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This calendar is for those of you who can't be arsed to read paragraphs of wordz~ or just want a quick reference to what you should be doing. The events are divided by month here, and within each month's page by day, like an actual calendar. Events are colour-coded depending on what category they fall under (the colour key is on each month's page), but if you're colour-blind I apologise ^O__o^;; The key answers for things like exam questions, teacher questions, or S. Links are listed there but things like where to go for quests are not, although it will say who you need to talk to on which days. Also one thing to note: Often you'll see something like "Chariot r2 (Kou)." r2 means rank 2 for that S. Link, however Kou is not linked to the Chariot Arcana. The issue is that Strength (Kou/Daisuke) and Sun (Ayane/Yumi) have two options each for who you S. Link with and depending on who you choose you will end up falling behind in one or the other. This walkthrough takes that into account and thus in that example that day only people who S. Linked with Kou would do Chariot Chie's r2, and something else will be listed for those who chose Daisuke.