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Monday, June 6

Key events: Fool r4

The next day, seems Kanji's finally recovered. Tookya long enough ^@__@^;; By the way, none of your answers for this whole next part matter, so just pick whatever you want. After Kanji introduces himself properly, you try explaining the situation to him. Even though he doesn't really get what's going on, he decides to join our team (regardless of what you say). Yaaaaay. Well, off we go to Junes. Kanji's a lot more interested in stuffing his face than paying attention to the details. Some nearby kids start talking about the Midnight Channel. Yeah, get your stories straight, random nameless kids we'll never see again! Chie, you're like the queen of gossip, srsly. You're the one who told us all about the Midnight Channel in the first place. Or did you "conveniently" forget... After bemoaning the fact that we have no more leads to go on, Kanji pulls some random list out that he yoinked from some random nosy kid. Read the list of TV programmes out loud, and you all eventually realise that it's a list of when the murder/kidnap victims showed up on TV (the regular broadcasts, not the Midnight Channel). So yeah, April 13 is the day Saki was interviewed about finding Mayumi's body. Seems that anyone who shows up on the telly gets put on the killer's kidnap-and-toss-into-the-telly list. Oh Yosuke, if you try to understand psychopaths you'll just drive yourself nuts. Kanji cheers you up by reminding you that you guys are doing a great job and you saved his life. You then decide to take him into the TV. Aw, no more food for Kanji. Speaking of food, that sign hanging in the background is making me hungry. I want delicious yakisoba ^T__T^ OMG Yukiko, can you PLEASE stop slapping people for like two seconds? Sheesh. ... next time? Why am I surprised... slapping people is her schtick. Of course there will be a "next time." *sigh* Not these glasses again... launch them into orbit, Kanji! At night go make more envelopes.

Tuesday, June 7

Key events: Hermit r4
Personas needed: Magician, Emperor, Priestess, Moon, Devil, Temperance, Justice

Make sure you have the appropriate Personas, then go hand in your quest to Cupcake Fox. At home, moAr envelopes. Bleh.

Wednesday, June 8

The answer to Yukiko's question is "From the play Hamlet" for points towards Expression. After class, King Douchebag shows up and forces you to join the Student Health Association. Jerk. Fiiiiiine, we'll go. Once there the other students say they have to go check the school. For what? Is... is the epidemic of collapsing women spreading? OH NO, SAVE YOURSELVES. Regardless, they leave you behind to watch the room, in case heroin addicts come in to steal painkillers I guess. Some sales rep shows up and asks you to deliver a message. He then leaves, and the other students come back. Tell them it was Kitao from Santo who asked if the gauze could come in two months. Giving them the right information gives you points towards Knowledge and Expression. Afterwards, they decide to go over what they found. ... Konishi? Turns out Saki had a younger brother, who shows up as awkwardly as possible. They tell him to help you clean up. Once you're alone, he starts bitching about Yosuke, and tells you he hates you both... then asks if he can just blow off cleaning duty and go home. What, really? That is NOT how you get people to do you favours, kid. Make him stay and clean up, and tell him he can leave after he helps. Back at home your magically not-decomposed fish arrive in the mail. Make some more envelopes.

Thursday, June 9

Key events: Quest 26: I Wish I Had Friends, Quest 11: Acquire Coal, Quest 16: Acquire a Horn, Quest 14: Please Feed the Cat, Quest 17: Please Find My Younger Twin, Quest 09: Acquire an Old Key, Quest 25: Feed the Cat, Quest 15: Acquire a Crooked Cross, Quest 12: Desk Refurbishing Part 2, Emperor Arcana initiated

