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Wednesday, August 3 (continued)

Key events: Star r4

Later that day everyone gathers at Junes to discuss the incident. Rise begins to whine that she didn't get to see everyone else's ordeals with their lesser halves. *sigh* And here I thought you were the nice one. Yes Rise, we are special. We're the only ones that get cupcakes from Cupcake Fox. No cupcakes for the rest of you! AHAHAHA! Rise then decides we should have a party to celebrate the end of the case. Ah... I think the pervos in our party are rubbing off on Kanji. ^>__o^;; Since Yukiko's inn is booked solid, everyone decides the party should be at our house. Answer "Alright, let's do this!" for S. Link points with Rise. Aaaaggghhh Yukiko noooooooo, don't try to murder our baby cousin with your terrible cookiiiiiiiing.... haven't there been enough murders around here already. ^T__T^;; YES, YOSUKE, BE THE VOICE OF REASON. Ahm... you know, with all of the women in this game who suck at cooking... I'm... gonna be super-skeptical about Rise's supposed cooking skills. NO TEDDIE THAT IS A TERRIBLE IDEA. ^o__o^;; You know what, I want in on this cooking battle. *orders a pizza, hands out slices to everyone* I win. Flawless Victory. ^=__=^;; Once in the grocery section, you call Nanako and ask her what she wants her last meal in this life to be. ^<__<^;; She decides on an omelette. Heyyyy... even *I* can make omelettes! No, seriously. If it's something that even I can make... maybe it won't be so bad...? I mean... it's kinda hard to fuck up something that easy to make... right? Right? Right...? Well, at least Yosuke agrees with me, but then again it's not like he's never been wrong before... ... we're all going to die aren't we. As soon as we taste these things, we're getting the Game Over screen, aren't we... ... waaaaaah, I don't wanna die from foooooooooooooooood. ^T_____T^ When Yosuke asks you what kind of omelette you're making, say "Asian American, soy flavoured." The other options will not be successful, trust me (well, technically "Orthodox" and "Herb filled" come out OK, and the only one that comes out awful is "Aromatic," but "Asian American" gets you the most points). Ah... guys. Foie gras is... duck/goose liver. What the flying miserable cheesecakes. Look, I like pate and all but not in an omelette... ah, Yukiko you're scary all of a sudden. ^T__T^;; Wait, what's the legal drinking age in Japan? We don't really have one in my country so I don't understand these things. And anyway, if it's cooking alcohol do the laws still apply? Eh, whatevs. Meanwhile, Teddie is charming the pants, er, free samples, off of one of the sales ladies.

Back at home, Nanako is too star-struck to pay attention to anything Teddie has to say. Apparently Teddie thinks that since the case is over that means we won't want him around anymore. Nanako suggests that Teddie make a promise with her so that he has a reason to stay with us. Teddie agrees and you get a rank up~ Yosuke wanders over and is like, what are you even talking about, Teddie, you're staying here forever~ Aaaaaaaaand... this heartwarming moment is crushed to bits by the sudden appearance of objects of indeterminate origin attempting to masquerade as food. Yep. The time has come. And I continue to agree with Yosuke about how this is a terrible idea, especially the part involving our baby cousin. It is not mean, Rise, it is ACCURATE. *throws a dictionary at her* Well, I guess we're going to find out if Rise will finally break the curse of women who are terrible at cooking. ... *throws hands up into the air, wanders off, pizza in tow* ... NO, I DON'T WANT TO TASTE IT TOO WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO MURDER ME, GAME?! Iron...? Overcooked liver tastes like iron. Waaah... ^T__T^ Kanji bravely steps up and attempts to eat Yukiko's terrible cooking. Ah... he's going back for seconds? And thirds? ... did... did all of that practise actually pay off...? Boneless...? Omelettes are not supposed to have bones Kanji! Ah... well. I guess that something that doesn't taste like anything is an improvement over food that murders people? Oh Nanako, you should not be learning to lie so well at your age. Wait... wait. Are... are these women still not tasting their food before giving it to other people? Is that why Chie has no idea how hers is going to taste...? And why they keep serving us garbage? ^T__T^ What is wrong with youuuuuuuu. It's Teddie's turn to try the food, and digs into it with reckless abandon. lolcat Teddie, if it's awful why do you keep eating it. Agh, Nanakoooooooo *tries to smack the spoon out of her hand, is too slow* I'M SORRY BABY COUSIN I HAVE FAILED TO PROTECT YOU FROM THE TERRIBLE COOKING. I must now commit seppuku to restore our family honour. And Nanako is full of lies and bees. Yukiko, you are literally the last person who should talk about someone else's cooking being awful. Oh great, Rise killed Yukiko. *shuffles through her Persona deck, looking for one that has Recarm* Oh, Hanuman, thanks for ressing Yukiko. Nanako why do you keep eating terrible things. Oh right, she's a small child. They eat dirt and bugs and whatnot. I guess I really shouldn't've been too worried about her eating these things then. And of course the actress knows how to fake cry. *sigh* Fortunately our omelette saves the day. Hurray. *puts a superhero cape on the omelette* We also get S. Link points with Nanako for making the superhero omelette. So... because we're all starving, Yosuke suggests... we all go to a festival... that won't exist until the 20th. Uh. How exactly does that solve our hunger problem? I think the awful food destroyed his brain.

