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The next day starts off with Daniel yelling at you to rest, which you brush off by saying that you're the only eyewitness to last night's events. Daniel gives you some info on Melissa, but not much more than we already knew. Your other co-workers seem skeptical, but surprisingly enough, your boss believes you. He gives you a mod permit, at which point you're free to roam about the station. The guys are still hovering outside Baker's office and have nothing new to say. However, make sure you know that there's a phone (sp) in the bottom corner of the room, closest to the bottom of your screen. Despite what the huge mess in here would have you believe, there's nothing else in this room so exit through the brown door in the back. The first door on your right is the station locker room. The guy at the bottom of the screen tells you to put on your vest, which happens to be in the second locker from the right at the back. However, the Kv Vest you got earlier is better than this one. There's a Cure-P (cures poison) or a Med2 in the second locker from the left. If you're out of inventory space don't worry cause we're gonna get more space in just a bit here. The cop on the left side of the screen is laughing to himself about finally getting something, but he's not gonna tell you what it is. Go back outside and head down the flight of stairs on your left.

The only door that matters down here right now is the one closest to your screen, so enter that room. Talk to the dude at the desk there to trigger a scene between Wayne and Torres. These two have vastly different views on guns, and tend to get into it with eachother over it quite often. If your inventory is full (which it almost 100% surely is by now), he'll tell you to talk to Wayne to store some of your stuff. Give him all of your old equipment and those stupid keys that we can't get rid of. Once you give Wayne some stuff he runs off and Torres gives you a rifle. Choose the mod permit to show it to him, and I'd probably suggest upgrading your rifle. Once Torres is done with his lecture, Wayne gives you an explanation on how to tune up your weapons, and lets you drop off whatever you didn't get to drop off earlier. Now, go ahead and raid the crates in here. The red one by Wayne contains one of those Tool things he was just talking about, the one on Torres' desk has some ammo, and the one in the back-right corner has a Med 1. Head back outside and up the stairs. You'll see a little kid wandering around in the back. Approach him to find out that he's Daniel's son, who promptly throws a fit cause Daniel can't go to the concert with him anymore. Talk to the uniformed cop chick that's appeared near the exit to learn more about Daniel's family and to find out Captain Baker's been looking for you.

Enter the boss' office and ... yeah, the game is lazy and makes you walk up to the desk yourself. Anyway. Baker springs a surprise press conference on you, and basically tells you to just stand there and look pretty. You, of course, don't like being treated like a statue, and decide to stand up for women's rights by blabbing your mouth off. Good job! ^<__<^;; Baker, of course, is not exactly happy with you. Daniel makes a half-assed attempt to defend you, which is interrupted by a phone call from some Japanese scientist who apparently knows something about mitochondria. One of your colleagues remembers reading about some other mitochondria-knowing guy who's working at the local museum, so instead of waiting for the Japanese guy to come to you, you guys are going on a roadtrip to find some German guy. Logic abounds. ^<__<^;; Daniel says to meet him out front, so go there.

Choose the Museum. Daniel gives you some info on the dude you're going to see. Meanwhile, you have different priorities in terms of conversation. On arrival, just head straight towards the guard (nothing out here to pick up) who lets you inside. If you try to follow Daniel up the steps, he makes you go sign in for him ^-__-^;; The notebook is the little white rectangle on the counter closest to the bottom of the screen. Sign it... to get hit on by the creepy guard. ^>__<^ Head up the stairs! (yeah, nothing to pick up around here, either... yaaay...) Head over to Daniel and enter Dr. Klamp's office. Man, antisocial was right. You get another weird flashback, and Dr. Klamp starts in with a lecture on mitochondria, one that isn't as fictional as you might think. The bits about mitochondria having their own DNA and being the main producers of energy for humans (and other animals), and there being a theory that mitochondria were once separate, autonomous organisms living outside of host cells are true. However, this is a game walkthrough, not Biology 101, so I won't go into details. Anyway, it seems Daniel isn't too happy at the notion that he's got things inside him that might have their own free will. However, once you drop the Eve bombshell on Dr. Klamp he basically kicks you out of his office.

