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Well... this is it folks. The last page. The final chapter. The eternal cheese. ... well, OK, maybe not that last one... First things first, though. Travel to Wonderland, beat up the Heartless (they'll appear eventually) in the Rabbit Hole, and another chest mysteriously appears again. This one's got a Megalixir in it. Well... since I have nowhere else to put these monkies, I'm gonna put the two hidden bosses (other than the two that you can fight in the Coliseum) here. They're harder than the final bosses (mrr?), hence why the "My character level" things are higher than for the final bosses (yes, I have different games saved at different places). By the way, you can only fight these two after locking Hollow Bastion, which is also why it makes sense to have them here (and the Hollow Bastion page is huge enough as it is...)

Personally, I think Kurt Zisa is easier to beat than the Phantom, so... to Agrabah! Enter Aladdin's House, talk to the Carpet, then take a ride on it. You end up in the Desert... ack!

Boss: Kurt Zisa
HP: 1,500
EXP: 20,000
My current level:

(how to beat him coming soon, sorry!)

The other hidden boss is in Neverland. Choose Ship: Cabin, have Peter Pan in your party (cause only he can understand Tinkerbell), then talk to Tink in the corner. ... hellooooooo freaky dude! Now, this is why I said for you to get the Clock Tower items before locking Hollow Bastion... cause now you have to fight this guy to get them.

Boss: Phantom
HP: 1,200
EXP: 9,999
My current level:

(working on it)

Now, stock up on anything you'll ever possibly need, then fly to Hollow Bastion and go to the world below it.

... sooo so quiet... sooo so... spooky... sooo so... ... wait, what was the question? Ehh... Save ifya want, then go forwards. Wow, desolation. Much tripping of the light philosophical. Much... hunger... ahaha, going *poof* would be bad... oi, Goofy read my mind. ^O__o^;; Press Select so that you can see what's in front of you, then run forwards, then a tad to the right. Ack, big black ball of DOOM! Kill thiiiiiiiings!! ^>__<^! The good thing is, unlike in the Hades Cup, these guys here drop items and HP balls, so yer good to go. And if you've done the Hades Cup, then this is a piece of cake. If not, then watch out for the big dark blue guys with swords, cause they can be about as unpredictable as you are. Whenyer done, ignore the chest in the area (cause ya can't open it here), and wait for the game to take you back to the wastelandish area. To your right is the chest, and now you can open it to get a Power Up. Notice that the snowy rock yer standin on is shaped like a triangle. Each of these rocks is like a fixed point, and from the rocks you can only go in the direction the triangle is pointing towards, or in the exact opposite direction.

Move to the next rock, and open the chest. This leads you to another battle. You'd better get used to this reaction while yer around here. When yer done with the killing of things and are back in the wasteland, you get a Defense Up. Go left from the triangle to reach the next triangle. No battle this time, just a Megalixir. The next chest has you battle a Behemoth for your prize (an Omega Arts). It's just like the Hades Cup, and when you fought it in Hollow Bastion. *yawn* Head to the next triangle... and you get hijacked by a falling purple orb partway there. Ehhhh... kill things, then move on (yes, I know you can see two chests while battling. You can't open them, though). The chest contains an Angel Bangle. ... I keep trying to put Angle Bangle... ^-__-^;; Onwards, mighty soldiers! Grab the Megalixir at the next triangle, then move on for another battle and another Defense Up. The red chest gets you a Three Stars. Go left for your next battle and another Power Up. Now, I know whatyer thinking: "This triangle points onwards, but we missed a chest!" Well, yeah, but like I said earlier, you can also move in the opposite direction that the thing is pointing in. So... go to that chest! It's not really a direct path, so Dodge Roll towards it until you can't go any further, then Dodge Roll to the right once, then head towards the chest again. It leads to another battle, but you get rewarded with a Dark Ring. Alright, back to the last triangle (you'll have to do the same trick this time, cept Dodge Roll left when you can't go forwards anymore), then move towards the pillars. You get abducted by yet another purple ball, and have to fight yet another Behemoth. Meh. They're fun to kill. ^~__~^

