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Wednesday, August 31

When you wander downstairs Nanako tells you that Dojima's bringing home a watermelon and to call everyone to come over to help eat it. Dojima almost gets buried in a shoe landslide on his way in. Oh my god Kanji are you a crazy bird or something lolcat. He looks like a psychopathic chicken eating like that. Everyone promises Nanako that they'll all play with her again next year. What are you grumbling about, Dojima. Oh I see, you finally approve of our friends. That's nice. And all it took was for us to catch a murderer for you useless cops. ^<__<^;;

Thursday, September 1

Key events: Expression rank 5

Well, kiss your summer vacation goodbye cause it's back to school with us today. Yaaaay... *sets self on fire* Ah... presto magico, Hat Chick does a spin and turns himself into a regular high school student! I hope he's not just here to "keep an eye" on us again... Hey man, it's not our fault that you failed to introduce yourself properly until after we'd spoken to you like five bloody times. Excuuuuuuuse us if we had to resort to giving you "bizarre" nicknames like Hat Chick and pint-sized detective. Nothing about our "relations" so far are anything anyone would ever call cordial, but that is entirely your fault. Toe the line and I won't punt you into next week anymore. I'm watching you, puny freshman. ... oh Krazy Kendo, never change, with your crazy nonsensical babbling about who-knows-what. Well I know we already maxed out Knowledge but the answer is "1900" for those of you who, like me, don't like getting things wrong. After class, Yosuke is bored without Shadows to fight and murderers to chase. Yukiko suggests asking Naoto (Hat Chick, and no I probably won't stick to using his real name cause he's annoying) to join you at Junes later. Somehow I doubt that little prick will accept. Are... are we really all fangirling over him? Oh look, more fangirls. Ouch. See, toldya he was a prick. Yosuke and Kanji wander up to him, and apparently the sight of guys who don't look like short chicks in silly hats scares the fangirls away. Hummm... he looks like a chick and Chie looks like a dude. Should we try to hook them up? They're both equally insufferable. ^=__=^;; NO, WE MEAN THE OTHER PRICK STANDING RIGHT BEHIND YOU BEING DEVOURED BY THE WALL. I thought he was supposed to be smart~ Well, at least he's more diplomatic about turning us down. Perhaps it's cause we're upperclassmen...? Regardless, we head to Junes without Shorty in tow. Guys~ if he's purposefully alienating people maybe don't worry so much about him. Yosuke then brings up the upcoming class trip to Tatsumi Port Island, no relation to Tatsumi Kanji. Wait wait... we're taking a class trip to another school to go to school...? That sounds like the lamest thing ever. See, don't be sad King Moron's dead. Even in death he's still happily inflicting torture upon his students. At night finish your book, which should get some of you to Expression r5.

Friday, September 2

Key events: Quest 47: Riddle Senpai Returns!, Hierophant r7
Personas needed: Emperor, Lovers, Chariot, Justice, Sun, Hierophant, Moon, Magician, Priestess

Finally we can get rid of this stupid Charmed Veil. Give it to your scaredy-cat classmate directly in front of you to get five chest keys (yey~). Head upstairs and talk to Riddle Afro Guy. Seems he's finally thought up a few new riddles. Answer "Group A" and "Human motion" for the first part of his riddles, and "Group B" and "They're indefinite articles" for the second half. You get a Snuff Soul for being able to read walkthroughs :P After that, head to the Velvet Room. Marge decides to give you a metal bat for being a social boy-wonder. While we're here, make sure you have the Personas listed above, then head to Aiya. We want Diligence and Understanding again. At night, hang out with Dojima. Nanako comes in and says she's going to bed. Dojima's like, "OK sure whatever," missing the point entirely. Ryotarooooooo, remember the things you promise your children! *whacks him with a newspaper* Dojima decides to go do so, which makes Nanako super-happy, until... *bring bring* Phone call for the President of the Terrible Parents Association. It's that guy who was running the tests or whatever for Nanako's mum's hit-and-run. Dojima gets ready to leave, disappointing Nanako yet again. Ask him if the phone call is more important, which causes him to rethink his actions. He tells Nanako to go pick a book, and they go off to actually spend some father-daughter time together. Some time later, Dojima walks back into the kitchen, all smiles. ... Smiles? Spending time with Nanako? What. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH DOJIMA?? Wait, no, I promise I won't tell anyone anything don't drag me outside to kill meeeeee... Turns out Dojima realised that the test results didn't yield any new information on the case. Dojima, is Inaba even large enough to have a place to scrap cars... maybe widen the search a bit, I don't know. ^=__=^;; Pretty sure it'd be easier to locate a car being shipped out of a country that is an island than one that's just been taken to another town or city. But hey what do I know. Turns out that a big part of why he avoids Nanako is that she reminds him too much of her mother, which is painful for him.

