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Wednesday, April 20

Key events: Magician r2

... sup, creepiest teacher evAr? ^.__.^;; Why do you have a puppet? Why does it look exactly like you? Why are you such a downer? Infinite questions that shall forever remain mysteries of the universe. Anyway, give Yosuke the answer with two L's and two N's for points towards Expression ("Millennium"). After school, head to the shopping district and check the first store (not the gas station) to buy the book A Great Man. Go back to school and talk to Yosuke so we can rank him up. He takes you out to eat at Souzai Daigaku. Hey man, we have steak croquettes where I'm from too. Just cause their steak is terrible doesn't mean it's a terrible idea~ Two obnoxious women walk by and start badmouthing Yosuke and his parents' store from like a foot away. I can't tell if they're just that stupid that they think we can't hear them, or just that bitchy that they don't care. OK. Here's something I need to mention about how S. Links work. Like I said before, they rank up by spending time with the person tied to that Arcana. However, merely spending time won't do it. In this case, it is true that you can answer whatever you want and it will still rank up, however the game keeps track of how many "points" you have with someone (you can't see these points anywhere but trust me, they're there). You get more points if you pick the right dialogue answers when spending time with your S. Links, which means you will rank up faster. Sometimes when you spend time with an S. Link friend is it exactly just that: spending time, and you won't rank up that time. This happens more often the higher your rank with them is, however it can start happening around rank 3 or 4 if you're not giving the appropriate responses. Again, you will rank up this time no matter what, but it will catch up with you for future ranks, so unless you want to finish the game with S. Links unmaxed, you should always pick the answers I tell you. I've tried to structure this walkthrough so that we can avoid most of the non-rank up meetings but some are unavoidable. Some answers are better than others although sometimes 2/3 will give you points. In this case, "It must be tough" and "Why are you infamous?" will both give you points, whereas "You're bragging about it?" won't give you any, but "It must be tough" will give you more points. So, TL;DR: say "It must be tough." Afterwards, Yosuke decides to stuff you full of food. At home, inspect the couch so you can read your book. Here's the thing about books. Different books will give you points in different traits. The one we just got today is for Courage and we're going to need a lot of Courage soon. There are also two different ways to read the books, "Glance through" and "Read thoroughly." Unless I tell you otherwise, you always want to read thoroughly, because each time you read the book you get points towards that trait, and reading thoroughly means it will take you more days to finish the book, and thus give you more points in that trait. So, read away~

Thursday, April 21

Key events: Strength r2

Today is the first day someone will approach you at lunch wanting to hang out later. The more S. Links you have, the longer the parade of individuals requesting your undivided attention. However, these requests come in two different flavours: Usually they will be like the one you just had with Kou/Daisuke; they'll come up to you and merely suggest you hang out with them later. Sometimes though they will want an answer right then and there as to whether you want to hang out with them later or not. You can decline their invitations during lunch without any penalties to your S. Link points, however if you accept nobody else will ask you to hang out that day, and you won't be able to do anything after school except hang out with them. No shopping, no handing in quests, nothing. If you accept, then after school you will immediately enter a spending time with them scenario. Another thing to note is that you won't get invites at lunch every day, and an invite at lunch doesn't always mean you will rank up that S. Link with that meeting, so be very careful who you say yes to. Oh yeah, one more thing. If you've been buying stuff at Souzai Daigaku every day, make sure you leave yourself like 13-14k cause we're gonna need the cash soon. Anyway, go talk to your sports team buddy after school.

When Kou asks you where you want to eat, answer "Aiya." Kou loves Chinese food. ... oh you lie, Daisuke. Those of us following your story know you are full of LIES. We always have to clean up ^T__T^ lolcat Kou... he'll put up with weirdo stalker girls as long as they give him sweets. Tell him you're jealous of his hoard of sweets. Oh Kou~ Don't you know~ that's how women are. They think you saying that is playing hard to get, cause that's what they do. ^@__@^;; The answers to the last question give the same amount of points so pick whichever (but who wouldn't want sweets anyway? I like sweets. In fact, you guys should give me sweets in exchange for these walkthroughs! Just don't call me "Z-chan" or I'll eat you instead of the sweets)

