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OK, you're gonna want at least 400 spare munny on hand, trust me. A moogle shows up in this stage at some point and disappears after you clear this stage, so you only get one chance to upgrade Donald's weapon. If you don't have enough munny, go clear out the Beast's castle a couple of times. Not only will this net you good munny and EXP, but it also lets you level up your Wisdom form some. Be sure to leave with your Drive gauge filled completely. Also, you'll want to stock up on potions. This stage is HELL. ^>__<^

Upon your arrival you hear screams. This is what we like to call "foreshadowing." Behind you is a chest with a map in it. Go left for an Ether near the second set of cannons. Right from there is a chest with a Mythril Stone inside. Go back to the SP and hang a left to barge in on Pete and some Resident Evil 4 graphic-style pirates. Ack, speaking of Resident Evil, they're zombies! Aaaahhhh! And the bad thing is... well, you can't hit em. So just muck around for this first battle. After a bit, Pete unwittingly gives you a tip: they're weak to magic. Yeah, that's right. The buggers can only be hit by magic (and physicals when in moonlight, but that's just too complicated). Hoi. Basically, if they look like they're surrounded by crackling lightning, then you can whomp em good.

Yes, let's do just that... *shakes head* Take a pirate ship out for a spin, sure thing bosu... Head into town to spot the pirates making off with some chick. And then the Heartless appear. Yay, things we can actually smack around! After the fight, Will comes out of hiding to congratulate you. OK, now to pillage the town. Go left from where you are and break the stuff you can lock-on to to create a passage through. Beat up the baddies, then hang a right and destroy the crates for a Mythril Gem. Further down is another chest (Ether) and more crates to break. Go through the newly-opened passage and go straight into the alcove for an AP Boost. Left is a chest (Mythril Shard) and more crates. Ignore these crates, they just lead you back to where you first started. Return to where you fought the first group of enemies in this area to find the entrance to the harbour.

Apparently, the pirates have left on their ship and taken the chick with them. Hrm, seems like Jack is about to steal himself a ship. Will convinces him to let y'all tag along. And y'all can leave as soon as Jack's stolen a thing or two apparently. Which basically means talk to Will to get going. And a skeptical Elizabeth gets the shock of her life. Enter the hold to save, then go talk to Jack (and yes, the moogle in here is the moogle with the upgraded weapon). After a short battle you find out you're headed to Isla de Muerta, which is really bad Spanish for Isle of Death. Seems Barbossa's ship is actually Jack's, too. Go figure. Once on the island, Jack leaves you and yer buddies to guard the ship while he and Will go rescue the chick. Haha, Jack runs funny. Go forwards and grab the Mythril Shard and the Ether out of the chest. In the next area you find Will and Elizabeth being pursued by the zombie pirates. Stay where you are and let the zombies come to you so you can smack them. After a minute you get to run off back to the ship and find out that Jack is missing. Haha, Will brained him. Well, there's the only blood yer gonna see in this game, so enjoy it while it lasts. :op Seems the bitch lied to them... and she just stole back a piece of the treasure. Jeeze, women, I swear. They value jewelry more than their lives. ^9__9^;; Anyway. Save, then talk to Will to attempt to return to Port Royal. Defeat the pirates to get a scene between Will and Elizabeth, where will's backstory is revealed. It is also revealed that Elizabeth loves to steal stuff. Yay, kleptomania? ^<__<^;; So will's a pirate now? Hmm. And Jack tries to fast-talk Barbossa. Well, here comes trouble, as Will goes oveboard.

Basically, no matter what you do, the pirates will eventually get the medallion. Even if you attack them all or just run from them, they'll grab the medallion, so you have to kill them all. Go into Wisdom form to make the job a little easier. After the last pirate is dead, the other pirates invade yer ship and take everybody prisoner. Will rises up from the briny depths to strike a deal with Barbossa. Haha, poor unwanted Jack. Pete shows up and the tables are turned, and y'all end up locked in the brig. They rig the ship to blow up and leave you guys to die. Good thing Jack's crafty, and the enemy pirates are too stupid to take away your weapons. Not that taking the Keyblade away from you would do them any good, as it likes you and would just go back to you anyway, but what about everybody else's weapons?? Oh well, their stupidity is our gain.

Go above deck and use triangle to knock the explosive barrels off of the ship (there are four on this level and two at the stern (front end of the ship)). Ignore the Heartless, just get those barrels! Back on the Isle of Death, Jack has Elizabeth stay with the ship. Head inside and just run through the areas until you get to the cave at the end. You can come back for the treasure later once the pirates are gone. Trust me, it's really hard to get them into the moonlight in some of the areas. The pirates are attempting to get rid of the curse for the second time. Well, the good news is, you don't actually have to fight the pirates. Jack's busy fighting Barbossa one on one. Uh... holy crap, he's a zombie too! Ew. Who knew? Well, the bad news is, you have to fight Barbossa and a Heartless boss.

Boss: Barbossa and chameleon buddy (Illuminator)
HP: Barbossa: 612, Illuminator: 26
Strength: 21
Defense: 11
Attacks: Sword slashes, throwing bombs, SHOOTING YOU!! ^O__O^;;
Bonuses: Aerial Finish ability (Sora), Teamwork ability (Goofy), Auto Limit (Goofy), Drive Gauge up (Sora), HP up (Donald +4, Jack +15)
My current level: 23

Go after the cameleon thing first, then concentrate on Barbossa, since the cameleon turns the room into darkness (and, as mentioned earlier, zombies can't be hit unless they are in the moonlight). Run around the cave wall until you find the thing (he's where the wall has a small patch of glowing light). He's pretty easy to kill. When he reappears, relocate him and take him down again. This fight is cake.

After the fight, Pete runs off again (you'd think that since stealing the Cornerstone was his "last chance," Maleficent would've destroyed him by now...), and Barbossa gets majorly screwed over. Cold? More like dead cold ey? Jack gets his ship back, and everything is hunky-dory. Hahaha, are you blushing? *pokes repeatedly* ^~__~^;; A new gate is opened, and it's time to leave (hey, waitaminute, what about that treasure??). Oh, right, the treasure. Aha. Well, land back in the Isle of Death (I refuse to call it by the name they're using, cause it's BAD SPANISH!!) and go into the third area. Blow up the first set of crates to obtain an AP Boost. The last set of crates hides another AP Boost. The next area contains a Mythril Shard, an Ether, and a Mega-Potion. Now that yer done, you can go ahead and leave. Open up both gates, then head for Agrabah.

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