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Saturday, July 23

Key events: Lovers arcana initiated

... Chie, there is literally an entire person between you and him, how exactly is Yosuke yawning in your face... I think this means she'd also fail anatomy along with everything else if she ever took the class. ^=__=^;; See, toldya Rise was being way too optimistic about the exams. I think I'd rather fight the monsters. ^<__<^;; Hey Rise. Fun fact: shitty translators not being able to translate Japan surrendering during WWII is what lead to the completely unnecessary nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so I wouldn't rely too much on translators if I were you. ^<__<^;; (Source: "The Greatest Stories Never Told," a History Channel book, before anyone tries to lynch me) When Rise asks how you did, choose "Just wait and see" for points towards Expression. Kanji's sick of dealing with exams so we all head to Junes to discuss the case. Adachi wanders along again... er, does he live at Junes or something? He's always here... He's talking to himself again, saying that the police can't find the suspect anywhere. Maybe since he's always here he should go buy a crowbar to fix his foot-in-mouth problem. ^=__=^;; ... lolcat Rise, why are we talking about the exams still... I hate chemistry. ^T__T^;; HCHO is actually formaldehyde but your answer here doesn't actually matter. Kanji is still cranky about exams. OH I SEE IT WAS CHIE WHO BLABBED. Of course it was... after all, she's the one who spread this Midnight Channel crap all over the school in the first place. *sigh* ... Rise, you're not a nuisance, but... you sure are terrifying. ^.__.^;; Awww, look how cute and happy Teddie is with his balloons. ... what are you talking about, Kanji... aaahhh nooooo don't leave us alone with her she's scary... So now Rise's decided to attach herself at the hip to us. Yay? Regardless of your answer, the Lovers arcana is initiated. ... er, Lovers? Oh dear... Back at home, the news is on. Nanako is worried because they haven't caught the killer yet. Tell her you'll protect her.

Sunday, July 24

Key events: Death arcana initiated

Head to the riverbed to find the old lady from the hospital by the water. Tell her you are, in fact, the janitor from the hospital and choose to spend time with her. Well, if it wasn't obvious from the Key Events section, Hisano obaachan here is your Death arcana S. Link. I'm telling you now cause this S. Link is rather different from all the other ones in the game. Not only is it one of those S. Links that doesn't require a matching Persona, but you will also rank up every single time you meet with her. This means that NONE OF YOUR ANSWERS MATTER. For any of her ranks. I'm serious. You can say whatever you want to her, whenever you want, and it will not matter. So basically every time you meet with her I'll just be summarising the meeting instead of just telling you what to say. She only exists here at the riverbank on sunny Sundays and sunny holidays. If it's just cloudy she won't be here. Also, sometimes you will be required to speak to some other NPC before you can continue her S. Link but of course I will tell you when you need to do this so don't worry about it. Anyway, as I said, none of your answers matter so just answer whatever you want and hurray for new S. Link~ Back at home go finish off your book.

Monday, July 25

Key events: Hanged Man r3

At school, the exam results are posted. W00t, we're number one! We're number one! Immediately after class check your shoe locker for the mystery girl's latest Home Ec creation. ... OK, so apparently for some random reason if you use the menu to teleport from your classroom to the first floor there won't be anything there, but if you physically leave the classroom and take the stairs there will be something in your locker. LookIdon'tknowOK, maybe the mystery girl is weirded out by your magic menu teleportation powers. Go visit Best Teacher EvAr on the second floor to get three Magic Mirrors for doing well on your exams. Head into the shopping district and hang out with Naoki. He seems to be having a good time telling you about his day. You can answer whichever you want, as they all give you the same amount of points, but telling him a story of your own failures really makes him laugh. Well... until these same bitchy housewives who were giving Yosuke grief come along. *sigh* Maybe these two are the mothers of the bitchy whores who work at Junes? YOU'RE PRETTY COLD. Your answer here is also irrelevant. He says that the reason he hasn't really talked to anyone in forever is because people keep judging him no matter what he does. Back at home talk to Nanako real quick about your exam scores to get a Paper Armband. EQUIP IT EQUIP IT EQUIP IIIIIT, no srsly this thing is awesome. Upstairs start reading Short on Cash (Timid Teacher series).

