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Aw man, I hated this level in KH, and I hate it here in KH II as well. You'll see why by the end of this thing. Hoi. Hmm, seems Jack is up to no good. Ha, I bet Zero pushed him in. (Zero: <___<;;) Well, follow that ghost-dog! ... see, I told you he was up to no good. Donald and Goofy don't seem to think it's a very good idea either... Oh great, not those three again. Lock, Shock, and Barrel. ^-__-^ [BOOM] Well, so much for the experiment, whatever it was. Jack runs off... woah, fang-ed Sora is smexxy. ... *smacks self* He's a minor! I think I'll just stick to Cloud and avoid the jailtime... Anyway. Heartless show up in Guillotine Square, but all you can think of is Santa Claus. ^9__9^;; OK, well, for Halloween Town it's probably best if you keep Jack inyer party, cause he's got magic and some pretty nifty moves that'll come in handy later, trust me. Well, the chest in here contains an map, so just head outside (although I'd suggest getting Jack two Silver Rings in Beast's Castle first).

Aha, the mayor doesn't seem to like the Heartless. OK, watch your step around here, cause apart from the Heartless, the fountain shoots crap at you if you hit it, the guillotine randomly falls down, and the grates spew noxious gas, all of which can hurt you. After the fight, you volunteer to be Jack's bodyguards. The terrible threesome then encounter Maleficent. Uh oh...

Back in Guillotine Square, Jack says to go to Christmas Town. The Square is still a deadly place, so don't touch anything and watch your step. Enter the graveyard and on the left near the gravestones is a Hi-Potion. Go down the tree-lined path into the next area. On the right near Donald is another Hi-Potion, and further along this wall is a Mythril Stone. On the other side, behind a tree, is an AP Boost. Examine the big tree at the end to get to Christmas Town. Aww, seems Goofy's the only one left with any reservations about this whole thing. Enter into the next area and... ack, what, Heartless here too?! Bust 'em up! Afterwards, jump up onto the houses on the right for a Hi-Potion and left for a Mythril Gem. Hrm... do all these Hi-Potions mean something nasty's coming up? I sure hope not... On this same side near the lamppost is an Ether, and a Mythril Stone by the door. Enter the workshop (don't bother with the carousel, it's broken and can hurt you if you're unlucky). Hey look, it's Santa! Ahaha, sucks to be you. Donald and Goofy are A-OK though. ... as Santa goes into conniptions at the mention of Jack's name, and things start breaking. ^<__<^;; There's an AP boost in here near the SP, and a map.

Enter the factory. ... what're those four up to? Make your way back to the Graveyard to find Maleficent plotting her revenge... wha?! Bring back Oogie Boogie?! Man, I hate that guy! AUGH. OK, here's a tip: Equip Leaf Bracer! Trust me, you'll need it soon enough (it's under Support in Sora's regular abilities menu). Item Boost could be helpful, but you don't need it for now. Buy an Aquamarine Ring on Yuletide Hill if you need more AP and don't have enough AP Boosts. Follow the footprints left through the gate... oh great. He's back. See? SEE?! Infinite lives for bad guys! *stabs him repeatedly* ... oh look, I killed him. Aha. *wonders fleetingly how this'll affect the storyline* Oh well, Maleficent will probably just bring him back to life again. ^-__-^ Somethin large and nasty's headed your way!

Boss: Prison Keeper
HP: 1,140
Strength: 24
Defense: 13
Attacks: Carpet Bomb (spinning while shooting orbs), Fireball (multiple)
Bonuses: Hyper Healing (Donald), HP up (Sora +5, Goofy +5, Jack +15)
My current level: 28

He starts off really high in the air, but his attacks are pretty easily avoided. Run up Moonlight Hill to be able to reach him and smack away. WHen he falls to the ground, let him have it! Soon he recovers and you have to repeat the process. When he eats one of the kids, he changes form, stays low to the ground, and shoots easy-to-dodge fireballs. He quickly consumes another kid, and goes berserk. Watch your HP with this guy. FOrtunately, he doesn't last very long like this, and promptly swallows the last kid, leading to his final form. Which... is a lot like his first form and his berserk form combined. Do what you did for the first form, and he dies soon enough.

