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Thursday, September 22

Back at home that night... uh... is everybody drunk? Oh I see, it's just Adachi. For reasons. They tell you Naoto's been found. Either answer makes Dojima suspicious of you. I guess... it's Adachi to the rescue today? I think Nanako is too weirded out to defend us. I guess his level of drunkeness does not affect his ability to eat his own feet. He says that it would've been really bad if there had been another kidnapping and murder, since they still have no proof that Mitsuo killed anyone besides King Moron. Wait, what? Dojima also thinks the real murderer is still on the loose? ... maybe I haven't been giving him enough credit...? BUT DAAAAD, TODAY IS THURSDAY. WE NEED TO GO TO WORK AT THE HOSPITAL. LIKE A NON-NORMAL STUDENT. ^<__<^;; ... w...wait, what do you mean, "if you don't.."? ... AAAAHHH MAYBE YOU'RE THE KILLER, NANAKO HELP US!! Instead of setting us on fire, Dojima goes to bed. Problems? Yeah, I'm sure if we got murdered on Dojima's watch, our mum would kill him ^<__<^;; Haha, Nanako doesn't look too convinced by Adachi's reassurances. ... if Adachi's the smartest guy on the force, it's no wonder the prefectural police had to send Naoto in. Your answer to Nanako's question doesn't matter.

Friday, September 23

Key events: Temperance r7, Devil Hangout
Personas needed: Lovers, Emperor, Hanged Man, Hierophant, Justice, Strength, Sun, Moon, Temperance, Devil

Head to the riverbank and give the old guy his lamp to get 30k, and the twin her purse made of shrubbery to get 3 Macca Leaves. Leaves for leaves, even trade I guess ww. ^^;; Sell off your crap to Daidara (remember to keep three Proof of Passion though), including any extra lamps and pochettes, but remember to keep one Culurium for Ms. Sofue's quest. Buy some Passion Sweats for your guys if Daidara has them, Breeze Tutus or Divine Blouses for your girls (honestly I don't like Evade under 10 so I wouldn't get the blouses but up to you), a Mail Duster or Air Break for Teddie, a Gorgon Plate or Hard Board for Kanji, a Ganar, Mogari-Bue, or Fickle Madam for Yukiko, Sleipnir, Bucking Broncos, or Furinkazan for Chie, Fearful Kunai or En-Giri for Yosuke, and a Kakitsubata or Midare Hamon for you. Next, head next door into the Velvet Room. Check if you have any Fortune Personas. If not, fuse Pixie x Slime x Izanagi to get Fortuna. We won't need this Persona for awhile but might as well fuse it now so we don't have to do it later. Grab the other Personas you need while you're here. Now, buy the new book on sale at the bookstore, then go work at the daycare. ... huh. I guess Eri let him watch the show? That was nice of her. ... I guess I spoke too soon, since she forgot to pick him up again. ^=__=^;; Beans? What beans? We have zero beans, I don't know what you're talking about~ *attempts to whistle nonchalantly, remembers she can't whistle* Your first two answers don't matter, but if you pick "Tell who?" interestingly enough Yuuta is about to call Eri "Mom" but stops himself. Aw, how cute. Apparently she bought him a bunch of Featherman stuff, so now Yuuta wants to know how to repay her. He then notices a four-leaf clover and, remembering that Eri likes them, he decides to pick all of the clovers everywhere ever for her. Eri finally shows up, but out of embarrassment Yuuta runs off. Eri takes it the wrong way, thinking he's still rejecting her. When she wonders if he's afraid of her, tell her that they're both afraid. When she says that Yuuta must hate that she's there, tell her it's not true. Eri decides to keep trying, and thanks you for always listening to her problems. Later that evening, go work at the hospital.