After class head to the shrine and get your next quest. Seems a lonely child wants some friends. Once you leave the shrine talk to the old man close by. He wants some coal for a sauna. Next, talk to the old lady in front of Shiroku. Seems she wants a pair of... horns? ^<__<^ In my country, putting horns on someone means you're cheating on them. ^<__<^;; Well, whatever floats your boat lady. After that, talk to the guy in front of the bookstore, then to the little girl wandering around next to him. Go to the river and talk to the kid right there in front of the giant sign. Tell him you don't want his money. He bemoans the fact that he has no friends, and all people ever talk about is stickers. He sees your Prize Sticker from your telly programme order. Give it to him, then continue left and talk to the old lady there. After that, keep going left to find a cat wandering around. Feed it some of the fish you got this week, then talk to the little girl way in the back behind the cat. Return to the shopping district, tell the girl where her sister is to get five Goho-M's. Yay. Talk to the bookstore guy about feeding the cat to get a new book, The Punk's Way. Find the cat again and give it your remaining fish. EAT ALL THE FISH, KITTY. Go back to school and talk to Saki's brother (he's on the first floor to the left of Yukiko, staring out a window). Tell him you just want to talk. He says he's sick of everyone's pity. Your next answer doesn't matter. Go upstairs and talk to the girl on your right with her arms folded. What? Kanji started a gang? That doesn't sound right... Return to your classroom (2-2) and talk to the fraidy-cat girl (sometimes the game will make you talk to the girl next to her instead so make sure you're talking to the right girl). Now she wants a cross to go with the angel statue you got her before. Head to the Practise Building's second floor and talk to the cranky girl with the desk issues from before. Seems she's still having desk issues. Go back to the first floor of the Practise Building and find Kanji next to the two gossiping girls. Tell him you need to talk to him, and he takes you to the river. Your answers for this part don't matter so answer whatever you want. Hurray, new S. Link! Back at home finish reading your book.

Friday, June 10

Key events: Diligence r3, Justice Hang-Out

*waves Chie away* At lunch you all start talking about the upcoming camping trip for the first and second year students. Uh... how much trash can there even be on a mountain. Who looks at their rubbish bin and goes "You know what? The best thing to do with this is to go CLIMB A MOUNTAIN and strew the contents about everywhere!" Yosuke what are you even saying why would the school ever allow that. ^=__=^;; We have a teacher that threatened to expel us if we didn't join the student health thing, and you want to go sleep with chicks on a school trip. *knocks on his head. It makes a hollow noise* ^<__<^;; I don't want to know what he's thinking. Go into town and hit up Aiya. DILIGENCE! WHY DON'T YOU EXIST?? *sigh* So yeah, Diligence and Knowledge again. You should all finally have Diligence r3 after this meal today. Yeesh. At home hang out with Nanako.

Saturday, June 11

Key events: Emperor r2, Justice r4

Find the kid by the river again, and he gives you your Prize Sticker back. Apparently kids don't like our stickers. Head to the shopping district. Well now that we've got r3 Diligence we can take that hospital job from the bulletin board next to Souzai Daigaku (it's under "see others"). By the way, if you bought armour for Kanji go ahead and equip it on him now. Return to school and find Kanji in the Practise Building. He takes you to Aiya. Suddenly, some random douche shows up. Yeah, it's a restaurant. Usually people who are in restaurants are there to eat. Why are you asking us stupid questions, Mr. Guy? The only one who needs an attitude readjustment here is you, now go away so we can eat in peace. Tell Kanji he just needs to change. He decides he's going to use his talents to make the town more peaceful. Er... well, baby steps I suppose...

Tonight, talk to Nanako about stickers for kids. She comes back with one. And now we get to answer super-heavy questions about life, death, the universe, and cheesecakes. Well, I wish we were talking about cheesecakes. This is a very depressing conversation. Ask her if she has any other questions. She wants to know what happens to people when they die. Whatever your religious beliefs are, answer that they go to heaven. She then wants to know why bad people do bad things. Answer that you don't know, which seems to satisfy her. Since Dojima is never home cause he's always at work, Nanako thinks that he cares more about bad people than he does about her. Tell her he's just protecting her, but she doesn't really get it.

