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Sunday, May 22

Key events: Empress r2, Steamy Bathhouse

OK, so today we're going to rescue Kanji. But first the game wants to get you hooked on this home shopping network thing. OK, here's how this thing works. Every Sunday starting today (yeah, I know we heard the rumour before, and if you're like me and like talking to all the NPCs you would've heard about this from some of the housewives in town last week, but today would've still been the first time you could've watched it) this show will be on. It takes zero time (i.e., it won't eat up your entire day) but you can only watch it in your room. Also, you can't leave your room, sell stuff, come back, and then buy stuff even if it's still Sunday (like, say, if you're broke but still want to buy something). You must watch it before leaving your room on Sundays. Each Sunday they will have two different sets of things for sale of varying prices and if you order something your order will arrive on Tuesday of that week. There will be two times I will absolutely make you buy something from this programme; otherwise you can buy or not buy as you see fit. Today is one of those mandatory days though, so buy one of the two things offered (yeah, this time you just have to buy a thing, not some specific thing. You'll see why later, just trust me~). I recommend the Medical Kit combo, but the choice is yours. The shoes they are offering are weapons for Chie in case you were wondering. The Med Kit combo is the cheapest, and we still have to gear up for the dungeon today so make sure you don't blow all your cash. OK, head into town. Make sure you have at least 5 Medicines and 2 Value Medicines in your inventory, otherwise make up the difference at Shiroku. Afterwards, go gear up at Daidara. If you can afford it, get Yukiko a Charm Robe, otherwise a Survivor Guard is fine. If you didn't bring Daidara enough mats he'll just have Chain Mail, but don't get her one of those. If you have enough cash, get her a Noh Fan and a Longsword for yourself. If you don't have enough cash go through your Expendables list and see what you're not gonna use so you can sell it to Daidara. Personally I never use Magic Mirrors and stuff like that but it's up to you and your personal play style. Also if you don't care about treasure chest loot chest keys sell for a nice 1k each. When you're done, head to Junes with your friends. Um. Hi Mr. Fox! Did you bring us any cupcakes? Pup-cakes? What, you're wearing an apron. Who wears an apron if they're not making delicious things? That is not a "thing," Chie... what, you've never seen a fox before? He's not scary~ he's adorable~ and makes cupcakes~ If you didn't think before that the fox understands English, I'm pretty sure this proves it. Even if you're mean and say that you should chase the fox away, he still ends up coming with you, so stop being a jerk, you jerky-jerk. Once inside, talk to the fox. Teddiiiiieeee, stop being like Chie. Cupcake Fox is not weird! Alright, here's the deal with Cupcake Fox. As I mentioned before, he only restores SP, not HP, and it costs money each time he does it. Not only will your Hermit rank determine the price (as your S. Link rank goes up the price per SP restored goes down), but his mood also determines the price. Every time you come in here, make sure to pat his head. This will determine his mood. If he yips, he's in a good mood and this will get you the best price at your current S. Link rank. If he goes "......" then he's in an OK mood but it will cost you a bit more than if he were happy. If he growls at you it's Cranky Fox Day, and he will charge you an arm and a leg. Also, once per dungeon day he will give you an item (usually a chest key) when you pat his head, sometimes even if it's Cranky Fox Day. And he always refills your entire party's SP completely. You can't choose to only have him restore a certain amount, even if you're broke. Also, while he will always be here at the entrance, sometimes he will also be randomly found inside a dungeon (denoted by a glowing green triangle icon on your dungeon map), although this seems to only happen if you take more than one dungeon day to rescue a kidnap victim, and even then it's not guaranteed to happen. Fortunately, today is Happy Fox Day so it won't cost as much. I will always schedule our rescue days on Happy Fox Days but I'm just letting you know how it works in case you're one of those people who can't get the dungeon done in one day and have to come back. And yes I know we're broke but we're about to make some money so don't worry about it too much.

