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Hey, what's Pluto found? Ack, Sora unconscious in a back alley! ... must've been mugged. :oD

Well, first things first. Behind you is a red splotch on the wall. Take note of the shape, cause these things are great later on. Follow Pluto out of the alley. Enter the shop behind you, and notice another splotch of the same kind on the floor, cept green. And an SP! And Cid apparently hates being called gramps. ^~__~^ Inspect the crystal to the right of Cid, then use the SP (yes, I see the chest. If you don't, it's to the left of Cid, when facing him). Jump up onto the ledge next to the chest and open it for a Mythril Shard. Leave, and go straight ahead. Hey, look who's there by that lamppost! It's Tidus! (and behind him's a blue splotch) A list of all of the Trinities (which is what these splotches are actually called) is linked at the top of this page. *points up* And... Tidus doesn't seem surprised to see you. Meh to him. And hey, it's a moogle ^O__o^ Beyond the blue Trinity is a cafe, and on a table in the back, another chest, which you can't open yet. Examine the mailbox (it says "mail" on it) next to the stairs that lead back to the Accessory Shop. If you find 10 postcards, you get a prize! Joyous. Next to the Accessory Shop is the Item Shop, owned by Donald's nephews. Jump up and attack the ceiling fan. You get a postcard! Yay!

Go up the stairs to the right of Cid's shop (so much faster to type than "Accessory Shop"). Head left, past the other moogle and the fat guy, and jump over the railing in front of you. There's a blue safe there which you can't open yet, either, but we'll come back to it. Alright, there's a chest on the roof of Cid's shop. There are two ways to get to it. One is the crazy acrobatic way of the official walkthrough, and the other is my equally acrobatic (but usually more successful) way.

  • Official way: Jump onto the barrels next to the fat guy, and then face to the left of him. Jump onto the roof and face the lamp. You can't jump over this arch in the roof, so jump off the back of the roof, and (somehow, by some miracle) grab the edge of the roof on the other side of the arch.

  • My way: Grab one of those boxes (there's about four lying about this area) and bring it over to where the moogle's standing in front of that door you can't enter yet. Throw it towards him (not at him, please, or not only will you have to get another box, but you'll have the Association for the Safety of Moogles afterya...), jump on the box, then onto the roof. Go to the front of the roof (i.e., away from where you landed), around the mini-arch there (what is that, a chimney?), then jump off slightly forwards, but big leap to the left, and you'll usually grab onto an awning (I've done this twice in a row now without missing this thing). Jump up onto the awning, and from there jump up onto the roof that's a bit right from where you are (looking straight at the building). Press select for first-person view if you wanna actually see the part of the roof I'm talkin about. It's narrow and low. (I have yet to actually succeed in doing this the "official" way, but then again I've only tried it twice and don't care to try it more)

  • Alright, if you used the official way, walk around this medium-sized arch inyer way. If you got here my way, go around the real chimney. There's a chest here with another postcard in it. Now, go straight from the fat guy's back and you'll find the door to the Second District.

    ... well jeeze, that was freaky. And now, more fighting (heyyy, they changed the colour of the Soldier Heartless). After fighting off the Heartless, jump onto the lantern thing on the railing in front and right of you. There's a chest on an awning to your right. From there, jump to that awning (I just bet I'm spelling that wrong) and get the Postcard out of the chest. Jump down, go forward past the door back to the First District, and take a right. Enter the Hotel. Inspect the painting to your left, then the one at the other end of the hallway. ... mystery person? ^O__o^ Hit the bell a couple of times, and the voice comes back to tell you to hit the clock at night. ^?__?^ Take the door behind you to get back outside. Go right to get attacked some more, take a left, another left, and go down the stairs. After fighting off more Heartless, inspect the bell-shaped engravings on the dried-up fountain. Turn around and go all the way to the back. Take a right, and on your left is a blue door that leads to... the Dalmations' house! Wai! ^~__~^ Enter. And you miss Donald and Goofy again. Wah, empty house. ^;__;^ All the puppies are los-ted. But we get to find them! ... not now though. Go back outside and run back to the bell-thingies. Take the door on the right to get to the Alleyway. And the two momos are still looking fer Leon. ^9__9^

