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Monday, May 23

Key events: Hand in Quest 01, 02, 10, 04, 07, 05. Quest 08: Book Exchange, Empress r3, Priestess r2, Justice r2
Personas needed: Priestess, Justice, Chariot, Moon, Strength, Magician, Hierophant, Sun, Temperance

Wow, Kanji's dungeon took an entire walkthrough page. That's kinda scary. However, not as scary as this page... which will be 100% S. LINKS! AAAAHHHH!! ^X__X^;; If you didn't have social anxiety disorder before, well... I am not liable for your subsequent therapist bills, sorry. At school, King Moron is ranting about Kanji. *throws shoes at him* Can we get HIM expelled instead? Creepiest teacher evAr. After school, time to hand in quests! Talk to the dark-haired chick in front of you and give her the Angel Statue (if you give her the Demon Statue she flips out but you get it back and can talk to her again to give her the right one. It's hilarious) to get three chest keys (mmmm, chest keys... mmm, loot). YES WE NEED THEM THANK YOU. ^o__o^;; Next, go out into the hallway and go left to find Ms. Sofue around the corner. Talk to her to give her the Suspicious Pole, and receive two Pulsating Stones (they restore 100 SP each! I love you, best teacher evAr!). Go back down the hallway to where Yosuke is and talk to the weirdo in front of the calligraphy room again. Give him the Demon Statue in exchange for three Dokudami Tea. ... hey, crazyface, we're ALREADY in a contract with the great unknown (thanks, Igor). We don't need another one kthx. Go to the first floor and check your shoe locker. Seems someone made you a present. ... Odd Morsel? ... do I really want to eat this... "Restores 100HP. May cause Fear." That's nice. ^.__.^;; (sometimes it's a Royal Jelly instead) Head up to the roof and talk to Chie about snacks, but don't hang out with her today. She gives you some... meat gum. The fuck is this? Chie you are taking your obession with meat to the extreme. ^=__=^;; Go to the practise building's first floor and give the radio kid his Ritz Wire in exchange for an Olympic Tape (seriously, this guy and Ms. Sofue give the best quest reward items), then go upstairs and give the cranky girl her Fitting Board in exchange for five Royal Jellies. Go into town to the flood plain and talk to the guy all the way on the left to sell him the sake you found for 4k. Caaaaaaash. Thanks Mr. Guy! Kanpai desu yo~~ Go to the shopping district and talk to the guy in front of the bookstore and say "Tell me about it." FINALLY! GUYS, IT'S THE PEACH SEED QUEST! Now I can stop reminding you not to EAT THEM ALL. Yaaaaay... Give him your one single Peach Seed~ and you get The Gentle Way.

Stop by the Velvet Room and make sure you have all the Personas listed in the Personas needed section. These are the ones you'll need for the next two weeks. Also, while we're here we're gonna finish off Marge's second quest. Fuse your lv 19 Anzu with a Berith of any level and make sure you get Mahama onto the resulting Matador (don't forget to register your Personas first! This is the last time I'll remind you~). Don't bother fusing anything else right now unless you're making room for mandatory S. Link personas, since we're ranking up a lot of S. Links and it'll be better if you fuse the important ones after we're done with all that. Don't worry, I'll remind you when it's time. Leave and re-enter so Margaret realises you've done as she's requested. ... oh Marge... you don't creep me out at all... ^.__.^;; For her next request she wants a Gdon with Rampage. As I said before, you need to be lv 31 for this so don't worry about it just now.

