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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!

Return to Traverse Town and buy stuff if you need to. Return to the cafe and cast Blizzard on all of the candles. *Tip: Destroy all the damn chairs first, makes the candles easier to target. Now you can open the chest in the back. Defense Up! Yay! Now, return to the ship and fly to the point south of Traverse Town.

Run forward, and jump onto the platform with the statue on the right. There's a blue Trinity there. Yay, dalmations! There's another blue Trinity on the other platform, as well. You get a Mythril Shard! To the right of that statue is a chest with a Mega-Potion in it (behind the columns). Now, enter the Lobby and talk to Phil. Try moving the block, then talk to Phil again. Ouch. Pipsqueaks, is it? Why you little... little... centaur! (...) Hah! Who's a runt now? Talk to him again, and choose "I'm ready!"

OK... break barrels! There's not much to this round, so... break away! ... oh c'mon, I got the last one! Here's a hint: Lock on! Booyah.

Alright. This one's kinda tricky. What you wanna do is go around the perimeter and bust all of those barrels up first, then tackle the ones on the platform. After that, make your way up the platforms, and don't forget the one on the floating platform at the very top. To get to that one, you have to step off the platform onto a pillar, and jump onto the floating platform from there. OR you can try casting Fire on that last one up there. Takes about two Fire's to do the trick.

Talk to Phil again after he insults you, and you get Thunder! Joyous. Now, exit the Lobby. Ack, Hades! Whose head is on fire! ... Sora... have you been playing with Fire again? ^>__<^ ... he called Donald "fuzz-boy." Ha ha! ... and now the God of the Underworld has given you a pass. ... kinda fishy, ain't it? And I'm not talkin about his breath. Or his skin. *makes a face*

Well, go back inside! (SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!) Talk to Phil again, and answer "Yeah, let's go!"

Time for the Prelim rounds. These guys aren't all that difficult. Unfortunately, the enemies in the Coliseum don't drop items, or anything else for that matter. Please to be equipping Ifrit's Horn (besides Brave Warrior), especially if you have cruddy defense, since you'll be needing it pretty soon... *dun dun dun*

... ^O__O^ CLOUD! ... *ahem* Anyway... And yes, yes you will. ^.__.^

Alright, next match. There really isn't anything difficult about the prelims, so eh. ... *wonders why Cloud's a bad guy now* ^?__?^ (Yoda: To the Dark Side he has turned. Anger, I feel, pain, I feel. Suffering, feel I also.") ... OK... ^O__o^ Oh jeebus. Cloud. And I'm at lv 12. ... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! *runs around screaming*

Boss: Cloud
HP: 300
EXP: 80
Attacks: Slicing with his sword, rushing and stabbing, pouncing and stabbing down (causes a power surge which can hit everyone in yer party), flying around and swooping down onya
Recommended level: 13, 14/15 to win

Yes, 15. So if yer not there, go level up somewhere. It's pretty hard at 13, but you're free to try. Man, like, I can do it at 13 at the least (beat him, that is). ... but I'm at 12 right now. Can we say slaughter? ^.__.^ Oh the humanity... (*Note: These numbers are for if you gave up Shield at the beginning of the game (i.e., have really cruddy defence). Apparently, if you kept Shield, then you can beat Cloud at lv. 10 or less)

Alright. Run around, and dodge lots! Cause he'll be doing that rushing atCHA thing, and ouch, does that hurt. Do the running thing like you did with Wakka, and when you get close after he's finished one of his rushes, attack! You'll probably end up knocking him away, so start dodging again. Aiee. And no, it doesn't matter if you lose (hence the "14/15 to win" note in the Recommended level section).

Nooooooo, dun kill meeeeeee! ... *whew* And... oh crap. Cerberus is loose! Augh! NOOOO! HE SQUI-SHED MY CLOUDIE-KUNS!!

Cloud plushie say: I am sad. I shall cry. ;_;

Herc holds him off, and y'all run away. Heh. Re-equip items, then run back inside! Answer "I'm not afraid." YOU MADE CLOUD PLUSHIE CRY! YURUZENAI! OMAE WO KOROSU! CHAAAAAARGE!!

Boss: Cerberus
HP: 600
EXP: 200
Attacks: Huge-ass fireballs, biting, pouncing, power surges (big and small)
Recommended level: 14/15

This cannot be done at lv. 13. So if you're not there yet, leave and go level up in the Third District or something, then come back.

Attack the heads! And yes, there are 3 of them. ... OK, why you can't lock-on at lv. 12 but you can at lv. 13 for this fight is beyond me. Anyway. Lock-on to the middle head, and smack away! Alright, when you see him rearing up, run under him, so that the power surge doesn't hit you. When he breathes out darkness and those small power surges start following you, do the running around thing. If you have Dodge Roll equipped, start rolling around like a monkie (no, I'm actually being serious). Roll randomly away from the surges (they follow you, so zigging and zagging away sporadically will pretty much get you away without getting hit) until they stop. He'll probably be spitting fireballs at you while yer doin this, too. Merg. If you can get under him, use Thunder as much as you can, but you'll be vulnerable to his dark power surges thingy under there (not much space to move around).

... I think Hades needs to brush his dog's teeth more often... You get an Inferno Band! ... oh, suuuure you did, Herc. Suuure you did. :op You also get your Hero's License, which lets you fight in the Coliseum from now on. Go talk to Cloud. He gives you the Sonic Blade ability. Equiiiiiiiiip iiiiiiiiit! ^~__~^

Go out the doors, and the scene switches to Hades. ... Sora! What did I tell you about using Fire on people! ^>__<^ :oD And Maleficent pisses Hades off. Heheh. Next?

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