Tuesday, July 26

Key events: Hermit r7, Star r3

Aaagghhh, nobody wants to hear about your wrinkly old ass in a bathing suit, Kashiwagi. ^x__x^;; After school go hand in your quest to Cupcake Fox. At home, get rid of the weird non-tea in the fridge to make room for whatever's coming along next (whyyyy don't we get Courage for drinking soup disguised as tea, game??). Suddenly, some freaky kid appears on the Midnight Channel. He taunts the viewers, telling them to try and catch them. ... hey, I KNOW YOU! YOU'RE THAT CREEPY WEIRDO WHO TRIED TO ASK YUKIKO OUT OUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. *tries to punt him into next week, ends up punting the television instead* Yosuke calls you immediately afterwards. He says he's got no idea who the kid is and hasn't seen him on the regular telly either. Suddenly, Teddie starts freaking out in the background, demanding the phone. Seems since now he's actually seen the Midnight Channel he's figured out what's up. The Midnight Channel is a result of the suppressed emotions of whoever happens to be inside the telly when the Midnight Channel comes on. Regardless of your plan of action, you rank up with Teddie. Yosuke takes the phone back and wonders if perhaps the kid is the suspect wanted by the police. Immediately after hanging up the phone Chie calls you, and you all decide to figure it out at Junes tomorrow with the others.

Wednesday, July 27

Key events: Fool r7, Quest 41: I Wish I Didn't Fear Cats

At Junes, Rise and Teddie are using their abilities to search the TV world while the rest of you ponder the situation. Everyone concludes that this kid has to be the suspect the police are after for the murder of King Moron. I dunno, Chie, he didn't look all that depressed when he was smiling and taunting us. What are you even talking about. Yosuke figures that the kid knows there's a way out of the TV world since many of the victims are still alive, but probably not the true nature of that exit (i.e., Teddie) and therefore figures he can get out himself without getting killed by the Shadows. Rise shows up and says that, just like the last few times, they can tell someone's in the TV world but without any information about the person they can't pinpoint his location. Well, you know what that means. Yep, time for more detective work on our part. First things first though. Grab your next quest from Cupcake Fox. Seems some guy is afraid... of cats? Head to the river and talk to the guy to the left just past the old lady who asked us to find her a key before. Seems that the only thing keeping him from happily marrying the woman he loves is the fact that she wants a cat and he's cat-phobic. Ask him if it's a cat, then choose whatever you want. Next, head down to the riverbed and talk to Kanji, who suggests we ask Dojima about the suspect. Cause that sounds like the best way in the world to get yelled at again. ^=__=^;; Well, it won't kill us to try... will it? Head back to the shopping district to find Dojima near the beginning of the area. Yep, we get yelled at again. Dojima then wonders where the hell Adachi's wandered off to. Well... Adachi loves to blurt out sensitive police information, doesn't he? Go back to the riverbank and talk to the guy married to the lady who owns Souzai Daigaku (just left of the guy who's scared of cats). He says that Adachi's usually at Junes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (seeeeee... I knew he lived at Junes...). Well, today is Wednesday, so we can't investigate anymore today. Go down to the riverbed and walk to the end of the "dock" (the long grey rocks next to the old dude). Time to go fishing! (Make sure you save first because we're fishing for a very specific kind of fish and if you don't get one you need to reload) The fish we need today is a Red Goldfish. How many time you can try to catch something depends on your Diligence rank, and you should have r3 by now. OK, so the basics of fishing: You need to keep your eye on the white ball in the water. As soon as it gets pulled underwater start spamming O as fast as you can. Sometimes the game will as you to press one of the other buttons while you're spamming O. You only need to hit the other button once and you must continue to spam O as you do so. Usually if it asks you to press other buttons that means you'll get a better fish, but not always. Also, the only other buttons it will ask you to press are triangle, X, and square. So again, if you don't get a Red Goldfish reload and try again. Whatever other fish you get are irrelevant as long as you get one Red Goldfish. Back at home read your book some more.

Thursday, July 28

Key events: Understanding r4

Go to Junes to find Adachi looking out the windows. Threaten to tell Dojima that he's been slacking off and Adachi tells you that the kid supposedly had a part-time job in the shopping district. Go there and talk to the Souzai Daigaku lady. Seems this is where the kid was working (wait... if he's a serial killer... and most serial killers start by killing pets and whatnot... and he worked here... ... WAS I RIGHT ABOUT THE MEAT BEING CATS?!?! AAAAHHHH). She says that a classmate of his used to work there too, and that sometimes he hangs around the shopping district. Well, the kid's not here today so we're done investigating for today. Go to your house (but don't go inside the house, just go to the location) and talk to the cat just right there and pet it. Choose to spend time with the cat for points towards Expression and Understanding. At home read your book some more. You should get Understanding r4 tonight. If not, you should get it when we finish the book later.