Alright, don't talk to Teddie yet. We've got some other stuff to do first. Talk to Yosuke first and choose to go to the shopping district. ... stop whining Yosuke. They all do this. Even if you're going to level up at another dungeon or have quests to do all your party members will whine at you forever about why we're going there instead of the current dungeon we're supposed to be doing. *sigh* You guys made me leader! Even if we had rejected leadership you would push it onto us! Why you make me leader if you always question what I tell you?? Meh. Once there go inside and inspect the floor near the middle of the room (but to the right by some knocked over barrels on the floor). You'll find the sake that one guy wanted. Now go to the bottom-right corner of the room to find a Skill Spanner for Yosuke. Look, I know the dmg is higher on this thing than Hunting Nata but the hit chance is terrible. It's up to you whether you want to use it or not. Personally, I'm not, but loot is loot. Return to the entrance of the TV world and talk to Yukiko to go to the castle. We have some quests here. Also, when you get inside Teddie will say he senses a really strong shadow on the top floor. Every dungeon will have a boss on the top floor when you return there after rescuing the victim (only once though, so you can't just keep coming back to beat the boss up). These bosses are optional, however they do give you points towards Courage if you defeat them. They are usually pretty strong though, and for this one you need to be like lv 27 or 30 to defeat it so we're going to stop at the top floor before the boss and go save Kanji instead.

OK so I don't know what level you guys are but both my normal and expert mode games are lv 14-15 right now and we need a few levels. Since we need to kill some stuff to finish off some quests we have, try to get to at least lv 18 or 19 (and by you I mean at least 2/4 of your party members, although you may want to level Cu Sith to 13 for Magaru as well) here before we go hit Kanji's dungeon (which we are doing immediately after this). Make sure you have Personas with you that have Zio and Hama (not necessarily both on the same Persona). If you don't, go back to the entrance and grab some from the Velvet Room. You'll find the same enemies here as when we were rescuing Yukiko so if you need a refresher on what enemies are weak to what, check Yukiko's Castle's dungeon description. OK, so here's the shitty thing about quests. You know how monsters drop crafting mats? Well, if your active quests involve that specific monster they will only drop the quest item, and not crafting mats. Bleh. Oh well. So, Angel Statue is from the Avenger Knight, Demon Statue is from Magical Magus, Ritz Wire is from Heat Balance, Fitting Board is from Laughing Table, and the Suspicious Pole is from Trance Twins. You will probably end up with more of these than you need but those are the specific enemies that drop the stuff you need for your current quests. Trance Twins exist around floors 3-5, and everything else are on the higher floors (the balance and table are on the last two non-boss floors specifically). Btw, remember to change Yukiko's tactics~~ And don't forget to loot the place while you're at it, although I think that should go without saying. ^O__o^;; LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. Oh, one more thing. Starting with this visit to the TV world, when you successfully draw a Persona card or blank card during a Shuffle you have a random chance to get "Arcana Chance." The Persona card you drew will flip over (don't worry, if you chose to keep that card you still get to keep it) and an Arcana card (Chariot, Judgement, Magician, etc) will appear. Some of these Arcana cards will do good things and some of them you just want to avoid forever. If you choose to accept the Arcana Chance the Arcana card will spin around and if it lands upright it's (usually) good, and if it lands upside-down it's (usually) bad. Chariot up will increase the agility of a random Persona in your deck (not necessarily of the Chariot arcana), Chariot down will decrease the agility of a random Persona, Strength up increases magic, Strength down reduces it, Fortune up increases luck, Fortune down decreases it, Magician up will pick a random spell from a random Persona and upgrade it (say, Garu to Garula for instance), Magician down will reduce that skill (so, Garula to Garu) (however if your level isn't high enough to get the upgraded form of that spell or there is no lesser form to reduce it to nothing will happen), Justice up increases strength, Justice down decreases strength, Fool up turns into a random other up Arcana, Fool down turns into a random other down Arcana, Priestess up makes all enemy analysis data visible for awhile (including bosses), Priestess down will hide all previously-acquired analysis data for awhile, Hierophant up will nullify down Arcana Chances for awhile, Hiero down temporarily increases chance of down Arcana Chance, Hermit up makes entire map (not just current floor) visible for awhile, Hermit down hides entire map for awhile (including previously-explored areas), Hanged Man up increases endurance, Hang down decreases it, Temperance up increases the money from battle for awhile, Temp down decreases money gain, Moon up increases EXP gain for awhile, Moon down decreases it, Sun up will replace all blank cards in Shuffles with Persona cards (penalty cards are unaffected), Sun down makes Persona cards into Penalty cards, Star up increases chance of Shuffle, One More Time, and Arcana Chance, Star down reduces these chances, Tower up gives you bonus cash from all chests for awhile, Tower down makes hidden enemies appear in chests for awhile, Emperor up gives you a higher chance for a pre-emptive strike on enemies, Emperor down gives enemies a higher chance of a pre-emptive strike on you, Empress up refills all party members' HP, Empress down reduces all party members' HP to 1, Judgement up refills all party members' SP, Judgement down reduces all to 1, Devil up will change one random Persona to one of a higher level, Devil down will change one to that of a lower level (unless the random Persona is already a low-level Persona. This doesn't mean it changes the level of that specific Persona. It actually changes the Persona to a different Persona of a higher or lower level), Lovers up makes strong shadows near you go away, and Lovers down makes strong shadows more abundant in your area (and by "strong" I mean those weird pink/purple glowing ones on the field). One card that I want to mention by itself is Death. Do not ever choose this one it is fucking stupid. Like, I don't remember which is up or down but one of them is "refills all party's HP, reduces all party's SP to 1, kicks party out of dungeon and resets dungeon," and the other is "refills all party's SP, reduces all party's HP to 1, kicks party out of dungeon and resets dungeon." I don't care which way you slice it, either option is stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. And by "resets dungeon" I mean it erases all the data you got, enemy analysis, uncovered floor maps, everything. I don't usually swear a lot but FUCK THE DEATH ARCANA, I'm not even kidding. Just reject that one if it ever comes up. Also, if you decline the Shuffle you won't get an Arcana Chance, just fyi. And when I say it changes the stats of a random Persona I mean from your personal deck. Arcana Chance cannot affect the Personas of other party members.

