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Restock yer inventory in Traverse Town ifya need to, then head for the warp hole next to it. Be sure to actually enter it while flying, or else you'll just end up in Wonderland. ^-__-^;; Oooh, look, meeting of the eeevil minds.

Whelp, as soon as you enter, yer attacked. Fun, no? Left from the entrance is a chest with a Mega-Potion in it (it's next to the stall or whatever, in the corner). Right from the entrance are some crates on top of eachother. Jump up onto those, then jump up and left to reach a platform with a chest on it (Mega-Ether). Smash the pot for some munny, and most of the other pots are also filled with munny. Joyous. There's only one more in this area. Enter the door near where you found the first chest for some more pots and an SP. There's a chest on the floor (as opposed to the one out of reach) behind two barrels with another Mega-Potion in it. The barrels also have munny in em. Leave, and head into the next area.

Kill the enemies, smash the jars... especially the ones that grow legs. ^@__@^;; Afterwards, to the right from where you came in is a building. Jump onto the platform, and keep going up and up. Go forwards onto the green awning, then go right. Jump forward from the pink awning to reach a platform with a Mega-Ether in a chest. Get back onto the green awning, and jump forwards this time to fight another Pot Spider. From there, go left (when facing the gate) onto the yellow awning, and take a flying leap onto the bright pink awning for two more Pot Spiders. Jump back down, and in front of the platform where the chest was is a pole in the wall. Climb it to reach Aladdin's house (you can also reach it by climbing the pole that was above all those platforms). There's an SP up here, a chest with some dalmations, a chest with a Megalixir, and... Carpet. (he's on the other side of the room from the SP) Move the piece of furniture that's on top of him to free him. Move the other piece of furniture in here that you can lock onto to uncover a keyhole (no, not THE Keyhole...). Examine it to open up a door somewhere.

Return to the Main Street and head left to get to the Alley. ... hi Jasmine! ^O__o^ And, oh, great... Jafar. *bites him* ... *dies* ^X__x^ OK, well, TRY not to smash the crates during this battle, cause yer gonna need em ^~__~^;; Jump up onto the crates, then onto the ledge to find another pot, fight more enemies, get a Mega-Potion out of the chest, and find yet another not-THE-Keyhole keyhole. Unlock that one too. OK, now, look right. See those wooden awnings? Use those to jump across to the ledge on the other side of this area, but be careful, cause they don't stay upright for long (after all, you weigh what, 150 lbs? I know I do. Awnings can't hold that kind of weight! ^>__<^;; ). From there, jump up onto the crates and onto the next ledge, fight off the Shadows, and go through the gate. Heyyy... weren't we just here? :op

Re-enter Aladdin's house and find the stairs going down (when looking at the SP, go left). Use that hole there to exit, then look right for more wooden awnings. You know what to do. Fight off the Pot Spiders and Shadows, trying not to fall, then put your back to the gate and jump to that platform. Fight off the Pot Spiders and get the Cottage out of the chest. Go back and go through the gateway, beat up the Pot Spiders, jump up onto the crates, then onto the platform above. See that chest waaaaaaaaaaaaay over on the other side of Main Street? Go get it. You'll probably have to do the press-X-before-you-fall thing to get that Shell-G in there. Whelp, can't do much else here, so... head for the Desert! (take the other exit in the Plaza, the one that you can see blue sky through)

Heeeeey, Carpet! Choose "All aboard!" and find Aladdin in quicksand. ... smooth move, monkie boy. Beat up the Bandits! Ack, that scimitar just flew at my face! ^._______.^ Ha, it's Genie! ... well... that was easy... ^-__-^;; ... is it just me, or is that not Genie's voice from the movies? Ah well. Awww, love-smitten Aladdin. Heh. Cheesecake. ... I want some cheesecake. ... oh yeah, walkthrough. eheheheh... ^~__~^;; Wait wait wait, what, no song and dance? C'moooooooooooon, this is Disney!! ^>__<^! OK, OK, back to the walkthrough, jeeeeze... ... *snickers* Looks like they forgot something too. Monkies. Well, again, choose yer party, but I never use the extra guys... so do whatever.

Once back in Agrabah, fight off the bad guys and jump to the portal up on the rooftops, since the roads are barricaded down on the ground. In the Alley, use the awnings to jump across to the other section, and enter the portal to get to Main Street. Jump from the pinkish-red awning in the area of Aladdin's house to the portal in front of it to get to the Bazaar. Fight off the Heartless, jump down to the ground, fight some more, break the pots for munny, and use the Blue Trinity in the middle of this area to get about 200 munny and a Mega-Ether. Whee! Jump onto the boxes and back up onto the platform, then jump across the awnings to reach a munny pot and, to the right of that, a chest with a Shell-G in it. Leap to the top of the boxes, jump to the platform, run to the end and JUUUUUUUUUMP across to the other platform-thingy. The chest on the right is a Fira thingy. Do the key thing with the keyhole on yer left (no, again, not THE Keyhole... ^-__-^;; ). Back to Main Street with the lot of ye (... door's onyer left, monkey)!

