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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!

Back to Traverse Town and visit Pongo and Perdita. For returning four sets of three puppies (4 chests), then for every consecutive three sets of three puppies (3 chests), you get a pressie! Yay! (the list is here). This time, you get a Curaga-G. Buy more potions ifya want, then head back to the World Map and go to the place that appeared to the right of Wonderland when you locked it (Deep Jungle, battle lv. 3), via Wonderland.

After some random deliberation, and the gummi ship going nuts, you fall through a house. *sweatdrop* ... er... uh oh...

Boss: Sabor
HP: 90
EXP: 15
Attacks: swiping with its claws, pouncing

You're alone for this one. Great. He's actually not too difficult. Just keep hitting him, and use magic if you really want to (if you have time).

Eeep! Yaaay Tarzan and his nappy dreds! :op ... heh. Sora seems to not want anything to do with the other two now. meep. ...Oookay, monkey-face... ^.__?^ Go-go girls? ^O__o^

Cut to Goofy and Donald, the latter whom is pissed at Sora. Heh. And the monkey just shat out a gummi? ^O______o^ And, gack! Mean hunter dude! (*Note: Yes, I am skipping sections, but not for long. I want to get some of the story out of the way before going off and exploring/getting treasure, so don't think I'm not gonna include the other sections of Deep Jungle in here.)

Follow that monkey-man! (hit Done). Jump off the balcony, then take a flying leap off the netting. You miraculously land beside Tarzan. SP! *waves arms wildly* (it's to your right). Jump up and get the Mega-Ether out of the chest. Jump into the hollow branch, and surf the trees! Jump over the branches in your way, cause they'll reduce HP. You can fall off around here, by the way, so watch it. You land in the camp. Enter the yellow tent (forward and right from your position). After some introductions, Clayton comes in, with Donald and Goofy bringing up the rear. ... *snickers* ... studying, my left big toenail. ^9__9^ ... she moves funny. Like she's drunk... Put the Disney boys into your party, get the Mythril Shard out of the tent, then talk to Jane twice. What, another hunt? Eh, OK. We have to find the slides. Leave the tent (I hope you're saving yer game at every new SP you encounter, like I told you to...). Oh, and don't believe a word Clayton says. Go left from the tent, then right, and near the exit of this area is a blue Trinity. Dalmations! Yay! OK, from there go left of the exit and inspect the stove. You need two recipe cards. Hit the stove to open it. Now, inspect the table behind you. You need two research notes. Alright. Left of the stove is a chalkboard, and right next to that is Slide 3 (and now you know what they look like). Left of that is a globe. Inspect that for Research Note 2. At the top of the pile of luggage to the right of that is Slide 6. Left and behind you is a large pile of boxes. Climb them, and at the top you'll find Slide 4. Next to that is a pole. Inspect the bottom of it for Recipe Card 2. Now, go behind the boxes and to the right of Clayton. Inspect the clock for Recipe Card 1. Go back to the stove and inspect the pot. You'll have to light it again. You get a Hi-Potion! Back to where the globe was, jump back on the luggage and onto the top of the yellow tent for Slide 1. Jump across to the row of white tents, and go all the way across for Slide 5. Jump directly down, and under those white tents is Slide 2 on a crate. Behind you is a green stenophone, or whatever those ancient record player thingies are called. Inspect it for Research Note 3. ... hey, I thought they said two Research Notes, not three. ^-__-^ Alright, on the other side of Clayton and the clock is a clothesline. Inspect the red shirt for Research Note 1. Break the barrel for some HP balls, unless you want to save them for later (recommended). Return to the table and inspect the equipment again. When it asks you to ice it, move back and cast Blizzard on the equipment. You get 2 Ethers!

Re-enter the tent and inspect the slide projector. ... I don't like that grin... Go back outside for another fight with Sabor (blah blah), then back inside and use the SP to teleport to the gummi ship, then choose Deep Jungle again, but choose "Jungle: Tunnel" (this is why I have you save all the time, it's a good shortcut). Jump up onto the ledge (yer standin under it) and go through the entrance. To your right is the exit to get to the Climbing Trees (yeah, it's there, even if you can't tell). Jump down, then head right, then left a bit until you find a hole in the ground leading to Vines 2. Jump in, and... cutscene! ... Tree House, eh? Well, the game wants you to swing, but like I said before, we'll come back later. Let's just get some story out of the way first. Turn around and locate the tree with a greenish-gray vine growing up it. Climb that to get back to the Climbing Trees area. Go right and around the room. Eventually, you'll see a platform with a door on it across from you. Jump onto that to find a Blue Trinity (yes, we were here before, but eh). More dalmations! Through this door is the Tree House.