At practise the douchebags decide that you're now their maid. Pick "Got it" to get points towards Understanding. Daisuke comes up and is really pissed when he finds out what they did. Kou shows up and says that you should do it anyway. Killing them with kindness, I guess. You all decide to clean up together so it goes faster. Kouuuuuu, again with the balls? We can't escaaaaaape your love of baaaaalls, even in a different story braaaaaanch. Answer "Thanks for the help," and you all head off to Aiya for some foooood. I want Chinese food now. First sweets and now Chinese food... this link is just trying to make me hungry forever isn't it. Apparently Daisuke isn't interested in chicks or dating. He does suggest that you guys put in some overtime after practices, and ropes Kou into helping.

Back at home go up to your room. Yosuke calls, suggesting you all go into the TV world tomorrow. Well, we're kinda busy so we're not gonna do that. Don't you know we have social obligations, Yosuke? You're not the only person in my life! *throws all his clothes out into the middle of the street* Er, anyway... what. What are you staring at me like that for. Go read your book already ^<__<^;; *continues flinging Yosuke's clothes out of his own house* (yes I know sometimes it's actually Chie on the phone. She is also not the only person in our lives! But she's a girl so I can't throw her clothes out into the street)

Friday, April 22

Key events: Magician r3, Courage r2

So Yosuke threw a pouting fit after I threw all of his clothes out into the street, so now we've got to spend some time with him to make up for it. He takes you to Okina, a sort of more city-ish place than Inaba, but I still wouldn't really call it a city... although I do agree with Yosuke. I prefer cities over the country. Blargh. Although I'm not sure what this scent is that he's talking about... is it pollution? I think it's pollution guys. Reply "Hmm, you're looking hairier" when he asks if he's starting to sound like Teddie. The next answer is irrelevant so pick whatever you want. So now that he's r3 he can perform a follow-up attack. What this means is that sometimes when you or one of your other party members that isn't him crits an enemy, he will ask if he can perform his follow-up. If you hit yes, then he chooses another non-downed enemy on the field to do it on, and this always results in a crit. Some party members will have a follow-up that can hit multiple targets, however Yosuke's is single-target. ... wait. We JUST got here. We probably took a train here! And we're turning around and immediately going back?? That's it. *throws all of Yosuke's clothes back out into the middle of the street again, then sets the pile of clothes on fire* Hey. You know the drill. You look at me like that, you have to go read your book. Go on now, shoo! (your Courage should hit r2 tonight from this)

Saturday, April 23

Key events: Strength r3

The answer to Ms. Sofue's question about the commonality between the four great civilisations is "They were by the riverside," for points towards Expression. Go to the shopping district after school and check the bulletin board (it's right next to Souzai Daigaku, on the opposite side from the non-vending machine). Take the envelope job and the day care job (the day care job is under "See others") since you don't have the trait ranks for the other two. Back at school go to sports practise.

After Kou's daily ball-polishing, he realises that he's forgotten to do something and buggers off. What are you mumbling about, Daisuke? Once you get to Aiya he tells you that he needs you to help him help Kou. Answer "Just tell me how," and he informs you that Kou's family is very strict, especially his grandmother. Apparently she doesn't like basketball for some reason. Hey, it could be worse. He could be into American football or rugby or some other dangerous sport. ^>__o^;; Basketball is, like, the least dangerous sport in the universe. ... unless I'm misunderstanding what she means by "barbaric" anyway. Answers two and three give you the same number of points, just don't pick "That sucks." Apparently Kou's grandma has been steamrolling over him his entire life, and Daisuke can't bear to see Kou lose basketball too. Answer "Leave it to me." Daisuke is so happy he decides to pay for your meal. ... and then realises he's broke. Ha...

After practise, the dicks stick you with cleanup duty again. Daisuke takes the opportunity to help you work on your game. Kou shows up just in time to get roped into helping out. lolcat, tennis... that's probably like the only sport Kou's grandma would actually approve of, or maybe running track, I don't know. ... woman, we are playing soccer and you are standing right smack dab in the middle of the field. How bout you use that thing that is supposed to exist inside your skull to maybe think about whether you are in the way or not, instead of asking stupid questions. ^=__=^;; She runs off to cry somewhere like a total attention whore. Kou's not too happy about it, although gets over it pretty quick. Kou may like the ladies but sports come before all!