Saturday, September 24

Key events: Emperor r10 (MAX), Justice Hangout

Well, it's finally time to max out Kanji's S. Link. Head to the practise building and... really? You too, Kanji? Our room is NOT that interesting, m8s. Maybe he wants to check out our cool green robot model we made. ^<__<^;; Kanji says that Rise stopped by the store and called him creepy for making dolls. Riseeeeeee why are you being a bitch? *sigh* I can't deal with any of these women, I swear. Kanji, are you sure you could hear her properly under the mountain of dolls you buried her under? Anyway, what do you care what some ditzy airheaded idol thinks, Kanji? Just ignore her~ Kanji then says he knows what his dad was talking about now. He's not really put any effort into letting people get to know the real him until now, because he was afraid of being rejected. He's decided that he's had enough of that and that from now on he's just gonna be himself and to make sure everyone knows who he really is. Kanji then gives you a Cute Strap and finally accepts his Shadow as not just one part of himself, but as a whole. Kanji's Persona evolves into Rokuten Maoh. He calls you his hero, and you gain the ability to fuse Odin the God of Storms, the ultimate form of the Emperor arcana. Oh I see, you've recruited us into your knitting class. I guess this is what we get for saying "teach me too" that one time, huh. ^<__<^;; After the Puppet-pocolypse, hang out with Nanako.

Sunday, September 25

Key events: Death r7, Hierophant r8

Ai..... we don't wanna go shopping todaaaaaay... no, seriously, even though you're due for a rank-up with her, she just drags you out shopping. BORING. Instead, head to the riverbed and hang out with Hisano. ... bahaha, how does that feel, Ai, that we'd rather hang out with a gloomy old lady than you~ Hisano notices that you've brought her her letters. She wonders at this random miracle, and you explain that they were in the antiques she sold to Daidara. She thanks you, but then tells you she's going to burn them. Whyyyyyy. She wanders off to find some matches. No matter what you choose you still end up reading them. Suddenly you notice that Hisano came back while you were reading. Hisano then tells you that at one point she wished that her husband was dead. She then goes on to explain that her husband eventually got too sick to work and so she had to work to support their family. Eventually his condition deteriorated to the point where he took everything out on her, but she didn't mind because she loved him. However, it turns out he had Alzheimer's or some related disease that caused him to forget everything, including her. He forgot all they had been through together. He was suffering, she was suffering, so one day while he was asleep she tried to smother him, but didn't have the heart to do so. Hisano then says she was relieved when he finally died, but now feels that he died because she wished it. This is why she calls herself Death. She then asks you to get rid of the letters.

Back at home, hang out with Dojima. Seems he's busy looking for something. Ask him if he wants some coffee, and he reminds you that's his job. He comments that Nanako seems to be getting stronger. Well Dojima, when you have no parents you either give up and wither away, or you rise above and overcome. Which did you want for your child? He says that ever since you showed up, this house has felt more like a home. He said he wanted that feeling more than anything but that he's also been avoiding it for a really long time. When he asks if you understand why, tell him it's cause he's a coward. Well, I'm glad you were aware of that fact, Dojima. ^<__<^;; Ah, what, the realisation has made you decide to get drunk? Are... are you going to punch the house again? Oh I see, you're just going to drink til you pass out. That's nice. I'm not carrying you to your room, m8. You're on your own~

Monday, September 26

Go hand in your quest to Ms. Sofue to get two Mystical Scarabs. ... bugs? What for bugs? *checks item list* "Restores all of an ally's SP" ... Best Teacher EvAr? More like Best Teacher in the Entire Multiverse! After squee-ing over your new shiny bugs, go talk to Daidara, who tells you he found more letters. Seems these are the matching set to her husband's letters, i.e., the letters Hisano wrote back to her husband. While we're in the shopping district go restock your supplies at Shiroku, since it's raining. We've already upgraded our gear so feel free to shop til you drop, although save about 5k for cans and whatnot, plus we're going to Aiya as soon as you're done here. So yeah, Understanding and Diligence at Aiya again. Back at home... guys. Guys! GUYS! IT'S FINALLY RAINING AT NIGHT! We can finally fish for the giant fish of DOOM the old fishing guy wanted! Sheesh. So yeah, SAVE! Then go fishing outside. If you don't get the Guardian, reload. I don't care what other fish you catch as long as you get a Guardian. Generally-speaking, catching the Guardian will have you pressing a bunch of extra buttons (usually three prompts while reeling it in). Also, if you're not using an emulator and have rumble turned on, the rumble is much stronger than for other fish. One last tip from me, for those of you lacking rumble. Watch the lure in the water. When it's bobbing it makes a white ripple, yeah? If the rate of these white ripples is slow, this is the one you want to go for. If the ripple rate is too fast, just press O to reel your bait back immediately before the lure goes under the water, so you won't lose your bait or one of your turns. Just know that sometimes the slow ripple rate will net you a Huge Fish instead though. Obviously this is a super-rare fish, otherwise the fishing guy wouldn't've been like "baw he never lets me see him anymore," so be prepared for a loooooooot of reloading. ... hahaha man what the hell, I ended up catching two in one go. ^=__=^;; (and no, your Diligence rank has nothing to do with difficulty in catching this thing. I just wanted to get you guys to r4 Diligence so you'd have more turns and also catch more fish in general since we need to FEED THE CAT FOREVAR).