Friday, July 29

Key events: Maru-Q (it's the re-re-remix~), Empress r6, Empress r7

Go to the shopping district and talk to the kid in front of Marukyu. He says he and his friends have been going around town showing everyone the kid's picture. I guess everyone wants their 15min of fame. ... although in this case it might be more like 15secs of fame? Regardless, he gives you a copy of the kid's picture, which has the kid's name at the bottom. Go to the riverbank and talk to the crazy cat-fearing person again and choose to bring a cat here. He freaks out again, but WE SHALL DO WHAT WE MUST, FOR THE SAKE OF THE LOVE OF CATS. And his girlfriend too I guess. Go back to your house and talk to the same cat again. This time you get the option to bring the guy here. Dooooooo 3333333t. ... lolcat. POKE THE KITTY. YOU CAN DO IT, MR. GUY. POKE IT. Well, he ran away, so we're not quite done with this quest yet. After he's gone, go to the Junes food court and choose to enter the television. Once inside, you show the picture to everyone. Rise says she's seen this guy before at the tofu shop. Chie then remembers that he was, in fact, that one guy she rejected outside of school. Oblivious Yukiko continues to be oblivious though. I bet if you threw a brick at her head with a note attached saying "I LOVE YOU" she'd be like, "Oh I guess someone must really love bricks." ^=__=^;; Wait, was Mayumi even married... I thought it was just that politician guy Namatame who was married to the singer chick, but that Mayumi was single? Ehhh, whatever, if he was too stupid to realise that Kanji wasn't in a biker gang but took down a biker gang he's probably too stupid to figure out love triangles too. Rise then uses this new information to pinpoint Mitsuo's location within the TV world and off we go. Uh... what in the name of cheesecakes and misery...? And again I find myself agreeing with Chie. What is this game doing to me ^@__@^;;

OK guys, here's the deal. We're not doing this dungeon today. The next Happy Fox Day isn't til Aug. 3 and I don't know about you but one of my games is broke as hell. Also, none of your friends will hang out with you until you locate Mitsuo's stupid 8-bit castle, which is why we're here. But going home now means we waste the rest of the day. Sooooooooo... we're gonna get those Maru-Q quests done while we're here, make some cash, and gain some levels. And you can figure out if you like Teddie on your team or not. Speaking of which, if you bought him some armour earlier don't forget to equip him with it. So yeah, choose your party then return to the entrance and talk to Rise or Teddie to go to Maru-Q. Don't forget to change Teddie's tactics if you're using him. By the way, you might want to run (like, literally run) through the first one or two dungeons (i.e., Castle and Bathhouse) and open all the chests that don't require keys for some free items. The castle enemies in particular are so underlevelled that they will barely even notice you are there so you probably won't even have to fight anything unless you trip and like fall on a shadow or something. ^O__o^;; Just to recap, here are the quests we have here: a Flower Brooch from Soul Dancer (those weird dancing couple Shadows with one heart as a shared head, found on floors 1-3), a Charmed Veil from Liberating Idol (those statue-looking things that look like nuns sitting on floating thrones, found on floors 5-10), a Silver Lump if you didn't get one last time (from Silver Dice, floors 7-8), and three Fashionable Dishes if you didn't get them last time (we haven't gotten this quest yet but who wants to come back here later anyway ^=__=^;; dropped by Sky Balance, floors 9-10). If you need a refresher course on what enemies are weak/strong vs what, click on the Worst. Stripclub. EvAr. link. Get to level 40 before you hit the top floor. Also, bring Makami along and level him to 29. If you didn't pick up a Makami before you can pick one up here, and you will also need to pick up a Lamia (Hermit) here if you didn't when I told you to last time. (Alternatively, now that we have some S. Link EXP under our belt from hanging out with Naoki, you can fuse Queen Mab (Lovers) x Andra (Moon) to get a Makami that will instantly level to 29) Once you hit 40 head up to the top floor, make sure you've got a Persona with Rakunda, a Persona with Bufula and high endurance (don't need Rakunda and Bufula on the same Persona, but I recommend fusing Makami and Neko Shogun to get Gorgon, who after the level up from S. Link has pretty good endurance as well, and we're gonna need her in a minute for one of Marge's quests. *Note: If you are fusing Gorgon, make sure you give her Makami's Auto-Sukukaja (lv 29) as well, or have enough cash to resummon and refuse Makami x Neko Shogun later (also you can just refuse them tomorrow after we sell stuff at Daidara). She already comes with Bufula), equip the one with Rakunda, and open the curtain. By the way, if you're playing normal mode, you can get away with just using Neko Shogun if you want and managed to get Rakunda on him when you fused him.

