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Thursday, September 22

Key events: Secret Base, Empress r8, Empress r9

Happy Fox Day to you, Happy Fox Day to you~ No, seriously, it's Happy Fox Day so you know what that means. Go call your friends to the food court and enter the telly. (We have no time for your drama or lack thereof today, Ai!) Talk to Rise and she uses the info you've gathered to... um. Well this place doesn't look sketchy at all! ^<__<^;; The barbed wire fencing really adds to the, um, atmosphere. ^o__o^;; Featherman...? Wasn't one of the kids at daycare mocking Yuuta cause he didn't know about Featherman? Chie... please stop talking. We're here to rescue Naoto, not listen to your insipid gibberish. Thanks for being the voice of reason, Yosuke. Let's get going! Don't forget to choose your party. Like, seriously, I always forget this, and then I'm running around the first floor of a dungeon BY MYSELF AAAAHHH. Anyway, as you know, we've got quests to do, so head back to the entrance. Man, so, like, I totally tried to get all of your potential party members to r10 before coming here but like last time none of your friends wanted to hang out with you while there was someone in the telly, and we're not broke (or at least shouldn't be) so I couldn't even justify a Void Remix or whatever. And I don't even use Yukiko or Chie anymore but I figured it would only be fair to get them maxed out in the order they joined your party. So like, literally as soon as we're done with this Base nonsense Kanji's gonna rank up so that's kind of annoying, but whatevs.

Talk to Rise to "Go to the game." So to recap, our quests are to find an Eternal Lamp from Amenti Raven (floors 3-4), a Leaf Pochette from Blind Cupid (floors 3-4), and a piece of Culurium from Steel Machine (floor 9). If you need a refresher on what enemies are weak/strong to what, click on the 8-Bit Dipshit link. We're also beating up on the extra boss while we're here as well. Try to get to lv 50 by the time you reach the boss floor, yeah? Not so much for the boss (even though he hits like a truck), but you'll want the levels for Naoto's dungeon.

Boss: Escapist Soldier
Attacks: Foul Breath (ailment succeptibility up, one person), Mudoon (mid-level darkness), Mind Slice, Blade of Fury (mid-level physical, all-party 2-4x), Crazy Chain
My current level: 48, Yosuke 48, Kanji 48, Teddie 47 (expert); 48 (normal)
Recommended level: 50
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: none

So yeah, this fucking guy casts MUDOON. Fuck you, guy. Anyway, since that is the case, take Black Frost with you as your Persona since he repels darkness (or any other high level Persona with a "dyne" spell and repels/nuls darkness). His "tell" for casting Mudoon is that he'll cast Foul Breath on that person first and cast Mudoon on that same person in the next round. This thing is like those stupid Steel Machines, except, obviously, more evil. Bleh. Just throw your highest-level attacks at him, magic or physicals, until he falls on his face. Casting Rakunda on him makes the whole process go much faster. Even on expert mode this only took like 4-5 rounds so meh. By the way, now that we've used that Huge Fish for the quest feel free to eat it if you need to. Afterwards, look in front of you. See the metal grate-covered door? Just to the left of that are what look like some really poorly-pixelated skulls on the floor. Inspect them to get a Gaia Sword. Now that that's over and done with, time to get on with rescuing Naoto.

Dungeon: Secret Laboratory
Floors: 9 (last floor is boss floor)
Recommended level: 60
Min level: 58
Available Personas: Yatagarasu (Sun), Fuu-ki (Star), Dominion (Justice), Genbu (Temperance), Oukuninushi (Emperor), Pazuzu (Devil), Hitokoto-Nushi (Hermit), Alraune (Moon), Flauros, Samael (Death), Dis (Magician), Orthus (Hanged Man), Gabriel (Empress), Thoth (Emperor), Triglav (Chariot), Decarabia (Fool), Hanuman (Strength), Hokuto Seikun (Hierophant), Succubus (Devil), Seiryu (Temperance), Rangda (Magician), Narasimha (Sun), Kikuri-Hime (Priestess), Girimehkala (Moon), Mot (Death), Kali (Strength)
Mandatory Personas to Acquire: Thoth (Emperor), Orthus (Hanged Man), Alraune (Moon), Triglav (Chariot), Decarabia (Fool), Fuu-ki (Star)
Recommended Personas: Personas with multi-target fire and lightning, a Persona that blocks or absorbs lightning
Notable Enemies: Constancy Relic (reflects wind and physicals, weak to fire), Inviting Nyogo (nul lightning, reflects ice, weak to fire), Flattering Hablerie (reflects fire, weak to ice), Insolent Basalt (weak to lightning), Furious Gigas (reflects fire and lightning), Dismayed Panzer (reflects wind, weak to lightning), Red Sigil (absorbs fire, weak to ice), Shallow Okina (weak to lightning), Dogmatic Tower (reflects fire and lightning), Truth Pesce (weak to fire), Wild Drive (blocks phys, weak to lightning), Chaos Fuzz (reflects ALL magic (including dark/light) except almighty), Fail Gene (weak to ice), Mighty Beast (weak to ice), Order Giant (reflects lightning, weak to ice), Jotun of Power (OW MY FACE, weak to lightning), Elegant Mother (blocks wind, strong vs ice)
KO Date: Wednesday, October 5 (10/5)