Tuesday, September 27

Key events: Strength r8, Justice r8

After class, go show your giant fish of DOOM that is literally YOUR SIZE to the fishing guy. Er... you OK there, chief? You want some tranquilizers or somethin? At first, he's like "Well, now I can die in peace," and then is like "NO WAY! I'M GONNA FISH FOREVAR!" Next, find the cat again and feed him any fish you don't need (you can feed him Huge Fish too, if you don't want to save them, although I'd keep the Guardian if I were you, since it restores all SP just like those bugs Ms. Sofue just gave you). Basically this quest completes after you give the cat a certain amount of fish, however the kind of fish you give it changes the number. Go back to school and go to sports practise.

Ah, Daisuke? Is Kou playing dead on the roof again? Kou shows up during practise, still dressed in his uniform, and informs you he's going to the orphanage today, then leaves. After practise Daisuke shows up and you tell him what Kou's up to. Say "Let's catch up to him," and you both head to the station. Your next two answers doesn't matter. He says the orphanage didn't tell him anything, but they did give him a letter written by whoever left him at the orphanage. Kou then reads the letter with both of you by his side. It says that his parents died shortly after giving him up for adoption. However, it doesn't tell him anything about his birth family other than that. He says that if his parents are dead, then he doesn't have anyone and is all alone. He is glad that he knows the truth now, though.

On your way to practise, Kou stops you... and drags both you and Daisuke out to Okina. I thought you guys hated this place? Daisuke isn't too happy about all of this, and it's about to get worse. Some random chicks show up, and Kou lets us in on the fact that he's set all of us up on a blind date. The chicks start badmouthing us. ... passable? Bitch, have you even looked in the mirror lately? Like, I don't even understand what you've done to your hair. It looks like your little brother attacked your head with a weed-whacker. I wouldn't talk if I were you~ Daisuke isn't into this at all and buggers off. Sorry Kou, I guess Daisuke isn't into obnoxious bitches~ Back in Inaba, Daisuke is all sorts of mad. Not only did Kou not respect him not wanting to date anyone, but Kou tricked him into going by saying it was "important." Kou snaps back, saying that he knows Daisuke's hatred of girls is all an act. When they start yelling at eachother, choose to stop them. Kou tells Daisuke that he's just scared of getting rejected again. They can't reject them if he pushes them away before they can even get close. Kou then says Daisuke's doing the same thing with soccer cause he's afraid he's reached his peak. Uh... Kou? How is pain "fun"? Are you a masochist... is that why you're in love with Chie the Nuts-Kicker? Daisuke gets pissed and tells both of you to just butt out of his life. Your next answer doesn't matter. Kou tells him that we're friends so of course we care about him. Daisuke apologises, and everyone relocates to the riverbed. Daisuke comes clean and says that Kou was right about the girls thing. Kou tells him that you can't please everyone and Daisuke should just forget about that crazy bitch. Daisuke says he can't let it go, so Kou tells him to go talk to her again. That's the only way to fix this (cept maybe bring a hockey mask with you or something in case she tries to slap you again). Daisuke thanks you guys for caring, and Kou says Daisuke can be sincere when he wants to be. Reply "That's his charm," and Kou decides it's up to us to make sure Daisuke actually talks to this chick.

Back at home hang out with Nanako. ... Nanakooooooo after all of that drama over the teacher-parent conference schedule you lost the paper?! *sigh* Oh, I guess she meant she misplaced it, not that a dog ate it or it fell in the river or something. Tell her you'll help her look, and you end up finding it in Dojima's infinite pile of nonsense. You also find a picture amidst the mess. Nanako is happy that Dojima decided to make himself available for the meeting, and then recognises the picture as being one of her whole family smiling, back when her mum was still alive. She asks you why Dojima's stopped smiling. Your answer here doesn't matter. Nanako then realises that Dojima also misses Chisato. She then wonders if Dojima will ever smile again.