Back at home read your book tonight to finish it off.

Sunday, April 24

Key events: Strength Hang Out (no rank up), Knowledge r2

Today Kou will call you asking to hang out. Today we're taking the hit and doing a no rank up hang out (which in this and future key events sections will be labelled "Hang Out") cause the Strength S. Link is weird and the two branches definitely don't rank up together if you're playing normally. Fortunately I'm here to fix that for you~ So go hang out with them today. Haha, they hate cities. Why are we here then guys~? :op Your answer here is irrelevant. I... guess... Daisuke likes Junes cause Yosuke is funny...? Well, at least Yosuke's dad will be glad that Yosuke is good publicity for the store? After you get home, head up to your room... yes Chie, we're busy tomorrow. Nobody wants to hang out with you, shhhh. Study at your desk. Your Knowledge should rank up after the second message. If you leave it at one message it will rank up tomorrow morning but if it doesn't you are doing something wrong.

Monday, April 25

Key events: Quest 03: The Girl on the Rooftop, Sun Arcana initialised

The answer to Mr. Kondo's question about when thieves break into houses is "8 AM" for points towards Knowledge. Why is it 8am? Well, that's cause anyone who works or goes to school is out of the house by then, so the house is more likely to be empty, making it easier to steal stuff. It's not just Japan Mr. Kondo~ If you didn't get Knowledge r2 from this you are in danger of not getting r3 by the time we need it. After school talk to the brown-haired kid staring out the window in your classroom. ... what is this, kindergarten? HEY JOHNNY TELL SUZY THAT I LIKE HER. HEY JOHNNY TELL JIMMY THAT I THINK HIS FACE LOOKS LIKE A PANCAKE. Come on, grow a pair buddy. Well fine. Head on up to the roof and ask the girl by the fence about what her hobbies are. This is a multi-day quest, cause apparently she'll think you're a weirdo if you keep asking her stuff on the same day. Look I don't know OK, that's just how it works. Go to the faculty office and ask Captain Crazyface over there about cultural clubs, then press Square and go to the Practise building. Just fyi the tours here will only show you the S. Link person for that specific club so don't waste your time. The red double doors at the end of the hallway on your left is where you go for the music club, and the last room down the hall on your right is the room for drama club (although the furthest door to that room is blocked for some stupid reason). Both of these people are for the Sun Arcana and you can't join both so pick one. Also, unlike Kou and Daisuke, these two girls don't hang out with eachother at all so you will never meet the other girl this playthrough. Ayane's a very tiny, very shy, kinda spineless girl in the music club whose story involves growing a spine and learning to follow her dreams. Yumi is a kinda bitchy, kinda anal girl in the drama club who has major daddy issues, and her story involves getting over them. Just like the Strength Arcana, I'll be covering both sides here so just pick whoever you want. Going to cultural club rehearsal (no matter which girl you choose) gives you points towards Expression, and they meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and are the only people who actually want to hang out with you even if it's raining omfg! However, they don't meet the week before exams. Also, it is more efficient for those in soccer to join drama and those in basketball to join the music club (or if you really want more stats you should be in both soccer and band) but the stat difference is so minimal in the end that we can make it up regardless so I'm not forcing you into a decision here, nor did I for the Strength link.

So stuff that follows Ayane's story will be in this colour. Apparently you are a ninja, cause nobody notices you walk into the room, to the point where Ayane walks right into you. Fortunately, she is indeed very tiny and therefore that didn't hurt at all. CAAAAAAPTAAAAAAAIN!! There, I yell louder. I'm a helper~ Your answer here is irrelevant. I guess the captain wants Ayane to be more social? I dunno. After practise you find yourself alone with Ayane. You can ask her whatever you want too, as it is also irrelevant. She says she has to clean up before she can go home, but that you're free to leave. Choose "Help her" to get points towards Understanding. Hurray for the Sun S. Link~

So stuff that follows Yumi's story will be in this colour. From the get-go you can tell who actually knows what they're doing around here. Judging from Yumi's response to that weird girl's comment, she has absolutely no idea what that chick's talking about and has zero interest in "getting her hooks into" anyone. Yumi's just like "Did you say something? I'm not sure I even heard anything..." Yumi doesn't even have patience for other peoples' relationships, and hauls you off to practise by yourselves. Your answer here doesn't matter, so ARGH or stay silent to your heart's content. Seems she's kept you after the bell and everyone snuck out while Yumi was distracted with coaching you. Aha... Your second answer also doesn't matter, and even if you choose you want to quit, SHE WON'T LET YOU. So there. Hurray for a new S. Link!

