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Sunday, September 11

Key events: Death r5, Hierophant Hangout

Go hang out with Hisano. She wonders why you keep coming to talk to her. She then decides she wants to listen to you talk for once. Even if you talk about the murders, she still says she wishes she could listen to your stories forever. However, she then says she doesn't want to see you anymore. No, I didn't lie to you before. This isn't a reversal, that's just how this S. Link goes. Don't worry though~ I've got your back, mates~ Regardless of your answer, she says that you just remind her too much of her dead husband. She thanks you, and then tells you goodbye and leaves. Back at home, hang out with Dojima cause for whatever reason he's refusing to rank up recently~

Monday, September 12

Key events: Priestess r10 (MAX)

Go find Yukiko on the first floor as usual. OK, this first paragraph is for those of you in a relationship with Yukiko. The paragraph after that is for those of you who are just friends with her. Ah... our room? Um... OK... She says this is the first time she's ever been to a guy's room. Er, Yukiko, it's a room, not a public bathroom. There aren't, like, different beds or couches or something for men and women. She also tells you that she loves you.

She takes you to Eri's favourite spot for neglecting Yuuta. Oh no, more food tasting? Wait, what? Delicious...? *gives the game the eye* Huh. I guess her cooking practise finally paid off. But... why couldn't this have happened BEFORE the omelette fiasco... ^T__T^ Oh right, hers was the best one of the three girls anyway. So I guess it wouldn't have helped much. Ohhhhhhh. The head chef made it. Well, just cause it wasn't perfectly made by her doesn't mean it's not an improvement. She calls you her irreplaceable friend and that nothing will ever change that.

Yukiko tells you that she's still studying for job licenses, but not because she wants to leave. She just wants to be more self-sufficient, while still having the support of those around her. Now that she's realised this, her Persona evolves into the more powerful Amaterasu. She then gives you a Shrine Charm as a token of your eternal bond. Now that you've maxed the Priestess S. Link you can (theoretically) fuse Scathach the Mentor, which is the "ultimate" form of the Priestess Arcana.

Back at home, a news report about the murders comes on. They decide to interview Naoto, who is basically like "Yeah, the local cops are stupid for closing this case. Obviously, Mr. Morooka's case is a copycat~" I mean, there's being blunt, and then there's being an asshole who's also commiting professional suicide. Dojima, I think you can stop worrying now~ Pretty sure he'll be kicked off the case for good after this stunt. ^<__<^;;

Tuesday, September 13

Key events: Chariot r10 (MAX)

The next morning, everyone's talking about Naoto's television debut. Well, speak of the tiny, oddly-dressed devil. Hat Chick, we have to get to class! Can't we at least do a walk and talk? No? You're just rolling with this "Hat *Chick*" business aren't you. I'm not going to stop calling you Hat Chick just cause you're acting like a chick. Reverse psychology doesn't work on me~ He starts telling you his theory on the murders: 1) Everyone was kidnapped before they were murdered (kinda duh, but what he means is, they disappeared for several days first, and then they were murdered), 2) everyone was in the Inaba area and on TV prior to being kidnapped, and 3) that many of your group of friends also fit those two parametres (minus the being murdered part, obviously). He says at one point he thought one of your group was the murderer, but no longer thinks so. Instead, Naoto now thinks you're the only ones who can stop the crazy telly-murdering lunatic. He then goes on to point out everything that makes King Moron's murder different: He was never on the telly, he was never kidnapped, and, unlike the other victims, he was very obviously murdered via blunt force trauma to the head. ... occipital? Wow, Mitsuo didn't even have the balls to face Morooka properly. Apparently he just snuck up behind King Moron and bashed him to death in the back of the head. King Moron probably literally didn't even know what hit him before he was dead. Naoto then says something cryptic and buggers off in the opposite direction of school.

Go find Chie on the roof. As with Yukiko, this first paragraph is for those of you in a relationship with Chie. Those of you who are just friends with her, skip to the next paragraph. What? More viewing of my room? Why does everyone want to see our room? Yosuke, Yukiko, Daisuke, Kou, Chie... everyone wants to see our room! C'mon guys, where's your sense of personal boundaries~? Regardless of the weirdness of this new fad, we take Chie to our room. ... I guess her room is a pigsty? Ew. She then says that she wanted to tell you something in private. Well Chie, I still don't know what your good points are either. I guess she wants our help finding her good points. She then tells you she loves you. And calls you an idiot, no matter which answers you pick. ^=__=^;;

Time for more training I guess. All the better to carry Ai's shopping bags ^=__=^;; Chie says she still doesn't know what her good points are, but that she's going to fight by your side til the end. She also says that, no matter how far away you are, she'll still call you a true friend. Chie then decides we need to celebrate her new Persona with MEAT.