Boss: Momentary Child
Recommended level: 40 (normal); 40 (expert)
My current level: 40, Yosuke 40, Kanji 39, Teddie 38 (normal and expert)
Recommended Personas: something with Rakunda, something with Bufula and high endurance
Attacks: Rampage, Herculean Strike (heavy phys dmg, all party), Deathbound (heavy phys dmg, all party), Assault Dive, Tarukaja (attack up), Rebellion (crit rate up)
Strengths: Null dark, null light
Weaknesses: Ice

I don't know who let a baby into a strip club but I'm not babysitting~ So this thing is pretty strong, physically, but he's weak to ice so bring Teddie or Chie and make sure you have a Persona with you that has Bufula and high endurance. You also need one (not necessarily the same one) with Rakunda. Equip the one with Rakunda and cast it on him in the first round, then switch to the one with Bufula. If you have any Ice Cubes or Dry Ice (or any other random ice dmg items. You would have gotten four Ice Cubes from ordering the fish through the mail awhile back) have your other non-ice party members use them on him. He is very very strong and has strong physical attacks, made worse by the buffs he uses, but if you can keep him downed then he shouldn't be that big a deal. Just keep everyone's health above 50% HP. Re-cast Rakunda when it wears off. This really shouldn't last more than 3-4 rounds though.

After the boss is dead, go around to the back of the stripper pole and check the ground for a Bear Claw for Teddie. Return to the entrance and enter the Velvet Room. Guys, if you don't have a whole lot of cash you can save these two Marge rank ups for tomorrow after you sell stuff at Daidara. Just remember to do them cause I won't remind you~ If you didn't fuse Makami (lv 29) x Neko Shogun before, fuse them now and give Gorgon Makami's Auto-Sukukaja. Now, fuse Gorgon x Lamia and give the resulting Pyro Jack Auto-Sukukaja. Now, summon Jack Frost (Magician), King Frost (Emperor), Pixie (Magician), and Ghoul (Death) and use the Pentagon Spread to fuse a Black Frost with Auto-Sukukaja. Leave and re-enter the Velvet Room so Marge can acknowledge your accomplishment. ... Marge, why you make up weird stories about magical monster cards. Next, she wants Yatagarasu with Megido. Well OK Marge, if you want an ear-wearing almighty-damage-dealing bird, then that's what you'll get. ^@__@^;; I hope you're not too attached to your new plushie-shaped friend here cause we're about to fuse him with other stuff. Summon Taotie (Tower) and Cu Sith (Sun) and fuse them together to get an Ares with Megido. Now, fuse Ares x Black Frost and give the insanity bird Megido. You might want to give him Maragion/Mind Slice too (and maybe Mind Charge/Fire Amp if you can deal with staying in the Velvet Room til the options for it come up) since he's got pretty good stats and who doesn't like things that are null light anyway. Leave and re-enter to show Marge your insanity bird. ... I think Marge needs speaking lessons along with that girl from Cupcake Fox's quest. ^<__<^;; Anyway, time to go home. Use the OG tellies in the back of the entrance to leave. Back at home, we don't have the expression we need to hang out with Nanako though, and the game won't let us do anything else so time to go to bed. *Note: If you have a dream tonight it will give you S. Link points with whomever you dreamt of, so it might screw up this walkthrough's timeline a bit in that you'll probably rank up sooner than what this walkthrough says.

Saturday, July 30

Key events: Emperor r7, Understanding r4
Personas needed: Emperor, Temperance, Priestess