You'll be studying tonight and tomorrow night. You can let one of them go at only one message but not both, so if you don't go for a double message tonight you have to tomorrow night (unless you didn't bother with two messages last night in which case you need both tonight and tomorrow).

Tuesday, April 26

Key events: Strength r4 (Kou), Strength r4 (Daisuke) (conditional, see section for details)

When Chie asks if you know what the teacher's talking about, answer "A perfect number" for points towards Expression. At lunch tell Yumi you'll decide later to decline her invite (Ayane isn't gonna demand an answer like Yumi does). After school head up to the roof and talk to the fence girl about her hobbies again. We're still not done with this quest... Go find your sports buddy and head to practise.

Today you will meet Ebihara Ai, a very obnoxious, self-centered girl. She's supposed to be your team's new manager to make up for the fact that she skips classes a lot, but she decides to ditch you guys anyway. Way to take responsibility for your own actions there, shrimp-girl. ^<__<^;; Kou's totally not surprised though, and barely even acknowledges the fact that she was even there. At Aiya, Kou shows you that he's just as good at dodging questions as he is dodging opposing players on the court. Surprisingly, your response here doesn't matter. Wait, what, his grandma has a thing against Chinese food too? Anyone else getting the feeling that Kou's baa-chan is kinda bonkers? Well I don't know, Kou, I mean generally when women get married they change their last name so I'm not sure your sister's existance really invalidates yours? Pick either the first or second answer, but not "...."

Unfortunately, if you didn't hang out with Kou and Daisuke on Sunday like I told you to, since your last meeting with Daisuke didn't actually have anything you could answer, you won't get a rank up today. This would be the beginning of the screwiness of the Strength S. Link I mentioned earlier. If you did go with them on Sunday, today you will meet Ebihara Ai, a very obnoxious, self-centered girl. She's supposed to be your team's new manager to make up for the fact that she skips classes a lot, but she decides to ditch you guys anyway. Way to take responsibility for your own actions there, shrimp-girl. ^<__<^;; The guys are torn between drooling all over themselves and being cranky over having such a lame manager. Seems "obnoxious self-centered bitch" isn't Daisuke's type. ... although one of your teammates seems to take this the wrong way. Heyyyyyy just cause a chick is hot doesn't nullify a terrible personality~ Agree with him about girls being a pain in the ass ("Right on"), after which Kou shows up to help Daisuke improve your soccer skills.

Back at home it's time for more studying. If you didn't get two messages last night, you must get two tonight. If you got two last time, feel free to let this one go at just one.

Wednesday, April 27

Key events: Yukiko's Castle

Alright guys, today we're gonna go save Yukiko. First though, we're spending that 13k I told you to save. First, go buy five super croquettes at Souzai Daigaku, then go back to the south end of the shopping district. See, Shiroku has a sale every time it's raining, so we can afford more stuff today than if we had gone another day. Buy two Sedatives, two Stimulants, three Value Medicines, and then spend whatever's left on Medicines. Afterwards, head to Junes, use the Square button to get to the food court (or use the elevators, whatever) and choose "Enter the TV." Once inside you'll see an SP in the bottom left corner, and a door to the Velvet Room on the bottom right. Talk to Teddie to get back to the castle.