Make sure you have a Persona with you that blocks or absorbs lightning. I don't care if it's super-low level, just bring one. Um... defense system? Are... are we gonna get sliced to death by lasers like that one guy in the first Resident Evil movie...? ^T__T^;; At least the doors in this place are pretty cool, but don't ask me why there's random paint spilled all over the floors. Try to get to level 60 before the boss floor. The enemies in this dungeon can hit really hard so don't be afraid to magic the crap out of them, especially since we're r9 with Cupcake Fox now. OK, lemme explain about the mandatory Personas. I had you grab Orthus during Void Quest but if you didn't bother before you can still get it here. These are Personas we need for Marge's next quests. Also, Decarabia and Fuu-ki are for her r9 quest so you can leave it off til next time cause, as usual, we'll be coming back here later. I won't remind you though~ You're going to need three Proof of Passion from Furious Gigas (floors 3-4) so make sure you grab them while you're on those floors. On the fourth floor you'll encounter a locked door that requires your ID. Well we don't have one yet, so ignore it for now and keep going down to the next floor. Be careful around here cause there are these World Balance monsters that love to target you (as in, your character specifically) with Ziodyne. When you fight these things immediately switch to whichever Persona you brought that blocks or absorbs lightning. Since that is literally the only attack they have, it doesn't matter if that Persona is like lv 20 even (for instance, I'm using Queen Mab). Just remember to switch back to your regular Persona after the fight. The ID (Research Card) is actually found in a chest on the sixth floor, so once you find it head back up to the fourth floor to fight the boss (which is actually down a hallway after the locked door).

Boss: Dominating Machine
Recommended level: 56 (expert); 54 (normal)
My current level: 56, Yosuke 56, Kanji 56, Teddie 56 (expert); 53 (normal)
Attacks: Last Resort, Power Charge, Herculean Strike (heavy dmg, all-party)
Strengths: None
Weaknesses: None

Uuuggghhh. Didn't we JUST finish fighting a giant robot boss. Again, this thing has zero weaknesses, so just smack it around. Make sure you heal if anyone gets down to 50% HP though cause this thing hits like a truck full of explosives. Once he starts sagging he goes into Stand By mode, so he doesn't really do anything at this point.

Once that's over with, open the chest behind the boss to get the Leader Card, which unlocks the locked door on floor 6. Banzai back down to floor 6 and keep going. Once you get to the last floor, save and return to the entrance so we can bust out Marge's next two quests. The first thing you need to do is fuse Alraune x Triglav, and make sure you give him Alraune's Mediarama. Next, grab Mothman (Hermit), our old friend Makami (Hanged Man), Orthus (Hanged Man), and Thoth (Emperor), and use a pentagon spread to fuse a Yatsufusa with Mediarama. This Persona's stats are pretty friggin awesome, he's not weak to anything, he absorbs fire, blocks wind, and is nul to light, so you might want to give him some good skills and keep him around. Leave and re-enter the Velvet Room for Marge to acknowledge your fuzzy white puppy, and to get your next quest.

Now, for this one you have a few options. First you need either Decarabia (Fool) or Kaiwan (Star), which both have Tetrakarn. If you're using Decarabia you can either fuse that with Cu Chulainn (and, as promised, here are options for fusing Cu Chulainn if you didn't before: Dis x Pazuzu x Hitokoto-Nushi OR Dis x Yomotsu-Ikusa x Hitokoto-Nushi OR Dis x Yatagarasu x Dominion OR Dis x Principality x Samael OR Dis x Samael x Dominion OR Pazuzu x Jack Frost x Hitokoto-Nushi OR Sarasvati x Yatagarasu x Dominion OR Yatagarasu x Legion x Hitokoto-Nushi OR Yatagarasu x Principality x Samael / Hitokoto-Nushi OR Yatagarasu x Samael x Dominion OR Yatagarasu x Jack Frost x Hitokoto-Nushi). ALL THE FUSION POSSIBILITIES EVAR. *falls over dead* I mean, I'm sure there are others but... I'm dead right now and zombies are not good at combining magical monster cards. Anyway. You can also fuse Decarabia x Mithra x Yatsufusa if you don't like your fluffy new white puppy or want to re-summon him later. If you're using Kaiwan, do Kaiwan x Neko Shogun x Fuu-ki. Whichever way you choose, make sure you get Tetrakarn onto your fat blue elephant. Leave and re-enter again, and Marge starts singing some weird song. I don't understand her obsession with Igor's nose~ Weirdest fetish evAr. Anyway, her next quest requires you to be lv 67 so we won't be doing that for awhile. On the bright side, that will be her last quessssst yaaaaaaaay.