Run away screaming from the creepy lady and into Daidara's shop. Sell him all your stuff (including those 10 thick hides I told you to get. If you DIDN'T get ten, make sure you DON'T sell any of those hides. Remember, keep thick hides if you didn't get ten, NOT tough hides which are a different thing). He will make Hard Boots from them ONLY if you give him 10 at once, which is a quest item later, so if you buy one for Chie make sure you don't sell it back to Daidara later. That quest won't come along for another month or so which is why I said if you didn't get all ten hides we'll have a chance to later. Also sell him any extra quest items you picked up, like extra Suspicious Poles etc, and any equipment you don't need. Now that we're not completely broke we can upgrade our gear! Yaaaaay. Zweihander is a good choice for you if it's available at Daidara's, Santou for Yosuke, Hard Boots for Chie, and Silk Fan for Yukiko. OK guys... here's a minor spoiler (which shouldn't really be a spoiler if you're any good at pattern recognition): Kanji will be joining your party soon. However, max party size is four. He is like a friggin tank, with super-high strength and endurance (srsly, at higher levels those stats' bars start crawling all the way across the screen), and he casts lighning magic. As soon as he becomes a party member I switch Chie out, not just because I don't like her (although the main reason I hate her is she always misses blah) but anything she can do he can do better, besides ice magic but you have access to a bazillion Personas with ice magic so that's not really an issue. I'm not going to MAKE you use specific party members, but I am letting you know I use Kanji instead of Chie, and also another reason I mention it is cause if you're going to switch out Yosuke or Chie for Kanji DON'T BUY THEM ANY GEAR. Unless you plan on switching them back in later, which... is not really recommended since you should pick a party and stick to it so they all level around the same time. Also DO NOT switch out Yukiko for Kanji, cause she's the best healer you've got right now unless you want to take over that job ^O__o^;; I don't think any of the Personas currently available to you have Recarm yet and she gets it at lv 26 so... I'd keep her in if I were you but up to you. Anyway, as for armour Doumaru is best for you and Yosuke (and Kanji whenever he joins, so if you have oodles of cash for some reason and plan on adding Kanji to your fighting party buy him one) and Hard Boleros for the girls. Make sure you leave yourself like 40k though, cause we're gonna hit up Shiroku the next time it rains. Plus, we have soda cans and Aiya meals coming up. Leave Daidara and talk to the snacks chick in front of Shiroku to give her the insanity gum. I guess she hates snacks now. Hey, Chie was useful for something! Will wonders never cease?

Head back to school and hang out with Yukiko. She takes you back to the shopping district to buy some books. Seems she's trying to get some job licenses. The first question's replies give the same amount of points, so answer whatever. Yukiko thinks that her Shadow's feelings are her true feelings and that she doesn't want to inherit the inn. In fact, she downright refuses to, and has decided she's going to leave Inaba as soon as she graduates. Well that seems like a huge weight off her shoulders. Answer that her choice to become an interior decorator sounds good. She frets that she can't find a part-time job that her mother won't find out about. Fortunately I made you get that envelope job before~ So you can tell her about it~ Back home, hang out with Nanako. Seems she wants to ask you something but doesn't know how to go about it. Tell her to go ahead and ask. She wants to know whether you have any siblings. You can answer whichever you want for this part but if you say "Nope" then you must answer either "I don't" or "I have you." Well Nanako, obviously your father is a big fat liar. :op You spend the rest of the evening telling Nanako about school.

Tuesday, May 24

Key events: Chariot r4, Hierophant r2

Up on the rooftop, click click click... er, sorry. Anyway, go hang out with Chie. After your training, some dude who's apparently dressed like a pimp shows up. Chie tells him she's training, and Corporal Pimpboy starts mocking her. HEY. ONLY I'M ALLOWED TO MOCK CHIE. GET OUT OF MY GAME. Apparently Chie liked making up make-believe teams with her friends. So what man, who didn't do that when they were kids. Tell the jerkoff to quit bagging on her. Oh sure you didn't. I can see right through your obnoxious face and pimp clothes, Captain Dickface~ Wait, what? He's Chie's ex? Eugh, I guess he's the best she could get. Figures. H...hey, we're not... We're not dating her I just don't like people stealing my schticks. ^>__<^;; He immediately changes the topic to Yukiko and wonders if he should try getting with her. Gawd, this guy is like the scum of the earth. Can I set him on fire? Pleeeeeeeeease? Please please please? Either crack a joke or try to hold her hand (she has no idea what holding hands is, does she... figures). She claims he's nothing but an old classmate... really Chie? Then why did you look like someone ate your dog when he left. And all that crap he was saying? If Yosuke or any other guy had said that stuff in front of you you would've bitched them out forever or kicked them in the balls. Or both. ^=__=^;; You're not fooling anyone ya know~