Jump up to Aladdin's house, save your game, then jump to the yellow awning in front of Aladdin's house to reach the gate-door-thingy you just opened (yeah, yeah, I dunno what to call em, let me be). Go through to the Palace Gates to see Jafar and Jasmine. Jump down, and... Aladdin is an idiot. And, haha, his hat jumped. ... and where the hell is Abu. And... blah! I mean, isn't he supposed to be a thief? How'd the thief get robbed? (Thief says: Because he is an inferior, non-Elven thief)

... aaaaaanyway.... Princess in a pot, and... ack! ... the hell is that thing?!

Boss: Pot Centipede
HP: 600
EXP: 250
Attacks: Ramming, biting, tail whips (darkness attackes)
My current level: Sora 23, Donald 21, Goofy 26, Aladdin 26

OK, well, there are two ways this can go down. (... and yes, that is Princess Jasmine yelling "Heeeeelp..." pathetically in a pot in the background... WHOMP HER, HAHAHAH! :oD ) Anyway. The easy way is if you destroy all the Pot Spiders that make up the body (i.e., ignore the head and tail). When those are gone, kill off the head and tail. If the stupid thing actually assembles itself, this fight is a lot harder.

If you kill off all the Pot Spiders, take this opportunity to run around and pick up munny, then kill off the head and tail.

If it joins itself together, just whomp em or do Sonic Blade. And yes, the stupid thing can run into other areas of Agrabah. And yes, it was the one that destroyed the barricades. He doesn't seem to run about if you destroy ALL the Pot Spiders. If he moves into another area, all the pots in that area become Pot Spiders. Again, with the whomping. Then, dispose of all the stupid Pot Spiders as mentioned above. Make sure to whomp the head, though... ANNOYING!

You get a Ray of Light for defeating the stupid thing. Beat up the Heartless, destroy the munny barrels, then get back to the platform you jumped down from before the boss fight. Jump from the peach awning to your left to the wooden platforms near the yellow awning on the other side of the area. Get the Protera Chain out of the chest, save your game (there's a little dude in Aladdin's house that will sell you stuff ifya need it), and go to the Desert. ... oh great...

Boss: Guardian of the Cave of Wonders
HP: 380
EXP: 400
Attacks: energy shots from his eyeballs, sand blast from his mouth, bashing with his head
My current level: Sora 24, Donald 22, Goofy 27, Aladdin 27

OK, the eyes are the targets. Here's what you do: run around to the side of his head until he sticks his nose into the sand. Then, hop onto his nose, then onto his head. Now, SMACK AWAY! Try to keep your balance, K? If you get knocked off, try climbing up his neck. Once one eye's gone, lock on to the other one and smack. Again, ifyer tryin the neck route, you can only get up there if he's lowered his head.

Jump into his mouth to enter the Cave of Wonders. Please to not be falling into holes or getting crushed by rather large rocks. Stick to the left-hand sides, but beware the hole right behind the place the big rock comes rolling out of. Grab the Mega-Ether out of the chest, and continue towards the back into the Hall. Again with the sticking to the left-hand side so as not to fall down the hooooooooles. Continue towards the back, but watch out for the wooden stairs at the back. Avoid those like the plague, cause those faces there will spit out water, which knocks you doooooooooooown. Instead, either jump onto the barrel, or onto the top of one of the faces, and from there to the top of the platform the faces are attached to. There's an Elixir in a chest at the end of said platform. Jump to the platform below, then from there run to the end and juuuuuuuuuuuuump to the platform to your left to get a Mythril Shard. Now, back to where you entered this area (*Tip: Before the faces spit water, their eyes light up, so time yourself whenyer goin past them). Find the stairs leading down, but don't go down them. Look out over the non-existance and find another face spitting water. Jump onto his head (yes, you can make it without doing the pressing X thing). It's actually a lot closer than it looks. Now from there jump across to the staircase to the Bottomless Hall.

Once there, push that big block in front of you off the ledge, but don't fall yerself. Get the Mega-Potion, then get back to the other side of Hall. Go to the end of the area and enter the door to... the Bottomless Hall. Heh. Look right. See that pillar? Again, it's not as far away as it looks, so... go get the Elixir. Go back, jump onto Mr. Face's head, then onto the platform. Kill the Pot Spiders, get the Cottage out of the chest, then whomp some Heartless and enter the door at the back.

Yay for Mushrooms! They'll probably do the action for Gravity, so click on the Mushroom Guide link at the top of the page for more information. If there aren't any Mushrooms... well... beat up the Heartless. Afterwards, jump up onto the pillar that the fire's in to get the Defense Up. From there, jump right onto the pile of gold and get a Mythril Shard. Head across the platforms for a Shell-G. Head to the end of the area and inspect the pillar blocking your way. Oh, fine. Get ye back to Hall. But first... Red Trinity! ^>__<^