Dungeon: Yukiko's Castle (part II)
Floors: 8 (last floor is boss floor)
Recommended level: 17
Min level: 14
Available Personas: Slime (Chariot), Ukobach (Devil), Sandman (Strength), Pixie (Magician), Angel (Justice), Apsaras (Temperance), Nata Taishi (Chariot), Omoikane (Hierophant), Forneus (Hermit), Yomotsu-Shikome (Fool), Orobas (Magician), Valkyrie (Strength), Ghoul (Death), Senri (Empress), Lilim (Devil)
Mandatory Personas to Acquire: Apsaras (Temperance), Ukobach (Devil), Omoikane (Hierophant)
Recommended Personas: Angel (Justice), Pixie (Magician), Ukobach (Devil), Omoikane (Hierophant)
Notable Enemies: Lying Hablerie (weak to lightning), Calm Pesce (weak to wind), Magic Hand (weak to ice), Black Raven (weak to lightning), Trance Twins (weak to fire), Positive King (strong enemy, summons Secret Bambino, weak to fire), Secret Bambino (weak to lightning), Bronze Dice (strong, explodes, weak to lightning), Laughing Table (weak to wind, nul everything else), Burning Beetle (weak to ice, nul everything else), Heat Balance (reflect everything except phys and light), Magical Magus (AAAAHHHH, super-strong enemy, casts all sorts of super-strong magic, weak to fire), Avenger Knight (non-boss) (strong enemy, strong vs phys, weak to light), Phantom Mage (weak to wind, casts darkness instant kill)
KO Date: Friday, April 29 (4/29)

Talk to Teddie again to get a Goho-M. ... oh, that's clevAr. An item named "Go Home" that allows you to instantly leave a dungeon. Ha. Anyway, do not use your Value Medicines. We are saving those for the final boss so no touchy. Head on in, and once Teddie tells you that the floor layout seems to have changed. In fact, the floor plans aren't even the same from playthrough to playthrough. Only some floors on some dungeons are the same but not the entire dungeon. Anyway, don't forget to change Chie's tactics to Direct Commands if you don't like your party members screwing up. Go ahead and clear out the loot on the first floor and go directly to the second floor, since the enemies on the first floor are exactly the same as last time and therefore won't give much EXP, especially now that you've got three people in the party. Oh, one quick thing though: You might find an enemy on the field that is purple/pink. This indicates a "strong" enemy, although often enough they aren't all that strong. Any actual strong enemies that you should watch out for will be listed in the Notable Enemies section of each dungeon with "strong" in parenthesis (other notable enemies are not necessarily strong but I will list ones that are weak or nul to certain things there as well). Oh yeah, and don't forget to grab the Personas that you might've missed the last time you were here, especially Ukobach, as you will need them soon (try to get Ukobach on floor 1 though cause floor 2 has no enemies and floor 3 has strong enemies weak to fire, and Ukobach has Agi (fire magic)).

On the next floor, Teddie tells you about the size of field enemies I mentioned earlier. He also tells you that sometimes in battle there will be enemies of the same type that are different sizes. In this case, the larger ones are stronger, hit harder with magic, and have more HP, so if you see larger enemies in battle make them your priority target. Check the door Chie was behind before and Teddie says he senses someone there. Yeahno, that's not Yukiko. ^<__<^;; Sup, Shadow Princess Lady? Seems all she cares about is finding some mystery guy and barely acknowledges your existance. She summons some weirdo game show marquee out of nowhere then runs off. Aaaaaaaand of course, Chie buggers off by herself as usual. Fortunately she doesn't get very far. Continue up to the third floor and Yukiko starts talking to herself. The enemies from this floor on are a bit harder than the ones on the first floor, but for the most part they are not much of an issue. Be aware that enemies from now on often cast magic though, so your Persona weaknesses are going to start to matter. For instance, Magic Hands cast fire magic and not only is Chie weak to fire but some of your Personas are too (specifically, Slime, Pixie, and Apsaras). Also, you'll start finding golden treasure chests which are locked. These are what those keys you got from the 'Frotacular Riddle Guy are for. You'll also get opportunities to get some from other quests, special enemies in the dungeons after this one, and sometimes in chests. For the most part, treasure chests hold equipment although they can also have keys also. So yeah, you can get keys to unlock locked chests from locked chests. Look I don't know OK, these things just happen. Speaking of loot, make sure you keep one Peach Seed in your inventory cause like I said before we'll need it for a quest later (I mentioned it before cause that's the only time you're guaranteed to get one).