Saturday, September 3

Key events: Emperor r9

After class go find Kanji in the practise building. He takes you to the hill again, and tells you he went to visit his father's grave. Your first answer here doesn't matter. He says that he could never go before because he was always running away from everything, but now he felt like he finally had an answer to what his father said, and since it's all thanks to you and your friends Kanji really wanted to let his dad know. Apparently, what his father had told him was that men have to be strong and that's why Kanji has had these issues this whole entire time. Kanji felt like even his father didn't accept him as a real man, so that's when he started putting on this tough guy persona. Kanji then decides that the first step to being strong is to be true to yourself and who you really are. Answer either "Good for you" or "Find more of them" when he says that as long as someone can accept him he isn't afraid of anything. He also tells you that they're going to start selling his dolls at the textile shop because they've become quite popular, and then buggers off to buy more doll-making supplies. At night, go work on your new model for points towards Diligence. This may get some of you to r4 Diligence.

Sunday, September 4

Key events: Death r4

Head to the riverbed and talk to Hisano. Seems today was the monthly anniversary (as opposed to yearly anniversary) of her husband's death (tsuki generally means moon but the kanji is 月, which also means "month"). She claims that Death can be an ally for those who wish to die, and that we tell ourselves that we couldn't do anything to prevent their deaths. She asks if you know what she's hinting at. As usual, your response doesn't matter, but she'll clue you in soon enough. In fact, she's just about to blurt it out, before stopping herself and going home. At night it's time for cooking~ Oh hey, something I actually know how to make IRL: kinpira gobo. Will wonders never cease~ Man, I don't even need to save file magic cheat for this one. Choose to add soy sauce and mirin.

Monday, September 5

Key events: Magician r10 (MAX)

The answer to Weirdo Puppetface's question is "Sardine" for points towards Knowledge. ... what I want to know is what kind of crazy person wants to write poems about sardines anyway. Gross. At lunch, choose to share your food with Rise. After school go hang out with Yosuke. Since this is the first S. Link we're maxing, I just want to give you a little heads up. Basically when you are doing any r10 S. Link none of your answers matter, so for all r10's just answer whatever you want. I will let you know which answers are reversals or which ones lead to relationships, but otherwise I won't be telling you what to pick. He brings you to the riverbed, and tells you that he was jealous of you because even though you both came to this middle-of-nowhere place from the city, you weren't alike at all. This caused Yosuke to be conflicted about his feelings towards you. But but Wingmaaaaaan, we couldn't've done any of that stuff without you! No, seriously, why else do you think I kicked Chie out of my party. ^<__<^;; He says that he just wanted you to value him so... wait, what? Wh... why would I hit you?! Yosukeeeee, when people say "I'm gonna beat some sense into you" that's just an excuse to be jerks what are you even doiiiiiiing. He seems to think that if you hit him then you two will be equals. ... which makes no sense. Well, no matter which answer you choose, you MAKE it make sense by deciding that to be equals you have to punch eachother. Well... I guess that makes sense... ow my face. ^x__x^;; Hey, don't complain about my punches when this was your idea! Yeahno, I don't want getting punched in the face to be a regular part of my day kthx. If Saki really is watching you two idiots she's only smiling because she's laughing at how stupid you two are. Either way, Yosuke decides that he's going to live every day like it's an important day because Saki will never get to experience those days. He gives you the Buddy's Bandage as a symbol of your eternal friendship, and his Persona evolves into the more powerful Susano-o. ... I don't know which one was more ridiculous-looking, the disco-dancing Elvis-impersonating frog, or whatever the cheesecakes this thing is supposed to be. A hoola-hoop'ing 80's aerobics instructor...? Anyway, now that you've maxed the Magician S. Link you can (theoretically) fuse Mada the Intoxicator, which is the "ultimate" form of the Priestess Arcana. What do I mean by "theoretically"? Well, this thing is lv 78 and most of the "ultimates" are lv 90 so you won't actually be able to fuse them for awhile. Back at home go work on your model some more.

Tuesday, September 6

Key events: Sun r7, Expression r5, Hierophant hangout

After school go find your Sun friend. This should get all of you to Expression rank 5 today. If not, we'll get there soon enough.