Thursday, August 4

Key events: Chariot r8, Devil hangout
Personas needed: Emperor, Lovers, Temperance, Chariot, Justice, Priestess, Devil, Hierophant, Moon, Magician, Strength

Head into town and sell your rubbish to Daidara (remember, don't sell off those Fashionable Dishes still, or that one lone Charmed Veil). If he's got them for you, get a Drunken Fist for Teddie, a Hard Board for Kanji, Madam's Charm for Yukiko, Bishamonten for Chie, Kaiken for Yosuke, and an Anglaise or Kage-Dachi for yourself (or an Edge if one of the others is not available). As for armour, I don't recommend getting Plate Mail for the guys cause the def isn't much better than the Hard Armour, and the evasion is awful. Same goes for the girls if you gave them Hard Armour. Stop by the Velvet Room and make sure you've got the Personas you need, then find Chie in front of Daidara, who drags you off to train. Chie... movies aren't real. Corporal Pimpboy shows up before we can explain to her what fiction is. He says he's here to apologise. What. ... is everyone we know being abducted by aliens and replaced with nicer versions of themselves... Woah Chie, you're not sucking up to him? OH MY GOD GUYS THEY GOT CHIE TOO. Well, they can keep the old Chie, I like this one better. ^<__<^;; Hey, Corporal Pimpboy. Someone as worthless as you shouldn't be telling others how they don't have much going for them. Next, he starts bad-mouthing Yukiko. OK so I was wrong, he wasn't abducted by aliens. Sadface. And... Chie also does a 180, saying that she'll help him in the future. I guess we just momentarily slipped into an alternate universe or something where people don't suck and we're back now. Lame~ After Captain Jerkface leaves, Chie reminisces on the day that she and Yukiko became friends. Yukiko had found a stray dog but her parents wouldn't let her keep it, so Yukiko decided to run away from home with the dog. Chie you miss a lot more than just the point. Even when your gear has 98 hit chance. ^T__T^ Your answer here doesn't matter, so pick whatever. Turns out that Chie's solution to the dog-and-Yukiko problem was to take the dog home herself. I guess child-Chie was a lot smarter than now-Chie. Back at home, go hang out with Creepy Pedo Nurse. Bah, non-rank up hangouts.

Friday, August 5

Key events: Lovers r2, Devil r5

Naoki will call you to hang out today but it's a non-rank up hang out so decline his offer and go find Rise in the shopping district in front of Marukyu. She takes you to Souzai Daigaku. Your first answer here doesn't matter. You've... wanted to eat food since you were a child? What are you even talking about Rise. ^@__@^;; She says she didn't have many friends as a child since she rarely went to school. ... how old was she when she became an idol?? ^O__o^ She says she's happy that she came here to Inaba since she got to meet you. Aaaaand then she starts hitting on you again. You scare me, Girly. Back at home, go hang out with Creepy Pedo Nurse some more. Suddenly, SCREAMING. Or more accurately, BITCHING. As far as I can tell, what they're saying is "Dekinaide!" "Oishokiyo (something) desho!" ("You can't do this!" "You'll pay for what you've done!" (not a literal translation, obviously)), but I make no claims to fluency so don't quote me on that. Crankypants Sayoko shows up. ... you sure that's the first time anyone's called you that? Somehow I doubt that. Tell her it's like a soap opera. No, I'm pretty sure the bitch is still you, hooker slut~ She tells you that at the hospital she previously worked at she was banging some married doctor dude on the regular. Like I said, slut. "Forced to quit"? Pretty sure that kind of behaviour is against company policy in any sort of work environment unless you are in fact a bona fide street hooker. ^<__<^;; That's like saying "Well I robbed the bank I was working at and was then forced to quit when I got caught, how unfair is that?" Tch. Whatever~ Not that I'm saying the married doctor isn't also a whore, cause he totally is~ Oh hey, maybe it was Yumi's dad! He's a whore too! Sayoko gets all sad cause the other nurses were smirking at her. Well maybe don't do things that would cause people to react that way? Your next answer doesn't matter. When she starts wondering why she's doing anything, choose to cheer her up.

