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First things first, though. Now that we have Thunder, we can go back to Wonderland and inspect those roses that wanted us to shock them ("Shock me baby one more time!") ... *stabs Britney* ^-__-^;;. Return to the Lotus Forest, and from the entrance go left and jump up onto the lilypads and over the mushroom. Cast Thunder while standing under the row of pink flowers at the other end to get a chest containing a Shell-G. Alright, to get to the other one, jump onto the mushrooms in the back, go left onto that mushroom, go left onto the lilypads, then get to the bush platform with the red seed on it. Now, jump to the bush platform with a door on it. Here in the Bizarre Room, jump into the painting. Again, cast Thunder under the pink flowers to get a chest, this time with a Thundara-G in it. Woo! Jump into the hole to get back to the Bizarre Room, then go down to where the blue clock is and jump into the hole to the Tea Party Garden, or you can make your way back to the Lotus Forest through the hole in the bookcase. Either way, you can leave now. ^~__~^

Head to the Coliseum. woo, warp drive! Alright, talk to Phil and choose "Phil Cup." You'll probably wanna enter with all three party members this time, so choose "Enter together." Here's what yer up against. Strategies are below the table. And don't worry about saving your MP this time, cause there's no boss battle in this cup.

Phil Cup
9 - Jungle Vice Powerwild (4), Soldier (3)
8 - Monkey and Magic Powerwild, Green Requiem (2), Red Nocturne (2), Yellow Opera (5)
7 - Big Feet Hammerlegs, Powerwild (4)
6 - Magic Alert Red Nocturne (5), Yellow Opera (5)
5 - Nightwalkers Large Body, Powerwild (5)
4 - Hard Hitters Gauntlets, Blue Rhapsody (3), Shadow (4)
3 - Indomitable Large Body (2), Green Requiem (6)
2 - Wild Corps Gauntlets, Hammerlegs, Powerwild (4)
1 - Shadow Battalion Armored Torso, Blue Rhapsody (4), Yellow Opera (4)

Seed 9: Just whack em all. No real strategy needed here.

Seed 8: Get the Green Requiems first, cause they heal the other Heartless every time they ring their bells. After they're gone, go after the Powerwild, then the annoying Yellow Operas.

Seed 7: Yep, those are Guard Armor legs. Take em out first.

Seed 6: Smack away, my friend, smack away.

Seed 5: Get that friggin Large Body first, hitting him from behind or the side. Fire also works rather well.

Seed 4: Get the hands!

Seed 3: Green Requiems first. Don't need them healing that stupid Large Body. ^-__-^;;

Seed 2: Go after the legs first, then the arms.

Seed 1: Do I need to say "go after anything that looks like a boss/came off a boss"? :op

Woo, you won! You learn Gravity for winning. Go ahead and try it with Sora alone (you get a Mythril Shard for winning), but remember to replace any potions you might've used in yer inventory. After doing it alone, the option for a time limit becomes available. Basically, you have 3 minutes to finish the Phil Cup. You get an AP Up for doing so. The trick to the time trial is using lots of magic. Thunder is really useful around here, but remember, Yellow Operas will absorb and heal from Thunder attacks, Red Nocturnes from Fire, and so on. ... next?


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