Oh crap, today's the performance. We haven't been to band practise in FOREVER. It's like that DREAM I keep having where I show up to class after not having been to class the entire semester and today's the day of the FINAL. *ahem* Anyway. Ayane is nervous, but she's determined to give it her best. Suddenly... that GUY shows up. You know, that guy that Ayane was forced to replace, which is why she's even in the performance in the first place? Wait, what? He's taking over? But he hasn't even been here this entire time! Like us! But we're not trying to steal Ayane's spot and he totally is and she worked so hard you guuuuuuuuys. What's he cranky for. It's not our fault he busted his arm. HEY, NOBODY ASKED YOU BLONDIE, SIT DOWN. Choose to stick up for Ayane for points towards Expression. STOP MOCKING US BLONDIE I'LL EAT YOUR FACE. ^>__<^;; Well, despite your stirring speech, Ayane decides to let Busted Arm Boy take over. After everyone leaves, Ayane says she probably looks stupid. Well you do ^<__<^;; YOU WORKED SO HARD why j00 do diz ^T__T^ Aw, don't cry I'm sorry I yelled at you ^.__.^;; Choose to hold her, and she apologises. She bemoans the death of her dream, and then gets angry about it. This doesn't last very long though, and she quickly goes back to going over how much she practised for this performance. Ayane realises that she's changed a little, because of you.

Yumi tells you to go to practise by yourself. After practise you head for the hospital to find Yumi. Seems she's decided to take care of her dad and is feeding him. Well, that's a 180 if I've ever seen one. ^<__<^;; She says that he's refusing to take his meds so that he'll be awake when she and her mum come to visit. Tell her he's a kind father (even though we totally don't agree with that). Yumi reminisces about her childhood, then gets upset that now that she's finally been reunited with him he's just going to die. She admits to you that she's afraid to be alone in her father's hospital room, just waiting for him to die at any moment. She thanks you for coming by, then decides she's going to stay at the hospital.

Back at home hang out with Dojima.

Wednesday, September 7

Key events: Moon r7

The next morning, Kanji's super-excited about the trip for some reason, whereas Yosuke couldn't care less. Well I guess if you were born and raised in the middle of nowhere and have never been anywhere else I suppose going to another city could be pretty exciting. Yosuke... he's worried about how many boxes of animal crackers to bring in case SOMEONE *cough cough* decides to steal them again. Oh Kanji, don't you know that's how the media always is. People always want to blame SOMETHING, ANYTHING when someone murders someone else, even if it's some stupid thing like "They liked to play video games" or "They play table-top role-playing games" or "His parents were (whatever race/political party/religion/whatever)." People don't like to believe that murderers are exactly like everybody else because that means their neighbour/friend/family member could one day kill someone. Suddenly, Hat Chick shows up out of nowhere, and Kanji practically leaves a cloud of dust behind as he runs away. ... oh my god you guys chillax, we are not an iPhone store on new iPhone launch day, stop making a line in front of us. (seriously, one of my saves had five people lining up) ^@__@^;;

After the endless parade of people requiring your attention, go find Ai by the shoe lockers. The first paragraph is for those who aren't in a relationship with Ai. Apparently we are cats now cause not only are we on the roof, we're on top of the water tower on top of the roof. Your answers for this rank don't matter. She apologises for making you spend so much time wiith her. Apparently this is just the tip of the iceberg that is the new leaf Ai is turning over. She says that ever since the last time you two talked she's done a lot of soul-searching about why she acts the way she does. Ai says she always thought that it was better to be dead than ugly because people hate ugly people, but maybe that's not how the world really is. (also, the "You have a crush on me" option is not a relationship initiator, just fyi) While soul-searching she started thinking about you, then says that your relationship is special, beyond friendship or crushes or anything like that.

For those of you in a relationship with Ai, she takes you to Croco Fur (of course...). She asks you to pick out an outfit for her. Choose "cute clothes," and the obnoxious saleslady from that one time comes over, being all nosy again. When Ai says you two are really close, answer "Yep." Ah... what? You want to buy everything? Ai... how big is your closet... Maybe she's like my mum, taking over the hallway closets, the closets in the guest bedrooms, clothes all over the beds in the guest bedrooms, and then putting up two of those clothing racks in the maid's room too. CLOTHES EVERYWHAR. HOUSES ARE JUST ONE BIG CLOSET. ... oh I see. She bought everything so we would have to carry it all. That's nice. I guess it's a good thing we did all that training with Chie, huh. ^=__=^;; She then asks you if you think she's pretty. So... you literally cannot answer anything else other than "Of course you are." I'm not kidding. The game will keep asking you if you choose either of the other two options, so save yourself from a time loop and just tell her she is. Ai claims it's good to be dating, and then decides to go home.