Alright, once you've at least gotten Yosuke to lv 18, acquired all of your quest items, and whatever Personas you were missing and feel like acquiring, head up to the 8th floor, save at the SP, and go back to the entrance. Enter the Velvet Room and fuse a Sarasvati (Omoikane x Sandman x Eligor OR Sandman x Eligor x Lilim). I would do the first combination and get her Regen 1 (from Eligor, inherited from Angel). Omoikane's Resist Wind would be nice since she's weak to wind, however there's a very small chance you'll get wind cast on you in this dungeon. If you can get Maragi on there too that would be awesome (and if you somehow get Garu/Zio in there too that would be hilarious... unless Igor screws it up of course. DON'T SCREW UP, IGOR). ... aaaaaand of course he screws up just as I say that. Whyyyyyyyy do you think I require another Sylph, Igor? Is it cause your face is full of crazy? Or are you just trolling me again. Anyway, Sarasvati's Invigorate 2 (which she gets at lv 19) will be pretty helpful for the next dungeon. Also while you're here fuse a Sylph (Cu Sith x Angel) with Growth 1 (Cu Sith) and Hama (Angel) (guys if you're really broke come back and do this before Kanji's dungeon's final boss OK? Using the save point on the top floor will let you port right back there. Also, Sylph is available for free in his dungeon, I'm just trying to get this stuff out of the way and get you a strong Persona for the upcoming dungeon). After that, fuse that Sylph with Cu Sith (you'll have to resummon him) and make sure you get Sukukaja onto the resulting Ippon-Datara. Not only is this Persona pretty good and useful for the upcoming dungeon, but you need him for Margaret's first quest. Try to get Growth 1 also so we can level him faster. If you can fuse a Jack Frost without making yourself broke (i.e., don't go under like 25k so you can afford refills at Cupcake Fox) go ahead and do so cause we're gonna need him for Kanji's dungeon too (Nata Taishi x Sylph) (give him Hama cause we're going to need it, and Growth 1 if you can). Oh yeah, and when I say "if you can" it doesn't mean "I don't know if this is possible." It means "if it won't drive you absolutely insane to stay in the Velvet Room re-fusing things over and over til you get these skills." :op Leave the Velvet Room and re-enter for Marge to realise you've completed her quest. After the rank up she asks you to bring her a Matador (of the Death Arcana) with Mahama (a Light skill). ^O__o^;; Well OK Marge if that's what you want. Buuuuuuut we're not going to do that right now so onwards and upwards~ (and sideways and backwards along a diagonal axis). Make sure you refill your SP at Cupcake Fox (remember, he only refills SP, not HP, so if you need to heal your HP and are out of HP-restoring items use some SP to heal yourself before talking to Cupcake Fox).