Saturday, August 6

Key events: Hermit r8

As it is raining today, go hand in your cat-insanity quest to Cupcake Fox. Back at home go finish your book.

Sunday, August 7

Key events: Quest 42: I Wish My Wallet Would Return, Death r3

Grab your next quest from Cupcake Fox. Apparently some haiku-loving person has lost their wallet. Go to the riverbank and go left to find some girl standing by a trashcan. Ah... what? Were you trying... to eat out of the garbage...? Seems this is the one who lost their wallet. Talk to her again and she says she might have lost it by the river. While we're here, feed the hungry cat any fish you've got that isn't the Huge Fish that has been living in our inventory since forever. Go down to the riverbed and check the black and yellow bordered sign by the stairs to find a Round Wallet. Return to the girl... who says that it's not her wallet. Huh. Most people would just be like YEP IT'S MINE KTHXBAI. She wonders if she dropped it at the field next to the shrine. Return to the northern shopping district and check the bushes by the yellow stick-thing near the lamppost below the shrine to find a Square Wallet. Return to the girl and it is actually her wallet this time! Hurray~ Wait, you what? If buying plots of land is something you do all of the time, shouldn't you have a ton of money in the bank? Like, what's your deal ladyface? Regardless, quest done. Now, go hang out with Hisano-baachan. She seems startled to see you. Turns out that for a minute there she thought you were her dead husband. She tells you that he met him here in Inaba when his acting company came into town one day. The company only came by once a year but somehow they fell in love anyway. He quit the company and married her. She says that all she wants is to be by his side again but that she knows it will never happen. ... because she's going to Hell. ^O__o^;; But but baaaaachaaaaaaaan you're so nice why you mean to yourself. :( Back at home, start reading Men in History (Man's Life series) for points towards Courage.

Monday, August 8

Key events: Temperance r4

Ai calls you today but as usual phone calls aren't for rank ups. Boo. (however, this scenario is kinda funny so if you saved last night you might want to watch it anyway and then reload) Go into town and buy the new book on sale (Changing Careers), then take the bus to the daycare. Eri is actually on time for once, but Yuuta runs off anyway. And now, Eri will never be on time ever again. *sigh* She says she's getting sick of trying to be nice to him and getting nothing in return. Your first answer here doesn't matter. Eri, not everything you hear on TV is accurate ya know. Like all of those Shadows who said stuff on TV! Plus, how do you explain parents who adopt kids and still manage to love them? She starts talking about fate and predetermination. For some reason, even though the circumstances of her "pre-determined" path are making her miserable, she takes comfort in thinking that this was all meant to be. What. "My life sucks but it was meant to be this way so I'm totally cool with it"? I don't... *throws hands up into the air, wanders off* Regardless of your actual feelings on the matter, tell her that she's right. Eri says she was so inspired by the thing on TV that she went to see a lecture by the speaker. She says there's nothing to do in Inaba and wishes she could go back to the city. Tell her to just let it go, and she says she did a long time ago. She then asks you not to tell anyone about these random things she keeps talking to you about. Your next answer doesn't matter. Back at home, time for more reading.