You end up in a really weird place. Well, mrr. By the way, if you can't carry anymore gummis, skip to the next paragraph. Take a flying leap and glide straight across til you reach a platform. You'll most likely end up hanging off the edge of it, so pull up to the ledge, then open the chest on your right for a Haste2-G. Fly back to the other platform, then jump down the series of platforms near the right wall (when facing towards the chest you just opened). You should be on a ledge that curves left. Jump down into the depths (jump left when facing the left wall), and glide towards the left wall. There should be two ledges, one right under the other one. The lowest one has a chest on it with a Haste-G in it. Go to the edge of the platform and hit Select when facing the right wall. You should see three platforms that look kinda like three giant steps leading down and right. Under those (below and left of the third "step") is a larger platform. Glide to that, then either edge along the wall or glide across (towards where you were facing when you first appeared in this area). Either way, you reach another platform, with a chest containing an Esuna-G on it. From there, go a tad left til you're in the middle of the "bridge" that connects this platform to another one across the room. Look towards the front of the area (left, or towards where you entered this area), and locate another series of "steps," to the left of which is a platform with a giant red-and-yellow (it changes colours) crystal on it. Glide to there, and try to land on the right side of the giant crystal (near the wall). Turn to face the crystal, then hit Select, and look slightly left of the crystal. You should be looking at the wall on the other side, and something that looks like purple-blue meshing. Glide to there, and drop into the top of that. After beating up the Angel Stars, jump into the hole. Behind you is a chest with a Thundara-G in it. Turn around, and find the hole with light coming out of it. Glide to that ledge, and use the SP. OK, I'll come back to the last chest later, cause I can't get to it... I know where it is, but... ergh. *stabs it* It's an Ultima-G, by the way. If you read this paragraph, then skip to the last sentence of the next paragraph.

Anyway, if you didn't follow me through that last paragraph, jump to the very bottom of this area. No, I don't care where you are at the moment, just do it. Find the rock with the light coming out of the top. Well, that's your destination. Now, to get in there: Find the thin green webbing nearby, and climb it to the first platform you come across (it's on your left). Turn back towards the rock, and you'll see an SP on a ledge. Fly to the SP and use it. Now, jump into the hole behind that, and you fall into the light. Noooooooo, don't go towards the liiiiiiiiiiiight... :op

OK, this next part is pretty straight-forward: You're on a platform. Find the blue light and enter it. New platform, jump into the light in the middle, beat up the Heartless, leave the area, then find the next blue light, and repeat. If you turn around when you get to a new platform, you'll see a green light. It takes you back to the previous platform.

Well, now that you know how it all works, let's get to it. Blue light! Purple pillar of light! Helloooooo, Third District! ... or not. KILL THINGS! After that, find the chest near the fountain and get the Brave Warrior out of it, then go through the doors that usually lead to the First District. Blue light! Purple pillar! Helloooo, Wonderland. More death, and this chest gets you an Ifrit's Horn. Through the door to the Bizarre Room! Blue light! Purple pillar! Coliseum! Heartless! Chest behind the dude to the right of the door to the Lobby (Inferno Band). World Exit door! Blue light! Purple pillar! Jungle! Ah, you get the picture by now. Jungle => White Fang. Agrabah => Ray of Light. You have to fight through all three areas for this one, then jump up onto the yellow awning on the left, turn around and jump to the wooden platform nearby, then high-jump, and high-jump again to reach the chest. Use the World Exit to get back to the lights and stuff. And so on. Atlantica => AP Up. The chest is on the ground near the blocked-up exit. Halloween Town => Holy Circlet. The chest is at the highest point on the outside of the roulette wheel of doom (and no, no evil DOOM-y machines this time). The door out is on the other side of the room. Neverland => Raven's Claw. The door onwards is right behind you, and the chest is up the ladder in front of you and through the doorway also in front of you (it's in the right-hand corner). There are two places where you can fight enemies, ifya really want to (the other door up the stairs, which you opened with the Yellow Trinity, and in the room you can reach via the hole in the ceiling grating (same room where the treasure chest is). Hey, green pillar! Wow, different. :op 100 Acre Woods => Megalixir. Save! Leave the area, blue light, FIERY PILLAR OF DOOM! Heh. Enter it.

Defeat the Invisibles, then enter the room on your right and open the chest (to your left) to get a Megalixir, then inspect the weird machine-thingy. Cause, well, you can't do much else since the door you used to get in here is now locked. ^<__<^;; Blah blah blah and lots of talk (er, rambling) about hearts. One key, two key, red key, blue key, yeah yeah yeah, what is this, Dr. Seuss? ^>__<^ Whenyer done reading, two more Invisibles show up, and after you kill them off, the door reopens. ... what the heck is that really weird (and creepy) sound? ... whatever! Leave! Through the fiery pit of DOOM in the hallway! Bah, stupid freaky noise... Well, the fiery pillar of DOOM has turned into... a chasm-y, smoking hole of DOOM. ... which you have to jump into. Fun. ... er? Hey, look, we can fly! ... what the... waugh!