Back at home, your delivery arrives from whatever you ordered on Sunday. And more importantly, it comes with a Prize Sticker, which we're going to need for a later quest, so don't eat it or sell it or set it on fire or anything. Talk to Dojima to get some cash for doing well on your exams... aaaaahhhh 20k?? THANKS DAD. ^O__O^;; Guys that's about USD$200. I want 200 bucks for doing well on my exams. :\ Anyway, hang out with Dojima while you're at it. Now that your Expression is r2 you can continue Dojima's S. Link, so talk to him. Ha... look, I don't know how old he's supposed to be but he sure does act like a crabby old man a lot. Tell Dojima you've been working after school (well technically we do have jobs... we just haven't done them yet... What, it totally counts! Why are you looking at me like that??) and he's really impressed. When he starts talking about the murders, change the subject by asking him to talk about himself. He claims there isn't really much to talk about, but he's glad that you came to live with them. He comments on Nanako's new name for you, "big bro," and insists that you're more like a little brother to him than a son. Either answer here makes him really laugh, so feel free to pick whichever.

Wednesday, May 25

Key events: Moon r2, Diligence r2 (Daisuke)

Ignore the girls talking about new jobs. We don't have the right trait ranks for them yet. After school go find Ai by the shoe lockers again. Ai drags you out shopping again. ... how does she literally have everything in the store? I'm not even talking about the amount of money that would take. You can't tell me she actually liked every single thing in that store. I have never been to any kind of store ever where I was like "everything in this store is something that I would want to have and/or wear." Say "We'll have to come back," and she says she still wants to buy SOMEthing. She then demands that you buy her an ice latte. ... I thought she wanted to buy something not make us buy her stuff. Since we are not doormats, answer "Buy it yourself." Some saleswoman comes along and starts trying to push merchandise on Ai. ... what, really? She thinks purses are what make men want women? NEWSFLASH! THIS JUST IN: BREAST-MEN AND ASS-MEN HAVE PUT ASIDE THEIR DIFFERENCES AND AGREED THAT THE HOTTEST PART OF A WOMAN IS HER PURSE. I swear to god I don't even understand what's going on anymore... for some reason, she thinks you're Ai's boyfriend. I think this lady is on crack. Ai gets annoyed and leaves with you in tow (and without buying anything, take that crack-lady!). Ai complains about the saleswoman's pushy, nosy attitude. Answer whatever you want, and she starts complaining about the saleswoman calling you handsome. After the rank up, you both head home.

Back at home go make envelopes. We neeeeed Diligence. This should get the Daisuke S. Linkers to r2 tonight.

Thursday, May 26

Key events: Sun r4, Hierophant r3

The answer to Best Teacher EvAr's question is sacred carvings for points towards Expression. (Fun fact: the brother she's talking about shows up in P3) Go find your Sun friend and hang out with them.

After practise, tell her to give up (I guess we are joking? Still seems like a mean thing to say but it's the right answer...). She needs somewhere to practise, but she's too embarrassed to practise outside by herself. Both the second and third answers will give you the same amount of S. Link points, but the second answer will also give you points towards Understanding, so pick that one. You end up playing your trumpet alongside Ayane by the river. Not only do we look like crazy people out here, but she keeps playing the wrong notes. While the third answer gives you points towards Diligence, which we need, the best answer here is "No you're not," so answer that. She thanks you for practising with her. She tells you that despite her lack of talent, her dream is to make music that will move people.