Go to the riverbank and talk to the cat-phobic guy again. He asks you if you know what cats like to eat. What. How are you also afraid of fish... people EAT fish! Especially in Japan! Like, that's the main thing they eat there! Weirdo... He asks if you know of a cute fish. Um... well... I don't think it's particularly cute, but he seems infatuated with that Red Goldfish I made you get. So, hand him the questionably-cute fish and he runs off to, uh, sneak attack the cat I suppose. ^O__o^;; Next, go to the riverbed, and give the twin the flower brooch to get three Value Medicines. Go to the shopping district and sell all your crap at Daidara (EXCEPT 3 Fashionable Dishes, 1 Silver Lump (unless you already completed that quest), and one Charmed Veil). If you got enough Haori Iron for Daidara to make Throwing Knives and you're still using Yosuke, buy him one, and if you have enough Iron Eyeballs he'll have a Gothic Sword for you. If you have 10 extra Fashionable Dishes he'll also have better armour for your guys (and Hard Armour from Safety Angle for your girls). Next, hit up the Velvet Room and make sure you have the appropriate Personas. Next, go find Kanji on the north side and hang out with him. None of your answers for this rank matter. He takes you and the kid to the riverbank and buries him in dolls. The kid is super-happy, and randomly Nanako shows up. Now she wants some dolls too. She thinks Kanji's ability to make stuff is awesome and doesn't get why he doesn't want people to know. Nanako and the doll kid run off, leaving Kanji to re-evaluate his definitions of gender roles. He realises that being strong doesn't mean what he thought it meant, and that it isn't easy to become strong. Kanji then leaves, saying that his mum wants to start selling his dolls at the shop. Back at home go finish your book. This should get the rest of you to r4 Understanding tonight.

Sunday, July 31

Key events: Death r2

Go find the crazy cat guy by the river again. Ah... you... you want a bandaid there, chief? I think Daisuke has some... On the bright side, at least he seems about as over his phobia as a person can get. Next, find Hisano-baachan at the riverbed. She's happy to see you, and yet she can't get over how much you look like someone she once knew, i.e., her husband. Seems the reason she was at the hospital was because her husband died there. She asks if she looks like Death and advises you not to become Death. Lo, I have become Death, stealer of pies? Hisano is carrying some great, unknown burden that involves something she wishes her husband would forgive her for. She then bids you farewell and leaves. Back at home, read Forever Macho (Man's Life series) for points towards Courage.

Monday, August 1

Key events: Temperance hangout

Take the bus in the shopping district to the daycare. Unfortunately, this is a non-rank up hangout. Boo... well, at least we get cash and Understanding. At home read your book some more.

Tuesday, August 2

Key events: Priestess r8

Find Yukiko in front of the bookstore in the shopping district. She takes you to the shrine again, and informs you that the waitress from last time has told the entire inn about Yukiko dating you. Er... but we're noooooooot. ^T__T^;; She says you could come by without anyone noticing. Um... OK? Suddenly, a wild Mayor appears, saving us from this weird conversation! He says there's something going on at the inn and wonders if Yukiko knows anything about it. Whoops, Yukiko forgot there was some travel show coming to the inn today to do an episode on it. Your answer here doesn't matter. Yukiko starts to run off, but then suddenly... what's with all the random people appearing out of nowhere today? The nosy waitress appears and tells Yukiko that the travel show was full of lies and bees, and that it was in fact those weirdo idiots from the haunted whatever show. I guess they're stalking Yukiko now? That's not creepy at all~ *sarcasm* Argh, COME ON. Where is this portal that's spewing out random people here so I can close it... The aforementioned weirdo idiots followed the waitress here to the shrine. I guess since Yukiko turned him down that one time he's made it his mission to destroy the inn's reputation. Cursed, my arse. I'll curse you! *throws random Curse Paper from one of the chests in the previous dungeon at him* Is... is this guy high? I think he's speedballing or something, guys. Now he wants her to bathe on camera... what is wroooooong with you creepy pedo weirdo?? Yukiko very diplomatically tells him to leave, but this guy can't take a hint. She says she won't be the next manager and he seems eager to get her another job somewhere. NOBODY WANTS YOUR PERVY JOBS. Does this guy ever shut up? Maybe he's like a shark. Some sharks stop breathing if they stop moving. Maybe he dies if he stops talking...? ... where's my duct tape. Suddenly, my crankiness rubs off on Yukiko and she tells him to shut the hell up. Yeah, give him a piece of your mind! When did she grow a spine? Her newfound spine scares the weirdo idiots off, and everyone has a good laugh over it. After the waitress leaves, Yukiko asks if she was scary. NO, YOU WERE AWESOME! No seriously, answer "You were cool." Yukiko begins to rethink her attitude about wanting the inn to close. At home it's time for more reading.

Wednesday, August 3

Key events: Void Quest

So, now that it's finally Happy Fox Day, and all of your potential party members are at least r7 (cept Teddie, since his S. Link is linked to the plot), we can finally go find out what the hell is up with that 8-bit dipshit fish-eyed crazy person. Meet up with your friends at the food court and go into the telly. Talk to Rise to "chase the boy" to the castle.