Boss: Chernabog
HP: 1,500
EXP: 15,000
Attacks: Breathing fire, making the volcano erupt, people-seeking energy balls, physicals
My current level: Sora: 62, Donald: 60, Goofy: 62

... I am really tempted to just call this guy a mini-boss, cause he's super-easy to beat. Just Lock-On to his head, glide over, cast Aeroga on all yer party members, and just smack away, re-casting Aeroga when needed. That is all. Just try to stay behind his head, but it really doesn't matter... and yes, that is a volcano he's sitting in. ... he must've been cold or somethin... and what's with this battle music? ^O__o^;; Reminds me of a carnival...

... kaBOOM. Ah well. You learn Superglide (finally). It's yer last shared ability. Fly into the now-dead volcano and fly down to the very bottom (the portal near you when you get in here just takes longer). The portal behind where you are now is the one that you would've eventually come through if you'd gone the other way. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything. Run down the corridor and into the portal, then repeat. And repeat again. Heh. You might want to refill your item slots (ifya need to) before going through, though, cause there's a LOT of fighting that you'll have to do as soon as you go through that last portal. Augh, Behemoth! Same ol', same ol'... when yer done with him, a piece of the Heartless emblem in the back falls out. Now you have to fight off a ton of Heartless as the pieces in the emblem fall out. When the last piece falls out, go through the opening. The chest in there contains another Megalixir. OK, well, you'd better use the SP, and teleport out ifya need anything (like, stock up on stuff, fight the hidden bosses (cause you really need Superglide for the Ice Titan), get Sora's Ultima Weapon, etc., etc., etc.), cause this is your very last chance to do so. By the way, sometimes White Mushrooms appear in that last area you just came from, so you can get Stop Arts here. When you get all seven Arts, go back to Traverse Town and talk to Merlin to get Goofy's Dream Shield.

Through the white door behind you lies the final boss(es). So... when yer ready... go through that door. ... yeah yeah yeah, I already gave them the warning, stop doin my job for me, stupid door! *kicks it*

Augh! The light! IT BUUUUUUURNS! And... er? Destiny Islands? Well, not quite. Just like all the other places we just went through, it's just an illusion. You can tell cause the ground's squishy. :op Go towards the Secret Place (ya know, that place near the waterfall?), and... er... hellooooo voice, and goodbye parts of the island. Blah blah, hush Ansem. We heard you say all of this crap at the beginning of the game. I think all the blows to his head that we gave him must've messed up his memory. ^9__9^;; Go towards where the ocean was to find Riku-Ansem. Much talking done by Ansem (cause we all don't know by now that he loves to hear himself talk...). Oh, look, he overshadowed Riku. Again. ... again? Again. Much again-ness. Cept... I dunno when Riku stopped belonging to darkness, but OK. Aha, what, they didn't notice that he'd, like, disappeared from in front of them? Tch. Stop talking already! As he gets lectured by Sora. Heh. And another lecture by Ansem. Oh, look, he finally stopped talking... and sprouted something from his back. Fun.

Boss: Ansem
HP: 1,500
EXP: 10,000
Attacks: Guardian's energy ball, energy sphere/shield thing (does damage), Guardian grabbing onto and paralyzing Sora, physicals
My current level: Sora: 65, Donald: 63, Goofy: 65

Oh the smacking. He's really not all that difficult. When he says "Come, Guardian," that thing behind him gets in front of him and blocks your attacks. If you can Dodge Roll around the Guardian, you can still do damage. When the Guardian goes behind him again, use one of yer techs, like Arcanum. He flies around a lot, too, but just high-jump and hit X, and you should still get some hits in. If the Guardian grabs you, you won't be able to move while he's doing that, but it doesn't cause a heck of a lot of damage, so don't worry too much about it.

Hey, look, more parts of the island being destroyed. Fun. Run towards where Ansem decided to go hide (where the waterfall used to be), and Ansem pulls his "No, I only have eyes for Sora, and Donald and Goofy suck!" trick again. Ah well.