Seems like our incredibly undedicated club president wants to dismiss club early. Crankyface Yumi vehemently disagrees and promptly tears into him. So that's what that one girl on the first day meant by getting her claws into someone ^.__.^;; She starts lashing out at everyone, saying they don't care about drama club. Jeeze Yumi, it's just a club. Chill out. And then like two seconds later the bell rings. So much drama for nothing. After everyone leaves, tell her either "No" or "It was how you said it." Seems she wants to take a page out of Ayane's playbook and go practise like a crazy person by the river. Either ask her if something's wrong or offer to help her. Either way she's not gonna accept your help. She says that her house is empty and that her mum's been going to the hospital to see her whore of an ex-husband every day after work. Talk about a doormat. She then apologises for whining. Tell her that you can't forget. Despite her reaction, this is in fact the best answer. Yumi is determined to make the best of things, thanks to you and acting.

Back at home hang out with Dojima. Seems Dojima is suspicious about why we hang out at Junes all the time, especially the electronics department. Daaaaaaaad... our wingman's dad owns the place. Why WOULDN'T we go there? DISCOUNT ON MEAT LOVER'S COMBO DAD. C'MON. Nanako shows up and Dojima is like, WE'RE TOTALLY NOT FIGHTING. THAT IS WHY I AM YELLING. CAUSE NOBODY YELLS WHEN THEY FIGHT. ^<__<^;; That's not what Nanako's annoyed about though. Ryotaro, spend more time with your daughter you neglectful annoying person. ^=__=^;; Yeah dad, when is always? Too bad it's past Nanako's bedtime and she's practically falling asleep while on her feet. Dojima sends her to bed. None of your responses here will do anything good, so hold your nose and swallow the bitter pill that is Dojima. Seems like Dojima has always been this neglectful, however before his wife died it wasn't that big a deal since she was in charge of raising Nanako. He says he's not fit to be Nanako's family. Well, you're the one who up and had a kid, Ryotaro. Take responsibility for your own actions. Choose either "I don't get it" or "Fit or not, you're family" to get a lecture on how blood ties don't make a family. Well you're kinda right, Dojima, but that doesn't mean you can just ignore your own six-year old. Like I said, you're the one who chose to have a kid~ Nobody put a gun to your head and made you have one.

Friday, May 27

Key events: Moon r3

After school find Ai by the shoe lockers and hang out with her. She drags you off to Okina again. *sigh* How many bags of your rubbish clothing do I have to carry today... Wait, what? You... you don't... want... to buy... anything...? ... who are you and what've you done with Ai? Either ask her to go shopping with you or say "Let's just chill." ... she acts like hanging out with her is a special priviledge that anyone who gets to do so should be incredibly grateful for. How bout next time you carry your own shopping bags. ^=__=^;; Answer "Not exactly..." and she says you should be thankful since she's made you a rebel. Is... is this the infamous rebel without a cause? Cause all she does is shop... that's not really much of a cause. Apparently she missed the whole point about being part of a team. gg counselor with terrible explanations. On the bright side (slightly bright side? Fake tinsel shiney side?) she decides she should come cheer you on at practise every once in awhile. After the rank up, some weirdo nerdboy runs up and is like, OMG AI WE HAPPEN TO BE IN THE SAME PLACE AT THE SAME TIME THIS MUST MEAN WE ARE PREDESTINED LOVES. No. No no no, what is wrong with you, sit down. Jeeze, who does that. Does he even know her besides "that one hot chick at school"? So creepy. Ai shoots him down although I'm not sure "you're not hot enough to be seen with me" is the right reason, Ai... he's just creepy. OK, GUYS, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. This hasn't been a problem until now and very few S. Links will actually even have this as an option, but some S. Links can be reversed (as the game calls it). What this really means is that your S. Link with that person is broken until you fix it. In other words, you've pissed them off so bad they don't even want to talk to you, and they will refuse to hang out with you until specific personality trait parameters have been reached. Long story short, it's a big pain in the arse so NEVER choose a Reversed option during a conversation. I will specifically tell you if a dialogue choice will lead to a reversal, and I'll put it in that special red font so those of you skimming through don't accidentally think that's the right dialogue choice. SO. Back to the conversation at hand. Telling her "That was downright cruel..." is a REVERSAL. DON'T SAY THIS. AUGH. Any other answer doesn't give you any points but is still better than a reversal so other than the reversal answer whatever you want. Back at home go make envelopes in your room.

