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Thursday, May 12

Key events: Sun r3, Expression r2, Hierophant r2

Oof, I'm glad that's over. ^=__=^;; For some reason, Chie really wants to go over the exam questions. It's not like you can do anything about them now ^O__o^;; Rice cakes? I want daifuku... STOP MAKING ME HUNGRY. *eats Chie* Your answer to her question about geography doesn't actually matter, and even if you give her the wrong answer Yukiko is like "I PUT THAT TOO!" ^<__<^;; You overhear some students talking about the news doing a report on some local biker gang... Head out into the hallway and talk to the crazy girl again. She says her confession worked (man, do I feel sorry for whatever dope ended up with this crazy person...) and that she's going to make a big offering at the shrine as thanks for her wish coming true. OK, here's another note about the Fox S. Link: While getting the wish quests doesn't take up any time, reporting to him that the wish has been fulfilled takes as much time as hanging out with your other friends does, so for the most part we'll be saving handing in his quests for rainy days when your friends don't want to hang out with you anyway. So long story short we're not handing the quest in today. Go down to the first floor and find Shrimp-girl by the shoe lockers (she's the obnoxious chick who is supposed to manage your team but doesn't bother showing up ever). Now that you have r3 Courage you can ask her out, so do so. She agrees, in her own bitchy way, and says that you should skip class with her sometime. Now that we got that over with, go hang out with your Sun S. Link.

Today your Expression should reach r2 from going to club. ... huh. Where's Ayane? Turns out she was setting up the band's next gig. Oh, make that two gigs. ^.__.^;; She's pretty dedicated. The captain says you can't be in the next performances since they already set the players before you joined. After practise, Ayane says she's going to stay and play since she didn't get to during the actual rehearsal. Choose "Forget about it today," which she apparently finds hilarious. She says that now that they've got more performances she really needs to practise. Your next answer is irrelevant. She seems to think her playing is terrible and that she's more useful to the club being a secretary. Tell her she has a great attitude (even if that's not true), and she sends you on your way home.

Today your Expression should reach r2 from going to club. Yumi asks you to help her practise her part for the school concourse... but suddenly some girl runs in and tells her that her mother has collapsed and had to go to the hospital. ... why is it that everyone's mother is collapsing? Yukiko's mum collapsed just the other day~ For some reason, Yumi can't decide what to do. Say whatever you want, and she runs out of the room. The president cancels club for the rest of the day, and you head off to the hospital to check on Yumi. Once there, you find her and her mother in the hallway. Seems that Yumi's father was estranged from the family, but has suddenly fallen ill so Yumi's mum lied so that Yumi would actually come see him. The douche sounds like a selfish prick to me. "Heyyyyy, sup? I know I ruined both of your lives with my selfish WHORING, but hey, now that I'm dying I think you should totally forget about all of that and love me cause I'm just that awesome and I should always get what I want." Yeah whatever buddy, fuck you. Yumi seems to agree with me, but her mother has decided to forgive and forget and spend the rest of what's left of his pathetic life taking care of him. She walks off, leaving Yumi in the hallway. Yumi notices that you've been there the entire time. Er... wh... why are you smiling when you say that... Your next two answers don't matter, so respond however you want. After the rank up, she asks to walk home with you.

Tonight is the first night that Nanako will tell you that the fridge is full of food. On these nights you can cook lunch to take to school with you the next day and share your lunch with one of your school friends. This counts as a non-rank up hang out and doesn't take up your entire afternoon, which can come in handy for the higher S. Link ranks. And we're actually going to need to do this tonight so go open the fridge and make lunch. Each time you do this the food will be different and although there is no cooking skill or whatever you still have to make the right choices or you'll screw up the food and won't get to share it with your friends. And although I don't know anything about cooking IRL I have the power of SAVED STATES to give you the right answers for cooking! Hurray for emulators! So our first recipe is beef stew. The correct answer is to simmer it with a drop lid. You get delicious food~ yay~ You also get three Baits. Soooooo. Quick explanation on what this is. Awhile ago I sent you to talk to a rambling old man by the river, who gave you a fishing set. You can't fish without bait though. And while we haven't gone fishing yet, we have 2-3 quests that require us to go fishing so the more baits we have by the time those roll around the better. So if you'd screwed up the meal you wouldn't've gotten any food and wouldn't be able to eat lunch with someone tomorrow but you would get five baits. If you only sort of screwed up the food, you don't get any bait but you do get to eat lunch with someone. But it wouldn't count as an entire meeting with someone. I guess it counts as half of a meeting? I dunno how to explain it. Just don't screw up your food, OK? ^^;; Oh, and one last thing about cooking: it will take your entire night so you can't do anything else that night if you cook.