Get Chie to lv 8 on floor 3, and try to level Pixie up while you're at it. Her Me Patra skill (lv 4) will come in handy if you get really unlucky during this dungeon's final boss. From floor 4 on try to gain at least one level per floor. I really recommend doing two per floor, but you know, up to you. I want to note something about some of the enemies you should be encountering on this floor and further on. Positive King is an enemy that can hit pretty hard and also summons Secret Bambino, which is another enemy that can hit pretty hard. Secret Bambino only exist as summons from the kings so the faster you kill the kings the less bambinos you'll have to deal with. Also, there's some dice enemies that are really dangerous. So, you've probably noticed that when an enemy is almost dead it starts to sag, right. Well, when these dice are almost dead they shake, and if the next attack you use after they start shaking doesn't kill them it's almost 100% sure that they will use their Last Resort skill. This skill causes them to explode, killing them, but also does a lot of damage to you and might actually kill you. So... be very aware of what you are doing if you're gonna fight these guys. They are weak to lightning but if you're too low level your stampede attack won't actually kill them so they might just explode right after you stampede, which is all sorts of bad. Anyway, when you get to the fifth floor, Shadow Yukiko finally seems to take notice of you. She claims you guys are her Princes and you need to rescue her. If you needed rescuing why did you run away earlierrrrrr~~ meh. This floor soon becomes incredibly annoying. Take the first door on your right and go straight down the hallway. Ignore the first door, as it is locked. When you try to pass it, you get teleported to the left side of this floor. Continue forward towards the door up ahead to get teleported to the north side of the floor. This time, turn around and head back towards the left side door. Grab the loot then go back to the north side door to get teleported to the right side. Continue forward again (the north door is locked) to get teleported again to end up back on the south side. Turn around and go back to the right side door, make sure you and Yosuke are lv 13 and Chie is lv 12, heal up, get your SP bars to at least half full, and open the door.

Mini-Boss: Avenger Knight
My current level: 11, Yosuke 11, Chie 10 (normal); 12, Yosuke 12, Chie 11 (expert)
Recommended level: 13 (normal); 14 (expert)
Persona: Sandman (Strength)
Attacks: Skewer, Poison Skewer, Power Charge
Strengths: Nul Light, strong vs physicals
Weaknesses: None

Look, I don't know if she's calling us guards or the single boss "guards." Maybe Shadows suck at counting? I don't think the TV world has kindergarten. I know Teddie claims later in the game that he can't count, but he often states how many enemies are on the field during battle so who knows. This thing hits like a semi with nukes strapped to it. I'm not kidding, this thing is capable of one-shotting one of your guys. Unless this thing hits your char specifically, don't bother healing and just keep throwing magic at it. It's not weak to anything but magic works better than physical attacks of any sort. Also, he usually does Power Charge at some point, WHICH IS BAD, so make sure you hit him with Yosuke's Dekaja to nullify that stat bonus or you'll all be very dead very quickly. I suggest using Sandman cause he's got relatively high endurance and magic, and has a magic skill (unlike Slime who is strong vs physicals but has zero attack magic skills). You might want to have Chie hit you and Yosuke with Tarukaja since, you know, she loves missing so she might as well make herself useful. You'll find this same enemy further on in this dungeon, however the non-boss one is weak to Light so make sure you level Angel to at least lv 5 by then because ow. Getting her to lv 8 would be best though, cause she gets a skill then called Regenerate 1, which restores some of your char's HP each turn.

