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Thursday, April 28

Key events: Sun r2
Personas needed: Slime/Nata Taishi/Eligor (Chariot), Pixie/Orobas (Magician), Angel (Justice), Sandman/Valkyrie (Strength), Omoikane (Hierophant), Cu Sith (Sun)

Head into town, register your Personas, and fuse Cu Sith of the Sun Arcana if you didn't bother before the boss fight yesterday. (Izanagi x Slime OR Ukobach x Pixie OR Slime x Yomotsu-Shikome OR Yomotsu-Shikome x Nata Taishi OR Omoikane x Nata Taishi OR Omoikane x Sandman OR Ukobach x Orobas). I'd do Izanagi x Slime if I were you, since we don't need Izanagi anymore and Slime is super-cheap to re-summon (especially if you're carrying Nata Taishi, in which case you don't need to re-summon Slime at all~). If that's the one you're going with give him Cleave/Bash and Rakunda if you can. Zio and/or Red Wall (since Cu Sith is weak to fire) would be nice as well. Ukobach x Orobas is also a good choice, especially if you're still carrying Pixie. If you're doing this one, give him Agi and Resist Fire (if you levelled Ukobach up enough to get Resist Fire anyway). If you didn't manage to get Omoikane in the dungeon, fuse Izanagi and Apsaras to get one (the skills you give him don't really matter as we need him for S. Links). By the way, if you're trying to make room in your deck for cards you need I'd advise you to make room by fusing stuff into Personas you don't have yet instead of just dismissing them. The quicker we get to that 25% completion the better so we can get that discount. Trust me, you will need it soon enough. Also since we're fusing Personas now, today is the last day I will put actual names for your S. Link Personas. From now on I'll just put the Arcanas you need. I will still list the dungeon ones by name though. If you didn't fuse one yesterday, fuse an Eligor (Chariot) cause we'll need him for the next dungeon as he's got decent strength and the rest of his stats are pretty good too (and we need him later for something else as well). Go sell all your mats at Daidara but don't buy anything today. I'll let you know when you can upgrade your gear. Also even though it's raining don't go on a shopping spree at Shiroku. We're gonna need our cash soon and there's plenty of time before the next dungeon. Do buy sodas and more super croquettes though. After you're done shopping, head back to school with your Cu Sith in tow. Head over to the second floor and hang out with your Sun friend.

At practise, Ayane gets called out for her playing sounding flat. Afterwards, she compliments you on your playing and wishes she was as good as you are. "You do have talent" is the best answer here but a clean game won't have enough Understanding for that, so answer "Effort is what matters." (although "Maybe you should give up" will give you points towards Courage it won't give you any S. Link points so it's up to you if you want to spend more time hanging out with Ayane later instead of ranking up) Ayane tells you about how the other trombone player always gets picked for concerts, but that it's fine since she can't play in front of an audience anyway. Offer to help her clean up for points for Understanding.

At practise the president decides to hold an audition. The first part of the line is "What crazes me is not..." and the second is "the light of the moon..." Afterwards Yumi decides it's her turn, and apparently really gets into it. Jeeze, she's so full of herself. Hmmm, she might even be a bigger bitch than Chie. That's kinda terrifying~ The president then decides that Yumi will be the main character, and you'll be her co-star (this happens even if you screwed up the lines before). Answer "I'll give it my all!" Seems Yumi isn't quite happy being herself and loves acting cause she gets to be somebody, anybody else but herself. Which is odd considering how full of herself she is. ^<__<^;; Ugh, don't call me darling. I'm not into bitchy, self-centered, obnoxious girls. ACK NO I DON'T WANT TO KISS YOU GET AWAY FROM ME ^.__.^;;

Back at home go upstairs and study. You know the drill, two messages or reload.

Friday, April 29

Key events: RESCUE YUKIKO, Understanding r2 (conditional)

OK guys. Today is the KO Date for Yukiko's Castle. If you haven't rescued her yet, you MUST rescue her today or it'll be game over. If you saved on the top floor you can port there from the entrance and either immediately kill the boss or level a bit on the last couple of floors first. If you were feeling like the last few floors were kinda kicking your ass last time you were here I suggest levelling up a bit before taking on the boss.

If you already rescued Yukiko, head into town. Buy some super croquettes (only), save, then go to Aiya (it's the store right before Souzai Daigaku, where you get the croquettes). Yeah, this is the place where you frequently eat with Kou and Daisuke. Here's the deal with this place: On rainy days (and only rainy days) they have special food available that will give you points towards three out of five of your personality traits. The ones that get points are picked at random though so yeah, you guessed it, this will probably involve a lot of reloading. Also, it costs 3k each time and we're going to be spending a lot of rainy days here in the near future, which is why I said to save your cash. So. The stats we want to get points for today are Knowledge and Courage. The third one doesn't matter right now, but you must get Knowledge and Courage or reload. If you get points towards Understanding and either joined band or band AND soccer, you should get r2 Understanding today, but this walkthrough is going to assume you don't get that today.

