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Holy crap, it's that rock dude from KH! ^@__@^;; Hrm... where in Hades have we ended up? Well, you can't go anywhere til you've helped the chick up. Apparently she knows Hercules as well. Well, "Where in Hades" ey? Looks like we're about to get our chance to ask him. Go through the blue cool-looking door.

OK, the floating cloud things in here drop MP balls in case you need em, and the torch thingies drop HP balls. Good to know while in the Underworld... One more thing you need to know down here: noooooo Summons or Drive gauge! *sigh* Enter the cavelet at the end of this area to see a figure run by you. Watch out for falling rocks in here (Hades must not like visitors...). There's a Hi-Potion on the way down. When you get a chance, veer left to grab an AP Boost, an Ether, and a Mythril Shard. Go back the way you came, cause going forward puts you near the beginning of this tunnel. At the very end is a chest with a Mythril Stone in it (it's on the left). Go through into the next area.

... ROFL! "Run, run away!" ... Brave Sir Robin ran away [/Monty Python]. See? I told you they were chickens. Behind you are two chests (Mythril Shard and map). Save, then continue through the rift. Hrm, meeting of the minds, ey? What, he's actually taking Pete's suggestion? Jeeze. Continue forwards. Watch out for those plant things, they shoot things atCHA and knock you back pretty far (don't wanna fall off now do we?).

Back with Hades, he summons some random guy... who decides to try and fight Hades. Aha. *sweatdrop* Ack, what, why are we defending some idiot who wants to go one-on-one with Hades? Oh, fine, not like he's someone we haven't beat the crap out of before...

Boss: Hades the hothead
HP: 660
Strength: 17
Defense: 9
Attacks: none
My current level: 16

Ahahaha... two seconds...

... funny? I don't feel funny. Do you feel funny? Ahh, OK OK! The random dude drags you off as Hades throws fireballs afterya. *poof* There he is! So much for the door... OK, well, you can't actually fight Hades, I'm sorry. At least, not here. You can't land a single hit on him! So... just run for the exit. Auron/Sora triangle thingies are pretty awesome. Use magic on the Large Body to finish him off quicker. I hate those guys! ^>__<^ Hrm, I wouldn't refuse his help that quickly if I were you... go into the passage. Uh oh. I wonder if Cerberus is unhittable down here too... ^.__.^;; Just run through the passage, ignoring the Large Bodies. They try to KEEL j00!! ^x__x^;; Hrm, looks like the door is locked. You'd better hurry, Cerberus is onyer tail! (um, how does Auron fight with only one hand? ^O__o^;; )

Boss: Cerberus
HP: 440
Strength: 17
Defense: 9
Attacks: Tail swipe, Jumping Crash (body slam), biting
Bonuses: Dodge Slash ability (Sora), HP up (Auron +40)
My current level: 16

Oh man, I already used up all my potions... fortunately Auron has some. And standing around trying to figure out the Cure shortcut doesn't help. Unlike in KH, you can't climb up onto his back and let him have it. Use triangle when you can to do some pretty good damage.

Huh, sorry lady, but Hothead wants us dead. Seems One-Armed Boy has disappeared. Go up through the narrow door for another scene. Seems Hades wants the Keyblade. Sorry dorry, but you can't have it. It's ours! Well, there's nothing to pillage in the Coliseum this time around... hmph, still junior heroes? Why I oughta... oh, he's gonna get us something to keep away the curse of the Underworld? Oh, OK. I won't kick his ass then. No pushover? Gimme a break, he was easy in the Hades Cup. I went through that thing without stopping at lv 54. Lv 60+ my ass. Great, more training from Phil. What is it this time, more barrels? Oh, pots. Yeah, that's a real difference. What, more orbs? Gimme a frickin break... ah well, this is easy. Just break some pots as fast as you can. You get an ability for beating the next one. Go talk to Hercules whenyer done. Eh? Great, stupid Organization... Ack, Hades! Quick, beat him up! Oww... forehead... ^@__@^;; ... hydra? I see no hydra. well, looks like we're going back into the Underworld... ugh.

This section of the walkthrough has been deleted thanks to the webmaster's stupidity. Sorry guys. I am an idiot and saved over the file. I'll try to get it done soon, I promise. *bashes head through wall repeatedly*

Boss: Demyx, lots of water beings)
HP: n/a
Strength: n/a
Defense: n/a
Attacks: Water Dance (calling forth tons of water beings)
Bonuses: MP Rage (Donald), HP up (Sora, Goofy)
My current level: 17

This fight is cake. Basically just button-mash X and triangle and Wild Dance will pwn tons of the things.

Boss: Pete
HP: 264
Strength: 17
Defense: 9
Attacks: Throwing bombs, Violent Attack (body slam shockwave thing)
Bonuses: Trinity Limit ability (Sora), Hyper Healing (Goofy), HP up (Donald +4)
My current level: 18

You have to keep Meg safe (you know, the chick), so try to keep Pete and everything else away from her. When Pete throws a temper tantrum (does a funny little dance), run the hell away! This means he's about to create a shockwave. Hercules shows up sooner or later, and you get a reaction command with him that destroys that annoying shield Pete has.

Boss: Hydra
HP: 462, head: 71
Strength: 17
Defense: 9
Attacks: Biting faces, Tail Attack (tail swipe), Hades Flame (energy surge), Dark Servant (heat-seeking darkness balls)
Bonuses: Thunder (Sora), Equipment slot (Donald), HP up (Sora +5, Goofy +5), Hero's Crest Keyblade
My current level: 18

This is a hard fight, mostly because he's unhittable 80% of the time and can hit you 100% of the time. Fortunately you have Donald and Goofy as meatshields. When his head is low to the ground, smack away! You don't often get this chance. When its HP runs out, quickly use the Vanquish command to cut off its head. It quickly grows another one, low to the ground. Beat the crap out of that one and Vanquish it, as well. About this time, Phil starts yelling for you to get on the hydra's back. You'd better do what he says! When you get up there, start button-mashing triangle like crazy or you'll miss your chance for the Sora-Phil combo. This attack knocks the hydra senseless, but only for a short period of time, so go into Valor form and beat the crap out of both heads quickly! Now the hydra grows, like, five heads, and the real fight begins. He starts using his attacks. Run around like a chicken on fire to dodge his attacks, cause this is when he's unhittable 80% of the time. Wait for one of his heads to get low to the ground and smack away! When the triangle command comes up, push it quick! Pegasus comes flying in. Back to button mashing to do some real damage to the hydra (and yes, I am well-aware of the fact that he regenerates his HP). Repeat the process and he should be dead soon.

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