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Chip and Dale show up and say you have to go to the library. Well, there's nothing in the hangar, so just go into the next area. Well, the courtyard is overrun with Heartless, but there're also plenty of goodies. Kill everything, then open the chests for the following items: Ether, AP Boost, two Mythril Shards, and Mythril Stone. Go through the white door to enter the castle. The Heartless in the hallway are an endless number, so just run down the hallway and enter the door at the end. Talk to Queen Minnie to find out that she doesn't know where the King is. Donald and Goofy run off. ... leaving you all by yourself. This next part is hell. It's just you all by your lonesome. PUT SOME HI-POTIONS IN YOUR SLOTS! You are really gonna need em, believe me. And for the love of all that is unholy, SAVE YOUR GAME! By the way, the chest in here has a page from the Pooh Book (*Note: At the bottom of each page where you find a page from the Pooh Book you'll have a link to the Pooh Book section). Leave the room, and use triangle to call Queen Minnie down the hallway as quickly as possible, ignoring the Heartless. Enter the door. Wait for it, wait for it... yeah, you've got that right. You vs aaaaall of that. All. by. yourself. Holy crap. OK, there's two ways to do this. Sooooometimes, you don't get a reaction command. Because the game hates you. Soooo... KILL THEM ALL! Stay near Queen Minnie. If you chase after an enemy with a combo, get back to her quick cause she will die and then it's game over for you buddy boy.

If you get a reaction command while near Queen Minnie, use it to keep them the hell away from her (man, it's so much easier with the Faith command). Once they're all gone, lead her to the throne. Ooh boy. Don't worry just yet. *poof* They're gone! Yay! (*Note: DO NOT do like you did in the hallway, i.e., use the triangle command to call her down to the other end of the room as quickly as possibly, or she will die very very quickly. You have been warned.)

Donald and Goofy are back. And just where have you two been?? Ack, Maleficent! After a bandying of words, Maleficent gets to the point: she wants the castle. Lawlz, hag is right. Well, time to find Merlin. Fly to Hollow Bastion, and *poof* there he is! Donald becomes unintelligable, and you get poofed back to the castle. More poofing, and a magical door appears. Yes yes, do not give in to the dark, for that is the path to the dark side and all that jazz. Oh c'mon, don't be a wimp, just open the door.

Ack, I hate this stage. Everything's in black and white! Makes it really hard to see... and you're apparently back in your old clothes. Pete shows up, looking stranger than usual. Open the chest near the magical door for a Drive Recovery, and the one up on the hill near it for the map. Leave through the exit to the left of the magical door to follow Pete. The chests in this area contain a Hi-Potion and a Mythril Shard. Talk to Pete to pick a fight with him. Run away when he flips in the air, cause he then does a body slam that does damage to party members in the area. Avoid him when he starts running around like a chicken on fire. This fight is over pretty quickly. Seems you beat him up pretty good. After an apology, a mysterious window shows up. Waah, Heartless! And your oh-so-elegant entrance into this world. More windows show up on Cornerstone Hill. Save, then enter the one on the far left. Hey look, it's the King! OK, basically you gotta kill quickly before the Mayhem meter fills up. This entire stage is pretty easy, so don't fret too much. I guess Square decided that we needed a break after your solo act. Another mysterious window shows up, and you see Maleficent berating Pete.

Enter the window to the right of the first one you entered (we're gonna go from left to right, OK?). Hey, everything is itty bitty... OK, in this one you gotta kill everything before the entire town is destroyed (this is pretty hard cause your Keyblade can hit houses and destroy them). More scenes of Pete blubbering, and his wish comes true. OK, next window. Best go into Valor form for this one for some quick killing action, cause a lot of crap is coming your way. The cars are hell, cause they run you over and cause massive damage. Well, it seems like Pete's getting a second chance. ... but he's a clueless idiot. K, last window. Destroy all the Heartless before the entire room gets sucked into the void (and yes, you can beat up the void). And Pete's still a clueless idiot. ... or maybe not, since he nabbed the Cornerstone. Hoi. You get another useless map. Hurray? Go through the doorway to the wharf (the one to the right of the magical door) then go into the waterway area to find it's Pete vs Pete. Now it's your turn.

Attack the flying boxes by button-mashing triangle. After a couple of boxes to the head, the steamboat goes to the far left. Ignore all the chests here for now, you can get them later. Run to the steamboat and hit triangle to get onto the crane. Now whack away at the box and hit triangle to get off once the Heartless appear. Kill them quickly then get back on the crane until Pete wakes up. Repeat the process until it's over. Now you can go ahead and open the chests for: a Hi-Potion, a Mythril Stone, and an AP Boost. Run to the wharf now and run up to Pete and Pete (wasn't that a Nickelodeon show a long time ago?).

Boss: Pete, the sequel
HP: 784
Attacks: Violent Attack (body slam), throwing bombs
Bonuses: Reflect element (Sora), Goofy Tornado (Goofy), HP up (Sora +5, Donald +4)
My current level: 18

Hmph. The old Pete doesn't really "help" much... his running around like an idiot can hurt you. Anyway. Basically Pete does the same thing as last time, go invincible on and off. Go into Valor form to really let him have it. When he crouches down he's about to do a scene change. You basically cycle through the mysterious window stages. The scaffolding one is still annoying. Basically he can't die until you reach the last stage (hoi), but the good news is that the annoying scaffolding stage is the last one.

After the fight, Pete makes the other magical door appear. Time to lock it! Old Pete lets you pilot his steamboat, and there's Mickey chilling out behind the Cornerstone. Haha. New, semi-useful Keyblade. And the tossing of Donald. Aha. Back inside the palace, the thorns disappear and Donald falls through the door. Daisy shows up... and berates Donald. Hahaha. And thus begins the merry chase. And a new gate is opened! AND a new form is available! (this one is gonna come in handy, believe you me)

Yes, a new episode has been added to the Coliseum, but it's just a tournament where you don't get any EXP... so save it for whenyer bored. I'll write it in here later. Go ahead and open both new routes, but you can't get very far in Atlantica for now. The game automatically boots you out at certain points in the Atlantica level, but it'll alert you when you can go back in again. And yes, that does say battle level 0. Boy, Ariel sure swims funny. And she looks so gaudy with that lipstick... ^<__<^;; Seems you've forgotten how to swim while you were asleep, along with everything else... Talk to Flounder to continue. OK, this next part is kinda like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) or FFR (Flash Flash Revolution). Basically, you have to time your button pushing just right to get a good or an excellent. I can't help you here, dude. It's all in the reflexes. And, unlike most other places in this walkthrough, button-mashing will get you nowhere. Haha, Sora dances funny. ^~__~^;; After the practice, talk to Sebastian to try out the musical. It's more of the same, really, cept with words and it's longer. Afterwards, King Triton shows up and says you need to keep Ariel's mind off of the surface world. And Eric's still wandering about on the beach searching for Ariel. *pokes him* And Ariel's still moping. Flounder leads you to a shipwrecked statue... and you get kicked out of Atlantica for not having Magnet yet. Oh well. Head to Port Royal.

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