Friday, May 13

Key events: Lunch with Kou/Daisuke, Moon Arcana initialised

The game will ask you during lunch who you want to share the food you cooked with. Today choose to have lunch with Kou and Daisuke. Hahaha, Daisuke wants to eat the whole thing. Dude, there are three of us here! :op Haha, did we just school Kou in cooking? Directly after that, Ai should ask you to ditch class with her. Answer "Sure, why not?" and she drags you to Okina. She really gets a kick out of skipping class I guess. Tell her whatever you want, and she insists that she doesn't do this all the time, claiming that she's been a good girl lately. Really? Then why are you supposed to be managing our team and why are we here when we're supposed to be in class~? No matter what you say, she still drags you around to do her shopping. Bleh, shopping. ... of course she makes you carry all the bags. Why would I expect any different? Silly me... She suddenly notices the time and says you two have to get back before classes let out. ... what exactly are we going to do with these giant bags of clothes? I think someone will wonder if they see us at school with these... Regardless, Ai says she had fun going out with you, but that next time it won't involve skipping class. Aaaand~ Moon S. Link initiated! Hurray... After class, head to the shopping district and take the bus to the daycare center. On arrival, all of the kids barrage you with questions. At the end of the day, one boy is left by himself. Your supervisor informs you his name is Yuuta and that his mum is always late. When she finally arrives, Yuuta buggers off. She claims that Yuuta's a real troublemaker but hopes that you'll take care of him regardless, and walks off in the direction Yuuta ran off in. The supervisor starts gossiping about the family. Turns out that the woman is Yuuta's stepmother, not his birth mother. Well, at least we earned some money, since we're pretty broke.

Back at home, a news report about the biker gangs comes on. Turns out Dojima knows one of the people in the report, but that Kanji isn't in a biker gang. Instead, he's been crushing the gangs since middle school cause they were harrassing his mum.

Saturday, May 14

At school, Yosuke says the Midnight Channel might show someone tonight and that we have to be ready to watch it. Check the fridge when you get home and eat the grass like a cow for points towards Courage. Back in your room, it seems someone has appeared on the Midnight Channel. Seems like it's a dude this time. Call Yosuke up and he says that we should all get together tomorrow and figure it out (even if you don't call him he's still going to call you).

Sunday, May 15

Ahm... well, I guess we could do worse as far as special headquarters go. I mean, Yosuke can probably get us free snacks and beverages. You all confirm that you saw a guy on the Midnight Channel, and Yukiko questions our previous assumptions about the killer targeting women. She also deduces that he's probably not been kidnapped yet. We still have to figure out who he is though. In order to do so we'll have to watch the Midnight Channel again tonight. ... hey Chie. It's my job to rehash stuff for the purposes of this walkthrough. Nobody needs you rehashing things that have already been said! Why is everyone trying to steal my schtick. Back at home, it's Midnight Channel time. It's the same guy as last night, but he seems to be fighting something and threatening the "camera." Come to think of it, he looks like that guy dad was talking about who crushed the biker gangs. Yosuke says he remembers him from the news report too. Aaaaaand then he quickly changes the topic to girls. Again. Talk about a one-track mind. Answer "Both" for points towards Understanding or "Neither" for points towards Courage. We really need more Courage though so I suggest you answer "Neither." Dude, whatever, one's an obnoxious freeloader and the other one keeps slapping people ^=__=^;; No, seriously, at like r7 of your party member S. Links they gain the ability to cure ailments in battle, and the way she "cures" ailments is by SLAPPING YOU ACROSS THE FACE. ffs Yukiko, stop slapping me... ^=__=^;; Dude, if you don't believe me, just load the game and let the trailers run. The one that starts with the date will show her slapping you at some point for the cure ailments thing. It has nothing to do with their lesser halves, Yosuke~ they're just crazy~