Dungeon: Void Quest
Floors: 10 (last floor is boss floor)
Recommended level: 48-50
Min level: 46
Available Personas: Incubus (Devil), Virtue (Justice), Kusi Mitama (Strength), Pyro Jack (Magician), Unicorn (Hierophant), Ganga (Priestess), Nozuchi (Moon), Power (Justice), Titania (Empress), Ose (Fool), Oni (Strength), Mithra (Temperance), Makami (Hanged Man), Mothman (Hermit), Gorgon (Empress), Yamata-no-Orochi (Moon), Dominion (Justice), Parvati (Priestess), Flauros (Hierophant), Orthus (Hanged Man), Dis (Magician), Genbu (Hierophant), Setanta (Emperor), Hitokoto-Nushi (Hermit), Gdon (Sun), Oukuninushi (Emperor)
Mandatory Personas to Acquire: Mothman (Hermit), Mithra (Temperance), Orthus (Hanged Man)
Recommended Personas: anything with multiple wind spell (Magaru, Magarula)
Notable Enemies: Lustful Snake (weak to ice), Justice Sword (heavy hitter, weak to lightning), Dependent Basalt (weak to darkness), Mad Cyclops (very strong enemy, weak to fire), Corrupt Tower (summons Dependent Basalt, weak to fire), Blind Cupid (has Diarama, weak to wind), Fate Seeker (nul phys, weak to wind), Amenti Raven (weak to wind), Supreme Hand (nul everything cept almighty dmg and physicals (strong vs phys though)), Almighty Hand (weak to wind), Blue Sigil (casts Megidola, weak to lightning), Strength Beetle (reflects wind, fire, ice, lightning, light, weak to darkness), Anguish Basalt (weak to wind), Leading Idol (summons dice), Platinum Dice (weak to ice), Avarice Bambino (weak to fire), Monomaniac Fuzz (weak to lightning)
KO Date: Friday, August 12 (8/12)

Don't forget to pick your team before going in ^@__@^;; You'll also want either Yosuke on your team or bring a Persona with multiple target wind spells (Magaru/Magarula) as a lot of the enemies in this dungeon are weak to wind. Also make sure you pick up the following Personas while you're here: Mothman (Hermit), Mithra (Temperance), and Orthus (Hanged Man) (unless you fused them already in which case you can skip picking up the cards). Ah... what's going on. Is... is the game playing itself? That's not our name! Can I get a do-over? So, this dungeon is deceptively easy. Like, the enemies are cake. However, in my opinion the final boss is the hardest boss in the game so you might want to level a bit. I'd say get to lv 48-50 before the top floor unless you like a challenge. Anyway, once you get to the third floor, Rise says it's a dead end. Well, this floor is a pain in the arse, I can tell you that much. Fortunately, this is one of the few floors that is the same each time you play so you get a map. Yay. Basically, each section is a "dead end," but getting close to one of the dead ends on the left or the right of each section will send you to another small section of this floor. You can actually skip some of this floor this way, so just check out the map to find the routes and pick whether you want to explore the whole floor or just move on. Floor 7 is a real pain in the arse. You don't need a map (even though it's another one that's the same each time you come through here). The deal with this stupid floor is that it "turns" every time you try to turn. It's deceiving because it sounds like the entire section you're in is turning, but what it's actually doing is every time you try to go around a corner, it changes the direction you're facing. Well OK maybe it's more that it's kinda impossible to make a map when it does that (obviously I made you a map but what I mean is, it would be a mess to indicate on the map which way each turn makes you face). The general rule for this floor is if you want to go X direction, go the opposite way (i.e., if you want to go left, turn up or down or something blargh). I'll give you step-by-step directions though so never fear~ This dungeon's mid-dungeon boss is also on this floor by the way, so you might want to use a Goho-M or Teddie's Traesto to refill SP at Cupcake Fox when you reach this floor. Not that the miniboss is hard but it's a good opportunity to catch a breather outside and heal. *Note: There's a chest behind this boss that contains an item used to open a door later on in this dungeon. Somehow lots of people miss this but if you do not acquire this item YOU CANNOT FINISH THIS DUNGEON. So! Here we go. When you get to an intersection you are going to want to just nudge your analog stick just slightly instead of just running full on because these directions are going to be very specific and as I said, it turns you around so after the *click* of the turn pushing the analog stick forward doesn't actually make you go forward in the direction you're facing directly after the click. I'm going to be saying north, south, east, west instead of forward, right, etc, so these directions are in relation to the map I linked to (i.e., north is top of the map, east is right side of map, etc.) At the first intersection go north. After the click you'll actually be facing the way you just came (towards the stairs going to the previous floor). From here go west and continue west at the next intersection. This will make you face north, so go north. At the next intersection turn east and it will make you face north again, so continue north. At the next intersection turn east again and it will make you face west. Go north from here. Continue down the hallway (there's a chest in the room on your left) and you'll eventually reach the mid-dungeon boss room.

