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Aaah, Agrabah. The sand, the neverending beach, the... more sand. ^<__<^;; Hey look, it's Iago! Get him! ^>__<^! Oh yes, listen to soft-hearted Goofy. Uh oh. OK, these guys are cake as long as three of them don't trap you in a corner (hoi, my head...). After awhile, Iago saves the day by freaking out and knocking random crap over. You end up inside some guy's shop, where you decide to head for the palace to check up on Aladdin. Hope you've got some munny saved up cause the Aegis Chains are pretty nifty. Remember, if you don't have enough munny, go clean out Beast's castle a couple of times. Plus, those guys are cake. mmm, cake... well, technically I like pie better, but that's completely and utterly besides the point. Anyway. Back outside, the Heartless are missing. Time to pillage the city! Eeheehee! *rubs hands together gleefully* First off, go up the steps at the back on the left. There's a Hi-Potion up here. To the right of that is a Mythril Shard. Turn around and go all the way to the back for a Drive Recovery, then head left for a Mythril Stone. To the right of that is another Mythril Shard, and left of that on a lower level of the rooftops is an AP Boost. Is it just me or should they have kept Agrabah the same as in KH? Oh well. Maybe the Sultan decided to get the place remodelled in the year that you've been asleep... From here go right and jump down to the ground and keep going forward. Jump up onto the ledge to reach a Mega-Ether. From here go back to the floor and go left and left again to reach the palace.

Hello Jasmine! You sound like an airhead! Hey, from what I remember, I didn't even have Aladdin in my party while defeating Jafar! Helped Aladdin defeat Jafar my ass. ^>__<^ Hrm... sounds like Aladdin's up to something fishy. Aha, another girlfriend? Men. ^9__9^;; Well, back in town... there goes Abu! And... a hurried hello from Aladdin. *snickers* Well, that was easy. Well, apparently the problem is that Aladdin's lonely. Seems Jasmine isn't doing her job right. ^<__<^;; Ha, Sora and Donald have weird looks on their faces. And Iago is apparently cracking up. Or... not? According to him, that lamp the little dude had is the lamp that Jafar is trapped inside of. Uh oh. Well, make your way back to the shop the moogle's in, or you can clean out the town first, whatever floats yer boat (to get to the shop take a left, go through the hole in the wall, and it's on your left, the door with the pink curtains). Inside, the dude wants some never-before-seen treasure worthy of a sultan for the stupid lamp. Jeeze. People, huh. Well, Iago has an idea. Seems we're going back to the Cave of wonders. And yes, that too has been revamped. Head to the Bazaar (go left into the tunnel) and pillage that area of treasure. OK, the Fat Bandits are just like Large Bodies in their weakness, but they breathe fire, so kill them quick. By the big door on the left is a Hi-Potion, and on the right amoungst the stalls is another one. Go through the big door to get outside. The large chest out here contains a Skill Ring. There's another chest near the SP that contains a Mythril Stone. Leave by the area near Aladdin (haha, Donald's treasure-happy).

Uh oh, it's Pete! That means Heartless are around here, too. K, around the tiger head are chests containing a Drive Recovery and a Mythril Shard. Enter the mouth of the cave (literally a mouth!). OK, the chests here contain: a Hi-Potion, a Mythril Shard, a Mythril Stone, and an AP Boost. Continue into the next area and examine the monkey statue at the back. Uh oh. ^<__<^;; Basically stay with Abu and keep pressing triangle and move slowly forwards. Jump over the advancing waves of stone to reduce damage, and press triangle at the end to complete the trial. The statue then disappears to reveal a doorway. Enter the next area and read the sign to activate it. Basically, you gotta be able to kill quickly. Go into Wisdom form to kill things (especially the Fat Bandits) more quickly. Afterwards, open the chest for a map, then read the sign and go through the doorway. Wow, check out all the loot. Hey, how did Pete get by all the trials? Hmph. Aha, check out the look in Donald's eyes. ... as Pete sends in the Heartless. Oh well, they're not all that tough. The hardest part about it are the three Fat Bandits at the end, but basically just remember to hit them from behind and they're gone.

Back inside Agrabah, you find Pete chasing the short dude, trying to get the lamp. Hey, that's ours! ^>__<^! Head to the palace to witness the fight for the lamp. Good going Iago! Orrrrrr not... ^<__<^;; Heyyyy, Genie's back! ... and apparently he needs glasses. Well, once Pete regains his senses, he sends some boss Heartless afterya.

Boss: Fatso and Fatsoer (Volcanic Lord and Blizzard Lord)
HP: 351 (each)
Strength: 22 (each)
Defense: 12 (each)
Attacks: Volcanic Lord: Combo Fireball (fireballs x6), Fire Press (hot spots on the ground); Blizzard Lord: Ice Breath (blocks of ice on ground, can hit other Heartless), Ice Missile (ice chunks x6), Freeze (freezes party member)
Bonuses: Explosion ability (Sora), Equipment slot (Goofy), HP up (Donald, Aladdin)
My current level: 27

These guys are cake! Especially with a bunch of air combo abilities equipped, since these guys float. Basically avoid the hot spots and frozen bits on the floor. Just whomp the hell out of em and they'll be gone shortly. Yey. (yes, they come back, but they're still easy) To unfreeze a party member, cast Fire at them.

After the battle, Pete threatens you, then runs off. ^9__9^;; You seal away the lamp in a large concrete box, and Iago makes some promises. Aaand apparently Aladdin's run off. Again. Whoops, seems Abu stole something from the Cave of Wonders. How'd he fit that thing under his hat? And what happened to that huge thing of jewels we hauled back from there? Yeah, nice try there Donald... Well, looks like a new gate is open. You get a new Summons charm thingy. Hurray? I never use Summons anyway... ^<__<^ Aww, poor Pluto. Hey, it's Axel! Bishi! Aww, he disappeaed. And Pluto disappears into the darkness. Pluuuuuutooooo!! And here's Kairi! ... what are you up to Axel? Bad bishi! *chases him with sticks* Pluto shows up just as she looked like she was about to go with him. Uh oh, some Dusks show up as well. And Kairi follows Pluto into the darkness. Hrm, not all that dark in there... especially with a doorway of light. Kairi ends up in Twilight Town with Hayner and co. Looks like she's safe. ... for now. And Twilight Town's back on the map! Hurray! Hey hey hey! Hold yer horses! I know yer eager to see Kairi and all, but first things first! Go clear the new gate, then head to Halloween Town. We've got two stages to clear before yer ready for Twilight Town. (OK, OK, so technically you can beat the next couple of levels as you are, but there is a method to the madness)

This is Halloween

The Story of Nobody

A New Awakening, and a New Beginning

Beast's Castle

Olympus Coliseum

House of Mouse

Arr, There be Pirates!