Monday, May 16

The next day at school you all get together to discuss what you saw last night. Seems Yukiko actually knows Kanji, and suggests we all head over to his mum's shop and see if we can talk to him. When you get there, you find... some weirdly-dressed short chick in a large hat? It's still May right? It didn't randomly become Halloween when I wasn't looking? What are you even wearing, kid? Hat Chick wanders off, leaving you with Kanji's mum. Chie notices a random scarf for sale, and Yosuke seems to recognise it too. Oh... apparently it was part of the noose in that dead-end room from the first time we fell into the TV. Kanji's mum says that yes, Mayumi did place an order for two of those scarves but then decided she didn't want the male version. ... what kind of guy would even wear a butterfly scarf anyway. I guess she had planned on giving it to that politician dude and then changed her mind when her affair made her lose her job? Either way, this proves that there's a connection between Kanji and the first case (even if it's a pretty weak connection). Eh, I've heard of lamer motives for murder than this. Back outside you see Kanji talking to Hat Chick. ... ummmm... Yosuke, how is standing NEXT to a bright red mailbox "hiding"? Hat Chick has arranged for Kanji to meet him after school tomorrow at the front gates for some reason. Kanji then notices your terrible excuse for hiding and chases you all away. Yosuke says that Kanji's mum fits the pattern better than Kanji does. I dunno, maybe the killer just really likes young kids and any connection to Mayumi is an excuse? Either way, Kanji's the one who showed up on the telly so we have to talk to him anyway. Look Chie, just cause your motto is "Don't think, feel" doesn't mean that the stupid things you sense are in any way accurate... Aaaaaaaand Yosuke gets shot down by Yukiko again. Do I need to keep a Yosuke pwnt count like DBZ Abridged does for Krillin...? So I guess we're going to stake out Kanji and his mum's shop tomorrow... hum... stake... steak... oh gods I'm turning into Chie aren't I. No no no I just want steak! I CAN BUY MY OWN STEAK I DON'T NEED TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE DO IT I SWEAR. ^T__T^ Back at home drink the soda in the fridge so we can make room for any other insanity things that are coming along (no this one won't give you courage cause it's yummy and not a pickle). The game won't let you do anything else but sleep tonight so... off to bed we go.

Tuesday, May 17

Key events: Priestess Arcana initiated

Well, time for non-steak stakeouts I suppose. Oh Chie, you wouldn't know subtlety if it came up and slapped you in the face like Yukiko~ Aaaaaaand somehow neither Kanji nor Hat Chick even notice the large mob of people standing RIGHT THERE. The two of them walk off, and Yosuke says we have to split up. No matter what you say you end up with Yukiko so whatever. Aaaaand now Yosuke gets shot down by Chie. Dude give it up, no girl ever anywhere is interested in you. Being attractive doesn't make up for your lack of common sense and your insistence on hitting on anything that looks even remotely like a girl~ You and Yukiko head over to the textile shop and begin your soda-out. Well you have sodas not steaks... what? I still want steak... ^T__T^ I really need to start making sure I have a full stomach before working on this walkthrough... Seems nothing is going on at the shop. lolcat... at least Yukiko's cute when she blushes. Still doesn't make up for the crazy slapping sprees though... Apparently Yukiko doesn't really talk to boys ever (cept to reject them I guess?) and you make her nervous, but that she's having a lot of fun hanging out with you guys. Aaaaaand Priestess S. Link is gooooooooo! Meanwhile, Chie and Yosuke are still tailing the boys. Chie wonders how you and Yukiko are doing. ... dude Yosuke you said that conversation was just between us. Bros before hos, man, what the hell. gg guys, now you've caught Kanji's attention. Chie has absolutely no idea how to play along with anything does she. Maybe she's related to Adachi? She does seem to like the taste of her own feet... And now they're forced to run. Round and round they go, like that one time the Kurzick and Luxon guards bugged out in that one town in Guild Wars: Factions... Somehow they manage to escape and come find you and Yukiko at the shop. You know, the shop where Kanji lives? Speaking of~? Kanji shows up and chases you off again. Whyyyyyy did Yukiko suggest we actually wait for him? Whyyyyy did we listen to her? Haven't you figured out yet that Kanji doesn't like the word strange yet? And Yosuke runs face-first into the shop. gg. ^<__<^;; Oh Chie what, your training hasn't been paying off at all I guess. Explains why you never get over your obsession with missing everything in battle ever... You all decide to come back tomorrow and make sure Kanji's still OK. Back at home in your room, Yukiko calls you to inform you that she decided to call the textile shop after she got home and it seems that Kanji's gone missing. I guess we're watching the Midnight Channel again. Ah... w..what in the name of cheesecakes and misery? I'm... gonna go hide now. Bye. You guys are on your own. ^.__.^;; Oh FINE, I'll stick around and help you guys out but you owe me for this. ^T__T^ Yosuke calls and bemoans the fact that you all didn't stay at the shop longer. I dunno, wouldn't the kidnapper have just shown up later anyway...