Talk to Teddie to let him know what you've found about Kanji. ... ya know, I didn't think that was a whole lot but at least it worked huh. Good job Teddie! Ah... where are we... I've got a bad feeling about this place. ^T__T^;; That's not fog Chieeeeeeeeee....... I'm with Yosuke. Can we... can we just stay out here... ^.__.^;; No? Fiiiiiiine. Don't ever say I never did anything for you guys. ^T__T^;; Alright, well, Teddie has no items for you today cause he's full of meanz. Speaking of items, just another reminder to keep one Peach Seed in your inventory. Look, I know I've been saying that forever but that one time that Teddie gives you some is the only time you're guaranteed to get one. Anyway, head on inside.

Dungeon: Steamy Bathhouse
Floors: 11 (last floor is boss floor)
Recommended level: 27-30
Min level: 25
Available Personas: Sylph (Temperance), Archangel (Justice), Senri (Empress), Lilim (Devil), Valkyrie (Strength), Ghoul (Death), Nata Taishi (Chariot), Orobas (Magician), Eligor (Chariot), Omoikane (Hierophant), Saki Mitama (Priestess), Anzu (Hierophant), Oberon (Emperor), Obairyon (Fool), Titan (Strength), Mokoi (Death), Xiezhai (Temperance), Vetala (Devil), Berith (Hanged), Cu Sith (Sun), Principality (Justice), Ara Mitama (Chariot), Phoenix (Sun), Yaksini (Empress)
Mandatory Personas to Acquire: Sylph (fuse or get) (Temperance), Ghoul (Death), Anzu (Hierophant), Oberon (Emperor), Andra (fuse) (Moon), Saki Mitama (Priestess), Ara Mitama (Chariot), Berith (Hanged)
Recommended Personas: Sarasvati (Priestess), Ippon-Datara (Hermit), Cu Sith (Sun), Jack Frost (Magician), Andra (Moon), anything with Hama or Mahama
Notable Enemies: Autonomic Basalt (almost nul to physicals, weak to wind), Bribed Fuzz (very very strong enemy, weak to darkness), Monopolizing Cupid (causes confusion, weak to ice), Wealth Hand (rare enemy, weak to lightning), Pursuing Pesce (weak to light, reflects ice), Phantom Master (summoned by Pursuing Pesce, weak to light), Daring Gigas (very strong enemy, weak to wind), Nizam Beast (strong enemy), Iron Dice (weak to lightning), Vicious Raven (weak to lightning), Wondrous Magus (AAAHHH WHY IS IT MURDERING ME), Selfish Basalt (weak to all magic, almost nul to all physicals including all-party stampede thing), Egotistical King (weak to wind, summons Monopolizing Cupid), Killer Twins (strong enemy, weak to fire), Grave Beetle (casts darkness insta-kill), Crying Table (weak to ice, nul everything else)
KO Date: Saturday, June 4 (6/4)

