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Keep . : Shades of Silence : . free!

Choose the point at the top, not the bottom. And now you finally get to pilot this damn thing! Woohoo! Just keep flying straight and hold down O. Dodge the rings, and pick up any gummis left behind after you destroy something. You donīt really have to worry about power right now. Kickass, they made this into a minigame! You can try for a high score each time.

It's the Rabbit! (... no, not the Trix rabbit...) Follow that rabbit! ... lotsa doors... Go back through the door and use the SP that's appeared. Run back and enter the Bizarre Room again. Walk over to the door that the rabbit entered, and the doorknob talks to you ^O__o^ First things first, though. Walk over to the bed on your left and choose Push. Now, drink the potion on the table.

Jump down off the table, then fight your way around the room. Once the area's clear, inspect the doorknob again. He's sleeping? *sweatdrop* Well, then use the hole that was behind the bed. You end up in the Queen's Castle. Aiee! Big, fat, ugly, mean Queen! Off with her head! ... or Alice's... ^.__.^; Well, now to find proof of Alice's innocent. Oh boy. Talk to Alice, and whomever else you want. Yes, there are some chests around here that you can't reach yet. Go through the archway in front of the Queen and use the SP (from now on, just use every new SP you come to, K? It'll come in handy later). Go back through the archway and the guy to your left eventually says that you need at least one piece of evidence. Go through the door.

Gack! Floating, disembodied cat head! ^o__o^ ... kinda like my emoticons. ^O__o^;; The Cheshire Cat tells you that there are four pieces of evidence. Gotta find em all! ... what is this, Pokemon? OK, clear the area of enemies. And I mean the whole area. Ignore anything that pops up to examine for now. Near the entrance, there's an enclosed area on the right. In the right- hand corner (behind you) is a piece of evidence! (Footprints) Also in this area is a Blue Trinity. Go back to the entrance and inspect the red flower. If you give it an Ether (put it in Sora's equipped items), it'll give you HP balls and some item. Ignore the yellow flower for now, and go forward. The red flower on the left does the same. You can talk to the flowers for some information (the second flower tells you that the Bizarre Room holds all the answers). The yellow flower where the Trinity was gives you MP balls. Alright, climb up on those toadstools and up onto the lily platforms. You'll probably have to fight, just try not to fall off. See that red ball thing? Jump to that bush that it's on (no, it's NOT impossible...), then jump down to the chest to find some of the Dalmations! Whee. Back on the bush platform, find the other hole (not the one you just passed going up here, it's across the room). Below there is another bush platform, and below there is another box with evidence in it. You can either take a leap of faith across, or hop down and climb onto the rock to get to the lily platform the evidence is on (Antenna). Yeah, there's another chest behind you which you can't reach yet. From now on, if I don't mention a chest that's in the area, it's cause ya can't get to it yet. :op

Back in the Trinity area, jump back on the toadstools and enter the door. Hey, there's some more evidence (Stench)! Jump down and re-enter the court. Now, you don't need to get the last piece of evidence, but hey, why not, right? Go back to the Lotus Forest, fight off the baddies (if there are any), then give a Potion to the yellow flower near the entrance. Wheeee, growing! And, hee, mini-Donald and mini-Goofy. ^~__~^

Jump onto the tree stump near the entrance. ... the tree over there said "Strike to spin"... alright... inspect the red berry we passed earlier. When it falls down, leave it there. Now... SMACK THE TREE! ... HAHAHA "Oh my head" *snickers* Now, eat the berry. Go back to the mushrooms where the Trinity was, get back on the lily platforms, then go left and jump across the newly- raised lilies to a new door into the Bizarre Room. You land on... a faucet. OK, press Select, and look right. Hit Select again, and jump onto that little ledge there and open the box to get the last piece of evidence: Claw Marks!

The Cheshire Cat appears again, congratulates you, confuses you, and gives you Blizzard! Joyous. Go back to court. Talk to one of the red guys in front of the Queen, and say "Yes." ... and now you get to choose one box. Oh great. Well, choose a box. Even if you get the right one, the Queen gets pissed. If you choose the wrong one, then you have to do this next bit alone.

Mini-Boss: Crank Tower and Deck of Cards
HP: Tower: n/a, Heart Card: 60, Spade Card: 45
EXP: Tower: 100, Cards: 0
Attacks: Cards chop atyer head

... uh oh. If Donald and Goofy are imprisoned, attack their cages first. Attack the three cog-thingies on the tower until they break, then attack the top of the tower. This is only a "difficult" fight if Sora decides to be a bitch and not attack the cages right (if Donald and Goofy are imprisoned, that is). And HA, it's fun to hit the Queen. :oD When the top of the tower explodes, run around and grab up all the money before destroying the rest of the tower, cause you won't be able to get the munny afterwards.