Wednesday, May 18

Key events: Fool r3, Quest 10: Extracurricular Activities, Quest 07: Desk Refurbishing, Strength r5, Diligence r2 (Kou), Justice Hang-Out

At school everyone comes to the conclusions that Kanji's already been kidnapped and thrown inside the telly. Also, it's a possibility that your group aren't the only ones checking out the Midnight Channel, including the "TV shows" produced by the kidnap victims' Shadows. Gah, I actually agree with Chie for once, that is kinda friggin creepy. No no no no no set that guy on fire forever. ... I love that Chie only wants to beat up the killer after she realises that people probably saw her ordeal with her Shadow too. Way to not be a self-centered bitch Chie. *sarcasm* No Yukiko you have it all wrong. It's not the same. We're going to kill him, RAISE HIM FROM THE DEAD, then kill him again. See? Not the same at all. *thumbs up* Afterwards you all go into the telly to see what Teddie knows about Kanji's situation. Teddie seems to be unable to tell whether someone's inside or not. He says his nose isn't working as well as it used to. Well, I mean, if you think about it, those places that the kidnap victims ended up in didn't exist before, right. Teddie said that the duplicate shopping district just "appeared" right? So wouldn't that mean that the TV world is getting bigger? And if it's bigger it would be harder to pinpoint where someone is, or even that someone is there. Teddie suddenly realises that if he knew more about Kanji he could probably use that to hone in on his location, kinda like a homing beacon. Even though Yukiko knows him she doesn't know him that well, so now we've got to find some real information on Kanji since rumours aren't going to help us much. Well, time to go talk to a bunch of people and figure this out.

First we have a couple of other things to do. Go back to school and talk to that idiot brown-haired kid in your classroom staring out the window who finally exists again. Seriously, who sends someone to find out about the person they like and then DISAPPEARS for like a week and a half. Nobody cares about your rumours about Kanji, Mr. Guy, just give us our quest reward. Jeeze. He gives you a Goho-M for your info on the fence girl. Back out in the hallway go to the end of the left side of the hallway and find Ms. Sofue, your Egypt-obsessed history teacher, just around the corner. She asks you to find her a suspicious pole so she can make herself a new dowsing rod. Go to the practise building and go up to the second floor (the stairs are past the guy who wants to build radios, on the left). On the second floor go left to find some girl standing by herself in the corner. What do you mean, "suddenly started making these plastic models"? He owns the model shop in the shopping district. This is not a sudden thing. Seems he got glue all over her desk though and she wants something cheap to fix it with since he'll probably just end up doing it again. She asks you to find her a fitting board. Head to the shopping district north side and continue towards the back of the shopping district and speak to Kanji's mum (old lady in a light green kimono). She says that a small boy had been asking about Kanji too. I guess she means Hat Chick. She says she hasn't seen him around lately though. Talk to Kanji's mum again to hear that she sees him at Junes every once in awhile. Go to Junes and ask the lady in the corner there about Hat Chick. She says that he hangs out there a lot and even asked her about the murders. She says he was just here but is gone now, but will probably be back tomorrow. Well, that's all we can do about that today. Go back to school, find your sports buddy, and head to practise.

Ah... Daisuke? Where's Kou? Well, maybe he'll be at practise. Off we go. This should get us to Diligence r2 today. Kou's still not here. Well, it's time to go home, so let's just... huh? His shoes are still here? Maybe... MAYBE HE'S INVISIBLE! ^O__O^;; Hum, maybe not. Let's go look for him. Gah! Kou, are you dead? Why are you lying on the roof like you're dead?? Answer either "You've got some nerve..." or "Something wrong?" for him to open up and say that he doesn't think he likes basketball anymore. What? Mr. "I'm the basketball team's up-and-coming MVP" doesn't like basketball anymore? And it has nothing to do with Granny Bonkers? Seems his family is suddenly fine with him playing. Maybe he only liked it cause they didn't want him playing...? Nah, that doesn't seem right. There's gotta be something deeper going on here. Reply either "You just need a rest" or "Let's go do something fun." He thanks you for caring enough to go look for him, and that he's gonna stay up on the roof for a bit longer.