Tuesday, August 9

Key events: Quest 27: Acquire Some Fashionable Dishes, Lovers r3

Go talk to the dude standing in front of the bookstore, who tells you that his klutz of a sister enjoys destroying her plates. Finally, the three Fashionable Plates quest! So, since we kept them this long go ahead and hand them over. He gives you the Riddlemania book and 10k. Woo~ Afterwards, go hang out with Rise. Your first answer is irrelevant, so pick whatever. She then wonders where Kanji buys his clothes. You know, he probably makes them himself. Does... does Rise want to be pointy too? Randomly, some guy shows up and asks if she's Risette. She's like, NO WAY, and drags you off. Man... I've probably said this before but if I were an idol I'd be punching so many people. GO AWAY. ^<__<^;; Rise's happy that she got to tell them all that she's not Risette. Well, I guess that's kinda true, since Risette was her fakey-fake manufactured idol personality created by her management team. She tells you that she loves Inaba because you're there, her grandma's there, and she has important work to do there, i.e., PERSONA POWER~ Now that your S. Link with Rise is r3 her Persona has a new skill: Treasure Radar. This skill allows you to see the location of all the chests on the current floor in a dungeon, even if you haven't uncovered any part of that floor yet. Back at home read your book some more.

Wednesday, August 10

Key events: Hang out with Kou and Daisuke, Courage r5

Today, Kou will call you to hang out. Accept his invite, and he and Daisuke invade your room. Kou... are you Goldilocks now? Not too hot, not too cold, our room isn't made of porridge ya know. Regardless, he gives you a new book, The O-Cha Way. Nanako shows up, and Daisuke ropes Kou into helping her with her homework. Haha. And hurray, we needed more S. Link points for Nanako. After they leave finish your book. Some of you might reach Courage r5 tonight but if not, don't worry, we'll make it up soon enough.

Thursday, August 11

Key events: Hermit r9

Well, you know the drill. Since it's raining, go hand in your quest to Cupcake Fox. Back at home start reading The O-Cha Way (Manuals) for points towards Expression (and Knowledge too I guess but we already maxed that so meh :op ).

Friday, August 12

Key events: VOID KO DATE, Quest 48: I Wish to See the Samegawa's Guardian

GUYS, TODAY IS THE KO DATE FOR VOID QUEST. IF YOU HAVE NOT SAVED MITSUO YET GO DO IT OR GAME OVER. Go get your next quest from Cupcake Fox. Somebody wants to see something called the Guardian of the Samegawa. Well, Samegawa is that river we keep going to, so we might as well start there. Talk to the old fishing guy, and he starts telling you about the Guardian. Apparently, this Guardian is some huge giant fish of DOOM that lives in the river. He says that he caught the Guardian once when he was younger, but couldn't reel him in, and ever since he's been trying to see the Guardian again but now he's too old to fish him out. He wonders if there are any skilled young fishermen out there. Suddenly, he notices our Huge Fish. (OK so we totally cheated and bought this off the telly forever ago but this is totally going to save us a lot of annoyance, trust me) He then asks you to fulfill his wish and fish for the Guardian. Tell him you will, and he gives you his Angler's Set, which is a much better fishing rod than the one he gave us before. He says to try for the Guardian when it's raining. Go eat at Aiya. We're aiming for Diligence and Understanding today. If you get Courage too you might max that out today. If not, don't worry, we'll get it soon enough. At home, the weather report says the fog will set in tonight. Open the fridge to get rid of the lazy beer that does nothing, then go to your room to watch the Midnight Channel, which has nothing to show us.

Saturday, August 13

Key events: Lovers r4

Find Rise in front of Marukyu and she takes you to Aiya. On the way home you notice some weird nerd in a suit staring at the floor in front of Marukyu. Choose to either call the police or grab her hand and run. She ponders that the guy seems familiar somehow... Turns out it's her manager. How did she not recognise her manager... I've thrown my hands up into the air and wandered off so much by now that I've nowhere left to wander off to so I'm just going to sigh heavily. *SIGH* He tells her that he can't accept that she's quit, and she yells at him that her time doesn't belong to him anymore and that if he doesn't leave now she'll call the cops. He insists that she's the only person who could play some role in some movie and tries to guilt her into changing her mind by saying that her fans were looking forward to it. Rise reiterates that she's no longer interested in showbiz and... what? Marriage?! NOOOOOOOO, I WAS GONNA BE A BACHELOR FOR LIIIIIIIFE, AAAAHHHH. Despite this imminent threat to our wallets and our futures, go along with her story. What's-his-face finally leaves, and Rise apologises for her terrifying marriage proposal. Either tell her you don't mind, or "It... it was a lie?" Back at home, Adachi has invaded the house. Dojima is home for once, and has brought home 5,782 pieces of sushi. The deluge of fish is in celebration of having finally caught Fish-eyes. Appropriate, no? Adachi... with all this fish, why are you still eating your own feet. Stop that. Haha, Nanako and I are alike. We hate wasabi. Don't get me wrong. I'm latina, we eat spicy stuff all the time. I just don't like wasabi. ^x__<^;;