Chie gives you a pair of wristbands that match hers. She realises that she wasn't meant to become stronger just for herself, but in order to protect those around her. This realisation awakens her Persona's true power, and it evolves into Suzuka Gongen. Now that you've maxed the Chariot S. Link you can (theoretically) fuse Futsunushi the Divine Sword, which is the "ultimate" form of the Chariot Arcana.

Back at home work on your model.

Wednesday, September 14

Here we go, Understanding and Diligence at Aiya again~ Back at home eat the weird mushroom for points towards Courage. If you don't have Courage r5 by now I don't even understand what you're doing ^@__@^;; Up in your room... uuuggghhh, really? So that little prick was right? I mean, yeah, it was obvious this wasn't over, I just don't want him to have more things to feel smug about. ^=__=^;; Yosuke calls you immediately and wonders what's going on. Wait wait wait... wait. Wait. Wasn't Naoto on TV like two days ago? Well, regardless, we'll have to wait til tomorrow to figure it out.

Thursday, September 15

After school everyone invades your classroom. I guess since it's pouring outside, this is now our backup headquarters...? Kaaaaaanjiiiiii why are you never payin any tenshunzzzzzz?? Yosukeeeeee, stop distracting from the real issueeeeee. Why do you keep trying to get Kanji to beat you up anyway. Weirdo. Aaaaaand since Yosuke's an asshole, Kanji leaves and we come to absolutely zero conclusions about what's going on. ^=__=^;; Yukiko... YOU'RE weird. How does gossip == fear. I don't even...

Later that night there's nothing to do except check the Midnight Channel, so have at it. Suddenly, some weird image appears, and then Naoto shows up in a really huge labcoat. Dude, what is with you and oversized clothing? Large silly hats, large silly labcoats... Wh... what does body alteration have to do with genomes? Naoto, have you been slacking on those medical studies you said detectives these days need to have knowledge of? Look, I know it's his Shadow, but I mean, if his Shadow comes from him then they have the same knowledge, yeah? Learn some genetics, kid. *buries him in like five different genetics textbooks* *bring bring* Yosuke's calling aga-- er, Kanji? How'd you get our number, and what've you done with Yosuke?? Kanji's freaking out. I guess we're having another meeting tomorrow.

Friday, September 16

Key events: Hanged Man r4, Justice r6

Oh hey, we got our regular HQ back. Yukiko comes to the conclusion that Naoto purposefully went on the telly so that he'd be sure to be kidnapped. It's not your fault, Rise... he was being a jerk. Kanji snaps and pwns the table. Guys... Naoto like literally spelled this all out to you guys the other day. Stop being so slow~ Chie, we've been over this too. Mitsuo just wants to be famous. That's why he killed King Moron in the first place. If he takes credit for all of the other murders too, he'll be even more famous. Some people just want to be famous~ like the case of those two idiot high schoolers who murdered their friend and videotaped it because they wanted to be famous. Chie, Kanji gives zero shits about whatever else has been bothering you. We all head inside the telly to try to find him, but since we literally know nothing about him besides "he's a detective and he's annoying" we're gonna have to go play detective ourselves again. Woah, Chie actually had a logical thought?! Well, let's go talk to everyone in the universe again... First, head to school and go left. If you're like me and constantly talk to all of the NPCs you'd know that this chick on your left halfway down the hallway is like the Gossip Queen. She tells you some girl in the Practise Building saw something weird about Naoto. ... weird? O...K... well, head to the Practise Building. She's the chick that's right in front of you when you load. She says Naoto got really pissed at some cop. Head to the shopping district, north side (yeah, I know Adachi is on the south side but that's not the cop she was talking about). All the way at the end, near Naoki's family's store, is a cop. Talk to him and he basically tells you to GTFO. Go to the riverbed (where Hisano usually hangs out) and talk to Chie, who suggests telling the cops that we're Naoto's friends and that we're worried since he's not been coming to class. Go back to the shopping district and talk to the same cop again, who says Naoto's not been at the station lately either. He says this is weird because Naoto's been super-obsessed with the case. I... guess this isn't enough info yet. Well, the other cop we need to talk to doesn't exist today, so we'll have to continue playing detective tomorrow. Now that we've maxed out a few S. Links, go to the Velvet Room and switch out your Magician, Priestess, or Chariot Persona for a Hanged Man Persona (I don't care which one you drop).

