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Sunday, June 26

Key events: Hand in Quest 16, 11, 09, Magician r7, Justice r5

Personas needed: EVERYTHING (Magician, Chariot, Priestess, Emperor, Justice, Hierophant, Temperance, Hanged Man, Moon, Sun, Devil, Strength) ^^;;

Head to the shopping district and inspect the red mailbox next to Daidara. The plentiful combo will give you a decent amount of regular items, whereas the rare combo has a chance of giving you something really nice. The things you actually get are random though. I usually just choose the rare combo. Afterwards, go sell your stuff at Daidara. Remember, if you got some Fashionable Dishes in Maru-Q don't sell those. Same if you managed to get a Silver Lump from the dice (if you have more than one feel free to sell the others). Buy yourself a Gothic Sword or a Type-98 Gunto if Daidara has it, Yosuke a Kozuka or Throwing Kunai if Daidara has them, Cowboy Boots for Chie, Masquerade or Hanachirusato for Yukiko, and a Photon Plate (or Steel Plate if Daidara doesn't have the Photon Plate) for Kanji. For armour, Black Stone Mail for the guys is pretty good, and Wolf Tunics for the girls (or Zero Kosodes if Daidara's selling them). If you're gonna use Teddie, buy a spare Black Stone Mail. Make sure you have all the Personas you need. If you don't want to dismiss too many Personas, we are only using Temperance once before the next dungeon so after Monday feel free to drop Temperance for Moon, Devil, or Priestess. We also won't be using Hanged Man again after Tuesday until 7/28 so if you want to switch that for one of the others I just mentioned feel free to do so. Just remember to switch them cause I won't remind you, and not having matching Personas for the specific S. Links I tell you need them means less S. Link points and more non-rank up hangouts for you. You might want to have the Mitamas for your Strength, Chariot, Priestess, and Temperance Personas since we'll be fusing them together in about two weeks for Marge's current quest. Anyway. Give the old lady in front of Shiroku her Grand Horn to get a whole bunch of cash (18k). Give the old man on the north side his coal to get more cash (15k). Go to the river and give the other old lady her key to get ... uh. Hey! Stop trying to steal my job, lady! Also, who doesn't know that chicks only like you if you tell them what they want to hear. That's why I don't date women. ^=__=^;; On the bright side, her babbling gives you points towards Knowledge and Courage. This may get some of you to Courage r4. One more thing about her babbling: yes, you can have "romantic" relationships in this game, and no, you can't have them with the dudes (just an fyi for those homophobes like Yosuke out there). Yeah, even Kanji (he's not Zevran from DA: O, guys). You do NOT need to get into a romantic relationship with someone to max out their S. Link. Also, unlike in previous Persona games, you can be in romantic relationships with multiple chicks at once without them getting pissed off at you. Whatever you want to do is up to you but I have maxed out all the S. Links without being in any romantic relationships (and been in romantic relationships with like FIVE PEOPLE (only for the sake of research I assure you. That was like my worst nightmare ^T__T^;; )) so whatever you feel like doing you can do without it breaking the game or preventing you from completing stuff. Very few things are affected by this in the main story, and the things that are are very very small, to the point of irrelevancy. Your S. Links will be different if you are in a relationship with that person though (the scenarios, I mean). Since this is a walkthrough, I will be providing all of the info for all of the S. Links, including stuff for relationship vs non-relationship scenarios, and will make sure you know the difference here. And although Ayane's is the first one you've really seen signs of it for so far, you haven't actually gotten the option to initiate a relationship yet with anyone. I will let you know which answers lead to relationships in their appropriate sections. ... and yes, that includes Chie. *sigh* The things I do for you guys. ^T__T^;; OK, moving on!

Go find Yosuke at Junes. ... OH C'MON. Can't we go one day at Junes without these bitches showing up? Don't you have anything better to do than bitch Yosuke out? Like, I dunno, doing your bloody jobs? ^=__=^;; I don't understand why these stupid bitches can't figure out that THE MANAGER is in charge of salaries and work schedules and all that, not the manager's son. I mean, really. I hope they do get fired, then we wouldn't have to deal with them anymore. ^=__=^;; Anyway, your answers for this entire rank don't matter, so just pick whatever you want. "I just forgot to come." Really? In what universe do you still have a job if you just randomly don't show up for your shift. Yes yes, Yosuke is totally the one who thinks he can do whatever he wants. Totally not these stupid whores who think they can just not come in to work whenever they want and still have jobs and dictate their own schedule and then demand a higher salary on top of that. NO, YOU SHUT UP BITCHES. >:( Cranky Z is cranky. Yosukeeeee, why are you gonna make excuses for those bitches to your dad. They even said themselves that he was threatening to fire them anyway. Who cares if they quit? Then they can hire less bitchy people, amirite?

Back at home, go hang out with Nanako. A documentary about a guy searching for his family comes on the telly. This "real" family business confuses Nanako. Guys, she's just six OK, you have to explain things in ways she'll understand, so while the "right" answer is "related by blood" she's not gonna understand what you mean. Answer either "A person you love a lot" or "Always by your side." When she questions why Dojima is never home, ask her "Did he say that?" I guess it makes sense that a six-year old doesn't really understand what being dead means. Although it's her bedtime, choose either "Talk with her" or "Listen to her talk."