Boss: Killing Hand
Recommended level: 45 (normal); 45 (expert)
My current level: 44, Yosuke 44, Kanji 44, Teddie 44 (expert); 43, Yosuke 43, Kanji 43, Teddie 42 (normal)
Attacks: Summon: Almighty Hand (Killing Hand), Deathbound (heavy phys dmg, all party, Killing Hand), Diarama (Almighty Hand)
Strengths: nul light/dark (Killing Hand)
Weaknesses: Wind (Almighty Hand)

This thing summons Almighty Hand right off the bat. Almighty Hand can heal it, but is weak to wind so use wind to KD it. Killing Hand will summon another Almighty Hand to replace the one you kill but none of these things are nul to anything so just hit them with multiple target magic spells and this fight should be over pretty quickly. Once it is dead, open the chest behind where the boss was to get the Orb of Darkness key item.

Return to the last intersection we were in and go east. At the next intersection continue east and it will make you face north, which is fine cause there's a chest there. :op Go north for the chest then continue east. This intersection coming up is the last one, yay. Go north and the stairs leading up are in the room coming up on your right (btw, this floor will always be like this forever, so don't think if you come back to this dungeon later this floor will be normal ^=__=^;; ). Make sure you get a refill at Cupcake Fox before engaging the final boss on the 10th floor. I would suggest fusing Dis x King Frost OR Dis x Dominion OR Legion x Hitokoto-Nushi OR Principality x Hitokoto-Nushi OR Samael x Dominion OR Dominion x Hitokoto-Nushi for Hanuman for the upcoming fight, or Dis x Pazuzu x Samael OR Pazuzu x Yatagarasu for Hokuto Seikun or Dis x Pazuzu x Hitokoto-Nushi for Cu Chulainn (whom we'll need for one of Marge's quests anyway). (btw, if you didn't grab Dis in the dungeon you can fuse her by doing Ose x Virtue). Personally I'm going with Hanuman since our S. Link points have him ending up with pretty good stats for his level, and I'm going with King Frost x Dis and giving him King Frost's Null Fire. Also, I'm not forcing you to make Cu Chulainn right now. I'll let you know when we actually need it so if you want to fuse something else for this boss battle feel free to leave Cu Chulainn for later. I'll also be giving you more suggested fusion crosses for Cu Chulainn later when we actually need to fuse him. *Note: One more thing before we hit up the final boss. Make sure you have a Justice Persona and a Lovers Persona in your deck because we will need them immediately after the boss. I don't care which one it is, we just need them for S. Link points with Nanako and Rise. If you're not taking Teddie make sure you bring a Persona with Mediarama with you. When you're ready, open the door. You find Fish-Eyed Creeper yelling at his Shadow who, unlike the others we've encountered, doesn't have much to say to his real self. I dunno Chie, maybe the one with the blue smoke around it and glowing yellow eyes? *pats her on the head, sends her back to preschool* The Shadow says he's nothing, and that Mitsuo is also nothing. Fish-Eyes isn't all that happy about that. He finally notices that there's a giant mob of people behind him and flips out. When he realises that we're here to find out if he's the killer, he seems really happy about it. Creeper~ Kill us? Really? Nah, you first Fishboy. Meanwhile, his apathetic Shadow shifts to crankypants Shadow, and of course you know what that means.