Sunday, August 14

Key events: Lovers r5

It's time to hang out with Rise again~ I wonder if she's sick of us yet ^<__<^;; She takes you to the hill Kanji likes so much, and tells you she used to come out here all the time when she first got here in an attempt to find herself. Your first answer here is irrelevant. She says her life here is more relaxed than at home, because her parents are so strict and her grandma doesn't harass her about anything. But apparently tells Rise that she's like tofu. Um. OK. Seems that her grandma just meant that tofu looks fragile but is actually resilient, that it stands out but can also blend in with anything. Rise says that she's nothing like any of that. She confides in you, telling you that she used to get bullied at school before she became an idol, and that it was some relative of hers that sent in an application for her to the agency without even telling her. She tells you that the only reason she became an idol was that she saw it as an opportunity to change herself and make friends. Eventually she realised that the person everyone liked was just Risette, her agency-manufactured fake personality, and not the real Rise. She asks you if that's true for you too. Either reply no, or that you don't know. She says that none of that matters now, because she's got people who see the real her, and she has power to help others. Back at home, it's tiEm for moAr readingz, but first, talk to Dojima to get 40k for doing well on your exams.

Monday, August 15 - Friday, August 19

Yosuke will call you today asking you to work at Junes for the entire week. Accept (no, seriously, the game will make you go even if you decline). True to her word, Chie is also working there, as is Teddie. The game then fast-forwards to Friday, with a spastic-looking Teddie losing his mind in the background. Well Yosuke... Teddie has ice magic. That's how he does it. He's probably spamming Bufula at himself. Yosuke then reminds you that the festival is tomorrow night.

Saturday, August 20

Blehhhhh, Kanji, who wants to eat squid on a stick. Or squid anywhere. ^>__o^;; After acquiring snacks of varying degrees of tastiness, the girls show up in yukata. For reasons. Why do you need to put towels... oh nevermind, I'm never wearing one of those things anyway. Filing that under other things I don't need to know, like why anyone would want chocolate on bacon or why some frogs meow like cats. Tell Nanako that she looks cute in the towel outfit of DOOM. ... Teddie stop hitting on our baby cousin. ^>__o^;; Compliment Yukiko cause we need S. Link points with her. Dojima shows up and actually decides to spend some time with his kid for once in his life. Will wonders never cease. Teddie, I think Chie is rubbing off on you. You sound like the back of a movie box. He then decides that y'all need to couple up, but the math's all off. Ah, Kanji, can we not have a repeat of the campout fiasco plzkthx. And Teddie continues to be unable to count. Although I think he's just pretending he can't count... and further manipulates the situation by getting Kanji to agree that it's not manly to, uh... be seen walking around with a girl? While everyone's distracted, Teddie makes his move and buggers off with all of the girls. But don't get too upset. As anyone with half a brain knows, it's a terrible idea to try to get with multiple girls at once, as you shall soon see~ Triple doghouse time for Teddie, haha.

Sunday, August 21

This time, when Ai calls choose to go to the festival with her. Ai, we are making "that face" cause we're the ones who grant the wishes at this shrine... ^<__<^;; Tell her that your wish is to be closer to her. She then decides her sweet tooth requires candied apples, but gets distracted by some lottery thing going on at the festival, in which you can win "magnificent prizes." Ai, you're rich, I'm sure you could just buy whatever it is. Instead, she decides to buy 10 of every food item at the festival. Who's gonna eat all this stuff. ^@__@^;; We end up with 50 tickets which gets us the grand prize. No surprise there. I don't think a total of 50 people even live in Inaba, let alone showed up to the festival. ^<__<^;; What is surprising is what the "magnificent prize" is: a bale of rice. What. Ai isn't all that pleased either, so the lottery guy offers her a shopping coupon instead. Well, Ai does love shopping... We also get a new book, The Divine Way, so hurray for that.