Monday, June 27

Key events: Hand in Quest 15, 12, Temperance r3, Hierophant r6

At school, King Moron is off on another mean-spirited rant. What does it say about him that he KNOWS that Rise's on "shows for idiots"? This is what we psychologists like to call projection; putting your negative qualities onto other people. Hey King Moron, the only one talking about Rise here is you. So who's hateful and jealous now, hmmmmm? (and yes, "hatred and jealousy" is the correct answer, for points towards Knowledge). After class, it's time to hand in some more quests. Give the fraidy girl in front of you her Crooked Cross to get 3 Ointments. Yay~ Next, go to the practise building and give the cranky desk girl her new Reflecting Board. She gives you two Snuff Souls in return. Man, these quest rewards are awesome. First cash, and now kickass items. ^^ Next, head into town and go babysit. None of your answers for this rank matter so just pick whatever you want. When Eri comes to pick Yuuta up, he asks when his father's coming home. Eri doesn't know, so Yuuta runs off to walk home with his friend. Eri confides to you that her husband didn't tell her that he had a son until right before they got married. The hell, man. Well, considering she APPARENTLY only married him cause then she wouldn't have to get a job I think their dickery cancels eachother out. I guess they really are soulmates~ ^<__<^;; Lady, your husband is never HERE, how would we tell him anything? Telepathically? *tries to use her "psychic powers" to make the heads explode of the bitches from Yosuke's S. Link* Nope, didn't work. I guess I don't have psychic powers, Eri, what are you even talking about. ^@__@^;;

At home go ask Dojima about his missing newspaper article. He tells you that the case he was referring to, the one with no suspects, was indeed the hit-and-run of his wife, Chisato. He says he can't talk about it in this house, so tell him "Let's go outside." Man, this is depressing. Chisato got run over by a car on the way to pick Nanako up, and was just left there on the side of the road to die. I mean, who does that? Really? Jerkoffs. He says he'll never give up until he catches the guy, and that Nanako will understand why he has to give priority to catching Chisato's killer over everything else, even Nanako. Well I don't know about that, Dojima, at least not judging from Nanako's S. Link. ^<__<^;; Regardless, your next answer doesn't matter so choose whatever you feel like. He then sends you off to bed, but not before thanking you first.

Tuesday, June 28

Key events: Hanged Man r2

After class go back "home" (don't actually go into your house, just choose the location on the map). Run all the way left to the end of the street to find some chick and her dog. Talk to her and... oh c'mon! Really? I thought Japan was supposed to be into this "women have to be the perfect housewives, cleaning house, being subservient to men, and being great cooks" bullshit. So why is it that NONE of the women in this game know how to cook. ^@__@^;; Cept Nanako I suppose, and she's SIX. Get it together, ladies. An elementary schooler is showing you up. gg. Anyway, tell her you'll try it but it really is inedible. The point to this, however, is that you can come here every day and "try" this lady's rubbish cooking to get one free bait every day. I know we haven't gone fishing yet, but the amount of times you can try to fish in one go is dependent on your Diligence rank so we're just gonna save up bait until then. So yeah, TL;DR: talk to this lady every day for free bait. Don't worry if you forget a couple of times though. We'll have plenty of bait for when we need it even if you skip some days. Next, go into town and buy the new book on sale (Short on Cash), then go into the northern section and hang out with Naoki. He takes you to Aiya. Man, with all the business we give this place, we should get something in return don'tCHA think... Ask him if he's tired of the food, but he's not entirely sure why he hasn't come here lately. He tells you that the store has been busy... with looky-loos and media vultures. Seems they've all been lecturing him about having to live an admirable life since his sister is dead. He wonders what that even means. Tell him either that it's making your parents happy, or that you don't know. He ponders your answer, then apologises for all the random topics he brings up when you're around. *pats him on the head* At home, nom the leftovers in the fridge to make room for upcoming insanity foods, then go upstairs and work on your model (use the table where you make envelopes).

Wednesday, June 29

Key events: Moon r4

After school go find Ai by the shoe lockers. None of your answers for this entire rank matter, so pick whatever you want. Ai wanders off somewhere, and your sports buddy shows up with some random dudes (Kou if you're S. Linking with him, and Daisuke if you're a Daisuke-er... yes, I make up verbs, you should see where I used mouse as a verb when I wrote a walkthrough for The Fade section of Dragon Age: Origins. I was an English minor in college, I can make up words if I wanna!). The random tagalongs start talking about Ai, and eventually the conversation turns towards speculation about where Ai really gets her cash from. ^<__<^;; Regardless of what you do, Kou/Daisuke isn't into this conversation at all and tells them off. The tagalongs run off, and Kou apologises for them, saying that they're usually not that bad. Daisuke, on the other hand, isn't so forgiving and offers to yell at them later. Kou/Daisuke then leaves as well, and... apparently Ai heard the whole thing from behind the shoe lockers. Again, answer whatever you want. She claims it doesn't bother her, but we can tell she is full of lies and bees. Regardless, she thanks you for sticking up for her (even if you totally didn't :op ) and then demands that you walk her home. At home, it's that time again! Experiments in cooking! Showing up all the girls who can't cook ever for reasons! Choose to cut a hole and look for juice to check if the meatballs have been cooked enough.