Back at home, Dojima is actually there for once. ^O__o^ Complaining about the weather... When a commercial for Junes comes on, Nanako gets all excited and asks Dojima if they can go to Junes during Golden Week (which is kinda like spring break in America: a week where all kids get off from school). Dojima starts planning a family outing (regardless of your reply). Afterwards, if you didn't eat the insanity miso before, check the fridge now and eat it for points towards Courage. Back in your room, the fog has set in so you decide to check the Midnight Channel. Since we rescued Yukiko, nothing shows up, so off to bed we go, blissfully unaware of whatever may be going on in the shopping district...

Saturday, April 30

Key events: Fool r2

The next morning you find Yukiko waiting outside of school. Seems she's feeling better. She thanks you for rescuing her, and seems to realise that no one can do everything by themselves. In class... uh... wow, what's up creepy pedo-teacher? Stop hitting on Yukiko. ^o__o^;; Oh yes, deflect from your creepy pervo ways by picking on us. Whatever. Answer "Mt. Olympus" for points towards Knowledge. ... anyone else get the feeling this teacher just says whatever random crap pops into his head without thinking about it first? After school you all meet up on the roof to talk about the case. Yukiko can't remember anything else about her kidnapping, cept that maybe the kidnapper rang the doorbell. Yeah that is pretty bold, but that would mean it's someone she knows, right? Unless she likes to open the door for strangers. ... well, it is an inn after all. I guess most of the guests would be strangers. ^@__@^;; Oh Chie, don't you know~ Criminals do "stuff like this" because they want to. Not really much more of a reason than that. Regardless of your answer, Yukiko joins your team in the fight to solve this mystery. At least Chie and I can agree on one thing: Punching whoever's behind this right in the face. No more teeth for that guy~ Humm... so we have to figure out victimology huh. Well let's see now... Did that Mayumi announcer chick live in Inaba? I mean, the guy she was having an affair with worked in the city so wouldn't she have met him there? She died in Inaba but I'm not sure she lived there... however, all the culprits are female... (actually, your answer here doesn't matter so just put whatever you want :op ) Yosuke also theorises that Saki and Yukiko both had some sort of connection to Mayumi (Saki found the body, and Mayumi was staying at Yukiko's family's inn). He also says that future targets will probably show up on the Midnight Channel before being kidnapped, just like Yukiko did, thus allowing you a chance to warn them before they get kidnapped. However, he's easily distracted by food, and decides soba is more of a priority than figuring out the murder mystery. Surprisingly, Chie lets him have a bite. Yukiko then offers you some... and like pigs you both eat the whole thing (no matter what you choose). Good job guys. ^=__=^;; I mean, Chie eats like a pig anyway but Yukiko almost DIED. You can at least NOT steal all her food ^<__<^;; Yosuke distracts Chie with the one thing guaranteed to make her brain short-circuit like a dude thinking about boobs: STEAK. Yukiko seems to be one of those diet-obsessed girls and isn't easily swayed by the promise of meat (*snrk*), but eventually gives in. ... man, now I want some filet mignon. Dammit why does this game insist on making me hungry...

So off we go to Junes to acquire some MEAT. The conversation moves back to the topic of the killer's identity. Seems the whore-politician's singer wife has a solid alibi for Mayumi's murder (plus, she doesn't really have a motive for the other two cases unless she just wanted to throw suspicion off herself like that one lady who murdered her husband with cyanide-laced aspirin and then put a bunch of tainted bottles on store shelves so other people who had nothing to do with her died and she could fly under the radar). And then... Mr-Foot-Lodged-Permanently-In-Mouth shows up, mumbling to himself. Chie decides to get straight to the point and ask Adachi what the police think is the reason behind Saki's murder. Adachi starts theorising to himself out loud, then realises his mouth tastes like feet again and buggers off. You all then decide to bring Yukiko on her first voluntary trip into the TV. Teddie gives her a pair of glasses... heyyy, how come she gets nice glasses and the rest of us get nerd-glasses. Uh, Teddie, what are you even doing... ^.__.^;; Uhhhhh... why. Just... just why. I... there are no words. ... what do you mean, Chie? It's called puberty. See, when boys go through puberty, they grow facial hair. Congratulations, you're a grown man now.