Sunday, June 12

Key events: Priestess r4

Yeah I know that Yukiko is calling you and we're supposed to hang out with her today but decline her invite cause we have one thing to do first. Go to the river again and find the sticker kid. Give him the sticker Nanako gave you and he runs off happily. Go to the shopping district and find Yukiko in front of the bookstore. Oh jeeze. It seems the dreaded food-tasting day has arrived. Well, it can't be that bad, can it? ... what is that smell... ^.__.^;; Say "Let's eat!" and hope we don't die. Cheer Yukiko up by telling her that there's always next time. Nanako shows up and asks to try the bentou. NO! *flings the food, box and all, into the river* ^<________<^;; Nanako asks if she can try Yukiko's cooking if it ever turns out well. After Nanako leaves, tell Yukiko you're having fun because we are full of lies and bees. Yes, I'm sure that stuff inside that omelette was bees. At home, it's time for moAr cooking so we can be the antithesis of Yukiko! Choose to smash them while they're still hot, and we end up with delicious food. Yaaaaay, now we can get the taste of bee-omelette out of our mouths. ^-__-^;;

Monday, June 13

Hey, how come these guys get different uniforms for summer and winter? None of the schools I went to that had uniforms had different ones for different seasons... At lunch, choose to share the delicious potato salad with your Sun friend. Jeeze, how many "others" options are there. Er... Yumi, stop hitting on us plzkthx. ^T__T^;; The answer to Crazyface Kondo's question is anaerobic for points towards Knowledge. After school find the sticker kid at the river again. Hurray, he made friends! Return to school and find Saki's brother staring out the window again. Tell him you want to talk to him, but an announcement to report to the student health association comes over the loudspeaker. Answer whatever you want, cause you end up going anyway (thanks, King Moron, we hate you too). Saki's brother says he'll be along in a minute, so head on over. The other members start bitching about how "easy" Naoki has it. Really? His sister was murdered. I know he's kinda a dick but how friendly would you be if your sibling was murdered and hung from a telephone pole? Your answers for this whole thing don't matter, so pick whatever you like. After cleaning up you find Naoki by the shoe lockers. He says he didn't want to leave if others were working. He then notices your sleeve got dirty from cleaning up and gives you a handkerchief to clean yourself off. At home, eat the frozen banana to get it out of the way (it doesn't give you courage though), then go read your new book (The Punk's Way, under Manuals) for points towards Knowledge and Expression.

Tuesday, June 14

Key events: Hermit r5

It's raining~ it's pouring~ Cupcake Fox isn't boring~ Let him know that we completed the ema request. At home we bust out some impromptu magic tricks to entertain our bored baby cousin.

Wednesday, June 15

Key events: Quest 30: I Wish My Life Had Meaning Again, Emperor r3

The answer to Captain Douchebag's question is "to hang" for points towards Expression. *sets Morooka on fire* Yes I know we're hanging out with Kanji today but we have something else to do first, so decline his invite when he asks you at lunch. Take the next quest from Cupcake Fox, about a depressed man who wants to be happy again. Just south of the shrine is the model shop that cranky chick from the Practise Building with the desk issues' father owns. Or owned, I guess. He's standing right in front of it, so talk to him. Turns out he's depressed because kids don't want to buy models anymore since they can just get pre-fabricated toys at Junes. The lack of business has caused him to close down the store that his grandfather started. Offer to make a model for him and he gives you one. Return to school and find Kanji in the Practise Building. We're off to meet his mum now I suppose. When we arrive, the store seems abandoned with the doors left unlocked. The Aiya owner comes running up and tells Kanji that his mum's in the hospital. NOOOOOOOOOOOO, NOT ANOTHER VICTIM TO THE DREADED COLLAPSING PLAGUE. Your first answer doesn't matter, so pick whatever and we run off to the hospital. Upon arrival it becomes clear that it was a misunderstanding. Seems some jackass ran this tiny kid over with a bike and just left him there. I bet it was the son of the douche who killed Nanako's mum ^=__=^ must run in the family. DOJIMA! WE HAVE A LEAD! WHERE ARE YOU? Kanji gets upset and runs off. Go find him, and answer whatever you want. Kanji's still trying to change. Well, Rome wasn't built in a day. The baby steps continue~ He notices his mum coming down the hallway and runs away again. She tells you that Kanji hates hospitals cause his father died there. OF A COLLAPSE. GUYS, HE MUST BE PATIENT ZERO! Again, answer whatever you want. I guess Kanji isn't a natural blond. ^<__<^;; She's glad that you're friends with him though, and asks you to take care of him. Once you arrive home inspect the front door to leave the house and go work at the hospital. Man, why did we even come home if we were just going back... While cleaning windows, you notice a doctor and a nurse down the hall. The doctor yells at you to go home, then turns his attention back to the nurse. ... yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh, that's not suspicious at all. After making plans to bang the doc in an empty room later, the nurse comes up to you. ... I DON'T WANT ANYTHING FUN FROM YOU CREEPY PEDO LADY. Stick to having affairs with married doctors kthxbai ^.__.^;;