Thursday, June 30

Key events: Quest 19: Acquire a Silver Lump, Moon r5, Devil r3

At lunch, choose to share the meatballs of yumminess with Kanji. The answer to weirdo random teacher's river question is "Pis Pis river" for points towards Knowledge. Go to the practise building and talk to the radio guy. If you got a silver lump from the dice in Maru-Q Striptease and didn't sell it you can complete this quest now to get two Uplifting Radios. I'm telling you~ this guy and Prof. Sofue give the best quest rewards~ Next, go hang out with Ai again. ... ow ow ow ow, what the hell, woman? Why are we even up here... ^=__=^;; She thanks you again for last time. Answer whatever you want for this first part. She tells you she can't stop thinking about what happened yesterday, and that she thinks she's in love. Well, don't get too excited, she doesn't mean YOU. She means your sports buddy~ whichever one you're S. Linking with. She asks if he has a girlfriend, or if she's his type, or if he hates "people like her." Answer either "......." or "Have a little confidence." She then demands that you ask him what his type is. GUYS, answering "Not gonna happen!" is a REVERSAL, so just tell her it's no problem.

At home, your plentiful/rare combo has arrived. Go work at the hospital. As you're cleaning, you notice an old lady dressed all in black down the hall. She notices you and staaaaares. She then apologises and wanders off. O...K... Sayoko then shows up and drags you into an empty hospital room. Do we have a "please drag me" sign on us today? Tell her you're working there for the money. ... I wouldn't call you a "lady," per se but whatever floats your boat creepy-creep. She then asks you if you have a girlfriend. Answer "I do" or "Right in front of me." Yeahhhh... you're not fooling me, saying it was a joke. Tell her to stop it, and she says that that's what makes you irresistable.

Friday, July 1

Key events: Devil r4, Courage r4

After school go study in the library. At night it's time for more quality time with creepy pedo nurse. Working at the hospital tonight should get everyone to r4 Courage. None of your answers for this rank matter, so pick whatever. You notice that the old lady is there again. She apologises for staring at you last time, and says that it's cause you remind her of someone she used to know. She then says she won't be coming back here, but that you may run into eachother again. She says she likes to sit by the river on sunny days, then takes her leave. Sayoko shows up and drags us into another empty room. She tries to imply that... someone ate a bomb and exploded in here? I don't know. Why else would she be like, there's a huge mess on the floor. Whatever she was trying to imply, she says it was just a joke and the patient is 100% perfectly healthy and went home ahead of schedule. She starts listing all the awesome things about the patient, and how he said that he was in love with her. Then she bemoans the fact that he just left, and that all her patients only need her when they're sick and forget about her afterwards. Well I don't know, maybe if you weren't so friggin creepy they might want to keep in touch. ^<__<^;; She then tells you to forget about what she was saying and sends you home early. See, this? This right here? This creepiness? Is exactly why everyone runs away from you. Stop that. ^=__=^;;

Saturday, July 2

Key events: Emperor r4, Knowledge r4

As soon as school's over, go talk to Kou/Daisuke in the hallway and ask him about his taste in chicks. ... well, if you've been following Daisuke's S. Link you totally could've called that one. Both Kou and Daisuke say they'd like nice girls, whatever that means. Well, who cares what it means, she just wanted an answer, right? Not an essay. Head to the practise building and hang out with Kanji. He takes you to this tall hill. He asks if his mum told you anything about him. Answer "plenty," and he's totally fine with it, saying he's got nothing to hide from you. He then notices the kid off in the corner of your screen, the same one that Kanji's mum took to the hospital. Kanji goes over to investigate why the kid looks like someone ate his dog. The kid reveals that some female friend of his had lent him a bunny doll but some jerkoff kid called it girly, stomped on it, and made the kid throw it into the river. Now the kid is upset cause his friend is gonna be sad that the doll is gone. Kanji then decides to take action. Tell him you'll go with him to look for the doll. So off we go to the riverbank. Kanji's up to his waist in water. The kid wants to help, but Kanji tells us to keep the kid on the bank. Unfortunately, the floating/sinking sad bunny of doom is nowhere to be found. Kanji then decides he'll make the kid a new rabbit doll. Ask him if he's giving him a new one, and Kanji explains that he went through something similar when he was a kid and therefore understands how the kid feels. He then starts to feel sick from the cold river and heads home. Back at home, go study. Yes, it's the revenge of the double Knowledge reload mambo! So yeah, reload if you don't get two messages. Hey, the link to this page said The Return of Exam Week, don't blame me if you thought I was kidding. This should get you to r4 Knowledge tonight.

