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Monday, June 20

Key events: Priestess r5, Expression r4

On the way to school, Kanji catches up with you and wonders what's going on in the shopping district. I guess that idol chick is already here? Figures Yosuke's drooling over her. Hey Yosuke. You can't even score with Chie, who's practically a dude. What makes you think an idol is going to be interested in you? *injects Yosuke with Ativan* Down, boy. Chillax. Huh? Chie actually used her brain to form connections between ideas? Who are you and what've you done with Chie. She does have a point though. Rise being on TV and moving here would make her fit the pattern of the other victims. Plus, if she really did quit showbiz she wouldn't have bodyguards or anything to keep her from being kidnapped. ... *hits Yosuke with a newspaper* Being targeted for murder is not an excuse to stalk her! ^=__=^;; Oh gods, it's that teacher with the terrifying face again. I don't even want to know what a look like that translates to in real life. ^.__.^;; Yeesh. Someone remind her nobody forced her to get married and have kids... taxes however aren't optional so I guess she has a point with that one. Oh, we are not slackjawed! At least we're not wearing clown makeup! Answer "Socrates" to shut her up and for points towards Knowledge. After school go hang out with Yukiko. Awww, c'mon, only Ai is supposed to drag us out shopping... not you too Yukiko ^T__T^ Ask her what she needs all this nonsense for. How does she not already have a desk? She says she's going to try to get as many job licenses as possible, and that she's been working at home folding envelopes like you told her to. Hey, who are these random idiots? Why did you come here if you hate it so much, Mr. Guy? Once they leave, Yukiko tells you that they were from some TV station wanting to do a story on the Amagi Inn. Answer whatever you want. Turns out it's some stupid tabloid-type show wanting to make the Inn look haunted or something. Yukiko starts doubting the decision to turn them away, saying that if the inn gets a bad reputation it'll be easier for her to leave. That's pretty selfish of her ^<__<^;; She can just leave ya know. She doesn't have to wish her family into poverty in order to do so. ^=__=^;; Well, seems my opinion on the matter is irrelevant cause your answer to that doesn't matter either. And after that she says she wants to help people. You can't wish your family into bankruptcy and also wish to help people at the same time, ya know. You kinda have to pick one or the other. Back at home go read your book some more. This should get some of you to Expression r4 tonight.

Tuesday, June 21

Key events: Sun r6

After practise Ayane tells you she's off to practise by the river again, and that she's been doing that every day. She says her motivation to try comes from you and that she wants to make you smile. Oh dear. After that she runs off to practise, leaving you dumbfounded. I mean, how do you tell a girl like that that you're not interested without crushing her newly-grown spine? ^T__T^

Find Yumi, who sends you off to practise by yourself again. After club we wander off to check on her at the hospital again. Ask her how her mum's doing, and she tells you that her mum wasn't in the hospital for very long and has already recovered. She tries to play off her being here as just something she happened to do while picking up meds for her mum, but it's obvious that she still loves her whore of a father despite all he's done. Well she needs to pick whether she loves him or hates him cause it's certainly not healthy to do what she's currently doing. HEY, SHUT UP NURSE LADY WE'RE HAVING A CRISIS HERE. Your next response doesn't matter (surprisingly, since one option is "IT'S YOUR FAULT"). She thanks you for being there for her and goes home.

At home, lick the wasabi in the fridge for points towards Courage. Back in your room it's time to check the Midnight Channel. O..K.., a chick in a bikini. Well, Rise was wearing a bikini in that commercial on the telly. YES YOSUKE WE GET THE POINT NOW. Stop being a creepy pervo weirdo.