Saturday, May 28

Key events: Magician r5, Hierophant Hang Out

Now we get to hang with Yosuke today. He decides he wants to see your room... for some reason. I guess... the reason is he wanted to check out your porn collection? Is this a thing now? Sharing porn with your friends? I don't know. Answer either "Of course" or "Huh?" and then answer "I will soon" to his question about whether you've invited a girl there yet. Awkwardly enough, Nanako shows up. Yosuke... why do you want to hang out with our baby cousin when you've just been talking about porn... Nanako's busy though, and Yosuke is taken aback that she's headed to some boy's house. Seems her friend has a crush on the kid. Kids these days... What are you even talking about Yosuke... you hit on anything even remotely female-shaped, including Chie. ^<__<^;; I wonder if he's one of those guys that likes to portray the player image but if a girl actually reciprocated his feelings he'd run the hell away cause he wouldn't know what to do. lolcat, Nanako... yeah, we have to write a report on the murders and if we get an A we get to catch the killer~~ After complaining about some weird event Junes is having, Yosuke decides to invade your futon. After he leaves, open the fridge. Uh. Yeah, I want nothing to do with this disturbing ham. I don't know who's in charge of this fridge but they're officially fired. Expired miso, grass, disturbing ham... and yes, you must open the fridge so the disturbing ham can go away. After boggling at the fridge hang out with Dojima. I know I said I'm minimising the non-rank up hang outs but the ones that don't involve people from school tend to be a bit more difficult to schedule that way. Sorry~

Sunday, May 29

Key events: Hermit r3, Hierophant r4

So we're not doing much today. I know it's not raining but nobody other than Yosuke is available to hang out with today and we need to move on with the Hermit S.Link so we're gonna turn in our quest to Cupcake Fox today. And no, the call you get from Kou isn't a rank up hang out so decline his invite (he only calls if your S.Link is with Daisuke, btw). Back at home hang out with Dojima. Tell him you take your coffee with cream. Wait, what? You're giving coffee... to a six-year old. Yeah, this kid isn't ever gonna get taller than like 3'5" lolcat, what the hell Dojima don't you know coffee stunts growth. And makes kids hyper? Especially with cream and sugar. Tell Dojima he doesn't have to bring you the coffee, but apparently it's his job to make coffee. O...K...? You know what, I'm not married and would rather be a bachelor for life so I'm just never going to understand relationships. Although I guess it's good that his wife wasn't the type to bitch about him not having taken out the garbage? Time to watch the news I guess. Oh dear. Sore subject. Nanako explains that her mother died under similar circumstances, and Dojima refuses to talk about it.

Monday, May 30

Key events: Quest 20: We Wish Our Dog Would Return, Temperance r2

At school Yosuke is freaking out over something. We don't have time for your drama today! Or did you accidentally erase your porn collection and want to copy ours? Either way, we're not interested! We don't have time for your bitching either, King Moron! After school go get your next Fox quest from the shrine. Seems someone's lost their dog :( After accepting the quest go to Souzai Daigaku and buy one steak skewer (you will need this for this quest but it's another multiple day quest). Afterwards, go to the river to find a dog wandering around the bank. Talk to it and it buggers off. Heyyyyyy, come baaaaack :( Well, we'll have to try again another day. Go back to the shopping district and take the bus to the daycare. Yuuuuutaaaaaa, no, don't arm wrestle high schoolers, they don't know their own strength. Especially those who fight monsters on a semi-regular basis. ^.__.^;; When Eri shows up Yuuta makes like Kilroy Stonekin and runs off. Tell her you hate kids. Oh you lie, I know you hate him Eri ^=__=^;; Your answer here doesn't matter though. I am not a child, you're the one being childish, putting so much blame on a kid for your terrible choice in husbands. ^=__=^;; Speaking of the other mothers... ahaha... I have no idea what they mean by "even if the new caretaker is young." What does our age have to do with any of this? Daycare is over, it has nothing to do with us. Wait... wait wait wait. Did... did they imply she was hitting on us cause we were young? That is literally the only way this makes any sense. But that's not what's going on at aaaaaaaaall ^T____T^ crazy housewives have been watching waaaaay too many telenovelas I think. Regardless, we get cash~ Yay. At home go read The Gentle Way (Manuals) for points towards Knowledge and Expression.