Thursday, June 16

Key events: Devil Arcana initiated

Look man, you're not getting out of this food acquisition trip no matter what you say. After school, the girls start bullshitting their way through a curry recipe. ... this conversation is absolutely terrifying. I think I'd rather be around creepy pedo nurse than be involved in this conversation. ^T__T^ Afterwards, go work at the hospital to round out our horrifying day. Creepy Pedo Nurse shows up. ... what are you talking about, game. "The nurse seems kind." You are crazy, cause she immediately starts hitting on you. Nothing you say is gonna make this nonsense stop. ... we are not "something fun to do," please go away now. ^T__T^;; Regardless of your feelings about this insanity, the Devil Arcana is initiated. Yay? She leaves, and we run home screaming the entire way.

Friday, June 17 - Saturday, June 18

So I guess we're going camping today. Joy. Yosuke, didn't you want a new bike? Just take that one home. Or maybe the guy who ran the tiny child over threw it away up here to get rid of evidence...? Yosuke seems so happy that the girls are cooking for us. He's going to be so disappointed~ after all, we've already tasted Yukiko's cooking. ^x__x^;; ... smoke should never be purple. ... how do you even make purple smoke?? You know what, I don't even want to know. YES, TASTE YOUR OWN COOKING BEFORE YOU SERVE IT TO OTHER PEOPLE what is wrong with you?? Love doesn't make purple smoke. That is the smoke of PURE EVIL. Oh look, you two killed Yosuke. Thanks a lot. Now who am I gonna count on in battle. ^=__=^;; If it's not that bad, Chie, why don't YOU eat it? Oh... oh shit. Why did I open my big mouth? ^T__T^ Yeah. We have to eat this crap, no matter what we pick it's going in our mouths (but we don't have enough Courage for the first option so pick one of the others). ... aaaaaaaand now we're dead. Game Over. Thanks, Chie. Thanks, Yukiko. The murderer shall remain free forever and kill a bunch more people all because you murdered us with your cooking. gg. ... Yosuke, does she look like she's in the habit of sharing food... Morooka sends you all off to bed cause he wants to get drunk. YeahOKwhatever. Kanji decides he wants to sleep in your tent tonight. Hey, can we call in sick due to food poisoning and just go home... Who... who erected this tent on top of a giant rock? And was it before or after the teachers got drunk, cause if it was after that would explain a lot. Yosuke... you are really bad at paying attention. You were RIGHT THERE in class when King Moron was talking shit about Saki and Mayumi. It was when you didn't know what depend meant, remember... that was literally like two days ago. Maybe Mystery Food X melted his brain? YOSUKEEEEEEE, don't eat Kanji's penguin! That sounds like some sort of weird innuendo! Why are you even worried... we're the ones lying next to him, not you. Stop making drama! Half scared to death? You were the one who wanted to sleep in the girls' tent! Hypocrite. Oh great, Yosuke's big mouth made Kanji decide to go invade the girls' tent. Why is it up to us to stop him? It was your stupid big mouth. Say "Don't do this" for points towards Expression. Kanji makes like Kilroy Stonekin and banzai's off, while Yosuke declares himself not responsible for whatever happens. Cause it totally wasn't his fault. *shoves Yosuke down the hill* Meanwhile, Chie and Yukiko have problems of their own. Yukiko suggests... smothering Hanako to death? Not sure murder is the best option here. I mean, really, all you have to do when someone snores is roll them over. Snoring is caused by a semi-collapsed airway and rolling them over opens the airway back up. No murder required~ Next thing you know, the chicks are at your tent. Yeah, go back to your tent. Stop being such egomaniacal attention whores. You don't get to have your way and make us pay for all the consequences just cause you have tits. Especially Chie, who's flat as a board. ^=__=^;; I would just let them get caught. After all, they did try to murder us with food. Oh suuuuuuuuure, he "fainted all of a sudden." I bet Yukiko slapped him again. So let's add lying bitches to the list of things we don't like about these two. *shoves Chie down the hill too* See, this is why I don't date women. *throws hands up into the air, wanders off*