    Go left and left, and get the Potion out of the chest (yes, there's a chest behind those boxes near the water, but you can't get that yet). Move the box to the corner of the building on your left (when facing the chest) and jump on it and up to get a ... Pretty Stone. Bah. Jump across the balconies to get to another Potion. Jump down, get attacked some more, and make your way back to the Second District. Use the benches on your left to jump up, run past the two Hotel doors, and keep going forward, then right. Go through the door. Bah, silly Donald and Goofy. You might want to leave right away, cause the battles in this place are non-stop. Well, what the hell, we need leveling up. It's actually not bad right now, with just these same Heartless... later on, though... After a mizillion battles, they stop coming atCHA. You're probably all turned around, but hopefully you remember which door you came in? (and yes, there are chests in here, you just can't reach them yet). Leave using the door that you didn't enter by. Go left, and in the back is a ladder. ... apparently you can't climb it yet cause it's broken... ^>__>^ Jump down and head back to where you jumped off the lantern to get the Postcard. Head towards the stairs, but don't go down them. Face the Gizmo Shop (the stairs will be on your left), and you should see a balcony of sorts. Jump straight across to that balcony (you'll have to grab onto the edge). Flip up, and go to the end. Go first-person view, and look left. There's a chest on a ledge on the wall of the Gizmo Shop. Right in front of you is a stained glass window, and under that is a ledge. Jump to it, and walk to the left side of it. A bit forward, up, and left from your position is an angle jutting out of the Gizmo Shop. You can actually stand on that, so jump there, and from there jump down to where the chest is. You get a Mega-Potion! Jump down into the courtyard below. Go forward, and there's an alley-type place onyer left. Go right, and there's the door to the Third District. Go through, take a right, and go downstairs. Clean up the area, ignore both doors, and go back to the First District. Ack! Infestation! I thought people said this district was safe? ^>__<^ Enter the Accessory Shop, save, then leave again. Hi Leon! ... who apparently wants to fight you. What'd we do??

    Mini-Boss: Leon/Squall
    HP: 120
    EXP: 30
    Attacks: Fire (fireball)

    Gack! Well, he's really not all that hard... ("There's no way I can lose," my left big toenail...) Just keep whacking him, and try and dodge his attacks, cause he is one hard hitter...

    ... Yeah, yer supposed to lose (supposedly). Hurts a man's pride, don't it? Man, I hate when you fight battles yer supposed to lose... Either way, you end up passing out. Wuss. Ack, Yuffie! And... AERIS! YAY! (... and yes, the dumb game puts her name as Aerith, Shinigamisama only knows why... technically, ifya wanna go the Japanese way, it's earisu... which is what I always call her ^>__>^ ) ... *snerk* Silly Sora. ... sure look alike, though, don't they? Oooh, magic... Yeah, the Keyblade no likey Leon!

    The scene switches to Riku, who is just waking up. He finds himself in an icy, watery realm. Wondering where he is, he calls out his friends' names, but the one who finds him is neither Sora or Kairi...

    Anyway. Open the chest on the table to get an Elixir (you have to talk to Yuffie first nyan). And yes, that's an SP in the corner. Alright, remember that mysteeeerious voice from the Hotel Lobby? Well, it's obviously night right now. Examine the picture in the frame to the right of Leon. 7:00? OK... Well, there's a clock right above Leon's head. Also to the right of him is an armoire/cabinet/something-or-other type furniture thing. Jump up onto it, turn left and hit the clock (thanks to David Manley for figuring out where to hit the damn clock to get it to turn...). Keep doing this til the clock reads 7:00 (yes, it'll make a sound when it reads 12 or 6. Ignore that.). Now, turn around, and get the Mythril out of the chest. Talk to Leon, and reply "I'm ready!" (... what is this, Spongebob Squarepants? *shudder*). More Heartless! ... and a pancake Donald. :op

    Ignore Leon, and attack! I mean, you do want the munny, don'tCHA? Jump back up onto the balconies (you can grab onto the low roof in the area you just ended up in to get back up instead of using the box) and enter the Red Room to get... another Pretty Stone. aaggghhh. Return to the First District and talk to Leon and Aeris (she's in front of Cid's shop). She'll give you a Mega-Potion! Equip yerself with some Potions (Start, items) and, while yer here, go back to that blue safe from earlier (it's behind and to the right of Leon if yer coming towards him from the Second District door) and open it to get another Postcard! OK, you might wanna save now... If you got a Protect Chain from fighting the Soldiers, EQUIP IIIIIT!! Return to the Third District (via the Second District), and move forward. Donald and Goofy, blast offfff!! :op Oooh, painful. ^*__*^;; ... er... uh oh... OK, fight em off, but leave at least one standing, cause if not yer not gonna be able to get all that munny and HP balls (hey, there are more of them in the American release...). Here's why:

    Boss: Guard Armor
    HP: 700
    EXP: 110
    Attacks: Stomp on party member(s), punch, kick, body slam, spinning in circles
    My current level: 8

    He's got, like, 5 different parts! (hey, they made him more colourful) Take out the feet first, then the hands. Donald and Goofy will heal you, but they can (and do) run out of potions, so get out of the way when he jumps into the air. The hands will explode into HP balls, hence why you go after them when the feet are gone. Get the body last. Do NOT go after the munny and HP balls you got from the last fight while yer fighting this guy! Just kill him! He's a heck of a lot harder to beat than Darkside, or even Leon, was.

