOOM, cast Fira into it to destroy the cobwebs. Jump down, go over to the blue flowers near one end of the log, then target Pooh for him to come to you and use the flowers and butterflies to rise up (cool, huh?). Stand at the edge of the log nearest to Pooh, target him, and he follows you up to the top of the log. Go to the other side of the log, and try not to fall off until Pooh's fallen into the hole in the middle, cause from then on he walks to the other side by himself. Find the other blue flowers near the ledge and target Pooh. More flowers and butterfly floating tricks, then go to the hole in the tree. Target Pooh, and when Pooh gets nearby, they talk, then Piglet comes out of a smaller hole down at the bottom. Jump down to the ground and talk to Piglet so that he goes into the bush. The Torn Page turns into an Orichalcum. And now... everybody's reunited... and Pooh attempts to think. ^~__~^;; LOCKING OF THE KEYHOLE! WOOOOO, cheesecake. You can come back any time you want and do the minigames. In fact, to get Sora's Cheer ability, you need to do the following:

  • Pooh's Hunny Hunt: more than 100 licks
  • Block Tigger: more than 150 points
  • Pooh's Swing: more than 40 yards
  • Tigger's Giant Pot: break the pot in under 30 seconds
  • Pooh's Muddy Path: find everybody in under five minutes

    And now, on with the rest of the game! If you've already done the Coliseum: Hercules Cup, then click on Hollow Bastion or End of World instead.

  • [The Coliseum: Hercules Cup] | [Hollow Bastion] | [End of World]

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    Destiny Islands

    Traverse Town


    The Coliseum

    Deep Jungle

    Locking Traverse Town

    The Coliseum: Phil Cup



    The Coliseum: Pegasus Cup


    Halloween Town


    The Coliseum: Hercules Cup

    Hollow Bastion

    The Coliseum: Hades Cup