After the battle you acquire the Glass Key. Remember to heal, then go open the south door for loot and the north door for the stairs up. And yeah, the teleporty nonsense is gone now, hurray. Floor six is the floor full of enemies immune to physicals. If anything is going to eat up all your SP it's these stupid tables and stupid beetles. Starting on floor seven you'll encounter enemies called Magical Magus. If you haven't been levelling a lot (like, say you're lv 13 or 14) you are going to want to run away from these guys because they will murder your faces off. I am not even kidding guys. They are weak to fire though, so if you have Ukobach (or Orobas if you decided to fuse him earlier) feel free to gamble but I still wouldn't recommend it if you're that low level. You will also start encountering the non-boss version of Avenger Knight around here, so remember to have Angel with Hama ready. There are only eight floors to this dungeon, and in every dungeon the last floor is not so much a floor but a save point right in front of a door leading to the boss room, so do all of your levelling and Persona-acquiring before you go up to the eighth floor. *WARNING: If you reach the 8th floor and you are low level (15 or lower), have very little SP (40 or less), and are out of SP-restoring and/or HP-restoring items (not counting the Value Medicines), you MUST go back home now. Save at the save point, choose Return to the Entrance, and use the tellies to go home. You still have Thursday and Friday to rescue Yukiko. If you're going through with this, we need to go fuse a new Persona in the Velvet Room, so save, then use the save point to teleport back to the entrance, enter the Velvet Room and fuse either Izanagi x Angel x Sandman OR Nata Taishi x Angel x Sandman. The first option will let the resulting Eligor inherit four skills from his "parents" whereas the second option will only let him inherit three. However, you MUST get Regen 1, Rakunda, and some sort of physical attack (Skull Cracker, Bash, Cleave) onto Eligor (yeah I know he comes with Poison Skewer but bosses rarely actually get conditions on them and even if they do, confusion from Skull Cracker is better than poison). Even if you're leaving for today, fuse this guy before you go to take advantage of the fusion forecast bonus. Also, if your Ukobach has Resist Fire fuse him with Pixie to get Cu Sith with Resist Fire and Me Patra. If you're gonna fight the boss, talk to Teddie again to get back to the castle, inspect the door, and choose Floor 8. Fill your SP bars til about halfway, remember to equip your new Eligor, and head on in. (even if you decide before the top floor that you're not gonna finish this today you must get to the top floor and use the SP. It will save you some trouble later) OK so since I am a crazy person I'm going into this on expert mode with everyone at lv 14 and with 20 SP or less on each party member. This is a terrible idea and you should not do this ever. Once you open the door, you find Shadow Yukiko with Yukiko on the floor in front of her. Shadow Yukiko seems excited at the prospect of three Princes coming to court her. ... see, even Yukiko says Chie's a guy. I don't know why everyone always gets cranky with me over that. She's Yukiko's Prince~ Apparently, Yukiko's always been longing for someone to take her away from the boringness that is Inaba, away from the responsibilities of inheriting the inn, everything. Yukiko eventually gets pissed off at her Shadow's babbling and rejects her. So. Here we go again...

Boss: Shadow Yukiko the Super-Pink Harpy, and Tiny Friend (Charming Prince)
My current level: 15, Yosuke 15, Chie 14 (normal); 14, Yosuke 14, Chie 14 (expert)
Recommended level: 17 (normal); 19-20 (expert)
Attacks: Agi (Shadow Yukiko), Double Fangs (Shadow Yukiko, physical attack up to 2 hits, single target), Assault Dive (Shadow Yukiko, med physical single target), Burn to Ashes (Shadow Yukiko, fire all party), White Wall (Shadow Yukiko, ice resistance to Prince), Shivering Rondo (Shadow Yukiko, instantly kills any target with Fear on them), Matarunda (Shadow Yukiko, attack down all party), Mind Charge (Shadow Yukiko, increases magic dmg), Diarama (Charming Prince, medium heal single target), Sukukaja (Charming Prince, Hit/Evasion rate up), Terror Voice (Charming Prince, instills Fear in one foe), Cleave (Charming Prince, special phys attack), Life Drain (Charming Prince)
Strengths: Absorb fire (Shadow Yukiko)
Weaknesses: Ice (Charming Prince)
Personas: Eligor (Chariot, fused), Cu Sith (Sun, fused)