Sunday, July 3

Key events: Quest 22: Acquire Hard Boots, Emperor r5

Head into the shopping district and talk to the dude in front of the bookstore. He wants to do another book trade. Well, this is what I made you get those thick hides from Kanji's Bathhouse for all that time ago. Once you sold Daidara ten in one go he'd have the Hard Boots available for purchase, so go buy a pair now (Buy weapon -> Chie, but don't equip them on her ^@__@^;; or buy two if you really want to give her a pair, I dunno). These things cost 21,200 btw so if you don't have enough cash you might want to hold off on buying them, or sell some things you don't really need. Regardless, after you get a non-equipped pair of Hard Boots talk to the guy again to get the book Guide to Pests and 5k. Yay cash~ Continue to the north side and hang out with Kanji. He hands the kid a knit rabbit doll. The kid wants to know where Kanji bought it, but he doesn't want to say. The kid really wants a rabbit doll of his own though, but Kanji is waaaaaay ahead of him and hands him another doll. The kid still wants to know where Kanji bought them, however your first answer here doesn't matter. Kanji comes clean and says that he made them, but gets all paranoid that people are gonna think he's weird. On the contrary, the kid thinks Kanji's awesome~ He then asks if Kanji can make more things, and Kanji agrees. The kid is ecstatic and runs off happily to give his friend the doll. ... Kanji, why do you have an old man complex? You're in high school. Randomest complex ever. Tell him he's pretty amazing, and he says he likes the feeling of being thanked for something. Back at home go work on your model some more. ... aaagggghhh you got glue all over my keyboard, why j00 do diz?? ^T__T^;;

Monday, July 4

Key events: Magician r8

The answer to Captain Dickface's question is "inductive reasoning," for points towards Expression. ... you know, that's not what my textbooks say at all. Inductive reasoning is drawing general conclusions from specific examples, and deductive reasoning is using general observations to form specific hypotheses. *throws rocks at King Moron* Afterwards, go hang out with Yosuke. He takes you to the river. He explains that when he first got to Inaba, he hated it and thought he didn't belong here, and was too good for this place. He also hated that everyone kept saying that Junes was going to destroy the shopping district and blaming him for it. But despite all that, Saki told him that it had nothing to do with him, and she made him start to change his opinion of Inaba. None of your answers for this rank matter, so pick whatever you want. Yosuke still hasn't gotten over Saki's death and it's really tearing him apart inside. When she died, he didn't have a reason to be in Inaba anymore, and the mystery of the telly gave him a reason. He apologises, and realises if he stays on this course he won't ever change. Back at home work on your model some more and keep your glue away from my computer plzkthx.

Tuesday, July 5

Key events: Chariot r6

Go up to the roof and hang out with Chie. After training she wants to go stuff her face at Souzai Daigaku. ... Chie, if you don't think the meat is real why are we here... OK, quick thing about this fake meat rumour thing. As the game progresses more and more people start to wonder what is actually in this "meat," since there are no cows or farms or anything near Inaba (hard to believe since we're in the middle of nowhere). Even the husband of the lady who owns Souzai Daigaku has no idea, BUT the game never really tells you if anything is up with the meat, so don't even worry about it. For all we know, she's buying meat wholesale at Junes and making them into skewers/croquettes. I kinda wish the game would tell you though, but as they say, curiosity killed the cat. ... wait, do you think maybe it's stray cats in the meat... ^T__T^;; Well, anyway, on with the S. Link. Soon a cop shows up and asks if you've heard anything about the bullying incidents in the shopping district lately. Huhhhhh, didn't King Moron mention something about people taking money from other people at school, too? Maybe they go to our school. ^=__=^;; Chie is outraged that there are bullies in her town. Agree with her, and she decides that you both need to take down those bullies. Tell her that of course you'll help, and then she somehow immediately forgets that she asked you to help. ^<__<^;; and starts narrating something like she's the heroine of one of her kung fu flicks. *sigh* Chie, you so crazy. Chie, just shorten your motto to "Don't think" and it will be 100% accurate. Back at home, finish putting your model together.