Back at home, Dojima says that he can get the fourth and the fifth off from work for the family outing, however Nanako seems skeptical. Seems Dojima has a history of breaking promises. It's never a good sign when your six-year old has deemed you completely unreliable. He says that it can be an out-of-town trip, and Nanako gets all excited about the prospect of making boxed lunches which, as dumb as it may sound is actually more elaborate in Japan than the American tradition of just tossing a sandwich into a lunch box. Bentou (or bento) are entire meals like sushi with tenpura and rice, or other foods, and are separated into little compartments. Thus, a "lunch box" in Japan is a bento box and keeps the food separate from eachother, and sometimes come in layers of separate trays, instead of the kids' lunchbox typically seen in America. TL;DR: bento in Japan is a much bigger deal than the translation of the word would lead English-speakers to believe, which is why Nanako is so excited about it, and why Dojima and your friends (when you tell them later about it) talk about it like it requires skill to make (cause they totally do). Shades of Silence Walkthroughs: they're not just for games anymore~ :op Well, off to bed we go cause... I don't know, the game just wants you to OK?

Sunday, May 1

Well, despite what Chie wants, we're staying home today cause exams are coming up. Yes, this game puts you through exams and, even though you've got me to give you all the answers, your Knowledge rank also affects your exam scores, which is why I've been harrassing you about the double messages for Knowledge. Plus, none of your friends are available to hang out with today for whatever reason, so go study. We're studying tonight too, but you can only let one of those times go at only one message.

Monday, May 2

Key events: Quest 01: Acquire an Angel Statue, Quest 02: Acquire a Demon Statue, Quest 04: Acquire a Ritz Wire, acquire Fishing Set

Hey, King Moron, I don't know why you're talking like all the girls cut their skirts in half like Chie does. It's only her that craves that kind of attention~ He also informs you that midterms are coming up next week (they start on Monday 5/9 just fyi). And while it sounds like he's spouting gibberish, the reason why I keep making you study is exactly what he says: If you get high enough scores on your exams in the game, you get points towards your S. Link ranks with your school friends. This saves you some time later when trying to rank up. Alright, after school we're gonna collect quests. The first one is the girl directly in front of you (short dark hair, glasses, long black socks). She wants an Angel statue cause she's scared of everything. Head out into the hallway and run past Ayane/Yumi to find a guy with dark hair and glasses staring into the empty calligraphy room for some reason. He wants you to find a Demon Statue (maybe he sees ghosts in the calligraphy room...?). Next, go to the Practise Building and talk to the guy on the right side of the first floor. He needs some spare parts to build a radio. Alright, into town we go. Our first stop is the Samegawa Flood Plain. Go to the Riverbed and talk to the old man staring at the water and tell him you're interested in fishing. He'll also tell you how fishing works if you ask for his advise. The number of times you can fish in one go depends on your Diligence rank, just fyi. He'll also trade you stuff for fish you catch, and some of those items are pretty good. Next, go into the shopping district. Save, and go eat at Aiya. We want Knowledge and Courage again, so reload if you don't get both. Back at home, Dojima calls to let Nanako know that he's cancelling the family trip. Figures ^9__9^;; Save, and go study. Reload if you don't get two messages.

Tuesday, May 3

Key events: Justice Arcana initiated, Knowledge r3

As you head downstairs, the doorbell rings. A wild Chie appears! She invites you to hang out with her and Yukiko, and invites Nanako along as well. You all head over to Junes to meet up with Yosuke. Yosuke is clearly unaware of how much Nanako loves Junes. Gah Yosuke, what are you saying ^@__@^;; ... how do you follow up a statement of certainty with "probably," Chie... that doesn't even make any sense. Turns out Dojima didn't choose to be a single parent; Nanako's mum died in some sort of accident. Nanako seems OK with it though, cause she's still got her (pretty negligent) father, and her older brother (who is actually her cousin). Well, family is family I guess, no matter how you redefine it. Your friends decide to treat Nanako to some goodies. w00t, new S. Link. Unlike the others, Nanako doesn't really have a set schedule, but you see her at home every night. Any time she has that exclamation mark over her head she'll be available to hang out with. Back home, do the double Knowledge reload dance~ You should reach Knowledge r3 tonight. If not, you should reach it tomorrow night when we study again. Either way you still need two messages tonight.