Back home eat the boring watermelon to make it go away.

Wednesday, September 7

... Yosuke, why would you think that a school in the middle of nowhere could ever beat a city school in size? Uh, Chie, I think he did hear you. I guess she really doesn't have any upbringing, huh. What's this guy even talking about? Cultural exchange? It's a school like a few hours away, IN THE SAME COUNTRY. Hey look, it's Daisuke's cousin! Well, at least I think she is. I mean, they both apparently have some sort of eternal heart attack going on. So I'm just gonna mention real quick that pretty much everyone you'll meet at this school is in Persona 3. Anyway. Er... what's so unbelievable about her, Yosuke. ^O__o^;; I guess he and Kanji have a thing for nerds with heart conditions, I dunno. Chie, a box full of hair could beat you in every category. Well, except maybe being a scatterbrained idiot since apparently she forgot to hand out the schedule to everyone before they all wandered off. I guess both she and Chie are equally unreliable! Hey Girlyface, if it's your job go hunt them down and give them the paper yourself! Sheesh. We're guests here! What's your problem~ Oh I see, you never do your own job. GotCHA. ^<__<^;; Yosuke... you already knew you were touring a school. Did you think they were just gonna spend the entire day being like "Look at the trees in our front courtyard, they were planted like 40 years ago. And these are our walls, they have been exactly the same since the school was first built" or something? Kanji what the cheesecakes... what do casinos have to do with Jewish interpretations of how life and the universe work.

Oh man I am so glad I am not in this class IRL. One sentence in and my brain already wants to leak out my ears and run away screaming. Well I guess we're not learning about life and the universe today. Stick to the lecture schedule! *throws rocks at him* Instead, Mr. I-Forget-How-Eyelids-Work decides to tell you about the Japan creation myth. He says Izanagi and Izanami created Japan... wait wait wait... why does "Izanagi" sound familiar? Isn't that our original Persona from like forever ago...? Anyway, so apparently once upon a million years ago they loved eachother very much and as couples do when they love eachother very very much a baby grew inside her tummy and then she DIED. (... aren't you glad I don't have kids lolcat. They would never ask me to explain anything ever again) So Izanagi got pissed and decided to invade the underworld to bring Izanami back. She told him she had to negotiate her release but that she would only do it if he waited in the dark. Since apparently Izanagi doesn't understand promises he was like "fuck it" and made a light and saw that oh hey someone who is dead is now rotting, how unexpected! Since his baby momma was ugly now he decided he needed to upgrade and left her there. Since women don't particularly enjoy being tossed away like garbage just because they got ugly, she chased after him, but he blocked the entrance to the underworld with a giant rock. She cursed him by saying "Even though I can't move a rock out of my way, somehow I'm going to murder a bunch of people in the living world every day!" Er... I guess the moral of the story is that the overpopulation of Japan is because some jackass couldn't bring himself to love his wife just cause she became ugly? *kicks the Izanagi Persona card* Stop being a douche, card!

Later that night... uhhhhhhh... where the fuck are we?! KASHIWAGI WHY DID YOU BOOK A LOVE HOTEL FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS?! (for those of you who don't know, a love hotel is basically a hotel specifically for fucking. Like, if you want to bang your boyfriend without anyone knowing, or you want to have an affair discreetly, or if you're one of those high schoolers those bitches in Yosuke's S. Link were talking about... you know, the ones that make "easy money"...? Basically high schoolers getting paid for their time, with or without sex. The American version of "The Grudge 2" had one of these in it, if anyone's seen that) Like... I don't understand how she didn't lose her damn job over this... maybe in Japan they don't care? I dunno. What do you mean you don't want to know, Yosuke? This is like your wildest wet dream come true, isn't it? Meh? Who's there and why do you sound like a weirdo?? Oh I see, cause it's Teddie and he totally is a weirdo. Surrounded by cats. LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! IT'S A BIRD! IT'S A PLANE! No... it's...! PANCAKE TEDDIE! Yes Chie, his special ability is boarding a train. Oh I see, this is all Chie's fault. Why am I not surprised. Teddie! Chie is Kou's crush! Even if it's a result of brain damage from too many soccer balls to the head, not cool making the moves on the crush of our friend, man. Shopping vs a factory tour...? I think I prefer the factory. Blech. Ugggh, Teddie, your bitching has summoned Kashiwagi, why j00 do diz?! Oh hey, can we just tell Kashiwagi that Teddie is a present for her and make him sleep in her room? Uuuugggghhh why does everything she say have to sound so creepy... I think I prefer hanging out with Sayoko to dealing with Kashiwagi. OK, like, I know that spinning beds are apparently a THING in love hotels but do not ask me why because I have no idea. Wouldn't you just get dizzy while trying to have sex...? I don't get it. Never seen one in person, and I have zero intention of ever seeing one. Not a fan of waterbeds either. What? How does a plushie need to... I don't... aaaahhh I don't want to think about anything anymore.