Wednesday, July 6

Key events: Moon r6

At lunch, Ai comes up to you and asks if you asked Kou/Daisuke about his taste in girls. Yes, yes we did, chillax~ First we need to go show Cranky Desk Chick's dad the model we made, so go find him in the north side of the shopping district. He's sooo happy~~ See, Cranky Desk Girl? Your dad just wanted a reason to live, that's why he was making models and glueing them to your desk, now stop being a crankypants. Since you made the model for him he now realises that he can move on with his life and find something else to dedicate his life to. He then gives you another model set. Return to school and go tell Ai what you found out from your sports buddy. ... ow ow ow, stop doing that, srsly. She's not too happy about what you tell her. Dear Ai: Chicks can be hot as hell but if they're super-bitchy there comes a point where their bitchiness outweights their hotness. Please think about this. Much annoyance, Z. Well, she didn't like my letter, so now she's demanding that we go straight down there and ask Kou/Daisuke directly if he's got a crush on anyone specific. You stop Kou on his way to the bathroom... what, really, this can't wait until he's taken a piss? Really? Daisuke on the other hand is just wandering around aimlessly. You ask them if they're into anyone, and Daisuke is like, why you keep asking me these things -_-;; He's not interested in anyone (obviously, from his S. Link), so you ask him specifically about Ai. He's all like, pfffft hell no, and leaves. Kou, on the other hand, after being taken aback by your random questions of things that guys don't usually talk about finally blurts out that he's got a thing for... Chie!? Man-haired, flat-chested, bitchy obnoxious Chie?? Really? How in the name of cheesecakes and misery does Chie qualify as a "nice girl"? ^O__o^;; Well, whatever floats your boat, dude. ^@__@^;; He then curses you out for being "lucky" enough to sit next to her, then runs off before his bladder explodes. Suddenly, you sense someone behind you... She runs off back to the roof and you follow in hot pursuit. Wh... h-hey! Get down from there ^=__=^;; Just cause one guy you've been crushing on for barely even a week isn't interested in you is no reason to jump off a roof! Even if you did get beat out by Chie ^.__.^;; (well OK I'd be outraged too if someone picked her over me but not enough to toss myself off a roof over, sheesh). No matter what you say to her, she agrees to get down from there. Back in a safer spot on the roof, Ai opens up to you about her past. About how she used to be fat and poor and was bullied all the time. ... which begs the question of why she feels the need to treat others like that if she's been there herself but whatever. She says that when her family finally came into money everyone became jealous of them so her entire family moved out here, and she saw it as her big chance to start over and reinvent herself. But she still can't find love, and she claims she doesn't have any other redeeming qualities (which is totally true ^<__<^;; ). Your answer here doesn't matter so pick whichever. She bemoans the fact that she didn't fall in love with you instead. OK guys, here it comes. I said I'd tell you when you'd get the option to get into a romantic relationship with someone. BUT. I want to let you know that you can choose not to get into a relationship with her here and you'll still get a chance to get into a relationship with her in a later rank. Honestly, if this were a real-life situation, taking advantage of her vulnerable state right now and getting into a relationship with her would make you a horrible human being but this is a game so do whatever you want. I'm just letting you know that r6 is not your only chance to get into a relationship with Ai. All future S. Links with Ai will have information for both sides, including getting into a relationship with her now and also the one where you can get into one with her later so don't think I'm going to make you choose one or the other. Here's how this goes: When she says "Haha, just kidding..." you'll have two possible answers. Saying "I'll be your boyfriend" immediately gets you into a relationship with her, HOWEVER, if you choose "...." she will suggest that you two become a couple, after which if you reply "Sounds good" you will also immediately end up in a relationship with her. Again, you get another chance to be in a relationship with her in a later rank if you decide now's not the time to be putting the moves on a girl who just two seconds ago was going to throw herself off of a roof, so it's up to you what you want to do. I want to clarify that not getting into a relationship with her now is NOT a reversal, so there are no negative consequences to not getting into a relationship with her now (or ever, really). If you choose "Are you sure about that?" she agrees that right now is probably not the time to be trying to jump into another relationship. Regardless, rank up~ and she thanks you for being there for her and heads home. At home it's time for moAr cooking! Choose to deep fry the sweet potato.

Thursday, July 7

Key events: Emperor r6

Eat lunch with Kanji again. The answer to Crazyface Puppet Guy's question about the Man-yoshu is "Kakinomoto no Hitomaro" for points towards Knowledge. After class, go hang out with Kanji. None of your answers matter for this rank, so throw a dart at the options or flip a coin or something. Kanji takes you to the river again, saying he's worried that if the original rabbit doll shows back up the kid will be sad. Speaking of the kid, he shows up and asks Kanji to make him more dolls. I guess he's been showing the dolls to everyone on the planet cause now everyone wants one. They're even willing to pay Kanji to make them. Kanji says he'll do it, and the kid runs off happily again. Kanji then elaborates on what happened when he was a kid. He did a female classmate a favour by fixing her bag, but it caused all of the other kids to tease her til she cried. That's probably when Kanji started trying to overcompensate by acting all macho. He says it feels good to be thanked for doing stuff that he likes to do. He then runs off cause he's got like 15,000 pounds of materials to buy to make all of these dolls with. ^@__@^;; At home it's time for the double Knowledge studying reload dance again.

Friday, July 8

Key events: Hermit r6

Time to hand in the model quest to Cupcake Fox. Afterwards, study at home with the double Knowledge dance of DOOM.

Saturday, July 9

Key events: MARU-Q STRIPTEASE KO DATE, Quest 36: I Wish I Was Better at Speaking

GUYS, IF YOU HAVEN'T SAVED RISE YET TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OR GAME OVER. Go get your next quest from the fox. Seems some girl needs some lessons on how to talk to people properly. Afterwards, go study in the library. At home, eat the pudding in the fridge for points towards Courage. Afterwards, the Midnight Channel still has nothing to show us.