Try to gain one level per floor, if you came in here at lv 19. We want to be around lv 27 by the top floor if you like being underlevelled, and 30 if this is your first go-around. Yes Teddie, there are many things I don't know. Like how to do Riemann sums for instance. Z hates math forevAr. Anyway. Remember that you can use a Goho-M to return to the entrance whenever you want, in case you need some SP from Cupcake Fox. This will also save what floor you used it on so you can teleport back to that floor when you return (but it would be best to use one right when you get to a new floor). Once you get to lv 20 and find yourself back at the entrance go and fuse an Andra in the Velvet Room (Slime x Ukobach is the cheapest way to get one, and I don't really care what skills you give it as we just need a Moon persona for future hangouts with Ai, plus his Media can come in handy for the final boss). While you're running around, level Jack Frost and Sarasvati to 19. Pick up an Anzu (Hierophant) and get him to 19 as well while you're at it. Sarasvati is important to get to 19 for her Invigorate 2, and we need Anzu at lv 19 for an upcoming quest, however you are going to want Jack Frost's lv 19 Bufula for the final boss so make sure you get him to 19 before then. OK, starting in this dungeon you'll start seeing glowing yellow enemies. These enemies only ever give 1 EXP, however! They also give a decent amount of cash and a chest key. The ones in this dungeon give 3k yen so I really like these guys :op On the third floor you'll come across a door that Teddie says he senses someone behind. Don't worry, this isn't a boss fight, just an event. Aaaaahhhh, I know it's Shadow Kanji but man, put some pants on willya please ^@__@^;; Shhhhh Yukiko don't lie. Your Shadow wanted to bang some dudes, so don't eeeeeeven~~ Shadow Kanji buggers off, and Teddie's jokes begin to fall flat. pwnt. Also on this floor you'll find a pointlessly locked door, as you can access it from both sides and yet is locked from both sides. Starting on the fifth floor you'll encounter some hand enemies (Dancing Hand) that drop Thick Hides (not the Tough Hides dropped by the cops earlier). You will need ten of these for a quest later. Make sure you get at least six now if not all 10 (yeah you guessed it, we'll be back in this dungeon for some other quests further on in the game). Plus, who doesn't need the extra EXP amirite. And, you know, CASH. Cause we're broke. Your best bet for these are the fifth and sixth floors. They still appear on the seventh floor but less likely to do so. There's a relatively strong boss on the seventh floor, but he's not as difficult as the Knight boss was in Yukiko's Castle. So... what, this is a wrestling match? Am I back in high school? Where's Coach? H...hey, I like my guts on the inside, thanks.

Boss: Daring Gigas
Recommended level: 25 (normal); 27 (expert)
My current level: 25, Yosuke 24, Chie 24, Yukiko 24 (normal); 25 (expert)
Attacks: Power Charge (attack greatly increased), Rebellion (crit rate up), Tarukaja (attack up), Single Shot
Strengths: strong vs physicals
Weaknesses: None

He starts the battle off with Power Charge. This is a stat boost that can't be nullified by Dekaja for some reason. He soon does Rebellion, which is another stat buff that also can't be removed. Stop that! ^>__<^;; This guy has Counter, which means he has a decent chance of reflecting physical attacks (including special physical attacks like Bash, etc), so just use magic on him. Using Chie's Tarukaja on Yukiko is a good idea, since Yukiko really should have Agilao by now (lv 21) and her magic stat is pretty high. Speaking of Tarukaja, he also has that ^=__=^;; FORTUNATELY you can remove that one. If you don't remove Tarukaja, his special attacks will probably one-shot whoever it hits, so ow. Let Yosuke do the healing if you need healing. Like I said, this fight is much easier than the Avenger Knight in Yukiko's Castle, and while he hits pretty hard it's still not as hard as the Knight.

After the fight you get the Bathhouse Key. This will also open the ridiculous locked door on the third floor. Starting on this floor you will encounter enemies called Selfish Basalt. They are weak to pretty much all magic, however your all-party stampede thing does almost no damage to them so don't even bother with that part. If you're running low on SP I suggest just escaping from any battles with them cause it's a waste of SP. The tenth floor is the last non-boss floor, so make sure you do any levelling you still need to do (including Personas that I mentioned to level) before you go up another floor. I will tell you that Margaret's third quest requires you to be lv 31 but we probably won't get there today. Just make sure you at least get Anzu to lv 19 before heading up to the 11th floor. Once you get to the last floor fill your SP bars from Cupcake Fox (look, I don't care if you're cheap you are going to need a lot of magic during the boss battle), equip your best Persona with high magic and endurance, and a second-tier non-light/darkness magic spell (Agilao, Zionga, Garula, Bufula) (so lv 19 Jack Frost would be a good choice here. I know Ippon-Datara gets Agilao at lv 20 but his magic stat sucks), and another high magic/endurance Persona with Mazio or Magaru (Andra is a nice choice since he has Mazio and Media), equip Yosuke with any accessories you've found that reduce dmg from lightning, and open the door. Kanji seems to share Daisuke's opinion of women. Uh, Kanji? Pretty sure douchey dudes would also call you a queer for sewing and painting. People are people~ and most people are jerks, regardless of gender. And girls aren't scary~ just throw a mouse or a cockroach at them and they'll run away screaming like the nurses at my doctor's office the other day who bolted out of the room cause of a cockroach~~ Aaaaaaand there goes the berserking Shadow again. Well, here we go guys.