The next day... man, what kind of lame-ass nightclub is this that there are only like five people in the entire place? I thought you said you knew a "great" place, Rise. Uh, what's Hat Chick doing here? HEY, YOU'RE A HIGH SCHOOLER TOO YOU HYPOCRITE. Don't make me punt you into next week again. Stop dodging the question! Wait, agh Yukiko why are you asking him to hang out with us this guy is annoyiiiiiiiiiing. He's a condescending little prick! Maybe she really does have a thing for younger guys. No one is insisting, stop acting like you're doing us a favour by hanging out with us. Rise why are you even bothering to reserve anything if there's NO ONE HERE. And why are we all wearing our uniforms to a club? And what the heck is Kanji doing? So many questions, so little answers. Is... is Teddie drunk? What, Yukiko too? You guys really suck at holding your liquor man. The fuck kind of face is that, Rise?! Wait, no alcohol? The fuck is wrong with you people? (no seriously, I have no idea why any of this is happening since it is actually 100% not alcohol. I know I'm supposed to know everything about this game but I have no idea what's up with this scene at all) Rise what are you even talking abouuuuuut. I'm old enough to be your mum and I have no idea what you're talking about. Yukiko I thought you were supposed to be the sweet naive one, how do you know about this nonsense. Anyway, your first choice doesn't actually matter, but I'll tell you what happens in both.

If you chose the far one turns out you have to smooch Teddie. Noooooo, run awaaaaaay... Teddie, making us poems does not make this somehow magically better. ... aaaaaand then he tackles Kanji. Maybe the special lenses in his eyes didn't transfer over when he grew himself a body...?

If you chose the near one Kanji has to smooch Teddie. Well, he did keep wanting to feel his fur... tacklepouncesmooch I suppose. Is that a thing? I guess it's a thing now.

Either way, Kanji gets smooched. Can... can I just burn all the sticks? *shuffles through Persona deck looking for one with Agidyne* BLACK FROST PLEASE SAVE ME. ... aweh, Personas don't work in the real woooooorld. Anyway, whichever one you choose you end up being King ... I love how through all of this nonsense Naoto is just sitting there 100% silent about everything. Him keeping his mouth shut aaaalmost makes me want this game to be a regular thing, so we never have to listen to his condescending bullshit ever again~ Almost. Er, Rise, how is hugging "extreme"? We hugged Yosuke just the other day! Well, if powerwalking is a thing, I guess extreme hugging can be a thing too, I dunno. Er... can one of the things we choose be for Rise to stop making that face. It's super weird... anyway, we REALLY need points with Rise so choose #1. I'll tell you what the other ones do too so you won't miss out.

Obviously choosing #1 gets you Rise resting her head in your lap. What kind of weird walk was that, Rise... whyyyyyyy would our lap be warm, I think that's just your lush-face Rise.

If you choose #2 Chie sits on your lap. Uggghhh why. Get off me. Chie's sitting like as if we're a mall Santa Claus at Christmas.

If you choose #3 Yukiko has to hug you. Er. I... I guess we get two things? Sitting in our lap and a hug? And we're all like, <_________< can this stop now. lolcat. Our character is like, maybe if I look in the most opposite direction possible I can pretend this isn't happening (which is weird cause she's the cutest girl there but OK).