Wednesday, June 22

At school, Rise is the topic of all of the gossip in the history of everything. Someone remind me to never become an idol. I would hate all this attention. And probably punch out several cameramen! I'd be like, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Z SMASH! ... Yosukeeeee I told you to stop being a creepy pervo weirdo. Memory of a goldfish, I swear. Chie, that look was cause you're the exact opposite. *thumbs up* Of course you don't want to go, Chie. Your jealousy is written all over your face. Even if it means Rise might be kidnapped. gg. So it's just us guys off to save the day I suppose. Yosuke full of lies and bees~ Yeah, I know you just want to "investigate" her curves. ^=__=^;; Creeper. Haaaaahahaha. Feet-In-Mouth Adachi is stuck directing traffic. Bwhahahaha, good job Kanji. You're awesome. <3 And here comes dad. Sorry dad, we scared your little gopher off. Go check behind the telephone pole, he might be hiding there. YOU'RE NOT MY DAD, DAD, YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHO TO BE FRIENDS WITH. ^<_______<^;; Answer whatever you want, cause Dojima really only cares about whether you'll be a nuisance to Rise's family. He then wanders off to find Adachi. Afterwards, a bunch of really really blind people claim Rise isn't even there and the crowd dissipates. Yosuke decides he wants to buy something anyway. Recommend that he get ganmodoki for some S. Link points with Yosuke. Eh. I really only ever eat tofu noodles or the tofu in miso shiru. I'm really more of a meat-atarian (carnivores eat chicken and fish and all that rubbish. I only eat cows and pigs! MEAT-ATARIAN FTW) so you're not getting any tofu crash courses from me. Sorry~ Once inside, you'll see what I mean by blind people. How... how exactly did everyone, including Yosuke, mistake long shiney pigtails with a white-haired old lady? Seeeeeee... way to get things done, Kanji. Sorry Yosuke, I think I'm replacing you as my wingman. Kanji gets shit done. Hey Yosuke, when a chick replies with that bored, annoyed tone that means gtfo, she's not interested. So annoying that, like, most men on the planet don't get that. She's not just tired, she's tired of you and every other drooling dipshit trying to score with her. Sheesh. *slaps Yosuke upside the head* Yes, weird like weirdo stalkers just like you Yosuke. ^=__=^;; It's not Kanji's fault you're a creeper, Yosuke~ Aaaggghhh really come on Yosuke, where's Yukiko when you need her cause a comment like that certainly deserves a good slapping. After successfully warning her about the kidnappings, Yosuke gets his tofu, and we get some too. lolcat, he's like I DON'T CARE IF IT KILLS ME, AN IDOL GAVE IT TO ME I'M EATING IT. ^<__<^;; After we leave, Dojima appears to have found Adachi and come back to the shop. Daaaaad, you really need to break this habit of interrogating everyone. He tries to warn her about the kidnappings, but Rise tells him that we already beat him to the punch. Oops. ^<__<^;; Aaaaaand now dad is suspicious of us again. Great. The smell is Adachi's feet. He's always got them in his mouth. See, there he goes again. Back at home, we have all the tofu in the universe. Is... is that miso shiru? Can... can I have some? *tries reaching through the screen* Ow... :( Your reply to Dojima is irrelevant, and it's Nanako to the rescue. Again. This is becoming a THING, isn't it. Later that night, the same image appears on the Midnight Channel. Yosuke's gonna call you regardless. Hey creepy pot, meet creepy kettle.

Thursday, June 23

Time for some more rampant speculation on the nature of the TV world and the killer. lolcat, Kanji was asleep. Pfft, Yukiko, considering how many people you've slapped, I wouldn't be too quick to answer no. Mmmmm, more steak-outs. Oh, sorry... all this talk of food is making me hungry. ... what kind of manly man drinks milk, Yosuke? You know what, nevermind, you're just crazy. Suddenly, Adachi shows up out of nowhere, and tries to pretend he doesn't exist. Surround him and make him talk! Lies and bees. We don't need babysitting anyway. Looks like we have a tagalong for our stakeout. Eh, fine, whatever. Yeah, cause there's nothing more suspicious than three guys walking up and down one street all day long. Suddenly, Yukiko notices something. Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's... CREEPY PERVO PAPARAZZI MAN! Shoots questionable pictures faster than a speeding bullet, stronger appetite than a locomotive, able to climb tall telephone poles in a single... OK, this Superman parody is starting to fall apart. The weirdo runs off down the street and you all chase after him. Once he gets to the end of the street he threatens to... throw himself into traffic? Er. How is that a threat. Can we... just let him do it? What would I do if you got run over? Laugh. A lot. Who exactly is "they," Adachi? If he really is a suspect in the murders I'm not sure who would actually care. Plus, this guy's super-pervy (you'll see why in a minute). AND he'd be throwing himself into traffic of his own volition. Not like we tossed him into the street. Sheesh. Your reply here is irrelevant. Either way, you, Yosuke, and Kanji end up tackling the douche to the ground. Ordinary citizen my ass. If there's a place on this planet where what this creep does is considered "ordinary," remind me never to go there. Oh I see. It's not a crime to take secret pictures in Japan. *scribbles out "visit Japan" on her bucket list* Adachi arrests the guy, and you all decide the case is closed. I guess we should let Rise know. Er... if she were here, anyway. Um... Well, better to be paranoid than sorry. Let's go look for her! Rise is nowhere to be found, however, so you all decide to just watch the Midnight Channel tonight and hope for the best. Back at home your giant fish has arrived. Two more things I want to mention: 1) again, the Huge Fish is for a quest later on, so even though eating it restores all of an ally's HP, DO NOT EAT IT. Hands off, and 2) we have three Prize Stickers now. Whenever you have 3 you can put them in the mailbox for some free stuff. I'll elaborate on this tomorrow. Well, we can't do anything else cept watch the Midnight Channel tonight, so go do so. Rise comes on, saying how she wants to strip for everyone. ^.__.^;; Whyyyyyy is it all of these have to do with sex somehow? I mean, Yukiko is super-shy and loves slapping people in the face, and Kanji was really sexually confused for awhile so those two I understand, but I can't really imagine an idol has trouble meeting guys. I mean, really. And right on cue it's stammering Yosuke. Chill out dude, or I'll inject you with Ativan again.