Boss: Shadow Kanji, Queen of the Rose Parade, Nice Guy, Tough Guy
Recommended level: 30 (normal); 31 (expert)
My current level: 28 (normal); 28 (expert)
Personas: Andra (Moon), lv 19+ Jack Frost (Magician), Sarasvati (Priestess)
Attacks: Power Charge (Shadow Kanji), Heat Riser (attack/defense/hit/evasion up, Nice Guy, buffs Shadow Kanji), Kill Rush (Tough Guy), Swift Strike (Shadow Kanji, phys all party), Fatal End (Shadow Kanji, med phys), Rampage (phys all party, Tough Guy), Forbidden Murmur (poison all party, Shadow Kanji), Fanatical Spark (all party lightning, Shadow Kanji), Life Drain (absorbs 30 HP, Shadow Kanji), Roar of Wrath (inflicts Rage, all party, Shadow Kanji), Tetrakarn (reflects next phys attack, Shadow Kanji)
Strengths: Absorb ice (Nice Guy), absorb fire (Tough Guy), absorb physicals (Tough Guy)
Weaknesses: None

So Shadow Kanji brings two friends to the fight. They each have different things that they absorb. None of them absorb lightning or wind though, so make sure you cast Mazio or Magaru on them, and have Yosuke do the same. Have Chie beat up on Nice Guy with special physical attacks (single target ones) and have Yukiko hit Nice Guy with Agilao til he dies since he keeps buffing Shadow Kanji with Heat Riser. Make sure you have Yosuke cast Dekaja on Shadow Kanji to get rid of Heat Riser when he's got it on. If Chie is low on HP, have her hit Tough Guy with Bufu, but once she's got enough HP back go back to hitting Nice Guy cause we want him gone ASAP. You don't want to let any of your HP's get below 50% though, so if you get close make sure to heal back up to close to 100%. If you need to, use Andra's Media and make yourself the backup healer for a round or two. If the damage done was really bad though, switch to Sarasvati and use her Media instead cause hers is stronger. Just remember to switch back to Andra when you want to do damage again. Once Nice Guy is dead, switch to using Bufula/Garula/Zionga on Tough Guy, have Yosuke use Magaru, have Chie use Mabufu, and have Yukiko hit Shadow Kanji with Agilao or using Media until Tough Guy is also dead. At around 75% HP Shadow Kanji begins to use Forbidden Murmur which can poison your entire party. He will keep using this though so don't even bother wasting your time curing the poison. Just keep everyone above 50% HP and you'll be fine. Once Tough Guy is gone, hit Shadow Kanji with whatever you were hitting Tough Guy with, have Yosuke use Garu, Chie buff Yukiko then you (on a subsequent turn) with Tarukaja and after use Skull Cracker forever, and Yukiko using Agilao/Media. Between 50% and 25% HP Shadow Kanji will start using Fanatical Spark which is an all-party lightning attack. The fight shouldn't last more than a couple of turns more after that though. If you take too long to kill him after this point, he starts using Life Drain but this is a super-lame spell that no matter what level the user is it only ever drains 30 HP so don't even worry about it.

After the fight, Shadow Kanji gets back up. Teddie says that Kanji is still rejecting it. Er... I prefer not to be anybody's boyfriend really. Nothing against you Shadow Kanji (even though you did just try to kill us), but relationships are complicated ^T__T^;; Kanji gets pissed and punches his lesser half in the face. Seems Kanji knows the truth already. Turns out Kanji acts the way he does to distance himself from everybody so that nobody has a chance to even get close to him, let alone reject him. Kanji accepts his Shadow, and acquires his Persona! ... I think Kanji is the first person to ever feel BETTER after being thrown into the telly. ^O__o^;; Yosuke takes Kanji home and the rest of you part ways. Back at home, Dojima tells you that Kanji's been found, and then launches into an interrogation about why you've been around the textile shop recently. Your answers here don't actually matter though. Dojima tells you not to get in over your head, and it's Nanako to the rescue again!

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