    You get a Brave Warrior after the fight. And Sora gives a really goofy grin. *falls over* ... or scary. ^.__.^ And eek, meeting of the bad guys... And, heheh, I know who they aaaaare. :oD And, doesn't that clawed hand look familiar? Augh! Maleficent!

    You get 500 munny and an Elixir (only if you beat Leon) from the Final Fantasy crew, Fire from Donald, and *Dodge Roll (ability) from Goofy. Be sure to equip your abilities (Start, Abilities, and click on the one you want). You should already have Sliding Dash as well. Enter Cid's shop again, and Goofy'll see the green Trinity. Well, you heard the game, you can only use blue Trinities right now. There're three here in Traverse Town. First, light a fire in the fireplace in Cid's shop (use L1 and Triangle so you can practice using shortcuts, and be sure to Lock-On for more accuracy). Now, to get to those Trinities (when you walk up to one, the bottom option in yer menu changes to Trinity).

    Go to the Cafe. There's one right in front of there that transports you onto a balcony with a chest containing a Postcard (it's behind Goofy). Head to the door that Donald said would take you to the gummi ship. There's another blue Trinity to the left of it that gives you almost 200 munny. Return to the 3rd District (yes, all these other districts are clear, for now...), jump over the railing, and go north and behind the wall (right, then left to get behind it). Go up the ramp, and at the end is another blue Trinity. This one gives you more munny and a Camping Set. Follow the rest of the path to another ramp leading down, go left, and cast Fire on the door. Go through.

    Jump across the moving rocks (rocks: fux j00 *dodge* >_> ), and go around the left side of the house to find the doorway in ("Empty Room"). Ack, Kairi! ... or not. Again. ^9__9^ And, hi there, Merlin! ^~__~^ Wow, talk about quick unpacking. Ahaha, Merlin's doin a jig. (*Note: If you don't open the fire door you won't be able to enter Merlin's house by the other routes later on in the game. Thanks to Missy Miller for verifying this information) And, hey, another Trinity! You get more munny and a Mega-Elixir. Use the SP, then talk to Merlin again. Choose to practice magic. Talk to him again, and get ready to destroy some furniture with Fire! ^~__~^ mmm, pyromania... Practice locking on, shooting, and quickly switching to another target. This'll come in handy later on, especially if you like to use magic/chose the Staff (unlike me ^>__>^ ). Start with stationary targets first, then try the moving ones. When yer done, go up to Merlin and choose Cancel, then say Go back. There are a ton of chests around here, but you canīt get any of them yet. ^-__-^;; Leave the area and go back to the Third District (and no, you don't have to use the rocks; you can just swim back).

    Run across to the other door here, the one with the keyhole near it. Inspect the keyhole, and you opened the door! Yay. Go back to the Second District (What, again? Yes, again), and go through the empty (also for now) Gizmo Shop. Exit through the other door and find the ladder we saw earlier (it's on yer left). Apparently, somebody fixed it. ... must've been that mystery guy in the Hotel... ^>__>^ Climb up, go left, across that narrow bridge-type deal (please try not to fall ^@__@^;; ), and take a running leap of faith straight across to the rooftops. In the back left-hand corner of the second rooftop is a chest containing a Mythril Shard. Now, keep going towards the opposite end from where you got to the rooftops, and go (well, jump) through the door. Go right (again, don't fall off), and inspect the corner for another Postcard! Take the shortcut back to the First District, and now you'll finally get rewarded for finding all these odd- type postcard thingies. On your rights is a thingie with a tongue and a hat that says mail on it. Choose "Mail Card" in yer menu. Here's what you'll get: Cottage, Mythril Shard, Mega-Potion, Mega-Ether, Mythril, and an Elixir. Not a bad haul, is it? Yeah, there are 10 of these, butCHA can't get the other four yet. Now, time to spend some of this munny! Back in the Item Shop, buy a Battlemace for Donald and a Smasher for Goofy (they're the better weapons in the list so far. If you don't have enough munny, then just get Donald a Morning Star. The Stout Shield for Goofy is the same as what he's already got, so don't waste yer munny). Stock up on Potions (not Hi-Potions for now), then, if you have munny left over, visit Cid again and buy some Protect Chains for Donald and Goofy (the other stuff has the same defence, and you don't need the other protection they give you yet, so don't waste yer munny). Items list is here.

    Now, head to the world map and yer gummi ship.


    Dive to the Heart

    Destiny Islands