Uh. I guess we have a game today. Good thing we've been practising, huh? You end up running circles around everyone. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL~~~ What do you mean, what was that. That was a ball flying right by your slackjawed face, lame-o goalie! After the game, your teammates have finally accepted you. You, Daisuke, and Kou head to Aiya afterwards to celebrate. Tell them you're just getting warmed up, and Kou treats you to some food on him. Haha, looks like Daisuke is another meat lover.

Back at home, hang out with Nanako.

Thursday, May 19

Key events: Strength r6

Today at lunch the results of the midterms are posted. If you did everything I said, then you'll be in the top 10. This will give you S. Link points with all of your school friends, meaning we get to skip some non-rank up hangouts. Yaaaaaay. Ai will also demand that you hang out with her after school. Yeah, she's very demanding. However, we have other things to do today and you will need a Moon Persona for future hangouts with her so tell her you'll decide later. Say the same to Yumi when she asks you. Jeeze, such pushy women. After school, head to your shoe locker and check it to find something inside (usually after you get good scores on your exams there will be something in your shoe locker but sometimes there isn't for some reason. Also, the item seems to be random each time) and talk to Best Teacher EvAr again to get three chest keys as a reward for your exam scores. Now go to Junes and talk to Hat Chick, who says that he thinks Kanji is odd and has some sort of complex. I guess this is enough for Teddie...? Well, we have other things to do today so we'll find out some other day. Find your sports buddy and head to practise.

Seems Kou's actually coming this time, although he doesn't seem to be too into it. Daisuke shows up, and Kou's been spacing out apparently. Daisuke instinctively knows something's up. Your answer here doesn't matter. Kou starts listing all the reasons why he shouldn't play basketball. Who cares if you're short? Wasn't there some famous basketball player who was super-short? He was in Space Jam! He then bemoans the fact that the team never plays any real games so it's all completely pointless. Daisuke starts getting pissed, but Kou doesn't even notice and bails. You tell Daisuke about your convo with Kou up on the roof the other day. After many many dots, Daisuke's head explodes. Or something. Apparently the aneurysm gave him a good idea though! He's gonna organise a real basketball game for Kou. Tell him he's right, and he recruits your teammates to be part of the game. lolcat Daisuke... hey, blackmail is totally OK as long as you're doing it for a good cause! And helping Kou is a good cause! Answer whatever you want to Daisuke's blackmail. He says if there aren't enough people for a full team he'll play too, even though he doesn't know any of the rules. ^<__<^;; Oh boy.

After practise, the team starts ragging on Daisuke. What's his problem? What's YOUR problem?! Leave Daisuke alone ^=__=^;; Kou shows up as your teammates continue harassing Daisuke. Daisuke claims that when it's game time he'll play for real. Kou tells him that he should always take it seriously, even if it's just practise. Er... Kou I think you made Daisuke really mad ^.__.^;; Some varsity team member comes over to see what all the fuss is about, and doesn't like what he sees. He makes Daisuke do some sprints and whatever the hell burpees are. ... is this the same dumb bitch as last time? No? Another one? Ah jeeze. Why do women always try to have a conversation, no matter what else is going on. Middle of a car chase? Stop and have a conversation. Being chased by zombies? Stop and have a conversation. Just got handed a bunch of sprints cause your senpai doesn't like what you're doing? STOP AND HAVE A CONVERSATION. And of course Daisuke gets punished for it. Yesitwasyourfaultshutupgoaway. Why is Daisuke being so nice all of a sudden ^O__o^;; I'd be pissed if I had to run laps cause some annoying girl decided the entire universe needed to stop everything so she could talk to me. Kou says he needs to talk to you about Daisuke, but he can't today cause he's got some familial obligations to take care of (and if you've been reading Kou's side in this walkthrough you'll know that his family's pretty strict). "Anything for you guys" is the best answer here, but we don't have enough Understanding yet, so pick "No problem." He tells you they both like and trust you, then heads home to deal with Granny Bonkers.

