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Head back to Traverse Town and talk to Yuffie (she's by the mailbox) to find out where Leon is. While yer here in the First District, enter the alleyway that Pluto found you in at the beginning of the game and use the Red Trinity there. Open the chest to get more dalmations. Well, you can't get to the rest of the Alleyway from here, so just go through the Second District. There's another Red Trinity at the far right end, in the water before the bars. Swim forwards and right to find Leon and ... you know what, I'm just gonna call her earisu, because that is her japanese name, and Aeris/Aerith gets on my nerves. So yeah. Talk to Leon for a lecture about Keyholes, then talk to him again for lots of dots, the suggestion to talk to Cid, Earthshine, and even more dots. OK, go right, and in that stairwell you'll find a chest with more dalmations in it. Continue up the steps and jump onto the platform to get into Merlin's study. Use the SP to teleport to the Accessory Shop and talk to Cid. He gives you the Old Book to deliver to... Merlin. Yes, I know we were just there. :op *THUD* ring ring ^O__o^;; OK... Teleport back to Merlin's study and talk to him to give him the Old Book. The Fairy Godmother releases Simba from Earthshine, and now you can summon him in battle! Whee. OK, now, about that book Cid gave you. It opens up an optional sidequest. If you want to do the sidequest, click on Sidequest: 100 Acre Woods at the bottom of this page. What I will tell you here is that every time you find a Torn Page, a new section in the sidequest opens up. I'll also poke you. (*Note: The link will only be at the bottom of pages where you find a Torn Page, and on the main page of this walkthrough (click the KH banner at the bottom of the page to return to that))

When you approach the SP, Merlin tells you to visit Cid before going anywhere else. Well... that's what we were about to do... ^-__-^;; Well, ya can't teleport, evil thingy. So, just leave through the green curtain near the Fairy Godmother and swim back to shore. Exit to the Third District and... ack, Riku?! ^@____x^;;;'' Haha, Sora makes him make funny face ^~__~^ Hrmmmm... Riku is weilding the Keyblade... *dun dun dun* (Thief: ... goddammit RM! -_-;;) (RM: Sorry, I can't help it!) (and if you don't know what I'm quoting, you really ought to go read 8-Bit Theater). Aha. And then, *poof* he's gone! ^@____@^

Ah well. First things first. Go to the same end of the area as the Lady and the Tramp fountain, but the opposite side. There's some lightning bolt signs that are flashing. Cast Thunder on that. Now, go to where Third District leads to Second District, and enter the house to the left of the exit. Talk to Cid to learn about Ansem, and then there's some vile manipulation done by Maleficent. *kix her for being a meanie, kix Riku for being dumb enough to believe it* And yay, warp gummi! Now you can warp to places you've already been to instead of having to fight your way through, and without having to go from world to world just to get back to somewhere else. The FF crew also tells you you should ring the bell. Sheesh. OK, go back to the Second District, and visit Pongo and Perdita again for more pressies (two, actually).

Enter the Gizmo Shop and fight off all the baddies. Hopefully you've noticed that some seats have risen up? This is cause of that Thunder thing we just did. Yeah. Get up there and step on all three platforms in the room, then go examine the clock. You get two Postcards, woo! Alright, yer gonna wanna save, so head to the Accessory Shop, save, then get to the Gizmo Shop roof. Try not to waste yer MP, cause you'll need it. OK, do the Red Trinity on the boarded up wall, then ring the bell thrice (that's three times, monkies), like Cid toldCHA to (lock on to the rope ifya can't find it in the dark). oooOOOoooh, Keeeeeeyhooooooole.... ^*__*^ Whelp, go over there and lock it. Wait, what? You again? ^>__<^ Stop acting like Sabor! We killed you already, now go away!

Mini-Boss: Guard Armor
HP: 196
EXP: A whopping big fat 0. Yeah, that's right. You heard me. 0. Fux j00 too, game
Attacks: Same as before

Blah blah, you know what to do.

Ha, that was easy! ... eh?? errrrr....... *sweatdrop*

Boss: Opposite Armor
HP: Body: 900, Feet: 270, Arms: 135
EXP: 390
Attacks: Same as before, BUT with one addition: friggin power beam

Attack the middle! If you get low on HP, kill off one of the limbs. This guy, like the Stealth Sneak, starts off with HP in the orange. Fun. Not. Use up your MP with Thunder, then smack him some more to regain MP, and repeat the process. If you keep hitting him, he can't do his stupid beam thing.

Wow, I killed him off without him even getting off one beam thing. Woo? Well, now you've learned Aero, and get to finally lock the friggin Keyhole. You also get another Navi-G. Head back to the First District and talk to Cid. He gives you a Comet-G for free. Talk to him again. He tells you you need to find another one. Er... yay? *blinkies* Enter the Accessory Shop... and next to the counter (on the door side) is... Pinnochio! ^O__o^;; Ahaha... not gonna post dirty Pinnochio joke... ^-__-^;; And no, you don't get the chest. Bah. Mail yer postcards to get a Megalixir and an Orichalcum.

If you want more gummis, talk to Cid and buy em. Otherwise, restock up on potions, and leave.

The Coliseum: Phil Cup

Dive to the Heart

Destiny Islands

Traverse Town


The Coliseum

Deep Jungle

Sidequest: 100 Acre Woods