If you choose #4 you have to give Yosuke a piggyback ride. Chillax, Yosuke, you could've gotten something weird like sitting on our lap or putting your head in our lap. ... Yosuke, what were you bitching about, you are obviously enjoying this waaaaaay too much. What is your obsession with weirdo aerobics anyway?? Stop that before we drop you. ^<__<^;;

After all of this nonsense, Yukiko starts declaring herself the Queen (I think her castle finally got to her head) and breaking every single rule in this game (if there even were any legit rules in the first place, anyway). Oh, welcome back, Kanji and Teddie, what the cheesecakes were you doing this entire time? You know what, I don't want to know. Yeah, that doesn't sound like a "more extreme order" but whatevs. I guess Yukiko overheard what I said about Naoto not doing anything, cause she decides he needs to tell everyone his most embarrassing secret. Yukiko, he's not a Pokemon. Well, it seems Naoto doesn't care that she's breaking all the rules cause he's doing it too. He's pretending nothing embarrassing has ever happened to him in his entire life. Buuuuullshiiiiiiit. I can name like three embarrassing things that happened to me just this semester. One time I almost fell on my face getting off the campus shuttle bus because there's a part of the curb that slants, the shuttle bus is very tall, and I'm a 5'3" girl in 5" heels so it's quite a drop. Then one time on one of the days that I have to take both lunch and dinner to campus cause I leave my house at 8:45am and get home at like 7pm I left both lunch and dinner at home so during my last class my stomach was like GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOWL really really loud. ^<__<^; Oh and then there was the time that I had an exam and I didn't take my bag cause I spent the entire day at home so all I really needed to take was a pencil and a calculator, and I FORGOT MY DAMN CALCULATOR so I had to run back to my car, drive home, run inside, acquire my calculator, and then drive back to uni. See? Three things just this semester. Stop pretending you're so goddamn perfect, Naoto. I still have my punting boots on. Nice that he broke the rules after getting us to agree to reveal something to him though. Jerk. No, your life is boring and pretentious, please go back to being quiet forever. He starts telling you about his family legacy of being detectives, but since cops these days are knowledgeable in science and medicine he feels he needs to study more. Er, well, maybe that explains why he came to Inaba. I mean, the cops here believe in sewer gators and live in shopping malls. ^<__<^;; Yukiko what the hell are you on about crazyface. Someone go put Girly to bed already. Er... I meant Yukiko, Rise, but you've been a crazyface too so I'll take what I can get. No! You didn't give us a straight answer about embarrassing stuff, so you don't get one either! Oh goddammit Yukiko. At least it all sounds so preposterous that Naoto doesn't believe you at all. Naoto, stop getting all pissy when you did the same damn thing. Just cause I call you Hat Chick doesn't mean you gotta act like one. And then he makes my favourite Naoto face cause he looks absolutely ridiculous making it~ See, I told you it wasn't alcohol so I have no bloody clue what's wrong with those three. Well Kanji, they're asleep, so we can just say they were so tired they fell asleep. Haaaaaa, he's still making that faaaaaace, you look so stuuuuuupiiiiiiid. If you keep making that face I might not punt you anymore.

The next day, everyone's at a ramen place, minus Naoto the Cranky Frog-Face. Aw man, I want ramen now. I don't think we even have ramen noodles in the house though... and I don't have any ramen eggs made... baw. You guuuuuuuys, shaaaaaaare. Wait, how does Teddie eat through the bear suit? I mean... now that he's got a body it's just a suit, right? Or... look, I don't know anything anymore. Oh dammit, Naoto is totally there. Textboooooox, go back to obscuring him from my vision please~ Yukiko... does "interesting" mean "it actually tastes good, unlike the crap I make"? Yosuke, she just said she used to come here all the time, and that was before her hiatus. ^O__o^ Yukiko, did you eat your ramen, bowl and all? Oh I see, Teddie pilfered it. If it were mine, I would've just eaten HIM. See, he says he doesn't know how to count! But he counts in dungeons! Whaaaaaaaaaat. How does he even fit ten bowls of food (plus Yukiko's too I guess) inside his stomach?? Yukiko, just take the one he just ordered. Oh I see, we brought Naoto along just to have someone to kill the party in time to get us back to the meeting place to go home. Yaaaaay, he's actually useful for something~ Choose to buy the lamp fpr Nanako. Uh, Teddie? Are you pretending to be a plushie again for reasons? Oh I see, he's just in a food coma. Oh Teddie, don't you know we're filing all of that under "Not my problem~"?

Back at home, when Nanako asks you how your trip was, answer either "It was great" or "Come with me next time." Look, I don't know why a small child would prefer a lamp over sweets and yet that is, in fact, the one she likes best. No dad, we totally stole it ^<__<^;; Uggghhh daaaad don't remind me about that prick. Daaaaaaad stop telling us who we should and shouldn't be friends wiiiiith.

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