Wednesday, May 4

Key events: Chariot r2

In the morning, Yosuke calls you to hang out. Decline his invite. Unfortunately, we're hanging out with Chie today instead. Bleh. Go to the shopping district and find Chie in front of Daidara. Seems Chie wants to train. Er... I didn't sign up for this... ^T__T^ You don't use your kicking skills in battle anyway, Chie. STOP MISSING, FFS. ^=__=^;; Answer "Right" and "I'm cool with it." Chie seems to want to change herself to erase the feelings her lesser half expressed. After putting you through the paces, she lets you go home. Tonight is another Knowledge reload mambo night. If you do not reach Knowledge r3 tonight I don't know what you've been doing ^<__<^;; Either way, you still need two messages tonight, cause these aren't the only exams in the game and we need to max out Knowledge (r5) as soon as possible. Gah. ^X__X^;;

Thursday, May 5

Key events: Hermit Arcana initialised

Today the game decides that you're in the mood for exploration. First choose Junes so we can get a free snack~ the snack in question is awesome. After you get the Tater Longs, the game decides for you that you should go to the shrine. On your way out, you sense a presence... An apron-wearing fox leaps off the roof and lands in front of you. He's got a shrine plaque with a wish on it in his mouth. He hands it to you, and you read the wish on it. You also notice a weird leaf stuck to the back. Suddenly an old man appears, and the fox runs away. The old man says he's trying to spruce up the shrine but lately his legs have been hurting so badly that he hasn't been able to do much, and is worried that soon he won't be able to visit his grandson anymore. He then notices the leaf in your hand and asks for it. After using it, it seems all his pain is gone. He puts an offering in the shrine as thanks and speeds off to visit his grandson. After he leaves, the fox comes out of hiding and is pleased at the money in the offering box. It seems that perhaps this is the "mysterious animal" that your crazy math teacher was saying had been checking vending machines for change. The fox also has more of those leaves the old man used. You think about how useful those leaves would be inside the TV world, and it seems the fox understands you. However, he wants money for the shrine in exchange for his services. Alright, here's the deal with this fox. He is your Hermit Arcana S. Link, however he is one of those special cases that I mentioned before. He doesn't rank up by hanging out with him; instead, he will give you ema wish plaques for you to fulfill the wishes of (which are also quests), and once you have fulfilled the wish and report the success to the fox, this S. Link will rank up. This is a very convenient S. Link because he can "heal" you during dungeons. Now, he's not an actual party member, but he will go into the TV world with you and will wait by the entrance where the Velvet Room is. However, he doesn't heal HP. He does heal SP though, which is friggin awesome. You can use a Goho-M or the final save points in dungeons to return to the entrance any time you want him to refill your SP. The problem is that it can get pretty expensive if your SP bars are pretty empty. On the bright side, the higher your Hermit S. Link rank, the bigger the discount he will give you on his services. And yeah, I'll be guiding you step by step with his quests, and most of them are multi-day quests like that girl on the rooftop quest we haven't finished yet. Oh, one more thing about the Hermit S. Link: this is another S. Link that does not require a matching Persona for rank ups.

Anyway, back at home Dojima finally exists~ Nanako tells him about how you kept her company during Golden Week. Dojima bought Nanako a platypus shirt and you some swimming trunks to make up for cancelling the family trip. Check the fridge afterwards and eat the yummy pickle that somehow makes you sick anyway.

Friday, May 6

Key events: Quest 05: Acquire Mori Ranmaru Shochu, Quest 06: I Wish For Love, Chariot r3, Hierophant Arcana initialised

... Yosuke, your bike sounds like a duck. Oh gods, he wants a motorcycle. If his bike-riding is any indication, he should start looking into buying a headstone. ^<__<^;; Man, that wasn't even a week of vacation... You all ponder over the killer's identity and whether he's done kidnapping people or not. Chie suggests that Yosuke ask Yukiko to help him study... and Yukiko slaps him for it. Really? I thought she was supposed to be the SANE one. The hell did you think Chie was talking about when she said "go over the material"? You were looking RIGHT. AT. HER. when she said it! Gah. I give up. All these bitches are crazy. After school, go to the Samegawa Flood Plain and go all the way left and talk to the guy in a suit there. He wants you to find a local liquor brand. Go to the shrine (it's in the shopping district north side, past Souzai Daigaku on the right side of the street) and choose "Accept the ema's request." Apparently some girl is wishing that the guy she likes will like her back. Go back to school and talk to the girl immediately to your right, in front of your shoe locker. After she runs off, you find a love letter in your shoe box. Which... was apparently meant for someone else. Aha. Seems she's the girl who wrote the wish. Well, she ran home apparently cause she's not anywhere in the school today. Go up to the roof and talk to the fence girl about her hobbies again. Unfortunately, her secret admirer has already left school for the day (argh!), so we're not done yet... Time to hang out with Chie. I guess we're training again today. Nanako shows up, and Chie explains that she's fighting herself... well, I guess our lesser halves are part of us anyway, so she's kinda right? Nanako gets distracted by a grasshopper, and Chie freaks the hell out. Man, she even sucks at being manly... Even Yukiko isn't afraid of bugs and she's pretty ladylike. Choose "It's very feminine." Chie then decides to drag Nanako into the training as well. Chie decides that she can't be outdone by Nanako, and decides to work to get over her fear of bugs.