Go hang out with Naoki. He attempts to take you to Aiya, but along the way some bitchy housewife stops him and bitches him out for not spending all of his time at the store. YOUR attitude isn't very nice, bitch. Like, what about you? You're a housewife. Shouldn't you be AT HOME? Doing HOUSEWIFE THINGS? Why do you get to wander around~? Won't your husband and children be worried or whatever blah blah blah~? Choose to either talk back to the annoying bitch or flatter her (super distraction powers are GO) and the annoying creature finally leaves. Naoki apologises for the cloud of awkward that follows him around. Tell him it's not his fault. He tells you that since his family runs a store he can't mouth off to obnoxious people like that or the store will lose business. He thanks you, and then since obnoxious bitches kill appetites he decides to just go home.

Now that we finally have enough expression to talk to a six-year old, we can figure out what's up with Nanako. Swear that you won't tell her father about... whatever it is that's about to make her cry, and she hands you a piece of paper. ... parent-teacher conferences? DOJIMA, YOUR UNRELIABILITY IS MAKING YOUR DAUGHTER HAVE PANIC ATTACKS. Why are you so awful~? Choose either "He'll come" or "I'll ask him with you" and she decides to give it to him after all. She then asks you if you had parent-teacher conferences too.

Saturday, September 17

Key events: Temperance Hangout

The pointless answer to Ms. Sofue's question is "To make profit from spices" for pointless points towards pointless Knowledge. After school return to the shopping district and talk to the cop across from the gas station. Seems the cop thinks that Naoto's skipping school to investigate the murders. He also mentions that the entire department (including himself, apparently) treats Naoto like a kid. So... to recap (for reasons), we've learned Naoto's got an obsession with the case and that the police consider him a child. Well, we're done investigating. Go work at the daycare, then back home work on your model some more.

Sunday, September 18

Key events: Death r6

Go to the riverbed and talk to Hisano. Seeeeeee, I told you everything would be fine. Why j00 doubt me? She says that part of her was hoping you'd still come, although another part of her thought you'd given up on her. She wonders if a man could ever understand this wishy-washy behaviour. Hisano then tells you that, since she and her husband only saw eachother once a year before they got married, they would write letters to eachother all of the time. She says those letters made her so happy... but that somehow she's managed to misplace them. Despite claiming she doesn't really need them anymore, she looks really sad about losing them. Back at home, work on your model some more.

Monday, September 19

Key events: Temperance r6, Justice Hangout

First things first. Enter Daidara's store and, instead of buying or selling anything, choose "Talk." If you've never actually talked to him before you'll have to sit through his spiel about how he's an artist, blah blah blah. After all of that, talk to him again to learn that he just bought some stuff from an estate sale run by a lady who recently lost her husband. Well, that sounds familiar, especially since the next thing he tells you is that he found a bunch of love letters amoungst the antiques. He then gives you the letters. After that, go work at the daycare. ... Yuuta, why are you making things up. Just admit you don't watch the show. Maybe if you asked the other kids to tell you about the show you could make some friends or something? I dunno. Eri didn't even bother to show up today, so I guess we've gotta walk him home again. Poor kid. Yuuta admits to you that he's never watched the show. Your first three answers don't matter. Turns out that he's never watched it cause Eri's always watching telly, and he's afraid that if he asks to watch it she'll hate him. Eri comes running up, all out of breath, and tries to make up for it by telling Yuuta she'll buy him anything he wants. Eri... don't give children swords, what is wrong with you. When she says she doesn't know what a child would want, tell her Yuuta wants Featherman R. She decides she'll buy him a Featherman R toy and thanks you for helping her. Back at home hang out with Nanako.

Tuesday, September 20

Key events: Quest 31: Extracurricular Activities Part 2, Quest 24: Acquire an Eternal Lamp, Quest 28: Carbon Copy Part 2, Quest 29: Experiments in Telepathy, Hanged Man r5, Justice Hangout

The answer to Krazy Kondo's ...Kw..estion... OK that was stupid. Sorry. ^<__<^;; Anyway, the answer is "Centenarians" if you really care about pointless Knowledge points~ Uuuggghhh guys so the reason why we haven't gone to rescue Naoto yet even though there was totally a Happy Fox Day on like Sunday or whatever is because today is the first day all of the Void quests are available and who really wants to have to go back to that dungeon like two more times instead of just once amirite. Anyway. Head out into the hallway and grab Ms. Sofue's quest. This time she wants something to make a pendulum with. Go to the river next and talk to the guy right in front of you. He says he loves taking nightly strolls along the river but doing so in the dark is dangerous, so he'd like a lamp that would never go out. Now go down to the riverbed and talk to the twin again. Turns out she's having more mismatching problems and now requires a Leaf Pochette in order to match her sister. ... the heck is a pochette anyway. Oh I see. It's like some sort of tiny purse-thing. Thanks, Google. ^<__<^;; *files that under "Things I Don't Need to Know Part 27"* Go find the other twin in front of the bookstore. Apparently she's interested in telepathy for some reason, and seems to think that twins can do it. She wants you to ask her twin what snack she likes. Return to the riverbed. It actually doesn't matter what you tell her, so pick whatever, then return to the bookstore twin. She's not discouraged by her experiment's failure and says she'll just have to try harder next time. She also gives you five Dokudami Tea.