Afterwards, the kids run off, and y'all discuss Oogie Boogie. The scene then switches to Santa wandering alone in the Hinterlands. ... or is he? First Sally shows up, then the gruesome twosome, Oogie and Maleficent. ... Santa Heartless? Can't be any worse than when Jack took over Christmas... Sally delivers unto thee the news of Santa's kidnapping, and it's time to head back to the factory.

Augh. He redecorated? No good can come of this. Uh oh, looks like Oogie and Maleficent aren't quite the happy couple. Hey, don't bodyslam Sally, she never did anything to you! Well, thanks mostly to Oogie's ineptitude, Santa has been rescued. Oh, don't rejoice just yet. You still have to take out that bastardized bag of bugs and his conveyor belts of DOOM.

Boss: Oogie Boogie
HP: 371
Strength: 24
Defense: 13
Attacks: Exploding Dice, bringing out Heartless in fake presents, Punch Gimmick (squishing you with giant fists, possibly of fury), Thunder Gimmick (lightning bolts rain down upon your head)
Bonuses: Once More ability (Goofy), Item slot (Sora), HP up (Donald +4, Jack +15)
My current level: 28

OK, I don't care what his HP is, this is not the easiest fight ever. It can be the longest boss fight in the game if you don't know what you're doing. Use Curaga to heal yerself when really low on HP and save Potions for emergencies. When the fist comes out, wait for it to land, then run and jump over it to avoid taking damage. Use triangle on the large square presents to knock Oogie Boogie down to your level, then go into Wisdom form and attack! He quickly recovers, and now starts sending out fake packages along with real presents. Attack the fakes! Sometimes you can get in enough damage that the Heartless inside doesn't even get a chance to come out, they just go *pop*. Stay away from the end of the conveyor belt as there are spikes there. Also, it's best to take out the Heartless before they pop out of the presents cause one type of Heartless has a wind attack that not only hurts you but it pushes you into the spikes for double the damage. He then goes into endless rounds of saying "I hope you like the Boogie gifts I've left out for you" and "I'll squash you flat!" which means endless rounds of fake presents and the fists. (*Tip: You can jump over some of the enemies or dodge them, and they get destroyed by the spikes at the end. The fist also does damage to the Heartless) Switch conveyor belts by going up to the hole that presents come out of when it's blue and hitting triangle, then take note of where Oogie is and try to get into his lane (usually the middle, which is why I had you switch out). He then switches his attack to "Try dodging this!" Now, ignore the lightning and go for the presents! When the fake presents start coming out again, switch to his lane again to trigger the lasers and real presents. After two or three knockdowns, he finally goes to pieces...

... literally! Well, Jack still wants to take over Christmas (yes, again), but Santa gives him a lecture. ... oh c'mon, does everybody know about the stupid door in the tree? It's supposed to be a secret! *sigh* Hey look, Jack's a Christmas light! Yes, let's all believe in Riku, cause he is teh awesomez0rz. You get Magnet for completing this world. Costs a lot of MP, but at least now you can go do chapter two of Atlantica.

Get some practice in at the note bubble, then talk to Flounder. You then go find Ariel to show her the statue you just moved into her grotto. She's so delighted, she breaks into song! Now, watch yourself here, cause the instructions are kinda confusing. Contrary to popular belief, the triangle gauge does not replace the X gauge. You either have to press X or triangle, depending on what's on the screen. And you don't need to get five Excellents in a row, you just need to get Excellent five times during the song. ^@__@^;; Stupid instructions... ^-__-^ Good luck! (My best is ten Excellents in a row) After the song, Sebastian gets on your case, and Flounder gets on his. And after Triton gets on Sebastian's case too, you get booted out of Atlantica. Again.

Pride Lands

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A New Awakening, and a New Beginning

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