Tuesday, May 31

Key events: Priestess r3

First thing after school go to the north side of the shopping district to find the dog wandering around the bushes near the shrine. Talk to it gently for it to become less wary of you... but it still runs off afterwards. Return to school and hang out with Yukiko. There are many types of food because food is DELICIOUS. Pick either answer. Seems she wants to practise cooking. Well, considering she was so paranoid about the type of free steak she was gonna get after you ate all her tofu, I'm surprised she would ever consider eating out. ^=__=^;; Eat a damn sandwich Yukiko. Anorexia is so last year. Wish her luck, and... er... you know what, maybe we're the ones who need the luck. I don't want to taste food made by someone who doesn't know how to cook. ^T__T^ Even the commercials for that Worst Cooks in America show terrify me. ^T__T^ Even though the prospect is horrifying, tell her you don't mind. Seems that getting her Persona has given her more self-confidence. Er, while it's nice to want to be dependable, can we depend on you not to give us food poisoning? I think that would be a great first step. *thumbs up* ... nnnnnoooooo she wants to feed us lobster, I spoke too sooooooonnnnnnn....... *runs away and hides* At home it seems that Yukiko's sudden interest in cooking has become contagious. Yes, that's right, it's time... TO MAKE LUNCH FOR TOMORROW. You know the drill, open the fridge. MEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAT. Who runs out of salt? That would be a catastrophe in my house. Use soy sauce instead, duh. It's salty!

Wednesday, June 1

Key events: Strength r7

At school choose to eat lunch with your sports friend. After school, head to the river again and go left to find the dog. Talk to it gently again, and it runs off. Again. Sigh. DOGGIE WHY DON'T YOU LIKE US, WE HAVE MEAT. Well, speaking of meat, time to run off those extra pounds from our grilled steak lunch at sports practise.

Go talk to Kou, who still seems depressed as all hell. Drag him to practise, where Daisuke's got his big surprise ready~~ Kou thinks Daisuke got lost. JOKE'S ON YOU KOU. GUESS WHAT WE DID. :oDDDD Kou almost falls over in surprise, heheh. We totally have enough players! Even though Daisuke doesn't know anything about basketball! IT'LL TOTALLY BE FINE. D'aww, Daisuke and his super-sappy inspirational speech. The game starts, and Kou blazes past everyone. vroooooom! Defense! Defense! The score is tied... and then Daisuke screws up. ^<__<^;; OK I don't know how to play basketball either so I guess it wasn't fine. My bad. After losing the game, Kou is impersonating a dead guy on the roof again. Stop that! :( lolcat, even I know what travelling is, Daisuke! It's when you go to another place using some method of transportation~ (OK OK, I know what it is for real) Ha, Daisuke, Kou got you back good :op Seems like we were able to cheer Kou up. Yaaaaay. Oh Kou... we just went over this with Dojima... blood doesn't make you family. Your family is your family, for better or worse, that's just how it goes. Your purpose is to be our friend~ He ponders leaving his family. Your answers for this entire convo don't actually matter. Kou says it's not that they've said anything about it, but it's their actions that speak volumes. Uh... Kou, we've been over this too. Your grandma's bonkers. That's why they got a tutor for a two-year old. No normal person does that! What would you even tutor them on... Babbling 101? Object Permanence 102? How to Pass the Rouge Test in Five Easy Steps? Seriously, two-year olds don't really do much... cept run around like maniacs, scream a lot, and drive their parents insane. Hell, they probably got the tutor just so they could have a break from all the screaming ^@__@^;; I dunno Kou, maybe they think you're old enough to make your own decisions about your life? Stop destroying your self-esteem, you're making me sad. :( Kou says he's planning to stop by the orphanage to ask about his birth parents. He then thanks you both for setting up the game, and that it made him really happy.