Go hang out with Naoki, who says he's got something to ask you. He takes you to eat at Aiya again. He informs you that he's thinking about quitting school. He says he's not doing it cause he wants to, or even because he wants to take over the store, but apparently that nosy bitch from last time got him thinking that maybe he needs to step up more to help his family out. Tell him that it's a good idea. Naoki says that he knows that Junes is going to run his family's store out of business and that before it didn't really matter because, since it wasn't like a long-time family business he figured that the store would close when his father retired, but now he feels like he has to at least try to keep the store open. Your next answer doesn't matter. He then says he'll talk to his parents about it, and that they'll probably be happy cause that will mean he's being productive. Back at home go hang out with Nanako again. I guess being stubborn about ranking up runs in the family. ^=__=^;;

Wednesday, September 21

Key events: Moon r8, Justice r7

When Ai asks you at lunch, go ahead and agree to hang out with her. This first paragraph is for those not in a relationship with her. If you're in a relationship with Ai, skip to the next paragraph. She takes you up onto the roof again and tells you that she talked to Kou/Daisuke the other day. Seems she's already over him. Seeeeee, I told you it was nothing to fling yourself off of a roof over, Girlyface. Answer "Happens all the time" or "You can be so cruel" (I know it sounds like a reversal from a prior rank but she actually thinks it's funny this time). She then starts talking like Rise, about how she lost the "real" Ai. Bulldogs are hilariously adorable as puppies though~ Plus, German Shepherds shed like crazy. ^<__<^;; Also, who doesn't like daifuku?? I have some right now! Ai tells you that she's getting back in touch with who she really is, and that she's happy.

For those of you dating Ai, she decides to drag you out shopping again. On your way out of school though, she stops you and demands to know if you love her. This is another forced answer, so just save yourself the time loop and answer "Of course..." She then demands to know if you need her. Another time loop~ so just answer "Naturally..." This seems to satisfy her. As you're about to leave, Kou, Daisuke, and some other dudes show up. The extras quickly bugger off... er, Kou, what are you talking about. Of course we care? Daisuke, I love how much of a blunt object you are. Seriously, never change. Well, except maybe the heart attack thing. That can change. Er...? Suddenly Ai blurts out that we're not dating. Then why you make me answer all of these time loop questions, Girlyface?! Kou buggers off to escape the awkward, and Daisuke follows cause he's oblivious. Ai apologises, then decides to bail on the shopping trip. YAAAAAY, SAVED FROM SHOPPING BY THE AWKWARD!

Back at home, go hang out with Nanako. I guess the dreaded "Let's ask dad about conferences" day has arrived. Aaaaaaaand as usual, Dojima is being his crankypants self. Nanako takes his attitude to mean he doesn't want to come to the conference. And now all of the stuff that's been building up inside her this whole time comes pouring out. Work is more important, bad guys are more important, everything else in the entire multiverse is more important to him than she is. Nanako then tells him he's not her real father and runs off. Er... actually, she ran out of the house. By herself. In the middle of the night. Gah! Let's go look for her! (no really, answer this) Dojima decides to head to Nanako's favourite place, Junes, and sends you to the shopping district. Seems she hasn't gone on an impromptu shopping spree at the closed-down model shop (why are we even here?? When has Nanako ever wanted to go to the shopping district?). Yosuke, Chie, and Yukiko show up out of nowhere. Seems Dojima grew a brain and called them in as reinforcements. Yosuke, having a bigger brain than Dojima, asks you where Nanako is likely to have gone. This prompts you to remember how she told you that when her mum was still alive they'd all go to the river together as a family. You decide to head straight there while the others continue to look elsewhere. As you're looking around the riverbank, Dojima comes running up. He suddenly spots her hanging out in Eri's favourite neglecting-Yuuta spot, but instead of going up to her he dumps everything on you. Seems he's all butthurt over what she said. Hey, Dojima, she's SIX. You're like FORTY. Maybe instead of sulking you should try to, I don't know, FIX THE PROBLEM. *SIGH* Your next answer doesn't matter, and Dojima wanders off. Tell Nanako "Let's go home" and she seems surprised that Dojima even bothered to look for her. She then asks you if he mentioned the river at all. She wonders if he's forgotten all about her mum, and then wishes she could see her again. Nanako is 100% convinced that Dojima has not only forgotten about Chihiro but that he's erased any evidence of her existence from their home. She then wonders if he's going to throw her away too. Your last answer doesn't matter.

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