The next morning, Yosuke drags you all out to the river. Whyyyyyyyy are we here. Seems Yosuke wants to go swimming. Oh of course. We eat your shit food and then risk expulsion for you, and you won't even go swimming. Typical women. "I want everything and not have to do anything for anybody else and that's the way it should be merely because I exist!" Whatever. Oh. Well. I guess that explains what Yosuke was up to. What's your excuse now, bitches? Not that I want to see Chie in a bathing suit. What's the point of putting a flat-chested thing with no curves in a swimsuit? I guess Yosuke is just that desperate. Wait, why are we in swimsuits too? I don't wanna go swimming. Nobody is staring at YOU, Chie. At least Yukiko looks good in a swimsuit, for a pixelated drawing. If you compliment one of the girls by herself you'll get S. Link points for them. You get zero if you say they're both cute, or if you just go "...." Choose Yukiko, and not just cause I'm not into flat-chested no curves chicks with man-hair. Yukiko's S. Link tends to have more non-rank up hangouts than Chie's does, so we're trying to eliminate non-rank up hangouts. ... OK Yosuke you're going a little too far now. ^<__<^;; No matter what you say we're still paying for Yosuke's big mouth. Whyyyyyy...... I said I didn't want to go swimming! ... Yukiko, I think you are misinterpreting who caused Kanji's nosebleed... Whelp, in he goes. If it were me, I would've climbed out, gone back up there, and tossed both of those bitches in. But I'm a terrible person so... :op OH EW GROSS WHY. Why are you three morons still in the riverrrrrr what is wrong with youuuuuuu??? Oh, Nanako... you don't want to know. The game won't let you do anything else but sleep tonight, so have at it.

Sunday, June 19

Key events: Magician r6

Well, it's time for another mandatory TV shopping experience. Buy the Huge Fish combo, but do NOT feed this fish to the cat. We need this specific fish for a different quest coming up later and buying it now saves us some time and annoyance later. Apparently the girls are too ashamed to show their faces around town after that terrible food they made cause they're nowhere to be found, so go find Yosuke at Junes (yeah, Kanji's available but it's a non-rank up hangout so boo to that). He recruits you to work at Junes. Why you do this, Yosuke? Well, at least we made some cash huh. Tell him either it was no problem or that it was fun. Oh gods, really? The obnoxious bitches are back. Can... can we shove them into the telly? ^<__<^;; Someone please tell them the manager's son is not in charge of paychecks. Like, one would think that was obvious but noooooo. Airheads. They start talking about getting guys to pay for shit. Isn't that what all women do...? It's apparently what Saki did. Seems she was engaged or something? gg Yosuke, hitting on an engaged chick. ^<__<^;; Hey, dumb bitches! Just cause Saki wanted to save up money on her own doesn't mean she was dumped. It just means she wasn't a useless, worthless, gold-digging leech of a whore like you. *thumbs up* And if you're mad at me for calling them whores, their next comment about high school girls making easy money should change your mind. ^<__<^;; Tell Yosuke either that he's right or that he's mature. Seems something's bothering him, but he's not sure what it is... Back at home, the news is on again. Something about some idol chick taking a break from the industry. Ugh, media. I hate the media. Stop badgering her! Sheesh. Seems that she's coming to Inaba though. Dojima isn't happy about all the extra work he'll have to do making sure all the media vultures and gawking looky-loos don't make a chaotic mess of this sleepy little town. Then one of Rise's commercials come on. Oh hey, it's that commercial that was playing at the train station when we were on our way here to Inaba oh-so-long ago. Meh, who needs Quelorie Magic when you have sugarfree Red Bull~ *chug chug*

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