After practise Daisuke says he's got some things to do. Your answer here doesn't matter. Kou shows up immediately afterwards and asks you what's up with Daisuke. Hum? Oh, you can talk to me about anything if you're going to feed me. ^*__*^ Apparently Kou is like me and likes spending money on his friends, so tell him that it sounds good. You both head to Aiya, where Kou asks if you've noticed how Daisuke's been slacking off lately, even though he's always loved soccer. Kou can't figure out why he's changed, and wonders if Daisuke trying to help us be accepted by the team was because he felt he couldn't do as well anymore and wanted to leave the team with someone who could replace him. Kou is upset that his best friend feels this way, and wonders what happened to cause Daisuke to change so much. Huh? Girls? How did girls suddenly become the topic of this conversation. Related? What, does Daisuke have a secret girlfriend who hates sports? ... IS HE DATING AI?? SHE HATES SPORTS. ^O__O^;; Agree with Kou that these two things could be related. I'm not sure how him taking the blame for that attention whore the other day causing him to run laps could be considered "acting cold towards girls," but whatever you say, Kou. Seems back in middle school Daisuke had a girlfriend (if you can call it that) who randomly went insane, threw a big drama fit, and dumped him. Wait, she slapped him too?? MAYBE IT WAS YUKIKO. ^.__.^;; Answer that we have a problem, and Kou gets an idea. Well of COURSE we're in, whatever "it" is. Daisuke is our friend. ... clean boxers? KOU WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING AND WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH OUR UNDERWEAR??!

At home read your book some more.

Thursday, June 2

Key events: Sun r5, Expression r3

After school hit up the shopping district for a new book on sale (Forever Macho), the rainy day discount at Shiroku, and some super croquettes. You'll want some Ointments and Medical Kits for sure, and at least five of each of the condition-removal items (five total, so if you already have some you don't need to buy that many). You might want a couple of Goho-M's, Revival Beads, and Vanish Balls too. We've still got several Aiya meals coming up so don't blow all your cash here. Afterwards, return to school and find your Sun friend.

At practise the band captain announces that Takeru, the guy who usually plays trombone in the performances, fell off his scooter like a giant lame-o and busted his arm. That means it's Ayane's time to shine! ... hey. Stupid girl. Didn't you hear me? I said... IT'S AYANE'S TIME TO SHINE. Damn straight, band captain. If you have a problem with it, girlyface, take over the part yourself. No? I didn't think so. Sit down. Ayane goes off to practise the solo by herself. After practise is over, regardless of what you pick she notices practise is over and comes to talk to you. She breaks down crying because she doesn't think she'll be able to play the solo properly. She says she's too small to play something as large as a trombone but her parents were too cheap to buy her a different instrument. *sends them off to Eri and Dojima's Shitty Parents Anonymous meetings along with Yumi's parents* Tell her it's OK to mess up sometimes, and after a small outburst she feels better about it. Ayane decides she's going to keep trying, no matter what.

Yumi tells you to go to club by yourself cause she has to go do something. Yuuuumiiiii, that Maya bitch is stealing your part! Where are you? Let's go check the hospital to see if she's there. Oh, she is. Your first answer is irrelevant. It seems her mum collapsed for real this time. It's an epidemic. Someone needs to get these women some walkers or something. Again, answer whatever you want. Yumi's got the weight of the world on her shoulders. Since her mum can't be arsed to take care of herself, Yumi feels that she has to quit drama and get a job. *sends both of Yumi's parents to Eri and Dojima's Shitty Parents Anonymous meetings* Hey, Yumi, you need to take care of yourself too or you'll collapse just like yer mum. (No, seriously, tell her she needs to take care of herself too). Tell her that we do have something to do with her life, and she cheers up a bit and goes to visit her mum's room.