Head back to the precinct, and you get a radio in about a break in the case on the way there. Yeah, the cops in the locker room are gone now, but that suspicious cop's locker is locked, so don't bother with it. Head over to Daniel in the back, then enter the conference room. Apparently, Melissa's fans are still trying to attend her concert tonight, and the Chief wants you all to stop them from becoming crispy critters. Daniel flips out upon realising that this is the same concert Ben and his mum are attending, and runs off after telling Baker to go screw himself. I guess the ass-kissing ends when Daniel's kid's life is on the line. Baker tells you to chase after him, and gives you another mod permit. I suggest dropping this one off with Wayne to save for later. You walk in on yet another argument between the gun nut and the anti-gun nut... Anyway, make sure you have as much extra space in your inventory as you can without leaving anything essential behind. Definately have the Cure-P with you though. Now, chase after that crazy guy! (I mean Daniel)

Man, where'd this guy learn how to drive?? You, for some reason, want him to drive even faster. I guess you have a death wish... As soon as you arrive, Daniel tries to rush inside, only to be stopped by his arm catching fire. You bravely decide to go it alone, since apparently you are fire-proof. Head into the park and grab the Cure-P out of the crate behind the police car in here. Save at the phone if you wish, then head past the car and right into the snow between the trees to find another crate with some ammo in it. Just a bit further on you'll find out why exactly we've been getting poison remedies lately. Oh hey, snakes. ^>__<^;; Continue on back to find yourself in a new area. Oh great. Railroaded right into a zoo. What better place to get mobbed by a bunch of mitochondria-mutated animals than a ZOO. ^-__-^;; By the grate on the left is a crate with ammo or a Med1 in it, and the one in front of the grate on the left has a Med 1. Use the middle grate-door thing to head into the zoo. There's a new handgun in the crate by the bench in this new area, then go further towards the back to get attacked by some crows. Now, the thing about junk is that it can come in handy later, so you might want to just farm crows for a bit. Remember, you can use empty crates as storage. Over on the right side of this area, towards the back by a bench, is a small red crate with a ton of ammo or a Tool in it.

Head back into the left area first and go to the back to find another phone. Enter the door next to it and open the cupboard to find a new vest. Inspecting the body only gets you a rather obvious comment from Aya. Inspect the gurney in here to unblock the closet, which apparently requires a key. Well fine. Go back to the cupboard where the vest was, but turn to face right and open the drawer here for the Zoo Key, then open the closet... ooooh... grenade launcher. I likey. :oD You know what else I like? That every. single. weapon. in this game. uses the same kind of ammo. :op Anyway, back outside head right to get attacked by... uh... a giant monkey who's got some real issues. While these guys are really slow, they can use that wacky arm of theirs like a boomerang. The door on this side leads to the rainforest exhibit, and you get attacked by two snakes almost immediately. You can't get to that crate over on the right just yet. By the way, towards the back are three plaques on animals you can read about... uh... giant... worms...?? ^.__.^;; Well, that's foreshadowing right there or my name is Cheezy McMuffin-face. Well, climb through the shattered glass and head around to the other side to find not one crate but three! Yay! One contains a Med 2, another a Cure-P, and another a Defense +1. Head back outside, then go right across the top of the area to enter the next area. After the near-immediate battle, open the chest behind the pillar to the right of the stairs to acquire more ammo. Continuing on right into the next area you'll fight some... uh... actually, I've no idea what those are. Ohhh... I see... turtles with two heads that are actually tentacles and spew poison gas. OoooK.... ^O__o^ Their tentacles have a huge reach and they can not only send out the poison around their bodies, but also shoot it towards you in clouds. Head towards the back to enter a new area. After the fight, grab the Med 2 out of the crate on the left and the ammo out of the red crate on the right. You know, I've heard Central Park at night can be dangerous, but this is ridiculous... they even keep ammo on the park grounds! ^O__o^;; Go over the small bridge in the back to enter the next area. Here, head to the door on the upper-left side for Aya to comment that all of the animals have escaped. No... really? ^-__-^;; A charred body is blocking your path to the left, so just go towards the back of the area.

Finally! The stupid auditorium! Enter to find Eve onstage, looking like a deranged levatating flower. Eve starts singing, and everyone dissolves into a giant pile of goo. Creepy... Exit the auditorium and go all the way to the right to find... that weird little girl again. Continue right to find the backstage entrance. Go poke Eve in the head! She doesn't stick around for long, so leave the auditorium. Head back to where that body was blocking your path to the left, since it's unblocked now. In this new area, go up the steps to that porch-like place to acquire a Revive and some ammo, then continue out the back of the porch-thing to find an area with a phone in it... and a mutant polarbear. ^>__<^;; That grenade launcher kills it in about two hits, so... yey. There's some ammo in the crate in the back but that's about it. Save, then go back through the porch-thing and left into the next area to see the little girl again. Take the top path and follow it down to the bottom of the screen and across a small bridge. In this next area you'll find a Tool in the crate

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