Alright mates, time to go find out what sort of insanity lies at the end of the Secret Laboratory. Don't forget to equip your favourite new Persona, get a refill from Cupcake Fox, and warp back to the last floor. Once you bust through the door, you find... ah... what's with the giant circular saw and drill? Like, really, that has nothing to do with surgery. ^<__<^;; Aaaaaaand of course instead of being happy that we're here to save him, Naoto bitches us out for taking so long. ^=__=^ Can we leave him here too? No? Fiiiiine. His Shadow seems very upset about the prospect of being left here by itself, but gets really cranky when Naoto decides that it has nothing to do with him. Oh that's nice, they both needlessly use big huge words for no reason. Unfortunately I guess THAT'S actually a real part of himself. ^=__=^;; Shadow Naoto starts talking about how everyone treats him like a child, and that they all think he's a worthless brat until they need his help with a case, and that after the case is solved he's thrown away again. Er... look, I don't know how aging works in the shadow world, Shadow Naoto, but in the real world people get older over the years, so I'm pretty sure that there is something he can do about it... wait, what? Naoto's a girl?! Well, that explains a lot... (OK look guys. So I know I've been bitching about him being really girly, and calling him Hat Chick, but I wasn't trying to give spoilers, really. I always write these things like as if I've never played the game before, but I've obviously beaten the game a few times, otherwise I'd be a pretty terrible walkthrough writer, yeah? However, my first exposure to anything Persona or even Shin Megami Tensei was when my friend decided he wanted to start a Twitch stream, but wanted to get feedback from his friends before going live. I hadn't watched the anime or played any of the games or even heard of the series before then, but he started with this game and I instantly wanted to play it myself. I still watched his streams though cause, like I said, he wanted feedback, and the first time Naoto came onto the screen my literal first reaction was the one I wrote in this walkthrough: "Is that a strangely-dressed short chick in a silly hat?" Everyone else in the stream was like <_____< cause they knew I didn't know anything but they didn't want to spoil it for me but I was like "What? He's got a girl's voice, he's short, he's WEARING HEELS (no, seriously, look at his shoes man), and you can even see the hint of boobs under his shirt!" Growing up watching Sailor Moon, though, I literally just assumed he was supposed to be a really girly dude to the point of ambiguity while still being a bona fide dude and that they had just blurred the lines too far, so I didn't see this plot twist coming either. BUT when writing a walkthrough, do I keep acting like it's the first time I've played this game and give my genuine first reaction, or do I try to avoid spoilers? So I decided to sort of do it halfway. I never mentioned the wearing high heels thing or called him "she," but I did keep calling Naoto Hat Chick cause I always rag on characters I don't like. So please don't hate me too much if you thought they were spoilers~). Anyway. Shadow Naoto tries to convince Naoto that going through with this surgery will solve all problems everywhere forever. Ah great, here we go again. I thought Naoto was supposed to be smart~? Kanji says it's fine, like some sort of newfangled therapy, and that we'll just beat the crap out of the Shadow as per usual. Well, I guess he's got a point. Here we go~

Boss: Shadow Naoto
Attacks: Brave Blade, Dekaja, Mute Ray (HP and SP dmg, chance of inflicting silence, single target), Element Zero (nullifies elemental resistance), Galgalim Eyes (heavy phys dmg, chance of causing enervation, single target), Maziodyne, Heat Rise (attack, hit rate/evasion, defense up), Garudyne
My current level: 58 (expert); 56 (normal)
Recommended level: 60
Strengths: none
Weaknesses: none

... why did he fuse with an airplane? He looks like something that would be more at home in Chrono Cross' Tower of Geddon. Take your weirdo machine amalgations and go home, Shadow Naoto! Like, so, his Brave Blade hits pretty hard but it's only single-target. His normal attack is also pretty strong too though, so just keep an eye on your HP, moreso than usual. Once he's down to like 1/3 HP he uses Element Zero, which nullifies elemental resistance. This is also when he starts using Galgalim Eyes, but fortunately he doesn't do it very often. He only does Heat Riser if he crits someone. Remember that Yosuke's Dekaja (or yours, if you've got a Persona with it) nullifies this buff. If you have Teddie with you, have him guard on the turn where Shadow Naoto's HP gets to 50% cause he's almost 100% guaranteed to do Maziodyne at that point and Teddie's weak to lightning. Sometimes he does Maziodyne before the 50% mark but after that mark he starts spamming it so keep your HP about 50% and give him everything you've got. At this point you should be using either Teddie's def/attack buffs or use some of those items you got before that do the same thing, like Diamond Shields, etc. He doesn't do anything different from here on out so don't worry about any new surprises.

After dismantling the bad robot, Naoto seems to have forgotten where he is. He (yes, I'm still going to keep calling him "he") tells you how his parents died when he was younger, which is why he lives with his grandfather. This is when he decided he was going to be a detective. Dude, you just finished saying that both of your parents were detectives. That means your mum, a woman, was a detective. What's your hangup? Anyway, it's not just the police department, m8. This entire world is male-oriented. Just do you, boo, and let the haters hate~ Naoto decides to accept his Shadow, and he gets his Persona. Dude, whatever, we didn't hide anything. When Yukiko and Rise blurted it out at the club, YOU didn't believe us. Not our fault~ Back at Junes, Kanji is not happy about the danger Naoto put himself in, but he says he knew that you guys would come save him.

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