Back at home read your book some more. Ayane S. Linkers would have gotten Expression r3 earlier today, but this reading will let the Yumi S. Linkers catch up.

Friday, June 3

Key events: Hierophant r5

So today and tomorrow we're just going to spend our days nomming at Aiya. For both days we need to get Diligence and Knowledge (the third trait can be whatever). Back home, talk to Dojima (unless you somehow don't have Expression r3 yet ^O__o^;; ). Daaaaad, people file data on computers now. What are you even doing. ^=__=^;; Ask him if you can help. Seems he made a copy of an old newspaper article but it's somehow gone missing. The article has to do with a case that they don't have a suspect for and the case is about to be declared inactive. This case is very important to Dojima. Obvious case is obviously his wife's hit-and-run, but he won't talk about it anymore. Nanako shows up with a bad stomach ache, but Dojima gets a phone call and leaves her in your hands. RYOTARO HAVE YOU BEEN SKIPPING OUT ON THE SHITTY PARENTS ANONYMOUS MEETINGS? GET BACK HERE, YOUR CHILD IS SICK. Grumpy Dojima comes home full of crankiness and takes it out on you. Choose either "Are you OK?" or "But Nanako..." for the crankiness to be cranked up to 11. He then apologises, and is glad that Nanako is doing better.

Saturday, June 4

Key events: KO DATE STEAMY BATHHOUSE, Diligence r3 (Kou)

Guys, if you haven't saved Kanji yet you MUST save him today or you'll get game over. As for the rest of you, back to Aiya we go, aiming for Diligence and Knowledge again. This should get some of you to Diligence r3. Back at home, drink the expired milk for points towards Courage. Since we've saved Kanji, the Midnight Channel has nothing to show us. Look, whoever you are, if you're expecting bodies to fall from the sky we've got some bad news for you. Too bad, so sad.

Sunday, June 5

Key events: Chariot r5, Justice r3

Today you're gonna want to buy some fish from the shopping programme. Look, I don't know how they manage to send fish through the mail without it going bad, OK. We just need some fish. Afterwards, go to the river to find the dog in the same place as last time. Talk to it gently again, and this time it doesn't run off. However, he's exhausted. Feed him that steak skewer I had you buy (and if you didn't get one, go buy one now and come back ^-__-^;; ) and the quest is finally done! Yaaaaaay. Go to the shopping district and find Chie in front of Daidara. After she puts you through her rubbish training y'all head to Aiya for some food. ... Chie that sounds like it'll give you a heart attack. ^=__=^;; Pick either "Looks delicious" or "You look so happy." Chie, when have you ever pulled us out of a jam... *recalls all the times those stupid bathhouse birds kept leaving Yukiko close to dead cause Chie kept friggin missing* With friends like you, Chie, who needs enemies? Pick either "I'll look out for her" or "I worry more for you" since Chie is completely unreliable~ cept when it comes to eating, I guess.

Back at home hang out with Nanako. Dojimaaaaaa, why are you never home. Oh wait, I guess you're coming home now. My bad. Aw, that's so sweet. She gets so happy when her dad's coming home. Makes you sad that he's kinda a shit dad huh. Either tell her you'll go buy some radish for Shit Dad, or that you'll go together. Either way you both end up going. When you get back Dojima's already home, continuing his tradition of being cranky. He doesn't care what anyone's reasons for being out late is, despite the fact that technically we have a job that has us working all night (the hospital job, we just haven't gone to it yet cause we need Diligence r3 for it). Dojima, you break your promises all the time. How bout you lead by example? Tell him it's not Nanako's fault, but Nanako doesn't understand why Dojima's so mad. Baka baka~ She calls you stupid cause you are. Try listening once in awhile, Ryotaro. ^=__=^;; Even after you explain he's still mad and takes it out on you, as per usual.

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