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Tech Skills

Sailor Moon

Moon Tiara Action

Moon Healing Escalation

Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Rainbow Moon Heartache
(transformation menu) (multiple)

Sailor Mercury

Shabon Spray

Shabon Spray Freezing

Shine Aqua Illusion

Mercury Aqua Mirage

Sailor Mars

Fire Soul

Fire Soul Bird

Burning Mandala

Mars Snake Fire

Sailor Jupiter

Supreme Thunder
Thunder Dragon

Sparkling Wide Pressure
Jupiter Coconut Cyclone

Sailor Venus

Crescent Beam

Crescent Beam Shower

Venus Love-Me Chain

Venus Wink Sword

Sailor Chibi Moon

Pink Sugar Heart Attack
Pink Sugar Heart Ache
(transformation menu)

Sailor Pluto

Dead Scream
Chronos Cyclone
Time Stop

Sailor Uranus

World Shaking
Space Sword Blaster

Sailor Neptune

Deep Submerge
Submarine Reflection

Sailor Saturn

Death Reborn/Ribbon Revolution

Link Techs

To create link techs, press Start (or Enter, in ZSNES) outside of the battle menu, then use the arrow keys to choose a senshi (on the left side of the screen) (first picture), accept with the B (or X, in ZSNES) button, use the arrow keys to place the senshi (on the right side of the screen) (second and third picture), then press Y (or A) to create the link tech (fourth picture). Pressing S when the arrow is over the senshi allows you to view that senshi's profile.

  • Sailor Moon/Chibi Moon - Healing Heart Attack (miracle resurrect)

  • Super Sailor Moon/Super Chibi Moon - Rainbow Double Moon Heartache

  • Sailor Moon/Mercury - Healing Spray (protection of status)

  • Sailor Moon/Mars - Spiral Fire (for blazing damage, multiple enemies)

  • Sailor Moon/Jupiter - Healing Pressure (restore HP, all allies)

  • Sailor Moon/Venus - Healing Shower (attack up, all allies)

  • Sailor Moon/Saturn - Spiral Revolution (resurrect)

  • Sailor Moon/Pluto - Spiral Scream (a tornado heart, multiple)

  • Sailor Moon/Neptune - Spiral Reflection (a mirror's reflection)

  • Sailor Moon/Uranus - Spiral Shaking (attack with Uranus, multiple)

  • Chibi Moon/Mercury - Pink Sugar Illusion (revive, all allies)

  • Chibi Moon/Uranus - Pink Sugar Blaster (Chibi-Moon and Uranus!)

  • Chibi Moon/Mars - Pink Sugar Soul (flames and pink light, multiple)

  • Chibi Moon/Jupiter - Pink Sugar Thunder (lightning and Chibi-Moon)

  • Chibi Moon/Venus - Pink Sugar Chain (two hearts link)

  • Chibi Moon/Saturn - Pink Sugar Revolution (restore, all allies)

  • Chibi Moon/Pluto - Pink Sugar Typhoon (Pluto and Chibi-Moon, multiple)

  • Chibi Moon/Neptune - Pink Sugar Reflection (talisman and Chibi-Moon)

  • Mercury/Neptune - Shine Submerge (twice as much water, multiple)

  • Mercury/Mars - Shine Soul (water and fire cancel)

  • Mercury/Jupiter - Shabon Thunder (electrified water)

  • Mercury/Venus - Shabon Chain (a chain of water)

  • Mercury/Pluto - Shabon Scream (possible, but hard..., multiple)

  • Mars/Pluto - Fire Scream (it's very mysterious...)

  • Mars/Jupiter - Fire Dragon (electrical dragon)

  • Mars/Venus - LoveMe Bird (fire bird of light, multiple)

  • Venus/Saturn - Crescent Revolution (Saturn and Venus link, multiple)

  • Venus/Jupiter - Crescent Thunder (lightning and moon link)

  • Jupiter/Uranus - Thunder Shaking (lightning and earthquake)

  • Neptune/Pluto - Deep Scream (sea, time, and space flow, multiple)

  • Neptune/Uranus - Deep Shaking (this one is obvious...)

  • Pluto/Uranus - Dead Shaking (earthquake and tempest, multiple)

  • Triple Link Techs

  • Moon/Mars/Mercury - Stardust Stream Hit (3 attacks at once)

  • Moon/Venus/Chibi Moon - Rainbow Heart Shower (restore, all allies)

  • Moon/Chibi Moon/Saturn - Rainbow Heart Revolution (a colourful restoration, all allies)

  • Mars/Jupiter/Uranus - FireThunderShaking (3 attacks! An old man?, multiple)

  • Pluto/Uranus/Neptune - Dead World Submerge (an ultimate link attack, multiple)

  • Group Attacks

  • Moon/Mars/Mercury/Jupiter/Venus - Sailor Planet Attack

  • All: Sailor Cluster Attack (must be in Cluster formation)

  • All: Sailor Shoot Attack (Shoot formation)

  • All: Sailor Arrow Attack (Arrow formation)

  • All: Sailor Victory Attack (Victory formation)