Wednesday, September 28

Key events: Moon r9

The answer to Krazy Kondo's question is "Hyperbole." Yeah, I'm not writing these in red for personality traits we've already maxed. After class, go find Ai. The first paragraph is for those of you not in a relationship with her. Those of you dating her, skip to the next paragraph. Ai decides that we don't need no roof, let the mot-- I mean, that she'd rather go shopping today than hang out on the roof. Suddenly, some random guy shows up. Er... I guess they used to bang? He starts bitching about how she's dating us now. But... but we're noooot... HEY! WHO YOU CALLIN A LOSER. We didn't take that shit from King Moron, and we're sure as hell not about to take it from some nameless rando. She tries to set him straight, but he rags on us some more. Wait, what do you mean there was never anything between you two? Then what the cheesecakes is this guy even on about? Did... did he just tell her to come along, like a dog? Dude, what's your fuckin problem? If you let yourself get played, that's on you. Maybe be smarter next time. Oh yeah, big talk, big man. You think you and a bunch of dudes beating up one little girl makes you awesome? I'm a girl, try it with me, I'll kick your fuckin teeth down your throat. You and your shitface friends. Ai also gives zero shits about this dipshit and calls him out on his big talk, zero action. No matter what you choose, you still end up involving yourself. Captain Rando over there is still running his mouth about how stupid we are, which pisses Ai off. Right when Rando Jerkface goes to try to slap us (why are you trying to slap us, you sissy? Can't you even throw a punch?) Ai's anger causes her to accidentally get in the way and he ends up hitting her instead. Rando Jerkface runs off, and Ai apologises. Why are you apologising? That guy needs to go play in traffic. Your answer here doesn't matter, so pick whichever. Aw, that's sweet, she busted her face trying to pay us back for being there for her. Maybe next time a gift card or something though? Ai laughs off the entire incident, then decides that even with a busted face she doesn't mind spending the afternoon with you.

Ai takes you to the roof. Seems after forcing you to tell her that you love her she now wants to dump you. Your first answer doesn't matter. She says that you're such a great guy that maybe she could force herself to love you. She apologises and says that you mean a lot to her, so that's why she has to tell you that you deserve better than a girl like her. Ai says she hates herself because all she does is hurt people. Your next answer doesn't matter (2). She says she doesn't want to lose you, but fears that if you date her you'll eventually realise that you hate her and then you'll leave her. Irrel (3). She then asks if you two can just be friends, because at least then she'd still have you around. Answer either "Sure" or "I knew the whole time." She hopes that someday you can forgive her and you two can go back to talking the way you used to.

Back at home go read Changing Careers (Timid Teacher series) for points towards Understanding.

Thursday, September 29

Key events: Hanged Man r6, Hierophant r9

Go find Naoki in the shopping district. He takes you to Aiya again, and says his parents are totally against him quitting school. They told him to live his life the way he wants to. Your first answer here doesn't matter. He says it's not just his parents, but everyone is telling him to do whatever he wants (except nosy bitchy housewives, I guess?). Naoki says he's starting to feel like nothing he does even matters since everyone reacts the same no matter what he does. He then says that even his existence doesn't matter. When he asks if he's that pitiable, answer either "You're not the only one" or "I know what they mean." He wonders if he should keep telling people not to treat him like that and act like Saki never existed, or if he should pretend not to notice everyone pushing him away. Naoki then apologises for rambling.

Back at home, hang out with Dojima. ... oh no, is today the day Dojima finally MURDERS US?! IS THAT WHY HE REMOVED NANAKO THE WITNESS?!!? He's certainly acting super-sketchy. Ah, what? Didn't you just send her to our room? What's going onnnnnnnn? Nanako is equally as confused. Once we get downstairs... cake? Yay, cake! ... why for cake? Dojima decided that today is the day that we all become family. Er, you know we're already related, yeah? But hey, cake is cake~ Never look a gift cake in the mouth. Nanako apparently agrees with me. After all the cake is gone and Nanako has gone to bed, Dojima takes you outside and apologises for the randomness. Tell him it was fun. He explains that he did this to make sure Nanako knows how important she is to him. Dojima says that Nanako is looking and acting more and more like her mother every day, and this made it hard for him to even look at her. He explains that at times he even believed that Chisato died because of Nanako. He says that he was afraid to become a family because he might lose it all again. When he says that he was using revenge as an excuse to stay away from Nanako, ask him either "Was it hard?" or "You've stopped running?" Dojima declares that he's not going to run anymore or lose the things that are important to him.

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