... *snarls at Clayton* ... wow, Donald actually made himself useful ^@__@^;; OK, turn around, and jump back onto the net. Go left and climb up the netting to get a Mega-Potion out of the chest. Keep going forwards til you get to actual ground, then jump forwards off it. ... bah, Sabor again. He still has the same HP and EXP as the first time. *bats at him* ( Sabor: X_x ) Go 'way already ^-__-^;; Apparently, you can keep jumping from the Tree House down here and keep fighting him over and over again, but what's the point? 15 EXP isn't a whole lot... ^>__>^;;

And NOW we shall explore and get lots of items. ^~__~^ Climb the vines on your left and jump to the ledge (left) to get the Mythril Shard out of the chest. Keep going along that ledge to find another chest with a Mega-Potion in it. There's nothing else in this area (yet), so leave. In the Bamboo Thicket, take a left (also the only option for now) to return to the Camp, and enter the tent. Die, Clayton! ... ^~__~^;; You'll notice that the SP seems to have changed (you can't get to the Gummi Ship from it right now), so just leave the tent. Ack, Powerwilds! These guys so annoying. They slide around and are kinda hard to hit. Ah well. The monkie gives you a Protect-G for saving him. Collect yer well-earned munny off the ground, then go into the Bamboo Thicket and the Cliffs, killing evil-monkies and getting gummis from the good monkies (Fire and Aeroga -G). You can now use the SP in the tent to teleport to the Tunnel area, so do so.

Head for the Climbing Trees, beat up more Powerwilds, and get another Aeroga-G. Find the hole in the ground that leads to Vines 2. This is where we saw Kerchak. ... no, you don't get to swing on em yet. :oD OK, drop down, and ack, hippo! Well, I guess the ones in this game don't act like real hippos do when you suddenly drop down next to them in water... ^.____.^;; OK, lesseee... turn around and get onto the small embankment. Turn right, jump onto the little tree, then continue jumping forwards to get to a chest with a Mega-Potion in it. Turn left to see another chest. Now, find the tree just to the right and slightly in front of it. Jump to that by jumping and then pressing X right before you miss the jump. Do the same to get to the tree with the chest on it. Whee, Esuna-G! (... and yes, that does rhyme :oD ). Drop directly under the tree, and you'll be on another embankment. Look right and find the hippo. Jump onto his back, then leap over to where the chest is to get more dalmations. This vine here takes you back to Vines 2, so ignore it. Make your way to the other side of the Lagoon. To your right is a tree with ivy on it. Climb this to get to the Vines area.

There's an SP behind and to the left of your current position. Jump onto the nearest vine, and hope that Sora isn't a goddamn moron and misses it ^-__-^;; I don't know why, but the first time through, I did this perfectly. This time, Sora seems to be lacking in brain cells... ^-__-^;; If you miss, you just end up back in Hippo's Lagoon. Use X to jump, not O! (... aha... so that's why I keep missing ^>__<^!! ) When you land on the platform, turn left to face another platform with a chest on it. Jump onto the vine in front of you and swing over to that platform. If you stay on the vines too long, they break, so watch it. Open the chest for some Mythril, then jump onto the vines on the other side of the chest (and yes, Donald and Goofy seem to not know how to swing on vines ^-__-^;; ). Sometimes, once you get to the second vine, it won't auto-target the next one. Just Lock On, and you'll probably end up locked onto the one after the one yer supposed to jump to next. When you get to the end of your swing, press O this time, and you'll (hopefully) get to the next vine. You're still probably locked onto the next vine, which is a good thing, so jump to that one, then un-Lock, and jump to the platform. *whew* Alright, turn around to see another platform, and about three more vines leading to it. Jump to there, and go forwards to get back to Vines 2 (yes, Donald and Goofy somehow find you again).

If you fall around here, just use the vine on the other side from the ivy to Vines to get back to Vines 2. When you get to the platform, turn left and jump to the next platform to get the dalmations out of the chest. Now, jump back down to Hippo's Lagoon and go towards the ivy that leads up to Vines. Instead of climbing it, though, take a left to end up back at Camp. Teleport to Tunnel, then make your way to the Tree House to fight more Heartless and save another gorilla. You get a Shell-G for this. Take a flying leap to get back to Tunnel, then jump into the tree branch for some surfing and to get back to Camp. Enter the tent, talk to Jane, then leave again for another cutscene. Head to the left exit to get to the Bamboo Thicket. Hey, look, it's evil jackrabbit's pipe! Maybe he's dead! Yay! ... aw man, not this guy again. ^>__<^!!