This time, jump into the endless darkness! Woo! OK, to your left should be some stairs. Get the Torn Page, then jump right into the water and head to the stairs with the SP on it. OK, now, jump+ (I'll just say that from now on when it's one of those where you have to press X for) to get to the chest over there with a Cottage in it. Jump into the water and swim up the waterfall (right of the SP) to get to the Silent Chamber. Get to the steps, and use the Blue Trinity (it's in the middle of the floor) to get a Thunder-G. Back at the SP, change Aladdin into your party, cause you need him (well, actually, his monkie) to open some doors and such. Go back to the Silent Chamber, and take a right this time. Get onto the steps where the monkey statue is (he's holding that huge red jewel thing), and choose Touch. Now, back into the water (eh, you can get dry later) and swim into the dark tunnel (as opposed to up the waterfall and back into the Silent Chamber). Yer now in the Relic Chamber. Directly across the area from you are some steps leading to a chest with a Thundara Ring in it. Find the other steps in this area, go there, then turn around til you're facing another monkey statue. Choose "Call," and Abu the Flying Crack Monkie of DOOM does his stuff. Turn right and locate the other chest in this area. Jump+ to reach it and get a Mythril, then swim to the steps that Abu lowered (i.e, go behind the statue). Jump across the water to get a Dispel-G out of the chest, then go right (up the waterfall) and repeat with the monkey statue. Grab the Protega Chain, then continue to the other side of the platform you just lowered to get back to the Dark Chamber. You can now switch Aladdin out of your party if you wish. Head into the Silent Chamber again, climb up the steps, and bypass the stairs going up. Instead, jump into the water directly in front of you, and swim into the dark tunnel to enter the Hidden Room. Climb up the steps, Lock-On to the pillar (you should already be auto-locked), and cast Fire. Hurray for movie!

Oh, look! Finally! THE Keyhole! :op OK, take the stairs you passed earlier to get back to Hall, go forwards (fight off the baddies), and take a right through the doorway into the Bottomless Hall. Head to the door on the other side of the area to get back to the Treasure Room. There's now an SP in here. Use it to switch Aladdin back in, and choose Call for the statue to the left of the SP. The face blows you onto a pile of gold. Open the chest to get some more dalmations! Switch Aladdin out again ifya want, then continue on into the Lamp Chamber. ... and Maleficent pulls a disappearing act. Errrr... I thought Genie couldn't kill people. Wasn't it "No making people fall in love, no killing people, and no bringing them back from the dead"? Ah well, 2/3 ain't half bad... ^>__>^ Uh oh...

Boss: Jafar
HP: 500
EXP: 600
Attacks: Jafar: beam of fire, some ice storm thing; Genie: smacking people
My current level: Sora 25, Donald 23, Goofy 28

OK, staying on the pillars helps you to avoid the stupid ice storm thing, and also gets you high enough to take a few whacks at Jafar. To avoid Genie's attacks, run out of his way when he says "I'm sorry!" and "Get out of the way!" and "Please let me miss!" If you need to follow Jafar around, make sure to stick to the edges of the walls and stay on the ground as short a time as possible. If he's near your pillar, wait it out and he should eventually come at you. When he turns into a ball of light, follow him! Should be over soon after that.

Blizzard is upgraded to Blizzara! Whee... go back to the Treasure Room (door should be behind you), SAVE, then head across to the other side of the Lamp Chamber and approach Princess Jasmine. Jafar decides to turn himself into... a genie. Heh. Right. No, you can't lock the Keyhole yet (unfortunately). Sooooo... INTO THE HOLE, AFTER JAFAR! (what, into all that lava?) ... yes, into all that lava...

Boss: Genie Jafar
HP: ??
EXP: 0
Attacks: throwing big balls of magma rock
My current level: Sora 26, Donald 24, Goofy 29

... for a boss that likes to hit things, he gives really crappy EXP (yes, it says 0, but you can still level up, even if you just levelled up after the last fight). Whelp, you heard him (whomever "him" is...)... GET THAT LAMP! Lock-On to Iago, not Jafar (cause if you've seen the second movie, you know that if you destroy the lamp, you destroy the genie), and cast Fira at him repeatedly. It's rather easy to dodge the balls of flaming rock, and no, you can't fall into the lava, so don't worry about that.

Fire gets upgraded to Fira! You also get Ansem's Report 1. And... Jasmine gets kidnapped. Again. ^9__9^;; And now... FINALLY! ... uh oh... that... can't... be good... I guess Jafar knocked out some support beams when he decided to make that giant hole in the ground... ^>__<^ Fly, fly awaaaaaaaaay!! ^@__@^;;; And yes, YOU have to do this. Steer with the left analog stick, and use O to flip over things. Yes, you can lose HP and/or die down here, which is why there are random HP balls floating about (and also why you can dodge things). Wow, I only got hit twice, stupid fire. ^>__<^ And yay for freedom of Genie! (why yay?) ... cause... he now gets to be a cool Summon for you, duh! Woohoo!

And now, another meeting of Teh Evil. ... yes, I typed "teh," quit buggin me bout it. :op Bad Riku, no cookie! ^>__<^ I shave you bald! *chases him with an electric razor* Bah. In lighter, less people-should-get-whomped news, you get the Three Wishes keybladechainthingy from Aladdin, and the ability to use Green Trinities! Booyah! Go ahead and use the Green Trinity in the Storage room in the Plaza to get a Power Up. ... neeeeext?


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