Boss: Darkside
HP: 900
EXP: 8,000
Attacks: Creating a bunch of Heartless to attack you, bodyslam (area-effect), throwing energy balls
My current level: Sora: 65

Same as before: attack the hands. When he starts gathering up a ball of power, get away, and Dodge Roll away when he uses the attack. I swear, I have no idea why this stupid guy is in this game, what, four times? (Darkside says: Hey! I want my fifteen minutes of fame too!)

Boss: Ansem
HP: 1,200
EXP: 20,000
Attacks: Guardian's energy ball, energy sphere/shield thing (does damage), Guardian grabbing onto and paralyzing Sora, rushing atCHA with an energy barrier in front of him, twin paths of lightning, physicals
My current level: Sora: 66

Same as before, cept this time the Guardian will actually attack you more, physically and with energy balls. Also, Ansem does a really powerful attack, but you don't need more than 2 (at the most 3) Hi-Potions during this whole fight, even though Donald and Goofy aren't with you. Again, Dodge Roll away from the power surges, and use yer techs when you can (i.e., not when the Guardian is in front of Ansem). Also, when he's doing that stupid energy field rushing atCHA deal, if you can block him like Yuffie's shuriken, then he stops, and you do damage.

Abyss schmamyss. Helloooooo, door. ... yeah, if it's so dark, and there's no light... then why's the door white? Dork... err?? What the HELL is THAT thing?! ... seems Ansem has merged himself with a very screwed-up carnival or somethin... ^@__@^;; ... and what is WITH Donald and Goofy just never being around nowadays? ^>__<^! And... Riku's voice sounds out from the depths of... nowhere. Aaaand... apparently you can fly again.

Boss: Uber-Ansem
HP: 1,500
EXP: 20,000
Attacks: energy balls, physicals (both Ansem and the Guardian)
My current level: Sora: 67

Yes, the Guardian's there still, but Ansem is your target, and the Guardian doesn't get in your way this time. He does attack, though, but not much. Smack. That is all. ... what's the big deal?? Cast Aeroga on yerself for extra damage.

Awww... Ansem's locking himself away. The poor baby's scared... *snickers* Now you enter a dark room. Don't bother locking on to anything, just keep pressing X repeatedly. Cast Aeroga to make it go quicker, if you want. When you get rid of all the Shadows, a... thing... appears. Hit iiiiiiiit.

OK, what, this stupid thing again? Go smack the waving blue and black things.

After that's done, lock on. Hi, Ansem! Well, he's currently invincible, but around there is red, green, black, and whatever other coloured smoke, and at the bottom of the screen it'll say "Portal of Darkness." Go in there to hear Goofy. Again, fight off the Heartless (Darkballs this time), and then kill off the yellow... thing... this time.

... wow, somebody needs a dentist... ^.__.^ ATTACK THE HEAD! Heck, you don't even need magic around here... meh. Enter the Portal of Darkness after destroying the blue things nearby for some HP balls. Hi Donald! This time, I believe the enemies are Invisibles. Again, use Aeroga (it's actually more helpful this time around). Attack the orange... thing... yeah. Stuff.

... I think he swallowed his cigarette... ^.__.^;;;'' ... see kids? Smoking is bad for you. It'll make your head explode. Alright, well, the shield in the middle is now disabled. Destroy the blue things again, and kill the bulbous blue thing with the sad pumpkin face on it.

Boss: Uber-Ansem
HP: unknown
EXP: unknown
Attacks: energy balls, energy wave, physicals
My current level: Sora: 67, Donald: 63, Goofy: 65

OKKKKK... Ansem's back. With a new attack, but don't worry too much about it. Just keep hitting him. Cast Aeroga on all your party members for extra damage.

... boom boom boom... lemme hearya say weyooooo? ^O__o^;; ... I think you gave him heartburn. Or else he swallowed another cigarette. ... alright, again, if it's so dark, why is the door white? Ha! Stupid Ansem... ^-__-^;; and... why is Riku trying to lock himself in with the Heartless? I think being one with Ansem has sapped his brain... ... Darkside?! AGAIN?! Ugh, die already, you stupid thing. *casts HolyLight and SuperNova on him* ^-__-^;; Ahahaha... King Mickey's tail fluttering in the wind... aww, Riku... mrr... Well, I guess that's what that machine meant by "two keys," huh? Er, what's Kairi doing there?

... OK, no, wait, what?? That's the end?! I thought the final boss(es) were supposed to be difficult? Ah well. ENJOY YOUR ENDING! SEEYA NEXT WALKTHROUGH!

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