Alice is gone?! ^x__o^ Enter the Lotus Forest again. ... er. *sweatdrop* And man, I hate those big round Heartless. Just keep hittin em til they die, although it takes forever. It's easier if you get behind them and smack em. Grow again, then walk over to the rock the Cheshire Cat was on, and choose "Move" to knock it into... a pond that isn't real when yer small. ^O_____o^;; Smack the tree, smack the seed, smack the tree again, then eat the seed. Jump onto the new lilypads, and go right, over the mushroom, and into an enclosed area. Fight off the Red Noctournes, then Trinity! Give the red flower a Hi-Potion to get a Mega-Potion and MP balls. Ignore the little pink flowers next to it for now. Go through the door and open the chest for an Aero-G gummi.

Back in the Lotus Forest, climb up on the mushroom at the very back, jump onto the one on the right, onto the lilypad, then LEAP OF FAITH across to the lilypad and then the bush platform to get a Thunder-G out of the chest. Back up onto the mushroom, then up onto the left one this time, and up onto the lilypad. Face the back of the room and find the bush platform with a door above it. That's where yer goin, but to get there, turn around, jump onto that lilypad, and jump across to the lilypad below the bush platform with the red seed on it. Jump across to the door and enter the Bizarre Room (which has now earned its title ^O__o^;; ). Jump down, attack attack attack! Beware the door (to find it, go towards the middle of the room and head right. The screen'll say Bizarre Room). If you accidentally fall through it, jump into the chimney (if you didn't fall through, ignore me please). OK, now, light the first lamp to make the lion head spit out a chest. Open it for a Defense Up. Find the next lamp and touch that one too. Go above the lamp to the teddy bear and smack the latch. Teddy drop doooooooown ^~__~^ OK, jump into the painting! Give the flowers what they want, then go towards the back of the room and find the mound of dirt leading back to the Bizarre Room. Yer back in the same section you were before. Go across to the opposite side from where the bear was (after fighting off the baddies), and go through the hole over the books.

Use the mushrooms from the "Trinity area" and head for the door to the Bizarre Room that is above and left of the exit to the Queen's Castle. Fight off the Heartless, then jump onto the raised pink part (dishrack) and onto the chimney. Jump down to the other side and jump onto the pot to make it 3D. Fight, then jump back on the pot to get back up onto the chimney. If you go towards the "floor" of the room, then this is where you would've ended up if you'd gone through that door I told you to "beware" of earlier. (I said beware, cause this place is damn confusing, and I don't need you getting lost! ^>__<^ ). Go back towards where you came in, and find the faucet. Turn it on, then jump into the pot. Open the chest for more dalmations.

Jump down and take the door there back to the Bizarre Room. Defeat the enemies and jump up onto the table. Kick some more Heartless butt, then drink the potion in the orange bottle. Read the book that was next to the teddy bear to get a Mythril Shard. Lock onto the teddy bear and choose Move, then move the clock that just became 3D. Now, be small, and go through the new door!

Woo, the Tea Party Garden! Well, first things first. Open the chest onyer left to get an Aeroga-G. Jump down and read the purple sign on the wall on the left twice. Choose a chair, and sit down. It's easiest to start from one end and work your way to the end. mmm, pressies... although some bring in enemies. ^;__;^ When that happens, leave and come back and pick more chairs (*Note: If you go back into the Lotus Forest and see some white dudes with red hat-things and black faces (white mushrooms), go here for what to do, cause if you do the right things, then they give you stuff!). When yer done, take the door to the Bizarre Room (under the balcony you jumped off of when you got here).

Tea Party Garden Table Layout

HP balls
HP balls
MP balls
HP balls

And it's that cat again. Eh. Light things, smite things. ... or in this case, the other way around. ^~__~^;; Clear the area, then jump up onto the stone chimney, then onto the lamp. Touch it, and a flower appears, and so does the cat. Well, you heard 'im! Jump to the next one and repeat. ... doorknob, eh? Go to the other side of the room from where you came in and open the latch to go through the door. Turn left and get the dalmations out of the chest. Jump down, SAVE (and, if you haven't noticed yet, going to save points restores yer HP/MP), and take the door on the right to get back to the Bizarre Room. Hey, cat. Again. Examine the flower next to the doorknob to get a bunch of HP balls and some items. Use the chair to jump onto the table, then talk to the cat. ... oh crap...

Boss: Trickmaster
HP: 600
EXP: 150
Attacks: Kicks, hitting out with those sticks, lighting the sticks on fire for more damage

There's only one target. Lock on and attack while jumping off the table. Whenever he crouches, strike! Jump back onto the table when you need to, or the chair, although you don't really have to. Do NOT cast Fire, cause his sticks'll light on fire and do more damage. If he lights em on fire himself, cast Blizzard. He's not too difficult...

You get Ifrit's Horn. Hey, keyhole! You've locked Wonderland, and got a Navi-G gummi. whoohoo. Use the SP to return to your ship.

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