Back at home, go upstairs and read your book some more.

Friday, May 20

Key events: Empress Arcana initialised, Hermit r2, Diligence r2 (Daisuke)

After school, head into the shopping district and enter the Velvet Room. You'll find Marge all by herself, going through the Compendium. She's startled to see you, and starts acting like she's never met you before. She starts to tell you to leave, then thinks twice. She says nothing in the Velvet Room happens without a reason (you know what, I beg to differ. Unless the REASON Igor keeps fucking up my fusions is cause he's trolling me). She introduces herself (again), and informs you that she's a resident of the Velvet Room cause the last person who was Igor's... secretary or whatever disappeared. She's really into S. Links, and decides that she should be one of yours. After the initialisation, she says she wants to know more about you and wants you to show her your rare Persona ability. Marge wants you to show her an Ippon-Datara that knows Sukukaja, then kicks you out of the Velvet Room. Marge here is another one of those weird S. Links I mentioned before. It doesn't really matter what you say to her. In fact, you almost never actually get to reply to anything she says. Instead, she will ask you for a specific Persona with a specific ability. This ability must be the one she asks you for, and not one along the same lines as the ability (for instance, if she wants something with Megido and you have that Persona she wants with Megidola instead, she won't even acknowledge you have it). These Personas are acquired via fusion (some of them you can acquire in dungeons but the only way to get them to have the abilities she asks for is via fusion), which is why I get cranky when I talk about Igor fucking up fusions. Like I said on, like, page 1 of the walkthrough if you are really invested in fusing a specific Persona (such as for one of Marge's quests), save before you do or you're going to want to set the universe on fire if Igor screws it up. Anyway. Accepting Margaret's Requests and handing them in takes zero time so you will never waste an entire afternoon on her, even in the event that you hand in all of her requests one right after the other on the same day (which really would only happen in a New Game+, so if you're planning on playing a New Game+ make sure you keep all of her requested Personas with the skills she asked for, since you get to carry your Compendium over into a New Game+). One more thing: Margaret is another S. Link that doesn't require a matching (Empress) Persona. Alright, now that we're done with her, go to the shrine and hand in the weirdo love confession quest to Mr. Fox. Yeah, I know I said we'll usually be saving these for rainy days but we have a dungeon coming up and we're gonna need the discount. When you get home tonight, inspect the table in your room and choose to make envelopes. Not only do we need the Diligence soon, but we're also mostly broke ^T__T^;; If the game says you're getting bored, choose "You're doing it for the money." If it says you're getting distracted, choose "Stay normally focused." If it asks you if you should speed up, answer "work as usual." If it says you're not feeling motivated, choose "suck it up and keep at it." This should also get Daisuke's S. Linkers to Diligence r2 tonight. If not, we'll make it up pretty soon (getting r2 tonight is dependent on having gotten Diligence before at Aiya but like I said if you didn't get it tonight we'll make it up pretty soon).

Saturday, May 21

Key events: Quest 13: I Wish I Didn't Crave Snacks, Temperance Arcana initiated, Understanding r3

Go to the shopping district and get your next quest from the fox. Seems some girl wants to forget snacks even exist. Go back to the south side and talk to the girl standing in front of Shiroku to find out she's the girl who wants to hate snacks. Well, we can't do anything else about the snack-pocalypse today so go to the bus stop and go work at the daycare center. Yay, cash! On your way home you find Yuuta's stepmum just sitting by herself staring off into the universe. She recognises you, and then realises how late it is. Your answers for this entire conversation don't matter so just pick whatever. She says she was on her way to pick Yuuta up and "her legs went weak." Sounds more like Can't Be Arsed Syndrome to me. She says that she and Yuuta have been living together for six months and they don't even talk to eachother at all. Hey, maybe Dojima and this chick should start a Terrible Neglectful Parents Support Group or something. She introduces herself and asks you to take good care of Yuuta (cause Shinigamisama knows she sure won't), and then is like "Oh yeah I have to go pick him up lol." ^<__<^;; Back at home, finish reading your book to get r3 Understanding.

"Bad" Doesn't Begin to Describe This Bathhouse

Carnivorous Magic Televisions

Stop Kidnapping Me

The Princess is Totally in This Castle