Sunday, July 10

Key events: Fool r5, Fool r6

Hello, little chicharra. Why are you in a cinematic? And what's with this giant shoe? Er... oh dear. Chie calls you the next morning telling you about the dead body found this morning and that everyone's meeting at Junes immediately. When you arrive, Chie informs you that Yosuke went to the scene to investigate. He then comes running up to you all and confirms that someone's been murdered and found under the same circumstances as the first two victims. To make things even more confusing, the victim wasn't Rise at all. It was King Moron. ... well, I don't know about you but I think this is a time for celebration. ^<__<^ But then again, I'm a horrible person. Well, regardless of how you feel over Captain Dickface being murdered, it still throws a big huge giant wrench into everything we thought we knew about the case. Regardless, you all decide to keep trying to solve the murders. Plus, we promised Teddie we'd figure out what was going on. Speaking of Teddie, everyone decides to go see if he sensed anyone else in the TV world after we rescued Rise. However, when we get to the electronics department some sales people are standing around having some sort of discussion. They ask Yosuke if he knows anything about the mascot that's been wandering about the store all morning. ... "Terry? Eddie?" Don't tell me... they mean... Teddie?! Teddie is, in fact, in the electronics department, trying out the massage chairs. ... well, I suppose since he's the one who makes the exits from the TV world it stands to reason that he can use them. Teddie... your body moving on its own is starting to become a THING and it's starting to worry me. And then Yukiko's like, oh right we had a reason to come find Teddie. He says that no one went in after we left with Rise. Plus, the Midnight Channel didn't show anything last night. Teddie gives zero fucks about dead King Moron and just wants to go visit Rise and give her a pair of glasses. He also states that he's going to join the party as a front-line fighter. ... Yukiko, what is your deal with the word "legend"... Back in the food court, Yosuke decides to ask Teddie for the fifty millionth time if anyone went over to the TV world after we rescued Rise. The general consensus is that King Moron was murdered in the real world, probably because they figured that throwing people into the telly didn't kill them anymore, since 3/5 of the previous victims are still safe and sound. Next stop is Rise's place to see if she remembers anything about the kidnapping. Um. Teddie? What are you do... er... what. You know what, I liked it better when he was just a giant talking plushie. ^<__<^;;

Chie and Yukiko wander off with Teddie to find him some clothes, and the rest of us go off to find Rise. ... or to eat ice cream? Guys, stop getting distracted! And why is Chie wearing booty shorts? Oh right, she cuts her school uniform's skirts in half, why wouldn't she be wearing shorts where her ass hangs out the back. ^=__=^;; Silly me. ... of course Chie would hit on Teddie. *throws hands up into the air, wanders off* ... *dies laughing at Kanji's reply* See... this. This is why I hate Chie (beyond the constantly missing in battle thing). She's like, "Well, this is what I want to do and I don't care what the consequences for anyone else is. And yes I will totally spend all of your money cause who doesn't like spending other peoples' money? And since I don't think you need a motorbike you totally shouldn't have one." Like wtf. Who does that. Nobody told you to buy the most expensive clothes in the store, dumbass! *sigh* *sets Chie on fire* Bam, weak to fire, on her ass on the floor again. At Marukyu, Hat Chick shows up again. ... what do you mean, "ingratiate ourselves"? Do we LOOK like lovestruck fanboys? *sets him on fire too* You didn't introduce yourself because you're rude and super full of yourself~ So... turns out this is the "hot-shot detective" Dojima got himself drunk over. Well... I guess he does at least have some brains since he's figured out the Midnight Channel/kidnapping pattern. We don't need you keeping an eye on us. *punts him into next week* Rise then shows up, and takes you to the shrine to talk. Unfortunately, she doesn't really remember anything about the kidnapping. Rise also mentions that Hat Chick has been interrogating her at the shop several times. I guess he took a page out of Dojima's playbook. Ack. Random personality change. You don't need to bring out your super-bubbly airheaded fakeyfake Risette personality for us to like you, ya know. Just be yourself and don't worry about who does and doesn't like it. Rise announces that she'll be coming to school with us starting tomorrow. Oh dear. There's going to be SUCH a ruckus over this, I can see it now. Tell her "Leave it to me!" for points towards Courage. Oh thanks, Yosuke, we totally needed reminding about the exams. Not. *burrows under a mountain of pillows, puts up "Not here" sign* Oh sure, you say that now Rise, but that's not how you felt after the exams... Kanji, why does it matter who stuffed their face more with ice cream? Ah... this girl terrifies me... ^T__T^;; Oh, and in case you're wondering, the reason Yukiko is laughing at Kanji is because Rise called us senpai (which is the term for upperclassmen (although sometimes used in other cases as well)) and we're year 2 students so it's kinda obvious what grade she's in. Yosuke decides to take Teddie home to live with him.

Back at home the news about King Moron's murder comes on the telly. The fact that you knew him upsets Nanako. Choose whatever answer you want, as they all give you points towards Understanding. ... I'm not sure I'd call constantly threatening to expel people over the most random insignificant things "friction," but OK Mr. Guy. Whatever you say. Since the case is fresh, Nanako knows that Dojima won't be coming home tonight. Well, time for some more random impromptu magic tricks to cheer her up! And then... agh COME ON Igor, really. I thought you weren't gonna kidnap us anymore. MAYBE YOU'RE THE KILLER. ^=__=^;; Nah, he's just kidnapping you to let you know that he can now perform those multiple-way fusions we need for the rest of Marge's quests.