Monday, August 22

Key events: Magician r9, Hierophant Hang Out

Head to Junes and go hang out with Yosuke. He takes you to Kanji's favourite hill. Tell him to cheer up, and it seems that he's got more on his mind than whether Inaba's a nice town or not. Turns out he's still got Saki on his mind, and that he wants her to know that where you are doesn't matter, it's what you make of your situation that matters. That you don't have to try to be special; there's always someone out there who cares about you. Your answer here doesn't matter. He tells you you're special to him, and then decides to distract from the sappy moment by trying to play "I Can See My House From Up Here." At night, hang out with Dojima.

Tuesday, August 23

Key events: Chariot r9

Go find Chie in front of Daidara's. She takes us to Aiya again. And again, our mission to acquire meat is thwarted by the stupid bullies. So off we go to seek vengeance for our lack of meat. Their leader claims he's got a plan though. Seems Corporal Pimpboy blabbed to them about how Chie's friends with Yukiko, so now he's threatening to hurt Yukiko if we don't back off. Your first answer here doesn't matter. Chie tries to get the guy to hit her for some reason. Maybe she sensed that this guy is actually chickenshit and only bullies people with words but runs off at the first sign of conflict. Mayyyyybe her motto, "Don't think, feel," actually worked this time? Cause the bullies run off and the kid thanks Chie for her help. Tell her either that it all turned out OK, or that she protected the kid. She says that her motivation was to protect the kid, and Yukiko, and you. OK guys. Here comes my moment of absolute terror, the point where you can get into a relationship with Chie, of all people. Again, just a reminder of the three key points: You can max S. Links without being in any relationships with anyone, you can be in relationships with multiple girls at once without any negative consequences (despite the game's pink warning text), and not getting into a relationship with them is not a reversal. If you want to be in a relationship with Chie because you're like Kou and like girls with the body shape and hair of a 12-year old boy, ask her to be your girlfriend. If you don't want to be in a relationship with her, just say that you're counting on her. Blaaaaghghaghahgahgh the things I do for you guys. Back at home, it's time to help Nanako with her homework (so choose Yes).

Wednesday, August 24

Key events: Priestess r9

Look, I know that the game is freaking out at you about your homework but even though it says "takes a few days," if you put it off til the last minute the game will have you get it done the night before school starts anyway, so don't worry about it. Find Yukiko in front of the bookstore, who takes you back to the shrine. When she asks if you're gonna wish for something, pick anything BUT "It's a secret." She then confesses that she's wishing to become someone worthy of you, and that she's decided not to leave Inaba. Yukiko's realised that she didn't have a problem with the inn itself, but the feeling that she had zero control over her life or her future. She thanks you for helping her to realise this, then asks you why you're always with her. This is where you choose whether to get into a relationship with Yukiko or not. This is your only chance to do so. Again, I'm reminding you that 1) you can max S. Links without getting into any romantic relationships, 2) you can be in a relationship with more than one girl at once, and 3) not getting into a relationship with them is NOT a reversal. So if you want to be in a relationship with Yukiko, choose "I really like you." If you don't want to get into a relationship with her, choose either of the other two options. She'll run off, but don't worry, it's not a reversal or anything. Back at home, Yosuke and Teddie show up while you're trying to help Nanako with her homework. Teddie... what are you even talking about. That sounds more like something King Moron would know, IF HE WEREN'T DEAD. AHAHAHA. ... *cough hack wheeze* (Teddie said "I think, therefore I am," which is a famous quote by Rene Descartes, one of King Moron's favourite philosophers)

Thursday, August 25

Today we're aiming for Diligence and Understanding at Aiya again. ... huh, I guess he heard me that one time we came here with Naoki, cause he gives us a book (The Ramen Way) for having come here so often. Back at home, more interruptions for Nanako's homework. This time it's Chie and Yukiko. Yukiko suggests that Nanako write about when we all went to the festival.

