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This stage starts out with a flashback to Simba's past. ... I dunno, that great huge smile on his face isn't all that convincing. Wakey wakey shortcakey. Hey look, little cubby Sora! ^~__~^!! Uh oh... lunch?! I'm outta here! Well, looks like we were unwittingly saved by Scar.

Well, the good news is that you can move faster like this. The bad news is you can't change form. Oh well. Open the three pumpkins in the area to receive a map, an Ether, and a Mythril Stone. Leave the area. Uh oh, looks like Nala's got a spot of Heartless-flavoured trouble. OK, these guys can be kinda tough, so watch yer HP. They're also pretty bad at staying still, but at least their reaction command is kinda fun. Hrmm, so... she wants us to take down Scar ey? *snorts* You sure do have some grand ould plans for yerself, don'tCHA?

OK, turn around and head to the ribs buried in the ground. Take a left there to collect an AP Boost, a Mythril Shard, and an Ether. Go left from the Ether and up the ramp to grab a Mythril Stone on the left. Head towards the back and right for a Hi-Potion. Go back to where you found the Elixir and exit the area. Just go straight ahead across this area, no goodies around here. If you lose your bearings, just head towards the big rock in the distance. Upon your arrival, you get a thorough checking over by Rafiki, who decides that you ain't got the right stuff. Tough break, kid. ... well, whaddaya expect? Yer just a cub! Cubbyyyyyyy!! ... anyway. Straight ahead is a cave with an SP inside (you might need this one later on).

Space Paranoids

The Story of Nobody

A New Awakening, and a New Beginning

Beast's Castle

Olympus Coliseum

House of Mouse

Arr, There be Pirates!

Arabian Nights

This is Halloween