Monday, July 11

Yosuke... be careful what you wish for. Or anti-wish for? Well, here's your anti-wish, Yosuke. I hope you're happy. Nobody here is interested in your cleavage, Pedo Teacher #2. Sheesh. Put those things away before you make our eyeballs melt out of our heads. I seriously doubt anyone has ever called you Nori-chan in your entire life. Please go away. Anyone have a Revival Bead? Maybe we can still use it on King Moron. Anything is better than this. ^<__<^;; Crazy delusional psychobitch. Like the dude said, wrong side of 40 is the furthest thing from a rival to an idol as you can get. On the worse side of things, apparently the rumours about the Midnight Channel are spreading like wildfire. Great. Chie... the scores are publicly posted on the first floor of the main school building. What are you even talking about. The conversation soon turns to the discrepancies between King Moron's case and those of Saki and Mayumi. Yeah, pretty sure it was personal. That guy was a dick. Who knows, maybe it was a copycat. Why else would everything suddenly be different. Meh, who cares if King Moron is dead~ Either way, his death strengthens our resolve to solve the case. Ah... oh for crying out loud. Are you stalking us, Hat Chick? I punted you into next week, not into the following day. ... oh, well, I guess the Monday after Sunday is technically next week... FINE! WHATEVER! He informs you that the police have a suspect, although he doesn't know who it is. He then says that soon our "game" will be at an end. Look, I may be glad that King Moron is dead (ding dong, the dick is dead~), but that doesn't mean that the murders of three people and the attempted murders of three others are a game (regardless of the meta-ness of this being an actual game). Yeah, you tell him Rise! I'm calling bullshit on his "detectives don't harbour special feelings about a case" thing. Ask any real detective how they feel about cases that were assigned to them that went cold. Pfft. You're not fooling anyone, Hat Chick~ Your services aren't required by us either. *punts him into next week again* Back at home, double Knowledge reload samba mambo tapdance waltz. Oh, btw, you can put that model you made for Cranky Desk Girl's dad on the shelf in your room (back wall next to the door/calendar), although it doesn't really affect anything. Just something to look at since it took us FOUR DAYS to make. Cause our room isn't cluttered enough as it is, right. *crashes into the sofa and the table on the way to the desk*

Tuesday, July 12

Key events: Empress r5

Head into town and stop by the Velvet Room. Grab the four Mitamas (Ara Mitama (Chariot), Kusi Mitama (Strength), Saki Mitama (Priestess), and Nigi Mitama (Temperance)) unless you're already carrying them. Fuse them in a Cross Spread to get Neko Shogun and make sure to give him Bufula. You might wanna give him Diarama too while you're at it but the only important one is Bufula (again, it has to be the specific skill she asks for. Just putting Bufu on there isn't gonna cut it). Uh... Marge? The hell is this? A pink cat with a violin? Why... why did you make us make this thing? ^@__@^;; Leave and re-enter for Marge to acknowledge her requested fat neko. ... what. No, Marge. No. It not having a long nose is not the reason why you wouldn't be able to defeat Igor with it. The REASON is because it has rubbish stats and ridiculous skills in relation to its rubbish stats. ^=__=^;; Crazyface. Anyway, her next quest requires us to be lv 38 so... we can't do it right now (unless you are lv 38 for reasons in which case you can do it now. Just find the next rank up for Marge later in this walkthrough and follow the instructions). Make sure you grab another Chariot, Priestess, and Strength Persona before leaving (we won't need Temperance again til after the next dungeon) then return to school and study in the library. Since it's raining you'll get two Knowledge messages for sure. At home cook some creme caramel and use vanilla extract for scent (NOT vanilla ice cream).

Wednesday, July 13

Key events: Quest 21: Acquire a Charmed Veil, Quest 18: Carbon Copy, Priestess r6

Choose to share your lunch with Yukiko so we can show her what real cooking tastes like. ^<__<^;; The answer to Crazyface Kondo's question about Rome is "It takes time" for points towards Knowledge. After class, talk to the fraidy girl again. ... what, you can't take the cross with you? How big was that cross? ^.__.^;; You... you want to wear a veil? I... OK whatever floats your boat, Girly. Head up to the roof and talk to the girl with crossed arms by the fence (no, not the one your classmate has a crush on, go further right). Is... is this the girl that told us Kanji had started a gang? Maybe she's related to Adachi, considering she also seems to live with at least one foot in her mouth... Regardless, she runs away. O...K... Go to the riverbed and talk to the little girl wandering around. It's the twin from earlier! She says her twin will be mad at her if they don't look exactly alike but she doesn't have a flower brooch. Return to school and hang out with Yukiko. Yes yes, we know about the old lady by the river, we just haven't had time to go see her yet. And she's not a ghost... ^<__<^;; She takes you grocery shopping at Junes again. Ask her if she's gotten better yet, then encourage her to keep practising. She wants to learn how to cook on her own, but the chefs at the inn won't let her. Tell her that they just care about her. ... I totally don't know what you're getting at, Yukiko. Really. ^<______<^;; At home, double Knowledge or reload. *sigh*

Thursday, July 14

The answer to Weirdo Puppet Prof's dawn question is "civil dawn" for points towards Knowledge (and for those wondering it's cause nautical dawn is considered when the sun breaches the horizon at sea, whereas civilian dawn is just when the sun comes up, and since there's landmasses and buildings and whatnot on land the sun is actually higher in the sky for civilian dawn). This random fact brought to you by the letter Q, the number 26, and the fact that I like double chocolate chip frappuccinos. After class, go talk to the terrible speaker roof girl again. Ask her if she needs help speaking, then give her lessons. ^<__<^;; I think all she really need is duct tape over her mouth, but that's just me... Go find Yukiko on the first floor and ask her to study with you. At home, double Knowledge again plzkthx.