Friday, June 24

Key events: Star Arcana initiated, Hanged Man Arcana initiated (conditional, see section), Devil r2

The next day you all go into the TV world to see what Teddie can tell you about the situation. Awwww, poor lonely Teddie. ... waitaminute, didn't he tell us he just wanted to be left alone in peace the first time we came here? Uh, Teddie. You just answered your own question. You're a bear~ ... a creepy pervo bear, apparently. Yosukeeeee, have you been teaching Teddie the ways of the Pervo Master? I'm glad that book's not one of our manuals. ^o__o^;; Well, you can be as mean or as nice as you want. Either way, it's time for another investigation into victimology. As you're leaving, Teddie says he's going to try his best. Hurray, new S. Link! Teddie's Star Arcana is another one of those special S. Links that doesn't require a matching Persona, mostly because his S. Link levels up as the plot progresses. Once back outside, go to Marukyu in the shopping district and talk to Rise's grandmother. She says that some paparazzi guy's been hanging around recently, and I'm assuming she doesn't mean the guy Adachi arrested yesterday. She says he's usually by the riverbank. He's not there today, however we have a couple of other people to talk to about Rise first. Head to school and talk to the kid to your left when you zone. He says she's totally different from how she is on TV. Next, go to the practise building's second floor and talk to the fat kid in the middle of the hallway. He says Rise seems to have a lot on her mind. Return to the first floor of the main building and find Naoki staring out the same window as always. *NOTE: If you did not talk to him on those two different days before today then you won't be able to initiate this S. Link today. Return his handkerchief, and he reveals that it used to belong to Saki. None of your replies for this meeting change anything, so pick whatever you want, and he finally introduces himself properly. He apologises for saying he hated you before, and another new S. Link is initiated! ... Hanged Man, huh. That makes King Moron's stupid "pend" comments about Naoki's sister in even poorer taste. ^=__=^;; Naoki asks if you two can hang out again sometime, then goes home.

Afterwards, go work at the hospital. Sayoko shows up again, as per usual. Either play stupid (first answer) or tell her you're not interested. In case you couldn't tell, Sayoko here is all about "forbidden fruit." Banging her bosses (the doctors), hitting on high school kids, stuff like that, and the more "forbidden" it is the more she wants it. Therefore, she likes you more if you play hard to get (or play obliviously naively stupid I suppose). After teasing you some more, she wanders off. OK guys, so it has come to my attention that some of you get confused by this S. Link. Yes, certain answers you choose for her hangouts will have her... er... *cough* doing things to you ^<__<^;; (and no, the game won't show you, it is just heavily implied. The screen goes completely black cept for dialogue boxes, for those of you creepy enough to want some creepy pedo nurse doing inappropriate things to a child). ANYWAY. I am bringing this up because although some of you are really into shit like that and therefore think this is "good," NONE of those scenarios will get you ANY S. Link points. I'm serious. Just cause she bangs you or whatever doesn't mean you're making her happy. Like I said, Sayoko is all about forbidden fruit, so actually going along with her pedo ways isn't fulfilling her at all. So yeah. Hopefully that cleared THAT up. ^=__=^;;

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