Boss: Shadow Mitsuo, King of the Crybabies
Recommended level: 46 (normal); 48 (expert)
My current level: 45, Yosuke 45, Kanji 45, Teddie 45 (expert); 45, Yosuke 45, Kanji 45, Teddie 45 (normal)
Attacks: Bomb (phys dmg + exhaustion), Green Wall, Magarula, Megidola, Dekaja, Red Wall, Maragion, Mabufula, Mazionga, Stagnant Air, Evil Touch (fear), Blue Wall, Zionga, Evil Smile (fear, all-party), Ghastly Wail (insta-kills anyone who is feared), Whisper (begins rebuilding shell), Chant (second stage of rebuilding shell), Prayer (final stage of rebuilding shell), Gigadyne (almighty all-party), Atom Smasher (med phys, all-party), Dekunda
Strengths: None
Weaknesses: None

So. In my opinion this is actually the hardest boss battle in the entire game, so whatever fun/great/special items you've been saving up you might want to use them here. He's got Evil Touch and Evil Smile, which have a chance to inflict fear (Evil Smile is all-party), and also Ghastly Wail which will one-shot anyone with fear on them, so if anyone gets feared, use a Sedative on them ASAP. Also remember that Fear, unlike most other ailments, will NOT allow you to give commands to the feared party member, so they won't be able to use items or anything. Here's the deal with crying naked baby here. He creates this shell around him, which is that 8-bit fighter-looking thing. He takes a lot less damage when he's got this shell up, however enough damage will destroy the shell. After the shell is destroyed he will eventually begin to create a new one, but it takes three full turns to rebuild the whole thing. This also means that he's got two different HP bars. The first one you see is just for the shell. Once the shell is destroyed you'll see his actual HP bar, which will be replaced with the shell's HP bar whenever he rebuilds the shell. Also, when you destroy the shell it counts as a KD so you can stampede all over his stupid face. If you do enough damage to him while he's in the process of rebuilding the shell you'll KD him and all of the progress towards rebuilding the shell will be undone. Another thing about this guy is that he actually gets 2-3 actions per turn, so he'll attack 2-3 times, whether the shell is up or not. Lame-o. Mediarama really comes in handy for this fight because of that. Teddie's Matarukaja is also pretty useful here too. Crybaby Mitsuo uses Wall spells but he's not actually weak to anything. In the first round you should have one of your party members use that Olympic Tape you got from the radio kid oh so long ago. If you're not using Teddie the Uplifting Radios you got from the same kid have the same effect as Teddie's Matarukaja but you only have two of them. You'll want to use one of those or have Teddie cast Matarukaja this round as well. Hanuman also has Rakunda so you might want to throw that at the Crybaby as well (remember, the shell and the Crybaby are two different entities so if you cast a debuff on the shell once it's gone you'll have to recast it onto the Crybaby). If you're pretty low level, you'll want to keep your HP above 75% at all times; otherwise keep it above 50%. Remember to recast Matarukaja whenever it wears off. After about 50% HP is gone from the actual Shadow it takes him less time to rebuild the shell. Once it says he's levelled up is when he starts casting magic at you while in shell form.

After putting baby to bed, Fish-eyes wakes up and demands to know who we are. We're the guys who just kicked your ass, that's who! You know... I know that this is a THING that people actually do, commit murder to become famous. Like, IRL this is a THING that happens. I know this. But I will never understand it~ I mean... like... the only way to get fame for it is to get caught, and getting caught means being jailed for life or getting the death penalty if you live somewhere that has the death penalty. I dunno, I mean, that's like stealing a cop car because your girlfriend said she only likes dudes who have cars. The risk/reward just doesn't add up for me (not that I think murdering innocent people is OK, I'm just saying if we ignore the actual crime for a moment, the reward they get from "being famous" doesn't really outweigh the punishment for committing the crime...). Like, there's this one infamous serial killer in America called BTK. He didn't get caught for like a decade or two and the only reason he got caught was cause he got pissed off that some guy wrote somewhere that since BTK hadn't murdered anyone in awhile he must be dead or in jail, so BTK turned himself in to the police so he'd get credit for the murders. Like, what the hell is up with that. ^=__=^;; I don't get it. *shoves Mitsuo off a cliff* MAKE SENSE. You know... one time, I deliberately just did not even come in here to save this guy and let the KO date come just cause he was just THAT annoying. ^<__<^;; After Mitsuo's confession, his Shadow silently disappears, and Mitsuo becomes another victim of the Collapsing Plague. So we all drag him out of the telly back to the real world. Oh and btw, don't worry about the ominous disappearance of his Shadow; it never actually shows up again. Once outside, Fish-eyes gets all crankypants cause we didn't just let him do whatever he wants. ^=__=^;; He pretty much ignores all of your questions and just starts putting down all of your party members. Seeeeeeee, seeeee? This right here? This is why I just left him to die that one time. ^=__=^;; Jerkface. Can we... can we just... shove him back into the telly... ^<__<^;; Kanji decides death is too good for Fishface and has Yosuke call the cops.

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