Friday, July 15

Key events: Chariot r7

The answer to Yamada's question about melons is "No, it's not possible," for points towards Knowledge. After class, go into town and buy the new book on sale (Man of History), then go back to school and up to the roof. Talk to the awkward girl again and tell her to apologise. Hurray, we're done with her forever! Now go talk to Chie, who could probably do with a lesson on apologising for her mistakes herself. ^<__<^;; After training Chie takes you to Aiya, but before you can even get through the doors you hear shouting. Chie runs off to investigate. Hurray, Takeshi found the bullies! He's finally useful for something! Oh wait, nevermind, more like the bullies found him. Like a pussy, Takeshi hides behind Chie, tells her to take care of those bullies for him, and then runs off, leaving her to it. Jerk. *punts him into next week so he can join Hat Chick in the Douchey Losers Club* Regardless, Chie is super-eager to get her ass kicked by a bunch of dudes. No matter which you choose, you get between them and Chie and she's not that happy about it. Chie, we butted in exactly because we KNOW we can't leave ANYTHING up to you. Srsly. You always do this nonsense, like when you ran into Yukiko's Castle by yourself. ^=__=^ Even though it's totally a boatload of trouble, tell her it's no trouble because we are full of lies and bees. Oh hey, I finally agree with Chie on something. She's stupid! ^^ Once you get to your room Kou calls you to come study with him and Daisuke on Sunday. Agree to do so, then do the double Knowledge reload dance again.

Saturday, July 16

The answer to Best Teacher EvAr's question about makeup is "insect repellant," for points towards Knowledge. After class, talk to Yosuke and study with him. Then at home, do the double Knowledge mambo. I am running out of interesting ways to say that. ^=__=^;;

Sunday, July 17

You meet Kou and Daisuke at the Junes food court. ... "aljebra"? Daisuke... do you even know where you are... did you hit your head or something. Or is your constant heart attack finally catching up to you? Tell Kou you're allergic to math to get the book Fun With Numbers. Chie and Yukiko show up out of the blue and ask if they can study with us. Kou's super-happy cause he's got a big huge crush on Chie, for reasons I will never understand. But since Chie is dumber than dirt she just assumes he's just another Yukiko fanboy. Poor Kou. I guess he likes them dumb and ugly. lolcat, Kou, your services are no longer required. We'll take it from here~ Back at home, since our study group got literally zero studying done, go do the double Knowledge waltz of doom.

Monday, July 18

Key events: Priestess r7, Knowledge r5

So today you have the day off from school. This is important, guys (unless you got Knowledge r5 already magically like one of my saves ^O__o^;; ). Go downstairs and save, then come back up here and study. You should get Knowledge r5 after just one message. If you don't, then you'll have to study all day today. If you do get r5 reload and go hang out with Yukiko. She takes you to the shrine, and reminisces on all of the times she's come here in the past. Your first answer doesn't matter. Suddenly, one of the waitresses from the inn shows up and decides that you're the infamous boyfriend Yukiko's been trying to learn to cook for. Yukiko protests but the waitress is having none of it. After she leaves, Yukiko apologises. Tell her that they're not mistaken and she seems to think you're just trolling her. She tells you how the waitress and the other staff are so invested in helping her, and how lucky she is to have them and all of her friends. ... but then she feels a bit guilty about the fact that she's going to be leaving them all behind when she leaves Inaba. When you get home go read your book (which gives you Knowledge and Expression).

Tuesday, July 19 - Friday, July 22

Key events: FINALS

So like last time you won't get to do anything except take the exams, and they go from Tuesday through Friday so the answers for all of the days will be in this section.

What's the root of the word "pend"?
To hang
Where does the term "ham" originate from, as it pertains to acting?
From the play Hamlet

What is the name of the Japanese poetry collection that includes many poems by Kakinomoto no Hitomaro?
Which philosopher stated "Law is the correct judgement of the state"?

What purpose did blue eyeliner serve for the ancient Egyptians?
Insect repellent
Define the meaning of "ressentiment."
Jealousy of the superior

Which of the following items CANNOT be harvested in the Andes mountain range?
Which statement is incorrect regarding the dawn?
Nautical dawn is brightest

8-Bit Dipstick

Carnivorous Magic Televisions

Stop Kidnapping Me

The Princess is Totally in This Castle


TMI Stakeouts

"Bad" Doesn't Begin to Describe This Bathhouse

Making a Case For Social Anxiety Disorder

Food is Not an Appropriate Murder Weapon

Paparazzi Are the Least of Your Worries

Worst. Stripclub. EvAr.