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Items are listed in chronological order. Rare items are listed in red. (*Note: When I say Super season, I mean the S season, it's just called "Super." I do not mean Super S season when I say Super)

  • Diary: Useful when you want to save. Allows you to save your game. Found: Received from Luna at the beginning of the game.

  • Space Sword: Talisman of Uranus. Sailor Uranus' Space Sword talisman, which she uses for her Space Sword Blaster attack (from the Super season of the show).

  • Aqua Mirror: Talisman of Neptune. Sailor Neptune's Deep Aqua Mirror talisman, which she uses for her Deep Submerge attack (from the Super season of the show).

  • Garnet Orb: Talisman of Pluto. Sailor Pluto's Garnet Orb, found on top of her staff (from the Super season of the show).

  • Disguise Pen: Change into a number of cool people. Sailor Moon's Disguise Pen allows her to, well, disguise herself as basically any type of person she wants, although they're all blonde with blue eyes. Some disguise, huh. (from the first season of the show).

  • Time-Space Key: Key to open Time-Space door. Chibiusa's Time-Space key, that allows her to go back and forth between Sailor Moon's present and Chibiusa's present (Crystal Tokyo). Given to her by Sailor Pluto (from the R season of the show).

  • MoonCup 1: A legendary chalice for Sailor Moon. The Holy Grail that allows Sailor Moon to change into Super Sailor Moon (from the Super season).

  • MoonCup 2: A legendary chalice for ChibiMoon. Holy Grail cup that allows Sailor ChibiMoon to change into Super Sailor ChibiMoon (does not exist in the series).

  • Nigiri: Cure: 30HP. Sushi, rice, and dried plums. Healing item, heals 30 HP, tastes like fish.

  • Nigiri Set: Cure: 300HP. Nigiri of all types. Healing item, heals 300HP, tastes even more like fish.

  • LifeWater: Resurrect in battle and cure 200HP. Revives a dead ally and gives them 200 HP. Can also be used to heal a non-dead ally for 200HP.

  • Ancient Doll: Maniac item collected by some. Some really old doll which you can sell to some weirdo for a lot of Yen. Found: in the upstairs room at OSA-P.

  • Earring: Speed UP. Increases your speed. Bought: 500 Yen at OSA-P.

  • P. Earring: Defense UP. Gives solid protection. Bought: 600 Yen at OSA-P.

  • Necklace: Defense UP. For smart dressing. Bought: 700 Yen at OSA-P.

  • Bracelet: Attack UP. To increase your power. Bought: 700 Yen at OSA-P.

  • Choker: Defense UP. For wearing on neck. Cause, ya know, it's not really for choking people. ^O__o^;; Bought: 500 Yen at OSA-P.

  • Tiara: Defense UP. For use on forehead. Cause the Sailor Senshi don't already have tiaras... Bought: 800 Yen at OSA-P.

  • Anklet: Speed UP. Accessory for ankle. Bought: 800 Yen at OSA-P.

  • Lipstick: Cure: 3EP. Wear it for pretty lips. Restores 3EP and makes you look older. Bought: 500 Yen at Otayafuya.

  • Cologne: Cure: ALL EP. Smell like an adult! Stinky, but recovers all yer EP. Remember girls, no pain, no gain. Just don't shave first. Bought: 3,300 Yen at Otayafuya.

  • Toilette: Cure: ??? A strong aroma... Restores all HP and all EP. A must-have item. Bought: 5,800 Yen at Otayafuya.

  • OralMedic: Resurrect in battle and cure 30HP. Lesse... you can get LifeWater from beating enemies, and it's a lot better than this stupid thing, but you have to pay for these? Bah. Bought (ifya really care): 400 Yen at Otayafuya.

  • App. Medic: To recover from an enchantment. Gets rid of status effects, like Fascination. Bought: 200 Yen at Otayafuya.

  • Bath Medic: Removes any status-type abnormalities. Gets rid of any type of status effect. Bought: 600 Yen at Otayafuya.

  • Manicure: Attack UP! A deep red manicure. Give yerself some pretty nails while increasing yer attack power. Just what girls have always wanted. Bought: 1,000 Yen at Otayafuya.

  • F. Cream: Defense UP! Defend your maiden skin. ... must be a facial cream made of rock... Bought: 1,000 Yen at Otayafuya.