Ummm... I know why the caged bird... bitches at everyone...? I know I put Cu Sith in the Personas list for this fight but do not equip him until you need him (which is not right now) cause he's weak to fire, even with Resist Fire. Spend your first couple of turns buffing eachother with Tarukaja and Sukukaja instead of hitting Shadow Yukiko, cause at around 80% HP she summons her tiny friend and we don't want to have to deal with him just yet. Once you and Yosuke have both those buffs on, start hitting her with special physical attacks. After one round of getting hit, she summons Charming Prince. Hit him with Rakunda, special attacks, and Chie's Bufu twice. Keep doing this until he is dead, and remember to keep your HP above 75%. The double Bufu-ness will keep him dizzy for one round, which helps since he heals Shadow Yukiko and buffs himself, neither of which are things you want to deal with. Don't have Chie do Mabufu cause if you do enough damage to Shadow Yukiko she starts using her stronger skills and you don't want this to happen while the Prince is still alive. While the Prince is still dizzy hit Chie with Sukukaja and don't waste her SP, just have her use Skewer. Make sure you have Yosuke recast Sukukaja on you whenever it wears off cause dying is bad, mmmkay? Once he's dead, she tries to summon him again... but... well, he's dead. :op Use this next round to heal up and cast Rakunda on Shadow Yukiko. Remember, this is what we've been saving those Value Medicines for so you cast Rakunda on her and have Yosuke use Dia and Chie use a Value Medicine. From here just use special physicals on Shadow Yukiko. Around 50% HP Shadow Yukiko starts using Burn to Ashes (when she says "Are you trying to make me mad?"), which is an all-party fire attack and Chie is weak to fire. If she's very close to 50% HP have Chie guard on her turn, like, if you're sure your attacks that round are going to get her to 50%. This will negate Chie's weakness to fire and keep her alive. From here on out have Chie guard every turn. If she gets to very close to 0 HP don't bother having Chie guard and just hit her. Like, I mean you can barely see the yellow on her HP bar close. At this point don't even bother with Rakunda and just smack her til she dies.

If you had left the Prince alive, he uses Terror Voice which inflicts fear in one party member. This is what I had you buy those Sedatives for, since if you don't kill him quickly enough he'll end up using it even if you weren't hitting Shadow Yukiko. Use a sedative immediately otherwise Shadow Yukiko will perform an attack (Shivering Rondo) that instantly kills anybody with Fear on them (sometimes she will miss with this attack but don't count on it cause I've only seen her miss once out of the dozens of times I've seen her do it. Also on very rare occasions her target actually survives but I wouldn't bet on this). Sometimes this ends up happening to more than one of your party members, in which case if your HP is almost full you really should switch to Cu Sith and use Me Patra (why near-full HP? Cause Cu Sith is weak to fire so ow). Sometimes she'll do Shivering Rondo immediately though, in which case use that Revival Bead Teddie gave you before. So unless you're crazy like me, this battle should only last 3-4 rounds after the Prince is dead. If you are crazy like me it's still doable but really guys, don't do this it is terrible. ^@__@^;; Also, this fight can be really frustrating because Chie loves to miss with like all of her attacks. She's like the Mihoshi of P4, cept at least Mihoshi is cute, nice, and attractive. In case you were wondering, Chie constantly missing all the goddamn time is where my intense hatred of her comes from. AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH STOP MISSING GRAAAAAAGGGGHHHH.

After the battle, Yukiko is still reluctant to accept her lesser half. Yosuke gives her some words of wisdom, and Chie tells her how she really feels about their friendship. Yukiko then admits her true feelings and gains her Persona, which fortunately isn't an insanity bird anymore. Man, that thing was creepy ^=__=^;; Teddie barrages her with questions, but Yukiko doesn't remember anything about her kidnapping. NO TEDDIE IT IS TOTALLY US WE CAME HERE TO SAVE YUKIKO TO THWART OUR OWN PLANS CAUSE WE JUST HAVE REALLY BAD COMMITMENT ISSUES. ^<________<^;; For some reason, after that he's upset that you're leaving him here. Perhaps he likes hanging out with suspected serial killers? I don't know. Plus, he lives there. What's your damage, Teddie~~? Oh, I see. His damage is bipolar disorder, as he immediately goes from being sad/upset to hitting on Yukiko. ^9__9^ Back at Junes, after Yosuke gives his theory as to what's going on, answer "Let's call it a day" to get points for Understanding. You all part ways and head home.

Back at home, Dojima arrives with Adachi in tow. Oh Adachi, living life with one foot lodged permanently in his mouth. He tells you Yukiko's safely back at her house (well duh), but that the case isn't closed yet. Whoops, there goes the other foot as well. How does he walk with both feet in his mouth like that... *Note: If you didn't save Yukiko today, check the fridge and eat the insanity miso for points towards Courage.


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