Friday, August 26

Key events: Temperance r5

Head to the shopping district and take the bus to the daycare. Yuuta decides that he'd rather play with us than go home. Eri gets annoyed and just leaves him there. Er... I don't remember having a child, why do I suddenly have to take care of onnnnnnnnne come back here Eriiiiiiiii he's youuuurrrrrrrssssss... As you walk Yuuta home, you come across Eri sitting in her usual place. Yuuta asks if she's mad at him. Your answers for this rank don't matter. He claims that she hates him and yet has to take care of him, so he feels sorry for her. What. Eri, it is not our responsibility to take care of other peoples' children after daycare is over. ^x__x^;; She says that at least he seems to have fun at daycare. Back at home, there are no interruptions for Nanako's homework tonight. When she asks you if being alone makes you happy, tell her no.

Saturday, August 27

Here we go again, Diligence and Understanding at Aiya. Back at home, Nanako's homework's reprieve from being interrupted is over. This time it's Rise and Kanji. KANJI! PERFECT PERSON TO HELP WITH ART HOMEWORK. Kanji... what did you make. A rabbit kaiju sitting on a car? I approve!

Sunday, August 28

Key events: Lovers r6

When Rise calls, accept her invite. On the way back from Okina, Rise is happy that not many people approached her, and wonders if they've already forgotten who she is. She runs off to get you some tofu, but while she's gone her manager shows up and asks you to give her a letter for him from one of her fans. Your answer here doesn't matter. Seems this fan is someone Rise always looked forward to hearing from. Wow, someone's selfish. "Being an idol is hell, but I want her to come back anyway." Wow, you're a jerk. Pfft, managers. Rise comes back while her manager's still there, and yells at him until he goes away. Even though two of the answers make her mad, your answer here doesn't actually matter either. After giving her the letter, Rise tells you about the fan, who's a middle school girl who used to get bullied but Rise's anti-bullying campaign inspired her to stick up for herself. Rise then takes you to the shrine, where she confides in you that she feels a bit guilty because the fan is worried about her since her official reason for going on hiatus is because of an illness. She also feels like she is disappointing her fans by giving up on being Risette. Ask her if she's having second thoughts, and she answers that she doesn't think that she has any regrets. She decides that she's going to use her former idol status to make the tofu shop famous. Rise also says that maybe you two should make her impromptu marriage plans a reality. This actually ISN'T the initiation of a relationship, despite what you might think. Pick either "Sounds great" or "If you're serious..." She thanks you for spending the day with her, and can now use the skill Enemy Radar, which is like her Treasure Radar skill but for enemies. Back at home... jeeze Nanako, how much homework do they give in kindergarden anyway. ffs. Tell her it's the male platypus that has poison claws (they actually have them on their back feet and use them when fighting over mates and territory, however they are pretty resistant to their own poison so they don't usually cause too much damage to eachother. This fun fact brought to you by the letter Q, the number 26, and the fact that wheels are, in fact, round).

Monday, August 29

So like I said, the game will force you to do your homework eventually, and eventually has arrived~ and hurray for pointless points towards Knowledge since we maxed that out like forever ago. Ha. At night, tell her that it had stopped raining by then.

Tuesday, August 30

Key events: Emperor r8

Go hang out with Kanji (shopping district, north side). He takes you to Aiya. Suddenly, some cops show up. They try to haul Kanji off. Tell them either that Kanji didn't do anything, or ask them if they have a warrant. What do you mean "kind"... DO YOU KNOW WHO OUR UNCLE IS?! I'LL HAVE YOUR BADGES FOR THIS. ^=__=^ Oh I see. This is about those idiots who tried to rob Corporal Pimp-Boy over in Chie's S. Link. Wait, what idiot claimed that Kanji was threatening Doll Boy? Were they drunk? High? Both? Your next answer doesn't matter. The cops then try to arrest us, but Kanji insists that we have nothing to do with anything. Suddenly, it's Doll Boy to the rescue! ... even though he's pretty clueless. The cops try to lead the kid into saying that Kanji stole his money, but he misunderstands and thinks Kanji actually lost his money. Since cops are stupid, they take this as proof that we robbed the kid. Then Doll Boy is like, "Oh and I've got cookies for you too! ^____^" and spills the beans to the cops about how Kanji made him some dolls. The cops don't believe it for a second. Your next answer also doesn't matter. Kanji tells them straight up that he made the dolls and that he's going to SEW THE COPS TO HEEEEEELL. Or just their buttons. Whichever. :op Kanji's mum shows up and the cops soon bugger off. Ha, losers. GTFO stupid cops! Go stare at some more manhole covers or something. Back home read your book.

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