Boss: Sabor (for the millionth time)
HP: 180
EXP: 150
Attacks: swiping with its claws, pouncing

Yeah, so he's got more HP this time. Big deal. It's still the same friggin fight. It just takes a tad longer.

You get White Fang! Whee? ... well then ^@__@^;; Well, that's a terrified face if I've ever seen one. And I haven't. ^@___.^;;; Fight off the Heartless. Also, a new exit has opened up around here. It takes you to the Cliffs, so go there for possible levelling-up. If you climb up to the ledge, there's a zillion Bouncywilds up there, which means a lot of munny to be had. Head back to Camp, and you'll probably see the White Mushrooms again. Again, try to get Arts. Enter the tent, and Tarzan says she's near the Tree House. Alright then... Get back to the Climbing Trees area (*grr*, you can't get there through Tunnel right now, so just go through Hippo's Lagoon to get up to Vines 2). Damn, this is annoying. Jump to the hippo's back, then jump to land, then hippo, land, hippo, BIG LEAP TO LAND. Bleh! Anyway. Once in Vines 2, there's ivy on a tree near you. Climb it to get to Climbing Trees.

Terk (the gorilla) and Jane have stowed themselves away behind some vines. Ignore the Powerwilds and just bash the black fruit/flowers/whatever it is (the HUGE one on the tree trunk in the middle, not the itty bitty ones on the floor). Afterwards, ignore the stupid little black flowers on the floor, and go save and head to the Cliffs. ... ah, monkies...

Boss: Clayton, Powerwilds
HP: Clayton: 250, Powerwilds: 30
EXP: Clayton: 240, Powerwilds: 4
Attacks: shooting

AUGH, HE'S SHOOTING AT ME! ^X__x^;;; Well, find Clayton on his stupid ledge, and just beat the crap out of him. The Powerwilds don't really matter. Very easy.

... aieee! ... Clayton can fly? ^O__o^;; or... not...

Boss: Stealth Sneak, Clayton
HP: Stealth Sneak: 750, Clayton: 250
EXP: Stealth Sneak: 30, Clayton: 240
Attacks: Stealth Sneak: same as Sabor, also bodyslams and energy attacks from its eyes, Clayton: shooting at you

Waugh. OK, his HP meter is orange. That means you have to deplete the meter three times (orange -> yellow -> standard green). Just smack him. When the orange is gone, you can actually see the stupid thing. Ignore Clayton and concentrate on the Stealth Sneak. Use thunder lots, and every time you land a physical hit, your MP gauge fills up partially. Once the stupid chameleon is gone, attack Clayton! ... yes, he heals himself, the bastard. Sometimes, he leaps onto the ledge. Climb up and get him! If you stop attacking, that's when he takes the chance to heal.

... *SPLAT* tee hee :oD For winning, you also learn Cura (healing spell). And... AIEEEEEE!!!!!! *THUD* oooh, pretty waterfall. ^~__~^ Whelp, there's no other way (well, yes there is, but that would defeat the purpose of being up here) to go, but into the cave/Waterfall Cavern.

Now, this place may be pretty, but it's damn annoying. Now, go all the way forwards, jumping onto ledges. At the back is a big ledge with a chest with a Mythril Shard in it. Turn around, press Select, and find the ledge above and in front of you. Leap of faith, cause the game won't let you stay looking that way, and you'll probably end up hanging onto that ledge. Jump up and get the Shell-G out of the chest. Turn around and jump to the next ledge up for a Mythril. Climb the moss on the wall and go left. Jump to the ledge on your left to get an Orichalcum. Climb the ivy at the back until you pass a ledge that shows up behind you. Jump onto it and go left (when facing the waterfall). Jump onto that ledge, then turn around and jump to the next one up. Jump forward for the next one, and then drop down a bit to find an entrance further into the rock face.

Awwww, happiness. :op Oooh, butterflies ^~__~^ And the locking of the Keyhole, and another gummi. And Terk (who is female) seems to have a crush on Donald... what's Daisy gonna say?? ^.__.^;;;'' Another CG... eh... Jafar? TWO Keyholes, monkieface. Two. :oD And ack, it's Alice! Well, you get the Jungle Key from Tarzan (new weapon for Sora), and the ability to use Red Trinities. Ha, silly Sora...

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