When you get home, talk to Dojima. ... yeah, this promises to be an awkward conversation ^^;; Your answers here don't matter though. ... for some reason, he doesn't look very happy over the fact that you've made friends. Apparently he is considering you as a suspect in the murders. Cause that makes so much sense. Dojima got called to the scene of Mayumi's kidnapping right after he finished picking you up from the train station. And the night that Saki was kidnapped and murdered he was actually home for once. AND it was the night he gave you the cold medicine, which he specifically said would make you super-tired. So unless you somehow magically know how to teleport and are immune to cold medicine-induced sleepiness... it's impossible for you to have been involved with the first two cases. DOJIMA IS BEST DETECTIVE. DOJIMA WINS DETECTIVE OF THE CENTURY AWARD. The facts he looks at are apparently hallucinations then I don't know. Nanako quickly comes to your defense. Well, she's always home at night too. She woke up when you hit your head on the table when the telly tried to eat you, so I think you'd have a lot of trouble trying to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night to COMMIT MURDER. lolcat. Yes dad, you're totally a bully. Stop bullying "big bro." Of course she's taken a shine to us. Unlike SOMEBODY, we actually pay attention to her. ^<__<^;; Dojima also wins Father of the Century Award. After his award acceptance speech, the Hierophant Arcana S. Link is initialised, and Dojima sends you off to bed.

Saturday, May 7

Key events: Courage r3, Understanding r2

The answer to Creepy Puppet Guy's morpheme question is "Ionize" for points towards Knowledge. After school, leave your classroom and talk to the shoe box love note girl (she's immediately to your left when you load in the hallway). Tell her that you read her letter and she... flips out. Right. OK. Crazy bitches everywhere. Sorry, I forgot. Of course she would blame somebody else for her inability to read names on shoe boxes. Anyway, she decides to go confess her love in person since you already "know her secret." Still not done with this quest~ Go to the shopping district and buy the new book on sale, then save and go to Aiya. Today we are aiming for Courage and Understanding (unless you already have Understanding r2 in which case go for Courage and Diligence), and the third trait can be anything (if you somehow didn't get Knowledge r3 by now, you NEED Courage and Knowledge from this). This should get you to Courage r3 today. At home, start reading your book for points towards Understanding (unless you still don't have Knowledge r3, in which case studyyyy gaaaah). This should get you r2 Understanding today if you also got Understanding from eating at Aiya.

Sunday, May 8

Key events: Magician r4

Look, if you don't have Knowledge r3 by today I don't know what you've been doing but you are screwing up. Stop screwing up! You will need to study forever today until you get r3 if you don't have it yet. Seriously, you're grounded now. Those of you who've been paying attention get to go hang out with your friends today. Chie will call you but decline her invite. We're hanging out with Yosuke today. Yosuke's at Junes, staring at the floor again. What is so interesting about this floor? Oh I'm so glad you think hanging out with us isn't so bad. What, are you still pissed off about your clothes? Your dad owns a department store. You can just get some new ones there~ OK seriously, I think Yosuke is a magnet for obnoxious bitches, cause here come more of them. A law... against working on the weekends? What? And if you told your interviewer that you could work on the weekends why are you pissed that you get scheduled on the... aaaaaggggggghhhhh. *head explodes* Tell Yosuke he's incredible and then reply "That's the spirit!" ... I want Meat Lover's Combo. Share! I promise I won't set your clothes on fire anymore, really. ^*__*^ Back at home, read your book some more.

Monday, May 9 - Wednesday, May 11

Key events: MIDTERMS

So Monday is the first day of midterms, and the last day is Wednesday. Since you won't get to do anything else besides answer the test questions (yeah, even after school), these three days are just going to be in this one paragraph. So... here we go!

What time is a thief most likely to sneak into your house?
What does BC stand for?
Before Christ

Which of the following is a perfect number?
Which of the following is spelled correctly?
Millennium (two L's and two N's)

Who advocated "The greatest minds are capable of the greatest vices as well as the greatest virtues"?
Rene Descartes
Which mountain has the highest elevation in the solar system?
Mt. Olympus

TMI Stakeouts

Carnivorous Magic Televisions

Stop Kidnapping Me

The Princess is Totally in This Castle